Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Sociology Department faculty.


Submissions from 2019

Racial Differences in Future Care Planning in Late Life, Eva Kahana, Boaz Kahana, Tirth Bhatta, Kaitlyn Barnes Langendoerfer, Jeong Eun Lee, and Nirmala Lekhak

Submissions from 2018

Gendered “Long Arm” of Parental Education? Life Course Influences on Later Life Functional Limitations in India, Tirth R. Bhatta PhD, Jeffrey M. Albert PhD, Jessica Kelley PhD, and Eva Kahana PhD

The Effects of “Natural” Disasters on Older Adults in South Asia: The Case of Intersectional Identities, Tirth Bhatta, Moushumi Roy, and Nirmala Lekhak

Whips, Chains, and Books on Campus: How Emergent Organizations With Core Stigma Gain Official Recognition, Erica H. Coslor, Brett Crawford, and Barbara G. Brents

Pediatric Participation In A Diverse Society: Accounting For Social Inequalities In Medical Decision Making, G Davis and R Ray

Response to Commentaries, Katherine Frank

Obstetrics versus Gynecology: Which Category of Research Papers are More Highly Cited?, Abraham Ichinoe, Ian Ogurek, Kevin Choi, and David Howard


Porn Fans as Sex Tourists? Broadening Meanings of Sexual Consumption among Adult Entertainment Expo Attendees in Las Vegas, Nevada, Crystal A. Jackson, D. Sahl, and Barbara G. Brents


Wide Educational Disparities in Young Adult Cardiovascular Health, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, Robert A. Hummer, Benjamin W. Domingue, and Kathleen Mullan Harris


Marital Happiness, Marital Status, Health, and Longevity, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, Richard G. Rogers, Anna Zajacova, and Tim Wadsworth

Family, Peer, And School Influences On Children’s Developing Health Lifestyles, S Mollborn and E Lawrence

Residential Mobility Across Early Childhood And Children’s Kindergarten Readiness, S Mollborn, E Lawrence, and E D. Root

Review: Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, What Slaveholders Think: How Contemporary Perpetrators Rationalize What They Do, Robert E. Parker


Urbanism and Urbanization, Ranita Ray and Michael Ian Borer

Envisioning a Feminist Urban Ethnography: Structure, Culture, and New Directions in Poverty Studies, Ranita Ray and Korey Tillman

Latino/a Citizen Children of Undocumented Parents Negotiating Illegality, Cassaundra Rodriguez


Communication, Democracy, and Intelligentsia, Dmitri N. Shalin


Russian Intelligentsia in the Age of Counterperestroika, Dmitri N. Shalin


Selected Correspondence with Igor Kon, Dmitri N. Shalin

Literacy Activity and Health Among Older Adults in the USA, Takashi Yamashita, Jennifer R. Keene, Sheniz A. Moonie, Jay J. Shen, Jennifer R. Pharr, and Ji Won Yoo


The Relationship between Education and Health: Reducing Disparities Through a Contextual Approach, Anna Zajacova and Elizabeth M. Lawrence

Submissions from 2017


Re-sensing Las Vegas: aesthetic entrepreneurship and local urban culture, M Ian Borer


Review: Dealing in Desire: Asian Ascendancy, Western Decline, and the Hidden Currencies of Global Sex Work, Barbara G. Brents

Prostitution and Sex Work: The ‘Victim and Offender and Discourse’ in the debates and policy on prostitution and sex work, Barbara G. Brents and Teela Sanders

Reflecting on Intersex: 25 Years of Activism, Mobilization, and Change, Georgiann Davis and Sharon Preves


The intersex kids are all right? Diagnosis disclosure and the experiences of intersex youth, G Davis and C Wakefield


Evaluating the Term ‘Disorders of Sex Development’: A Multidisciplinary Debate, Natalie Delimata PhD; Margaret Simmonds PhD; Michelle O'Brien MSc; Georgiann Davis PhD; Richard Auchus MD, PhD; and Karen Lin-Su MD


Hyperbaric Oxygen Inhibits Reperfusion-Induced Neutrophil Polarization and Adhesion Via Plasmin-Mediated VEGF Release, A Francis, S R. Kleban, L L. Stephenson, P S. Murphy, P R. Letourneau, X H. Fang, W Z. Wang, and R C. Baynosa

Strange confluences: Radical feminism and evangelical Christianity as drivers of US neo-abolitionism, Crystal Jackson, Jennifer Reed, and Barbara G. Brents


Attitudes towards “disorders of sex development” nomenclature among affected individuals, E K. Johnson, I Rosoklija, C Finlayson, D Chen, E B. Yerkes, M B. Madonna, J L. Holl, A B. Baratz, G Davis, and E Y. Cheng


