About This Journal

One of the original aims of the AASFBT was to produce a peer-reviewed journal. The Journal of Solution Focused Brief Therapy was first published by the AASFBT in 2014. The last edition (Vol3 No1) was published in October 2019 and is available for purchase via the ASFA website as an electronic download.

In December 2019, the journal changed its name to the Journal of Solution Focused Practices. The original name was in part homage to its heritage, however we recognize that many useful and interesting manifestations of the Solution Focused approach occur in settings that are nothing to do with therapy. Therefore we hope that the new name highlights that Solution Focused ideas are being used and developed in a wide variety of therapy and non-therapy applications.

The JSFP aims to support the Solution Focused community through the publication of high-quality research in outcome, effectiveness or process of the Solution Focused approach and the publication of high quality theoretical and/or case-study related material in the area of Solution Focused practice.

While the journal was originally published by the AASFBT, it was clearly intended as a service to the international Solution Focused community. In 2019, the AASFBT realized that journal should be owned by the international SF community, and so we started to create an international collaboration to produce and manage the journal. We have now built up a new Management Committee comprising of representatives from various Solution Focused organizations from around the world to help manage the affairs and finances of the journal.

The JSFP is now published by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas via the UNLV open access publishing service. That means the journal is now be available for FREE for EVERYONE. The official launch of the "new" journal was on 28 July, 2020.

Submissions - The JSFP is a peer-reviewed journal. Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed, however the final decision about publication rests with the editor. Please refer to the page on Editorial Policy for further information. We are very happy to talk to you about your ideas for 2020 and beyond. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Inquiries - All general inquiries should currently be directed to David Hains, President, ASFA

All inquiries relating to the editorial office or submissions should be directed to Sara Smock-Jordan, Editor.

The JSFP aspires to harness the diversity inherent within the SF community to assist in building and publishing a journal of the highest standard, one which the international SF community can be proud of. You can read our "Diversity and inclusion statement" here. Please also refer to our new statement (from 9 June 2020) on social privilege here.