Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Architecture Faculty.


Submissions from 2017


Salvadori's Structure in Architecture: The Building of Buildings, Mario G. Salvadori, Robert Heller, and Deborah J. Oakley


From Scratch: How to Start a Designbuild Program, Eric Weber

Submissions from 2016

The HUNDRED Plan for the Historic Westside Community, Steven R. Clarke, David B. Baird, Claytee D. White, and Glenn N. Nowak

A survey of structures education in North American schools of architecture, R Dermody, Deborah Oakley, and M Uihlein

Chapter 7: Water Use and Conservation, Alfredo Fernandez-Gonzalez


Digital design exercises for architecture students, J S. Johnson and Josh Vermillion


Exercises for assembly and communication, J S. Johnson and Josh Vermillion


Exercises for integrating data and form, J S. Johnson and Josh Vermillion


Exercises for points, lines, and curves, J S. Johnson and Josh Vermillion


Exercises for volumes and aggregate assemblies, J S. Johnson and Josh Vermillion

DesertSol House, Sheri Koones, Robert Redford, and Eric D. Weber


White Pine County Line: Re Drawing and Re Making in the Rural Landscape Medium, Daniel H. Ortega

Part I. Innovative tools : L A N D script_data S C A P E: "digital" agency within manufactured territories, Daniel H. Ortega and Jonathan R. Anderson

Introduction: The Only Thing We Have to Fear..., Daniel H. Ortega and Jonathon R. Anderson


Arbitrage Las Vegas: A Portrait of Urban Games, Maria Del C. Vera and Susanna Newbury

Use-Value in Architecture, Eric Weber


The Crucible of Construction: Designing and Building the UNLV Solar Decathlon House, Eric D. Weber

Review: Nathaniel Coleman, ed. Imagining and Making the World: Reconsidering Architecture and Utopia, Janet R. White

Submissions from 2007

Modeling the Performance of a Solar Heated Sunroom: Heat Gain, Storage and Loss, John E. Petersen and Alfredo Fernandez-Gonzalez

Submissions from 2005

Proposed Fine Arts Pavilion at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas: The Beauty of Green Design, Alfredo Fernández-González and Daniel J. Overbey