Journal of Research in Technical Careers


fisheries education, culturally responsive teaching, DACUM, curriculum content, STEM identity


Aquaculture and Fisheries


This study examined the process to identify required competencies for an entry-level position in the Nez Perce Tribe Department of Fisheries Resource Management located in the Pacific Northwest. The overall goal was to provide content for a pedagogical framework to support Nez Perce students in the development of their STEM identity and to consider careers in natural resources and fisheries. The DACUM process was used to analyze the job, Fisheries Technician. The process involved a focus group of six expert workers in the Department of Fisheries Resource Management and was led by a facilitator. The experts identified 48 competencies categorized as technical and professional for fisheries technician. Seven cultural competencies were also identified as important for the successful accomplishment of work and the quality of work life. Competencies will provide content for the middle and high school culture, science, and technology curriculums, and there is the potential to connect technical and professional competencies to a career and technical education microcredentialing system.