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One of the major economic concerns today of the world is reduction of energy consumption because of depleting energy sources in the world. The construction sector in the United States is also contributing in reducing the energy consumption and construction cost of the buildings by constructing cost and energy efficient buildings with energy efficient materials and techniques. The U.S Department of Energy introduced the Building Technologies Program that develops techniques, tools and technologies for making buildings more energy efficient. Other private bodies like the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), which is developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), have conducted numerous researches on techniques and methods to reduce energy consumption in buildings. Apart from providing certification to the buildings, this program also focuses on using strategies in reducing the energy consumption and improving the life and environment in the building.

This study focuses on comparing the construction cost, speed and energy consumption of Green School Buildings (GSB) with Non-Green School Buildings (NGSB). Similar type of sample size of 30 GSB and 30 NGSB data located under Clark County School District, Las Vegas, Nevada was collected to conduct the statistical analysis. The final part of the study will compare and the life cycle cost of GSB and NGSB. The results of the statistical analysis showed that the mean energy consumption of GSB is significantly less than the mean energy consumption of NGSB. However, the mean construction cost of GSB is significantly more than the mean construction cost of NGSB. The construction speed of GSB is significantly slower than the construction speed of NGSB. The life cycle cost analysis showed that the life cycle cost of GSB is significantly higher than that of NGSB.


CBuildings – Energy consumption; Construction cost; Energy consumption; Green school buildings; Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System; Non-green school buildings; School buildings – Energy conservation; School buildings – Energy consumption; School facilities – Energy conservation ; School facilities– Energy consumption; Sustainable buildings – Costs; Sustainable construction – Costs; U.S. Green Building Council


Business | Civil and Environmental Engineering | Construction Engineering | Environmental Design | Environmental Policy | Sustainability

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