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AAC&U Greater Expectations Institute

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Nashville, TN

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I will start by pointing out that I don’t completely agree with Director Wellman’s conclusions that it’s a horrible state of affairs when investments from tuition and state sources are misdirected to support non‐instruction infrastructure. As a research university with aspirations of enhancing its research agenda, in a state that desperately needs that research UNLV expects to grow those support services in order to grow its research initiatives, and thereby contribute in meaningful ways to the reinvention of the Nevada economy – one sorely hampered by its single industry focus. The Delta Project data calls into question the relationship of research dollars and expenditures and its relationship to the improvement of student success.


Academic achievement; College students; Education; Higher — Research; Research grants; Universities and colleges – Finance; University of Nevada; Las Vegas


Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Library and Information Science | Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education


Response to presenter: Jane Wellman, executive director, Delta Project

Plenary Panel: Leading Institutional Change that Endures in Tight Economic Times AAC&U Greater Expectations Institute, Nashville, Tennessee, June 2010