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Rebecca Colbert, Susan Summers, Sandra Hooven, Andrew Bahlmann

Publication Date

Spring 2013


University of Nevada, Las Vegas Department of English

Publisher Location

Las Vegas, Nevada


wordriver is a literary journal dedicated to the poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction of adjunct, part-time and fulltime instructors teaching under a semester or yearly contract in our universities, colleges, and community colleges worldwide. Graduate student teachers who have used up their teaching assistant time and are teaching with adjunct contracts for the remainder of their graduate program are also eligible.

We’re looking for work that demonstrates the creativity and craft of adjunct/part-time instructors in English and other disciplines. We reserve first publication rights and onetime anthology publication rights for all work published. We do not accept simultaneous submissions.


Essays; Poetry; Short stories


American Literature | Creative Writing | Literature in English, North America




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wordriver literary review is a publication of the University of Nevada Las Vegas Department of English. One issue each year is published in the spring. Copies are available for $10.00 (see the order form at the back of each issue). Submissions will be accepted year round for publication each spring issue (see submission guidelines at the back of each issue or online at

The views expressed within the pages of wordriver literary review are not necessarily those of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, or its Department of English. The University and the English Department seek only to provide a venue for the publication of creative works by part-time, adjunct, and full-time contract instructors currently working in university, college, and community college systems worldwide.


ISSN: 1947-4881

word~river literary review (2013)