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This paper evaluates the outcome of independent living (IL) services provided to clients with Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) by a local non-profit organization, Rebuilding All Goals Efficiently (RAGE). Agency services are directed at increasing client self-sufficiency, self-advocacy, and maintenance of least restrictive living environment. Secondary data provided by RAGE for 22 SCI clients who received services in FY10 was used in the evaluation. Outcomes were measured for living arrangement at case closure, impact of services on client’s life, and cost effectiveness of services provided. Descriptive statistical analysis of the data revealed successful outcomes for all 22 SCI clients. All clients reported a decrease in functional limitation allowing them to maintain or attain the least restrictive living arrangement following provision of services. Service costs were higher for clients with 0-14 years post disability onset indicating that services were provided to the clients with the most need, either at onset of injury or to upgrade services. The report includes short and long-term recommendations to the agency for service delivery enhancement and improvement in data collection for future studies.


Community integration; Independent living; Least restrictive living environment; Nonprofit organizations; People with disabilities — Housing; Spinal cord – Wounds and injuries – Patients


Community-Based Research | Medicine and Health | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Policy History, Theory, and Methods | Rehabilitation and Therapy | Social Work

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Independent Living Program Evaluation for Rebuilding All Goals Efficiently Summary

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Rebuilding All Goals Efficiently (RAGE) Presentation


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