Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Office of Executive Vice President & Provost Faculty.


Submissions from 2020


Hitchcock and Humor: Modes of Comedy in Twelve Defining Films. Gehring, Wes D., McFarland and Company, 2019, James Altman


Mining the Borderlands: Industry, Capital, and the Emergence of Engineers in the Southwest Territories, 1855-1910. Grossman, Sarah E.M. University of Nevada Press, 2018, James Altman

The Kiss of Death: Contagion, Contamination, and Folklore, James Altman

Advanced Biomechanics, Barry T. Bates, Janet S. Dufek, and Nick Stergiou

Why and How We Move: The Stickman Story, Barry T. Bates, Janet S. Dufek, and Nick Stergiou

Compassion, Connectivity, Community, Melissa Bowles-Terry

Leveling Up, Melissa Bowles-Terry

Effects of Visual Cueing on Two-Legged Hopping Variability in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Study, Daniel E. Lidstone MS and Janet S. Dufek PhD

After Howard, Before The Mirage: The Early Corporate Era of Nevada Casinos and the Shifting Visual Landscape of Las Vegas, David Schwartz

At the Sands: The Casino That Shaped Classic Las Vegas, Brought the Rat Pack Together, and Went Out With a Bang, David Schwartz

Dreaming of Zion: The American West as Place or Process in Fallout: New Vegas’s Honest Hearts DLC, David Schwartz

It Took a Fire to Change Us, David Schwartz

Pitiless Cruelty: Cynicism, Capitalism, and Gambling in the Writing of Mario Puzo, David Schwartz

Sin City: How to Shut Down a City That Never Closes, David Schwartz

The Kefauver Hearing in Las Vegas, David Schwartz

Twin River Worldwide Stepping It Up.”, David Schwartz

Why Change in the Gaming Industry Should Never Surprise Anyone, David Schwartz

Fostering Historically Underserved Students' Success: An Embedded Peer Support Model that Merges Non-Cognitive Principles with Proven Academic Support Practices, Kathryn Tucker, Gwen Sharp, Qingmin Shi, Tony Scinta, and Sandip Thanki

Submissions from 2019

Obsidian Procurement and Social Interaction at the Harris Site, Mimbres River Valley, New Mexico, Barbara J. Roth, Katelyn E. DiBenedetto, and Jeffrey R. Ferguson

Futures of Gaming: How Casinos and Gambling Might Evolve in the Near Future, David G. Schwartz

Submissions from 2018

Book Review: The Toxic Meritocracy of Video Games, David Schwartz

Submissions from 2015

Shattering the Glass Ceiling: The Leadership Development of African American Women in Higher Education, D. R. Davis and Cecilia Maldonado-Daniels

Submissions from 2010


Meta-Analysis as a Choice to Improve Research in Career and Technical Education, Howard Gordon, Clifford McClain, Yeonsoo Kim, and Cecilia Maldonado