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Master of Science (MS)



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Lawrence A. Golding

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A job-related, non-discriminatory Physical Abilities Test (PAT) was developed for the Nevada Test Site (NTS) firefighters. The PAT was developed through firefighter interviews and tabulated call responses between 1990 and 1995. The interviews and task history yielded a job analysis from which six routine, physically demanding tasks were identified and developed into a test battery. Eleven NTS firefighters tested the proposed PAT for reliability. Subjects were timed on the six tasks. The total time for completion, including the change from bunker gear to wildland gear, was also recorded. An Intra-class Reliability coefficient was calculated for each task and total time. Task reliability values ranged from.59 to.92 and R =.89 for total time. A repeated measures ANOVA revealed no significant changes from Test 1 to Test 2 (p {dollar}>{dollar}.05). Descriptive statistics were also presented. The mean, standard deviation and range were calculated for each subject on each task, total time to complete, and walking time between tasks.


Abilities; Development; Discriminatory; Firefighters; Job; Nevada; Physical; Related; Site; Test

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Industrial safety; Management

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas


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