Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Architecture Faculty.


Submissions from 2017


Salvadori's Structure in Architecture: The Building of Buildings, Mario G. Salvadori, Robert Heller, and Deborah J. Oakley

Submissions from 2015


Nosotros (We): Two Cultures of Sustainability and the Present City of Las Vegas, Daniel H. Ortega


Vertical Plane Typologies: Examining Sections and Elevations, Daniel H. Ortega and Jonathon R. Anderson


After the Solar Decathlon: Creating a New Design-Build Program, Eric Weber

Documenting Design Processes through Video and Creative Marketing, Shai Yeshayahu, Joshua Vermillion, and Jonathon Anderson


Connecting Dots, Shai Yeshayahu and Phillip W. Zawarus


The Ecology of Play, Shai Yeshayahu and Phillip W. Zawarus

Submissions from 2007

Modeling the Performance of a Solar Heated Sunroom: Heat Gain, Storage and Loss, John E. Petersen and Alfredo Fernandez-Gonzalez

Submissions from 2005

Proposed Fine Arts Pavilion at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas: The Beauty of Green Design, Alfredo Fernández-González and Daniel J. Overbey