John Quinn, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Gary Pullman, Pittsburg State UniversityFollow
Susan Nyikos, Utah State University
Steven Kunert, Oregon State University
Denise M. Rogers, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Bruce Wyse, Wilfrid Laurier University
Victoria Large, Emerson College
Kate Sweeney, University of Tampa
Jeremy Beatson, Florida Gateway CollegeFollow
Blase Drexler, New Mexico State University; Dona Ana Community College
Thea Cervone, University of Southern California
Victor Hawk, University of Central Oklahoma
Andrew Madigan, United Arab Emirates UniversityFollow
Ross Talarico, Palomar CollegeFollow
Akin Taiwo, University of Windsor
Dianna Calareso, Marian Court College; Rasmussen College
Jeffrey Arnett, University of California at Santa Cruz
Gail Radley, Stetson University
Gene Washington, Emeritus, Utah State University
Laurie Duesing, University of Louisville
Brian R. Young, Walsh UniversityFollow
Anne Stark, Utah State UniversityFollow
I.M. Chapman, Eastern Kentucky University
Natalie Ivnik Mount, Lewis University
Rebecca Leah Păpucaru, University of Montreal
Katy E. Whittingham, Bridgewater State College; University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Judy Shearer, Murray State University
Alex M. Frankel, Cal State Los Angeles
Nina Schneider, Bentley University
Rosann Kozlowski, Bridgewater State University
Norah Bowman-Broz, University of Alberta
Maggie Wheeler, Indiana State University
Jade Hidle, Orange Coast Community College; California State University, Long Beach
Susan Howard, Indiana University; Purdue University
Eddie Malone, Loyola Marymount University



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Download Las Vegas (105 KB)

Download Property Value (138 KB)

Download Dressed to kill in Small Town, Utah (111 KB)

Download Hometown: Four Memories (128 KB)

Download Tu Fu Dreams of Fishing with Mrs. Tu (111 KB)

Download After-dinner Mint (109 KB)

Download Creative Control (146 KB)

Download Platonic Idealism (111 KB)

Download Of Dreams and Dumpsters (114 KB)

Download Master Blasters (130 KB)

Download Taco Truck (112 KB)

Download Ephemeris (54 KB)

Download Orientation (173 KB)

Download The Writer's Ballad (121 KB)

Download Epistemology 720 (52 KB)

Download Mining (59 KB)

Download I Speak Barley At School (114 KB)

Download A Poem is Meant (112 KB)

Download Academe (185 KB)

Download Muck in the Dark (54 KB)

Download Laputa & Want a revolution? (54 KB)

Download Evil Makes us Human (128 KB)

Download My Sister's Heart (110 KB)

Download Dress (52 KB)

Download Bike Riding, Salsa, and the First Line ... (136 KB)

Download The Lovers (107 KB)

Download Mute (112 KB)

Download Within the Very Flame of Love .... (58 KB)

Download The Voice Bank (195 KB)

Download Mash Up (87 KB)

Download Love Poem to the First Woman I Hated (115 KB)

Download Romance (106 KB)

Download The Request (111 KB)

Download A Loss (144 KB)

Download A Year Sober (53 KB)

Download Dear Robert (125 KB)

Download Nobody Liked Him (117 KB)

Download Absense of Presence (111 KB)

Download Saints in Stained Glass (83 KB)

Download Barbwire Halo (53 KB)

Download LettersTo My Mother (208 KB)

Download Hunter-Gatherer: Five Exchanges (159 KB)

Download Butterfinger Blizzard (170 KB)

Download To the Statue of Christopher Columbus ... (110 KB)

Download On Why I Got Kicked out of the Girl Scouts (130 KB)

Download At the Orchid & Butterfly Farm (54 KB)

Download outlaws: boreal (54 KB)

Download Manicure (144 KB)

Download To Skin a Rabbit (113 KB)

Download Coming to Life (114 KB)

Download Before I Mention the Soul Again (105 KB)

Download This is Not a Suicide Note (127 KB)

Download God's Breath (107 KB)

Download Open Moon in Blackness (136 KB)

Download A Cloud of Inattention (117 KB)

Download Above Wall Canyon For Antelope (106 KB)


wordriver is a literary journal dedicated to the poetry, short fiction and creative nonfiction of adjuncts and part-time instructors teaching in our universities, colleges, and community colleges. Our premier issue was published in Spring 2009. We are always looking for work that demonstrates the creativity and craft of adjunct/part-time instructors in English and other disciplines. We reserve first publication rights and onetime anthology publication rights for all work published.

We define adjunct instructors as anyone teaching part-time or full-time under a semester or yearly contract, nationwide and in any discipline. Graduate students teaching under part-time contracts during the summer or who have used up their teaching assistant time and are teaching with adjunct contracts for the remainder of their graduate program also are eligible.

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