About this Conference

The Far West Popular Culture Association exists to foster the study of popular culture in its many forms across a diverse range of academic disciplines and through a variety of intellectual approaches, with a special emphasis on topics concerning Las Vegas, the state of Nevada, and the American Far West more broadly. It includes the study of literature, music, theater, film and television, comic books, games, and creative work of all types, both historically and of the current day, from across cultures. To further this end, the FWPCA organizes an annual conference that embraces inclusivity, intellectual growth, and the exploration of how popular culture intersects with the past, present, and future. The conference embodies the legacy of FWPCA founder Felicia F. Campbell, who pushed boundaries and forged new paths throughout her long career. It is a platform for sharing ideas that help us rethink how what we read, hear, watch, play, and create can tell us more about ourselves and each other. The conference is held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, either in person or remotely. Over the years, the conference has been a place for discussion of a variety of popular culture and American culture topics, limited only by the imagination of its participants. The FWPCA strives to create a welcoming, inclusive environment that fosters engagement and exploration by all. Our sessions are conducted in a spirit of mutual respect and intellectual curiosity.