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Master of Arts (MA)


Communication Studies

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Richard Jensen

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Ecofeminists believe the Western patriarchal worldview perpetuates a power-over ideology that contributes to the destruction of the environment. Ecofeminists advocate that understanding the web of life is crucial for attaining a paradigm shift to a mindset that respects all entities. This study examines how ecofeminist discourse offers individuals a new paradigm grounded within feminine systems of meaning--no hierarchical ordering. The theory of invitational rhetoric supports feminist systems of thought, maintaining every entity has immanent value. This study reviews themes represented by the re-emergence of the Goddess as a gateway towards ecofeminist thinKing Additionally, two pieces of ecofeminist discourse are critiqued as invitational rhetoric. Concluding thoughts discuss the need for communication scholars to include discussions of nature in rhetorical dialogues. Furthermore, this project explores the requirements of traditional theory. Questions are raised as to whether or not traditional theory represents female characteristics or disciplines feminine language and style of discourse.


Consciousness; Ecofeminism; Envisioning; Invitational; Rhetoric; Shift; Western

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Rhetoric; Women's studies; Philosophy

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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