Revisiting Dr. Bickmore's YA Wednesday Weekend Picks

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Dr. Bickmore’s YA Wednesday


Last year, during the winter holiday season, I started posting Dr. Bickmore’s YA Wednesday Weekend Pick on Fridays. It has now been a half year, 26 weeks, of posting books and it is time to do a review. This post will also give you a few more titles for your summer reading list. I started by selecting books that I believe deserve more attention. Generally, these are books that I would like to include in a class—if there were world enough and time. Of course, there never is enough room in a college course for everything. I am tracking the weekly picks on a single page within Dr. Bickmore’s YA Wednesday blog. That page is entitled Weekend Picks and on that page, I put the date and link the cover image to a book review. Sometimes, I write a small blurb, but, unbelievably, I have other work I need to be completing. When I have decided on a book to highlight, I post it on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts (I hope you are following so you get each post). My hope is that teachers and librarians might make this growing list available to students as a source of recommended books. In addition, I hope an academic or two might consider including these books in their courses.