Response to ‘Re. Attitudes towards disorders of sex development nomenclature among affected individuals’, E K. Johnson, I Rosoklija, C Finlayson, D Chen, E B. Yerkes, M B. Madonna, J L. Holl, A B. Baratz, G Davis, and E Y. Cheng

The Effect of Work Hours and Other Policies on Sandwiched Caregivers, Jennifer R. Keene, Takashi Yamashita, and Anastasia H. Prokos


The Relationship of Education and Acculturation with Vigorous Intensity Leisure Time Physical Activity by Gender in Latinos, Erick B. Lopez and Takashi Yamashita

Identity of Distance: How Economically Marginalized Black and Latina Women Navigate Risk Discourse and Employ Feminist Ideals, Ranita Ray

Extended Mind and Embodied Social Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives, Dmitri N. Shalin

Extended Mind and Embodied Social Psychology: Historical Perspectives, Dmitri N. Shalin

Time Spent on Beneficial Leisure Activities Among Elder Caregivers in Their Third Age, Takashi Yamashita, Anthony R. Bardo, and Darren Liu

Impact of Life Stories on College Students’ Positive and Negative Attitudes toward Older Adults, Takashi Yamashita, Sarah J. Hahn, Jennifer M. Kinney, and Leonard W. Poon

Underlying Motivations of Volunteering Across Life Stages: A Study of Volunteers in Nonprofit Organizations in Nevada, Takashi Yamashita, Jennifer R. Keene, Chi-Jung Lu, and Dawn C. Carr

Submissions from 2016


Nevada’s Regulated Brothels, Barbara G. Brents


Neoliberalism’s Market Morality and Heteroflexibility: Protectionist and Free Market Discourses in Debates for Legal Prostitution, Barbara G. Brents

Defining: Intersex, Georgiann Davis

Five Things You Can Do For Your Intersex Child, Georgiann Davis

Intersexuality, Georgiann Davis

Intersexy Fat, Georgiann Davis

When Medical Providers Give Sex to Trans and Intersex People, Georgiann Davis

Wrestling with Privacy, Visibility, and Legitimacy, Georgiann Davis


Giving Sex: Deconstructing Intersex and Trans Medicalization Practices, Georgiann Davis, Jodie M. Dewey, and Erin L. Murphy


Multigenerational Households, Jennifer R. Keene, Takashi Yamashita, and Anastasia Prokos


Sociological Perspectives on Sex Work and Human Trafficking, Kari Lerum and Barbara G. Brents

Bias Against Intersex Athletes Is What’s Unfair – Not These Athletes’ Bodies, Pidgeon Pagonis and Georgiann Davis


Exchange and Intimacy in the Inner City: Rethinking Kinship Ties of the Urban Poor, Ranita Ray


Pharmacists Can’t Administer Opportunity: The Role of Neuroenhancers in Educational Inequalities, Ranita Ray and Georgiann Davis

Sex Work and Prostitution, Female, Jennifer Reed and Barbara G. Brents

Sex Work and Prostitution, Male, Jennifer Reed and Barbara G. Brents

Social Marking in Memory Entrepreneurship: The Battle Over Zapata's Legacy, Tyler Schafer and David R. Dickens


Erving Goffman, Fateful Action, and the Las Vegas Gambling Scene, Dmitri N. Shalin

On Being Human in the Inhuman World: Remembering Vladimir Yadov, Dmitri N. Shalin

Special Issue of the UNLV Gaming Research & Review Journal: Goffman in Las Vegas: Gambling, Fatefulness, and Risk Society, Dmitri N. Shalin


Parenting as Activism: Identity Alignment and Activist Persistence in the White Power Movement, P Simi, Robert Futrell, and B F. Bubolz

Experiences of Youth in the Sex Trade in Las Vegas, Brooke M. Wagner, Jennifer M. Whitmer, and Andrew L. Spivak

Submissions from 2014

Water scarcity in the desert metropolis: how environmental values, knowledge and concern affect Las Vegas residents’ support for water conservation policy, Marko J. Salvaggio, Robert Futrell, Christie D. Batson, and Barbara G. Brents

Submissions from 2009

The State of Sex: Tourism, Sex and Sin in the New American Heartland, Barbara G. Brents, Crystal A. Jackson, and Kathryn Hausbeck

McDonaldization of the Sex Industries: The Business of Sex, Kathryn Hausbeck and Barbara G. Brents

Submissions from 2007

Marketing Sex: US Legal Brothels and Late Capitalist Consumption, Barbara G. Brents and Kathryn Hausbeck

Comparing offers and take-ups of employee health insurance across, race, gender, and decade, Jennifer Reid Keene and Anastasia H. Prokos

Successful aging and gambling: Predictors of gambling risk among Las Vegas seniors, Frederick W. Preston, Paul D. Shapiro, and Jennifer Reid Keene