About This Journal

How can we build a future for teaching/mentoring creative work and research that honors core disciplinary traditions, supports interdisciplinary collaborations, and enhances transdisciplinary work? How can continually evolving digital technologies innovate the interwoven work of teaching-researching-creating, while supporting the best of traditional practices in the Arts, Design, and Media disciplines?

This new peer-reviewed open access eJournal—collaboratively brought to life by the international Alliance for the Arts Research Universities (a2ru) network, and a2ru member UNLV—provides a multimedia forum to address this and connected questions by exploring how creative work, teaching/mentoring, and knowledge creation/research are linked and in conversation with one another.

In the challenging crucible of the pandemic, educators forged new techniques and innovative practices. Faculty in disciplines underserved by typical digital learning tools—such as in the Arts, Design, and Media disciplines—explored and developed creative solutions as they shifted from in-person to remote teaching, researching, and creating. They adapted centuries-old teaching traditions to new digital technologies and in new contexts that were themselves changing rapidly.

Art, Design, and Media creatives and faculty continue to expand “tradition-innovations” - often, but not always through digital technologies - as higher education transforms in response to evolving challenges.

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