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Editorial for inaugural AI-focused special issue of Tradition-Innovations in Arts, Design, and Media Higher Education, published under the auspices of the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru). Discusses three articles by five authors in this issue: (1) Choreographing Shadows: Interdisciplinary collaboration to orchestrate ethical image-making by Mark Burchick and Diana Pasulka; (2) Giving Up Control: Hybrid AI-augmented workflows for image-making by Joshua Vermillion; and (3) Hands are Hard: Unlearning how we talk about machine learning in the arts by Adam Hyland and Oscar Keyes.

Editing this special issue explored several key questions: What does “innovation” mean when talking about generative AI-supported teaching and creating? How can we talk about “creativity” when working with AI? How can artists, designers, and media practitioners respond productively and ethically? Are they shaping—and can they shape—this rapidly evolving technology? This editorial process and these questions also contributed to the “AI Provocateurs” panel for the a2ru community in early October 2023, and informed plans for the “Generative AI and Speculative Futures for the Arts: Pushback and Possibilities” panel at the annual a2ru conference. These projects reflect a moment in our early understanding of newly accessible generative AI technologies during the turmoil of rapid technological change and frenzied popular reactions.

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