Faculty research from the Sociology department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


Submissions from 2021

Peer Network Processes in Adolescents’ Health Lifestyles, jimi adams, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, Joshua A. Goode, David R. Schaefer, and Stefanie Mollborn

Queer Expectations: An Empirical Critique of Rural LGBT+ Narratives, Christopher T. Conner and Daniel Okamura

Click, Validate, and Reply: Three Paradoxes of the Terminal Self, Simon Gottschalk


Costs and Consequences of Traffic Fines and Fees: A Case Study of Open Warrants in Las Vegas, Nevada, Foster Kamanga, Virginia Smercina, Barbara G. Brents, Daniel Okamura, and Vincent Fuentes

Sonja Luehrmann, Praying with the Senses: Contemporary Orthodox Christian Spirituality in Practice, Josiah Kidwell

The Sanctuary of the Spectacle: Megachurches and the Production of Christian Celebrities and Consumers, Josiah Kidwell and Michael I. Borer

Developing Health Lifestyle Pathways and Social Inequalities Across Early Childhood, Stefanie Mollborn, Elizabeth Lawrence, and Patrick M. Krueger

Contributions and Challenges in Health Lifestyles Research, Stefanie Mollborn, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, and Jarron M. Saint Onge

Intersex: Cultural and Social Perspectives, Surya Monro, Morgan Carpenter, Daniela Crocetti, Georgiann Davis, Fae Garland, David Griffiths, Peter Hegarty, Mitchell Travis, Mauro C. Grinspan, and Peter Aggleton

Goffman’s Biography and the Interaction Order, Dmitri N. Shalin


Postsecondary Educational Attainment and Health among Younger U.S. Adults in the “College-for-All” Era, Anna Zajacova and Elizabeth Lawrence

Submissions from 2020

Intercohort Variations in the Education–Health Gradient: Sociohistorical Changes in Early-Life Selection Mechanisms in the United States, Tirth R. Bhatta PhD

Altruistic Attitudes Among Older Adults: Examining Construct Validity and Measurement Invariance of a New Scale, Tirth R. Bhatta, Eva Kahana, Nirmala Lekhak, Boaz Kahana, and Elizabeth Midlarsky


Are Men Who Pay for Sex Sexist? Masculinity and Client Attitudes Toward Gender Role Equality in Different Prostitution Markets, Barbara G. Brents, Takashi Yamashita, Andrew L. Spivak, Olesya Venger, Christina Parreira, and Alessandra Lanti

Essentials of Social Statistics for a Diverse Society, Georgiann Davis

Controlling Images of Immigrants in the Mainstream and Black Press: The Discursive Power of the “Illegal Latino", Natalie Delia Deckard, Irene Browne, Cassaundra Rodriguez, Marisela Martinez-Cola, and Sofia Gonzalez Leal


The Persistent Southern Disadvantage in Us Early Life Mortality, 1965‒2014, Nathan T. Dollar, Iliya Gutin, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, David B. Braudt, Samuel H. Fishman, Richard G. Rogers, and Robert A. Hummer

The Politics of Losing: Trump, the Klan, and the Mainstreaming of Resentment, Robert Futrell

Accelerators, Amplifiers, and Conductors: A Model of Tertiary Deviance in Online White Supremacist Networks, Simon Gottschalk

Consent and Sexualized Leisure in Sin City: Observations from a US Pornography Expo in Las Vegas, Crystal A. Jackson, Paul J. Maginn, Aleta Baldwin, and Barbara G. Brents

Loving Others: The Impact of Compassionate Love on Later-Life Psychological Well-being, Eva Kahana PhD, Tirth R. Bhatta PhD, Boaz Kahana PhD, and Nirmala Lekhak PhD


The Rural-Urban Divide in Tanzania: Residential Context and Socioeconomic Inequalities in Maternal Health Care Utilization, Neema Langa and Tirth Bhatta

Health Lifestyles and the Transition to Adulthood, Elizabeth Lawrence, Stefanie Mollborn, Joshua Goode, and Fred Pampel

The Use of Online Health-Management Tools and Health Care Utilization Among Older Americans, Darren Liu, Takashi Yamashita, Betty Burston, and Jennifer R. Keene

What Happens in Vegas … Why Consent Matters in ‘Sin City’ and Other Sex Tourism Cities, Paul J. Maginn, Aleta Baldwin, Barb Brents, and Crystal A. Jackson

A Gender Framework for Understanding Health Lifestyles, Stefanie Mollborn, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, and Robert A. Hummer

Deconstructing Cognitive Heterogeneity in Puerto Rican Spanish-Speaking Children With ADHD, Alicia Nunez, Liza San Miguel, Jennifer Keene, Bradley Donohue, and Daniel N. Allen


Manufactured Insecurity: Mobile Home Parks and Americans’ Tenuous Right to Place. By Esther Sullivan. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2018. Pp. xiv+264. $85.00 (cloth); 29.95 (paper)., Ranita Ray

Family Structure and Early Life Mortality in the United States, Richard G. Rogers, Robert A. Hummer, Andrea M. Tilstra, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, and Stefanie Mollborn

Greater Mortality Variability in the United States in Comparison with Peer Countries, Richard G. Rogers, Robert A. Hummer, Justin M. Vinneau, and Elizabeth M. Lawrence

Intersectional Effects of Gender, Education, and Geographic Region on Functional Health Disparities Among Older Adults in India, Moushumi Roy, Tirth Bhatta, and J. Denise Burnette

Paying for Sex in a Digital Age: US and UK Perspectives, Teela Sanders, Barbara G. Brents, and Chris Wakefield

Biocritical Reflections on the Encyclopedia of Youth. Twelve Theses on Biocritical Hermeneutics, Dmitri Shalin

Chekhov, Intelligentsia, and the Ethics of Small Deeds: A Biocritical Essay, Dmitri Shalin

Norbert Elias, George Herbert Mead, and the Promise of Embodied Sociology, Dmitri N. Shalin

Active Abeyance, Political Opportunity, and the "New" White Supremacy, Pete Simi and Robert Futrell

Rest in Fame: Celebrity Tourism in Hollywood Cemeteries, Marta Soligo and David R. Dickens

Comparing Mortality Variability Between the United States and Peer Countries, Justin M. Vinneau, Richard Rogers, Robert A. Hummer, and Elizabeth M. Lawrence

Submissions from 2019

Vegas Brews: Craft Beer and the Birth of a Local Scene, Michael I. Borer

Market Cities, People Cities: The Shape of Our Urban Future, Michael Ian Borer

Family Socioeconomic Status and Early Life Mortality Risk in the United States, David B. Braudt, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, Andrea M. Tilstra, Richard G. Rogers, and Robert A. Hummer

Sexual Commerce: Troubling Meanings, Policies, and Practices, Isabel Crowhurst, Nina Vuolajarvi, and Kathryn Hausbeck Korgan

‘We Are Naked Waitresses Who Deliver Sex’: A Phenomenological Study of Circumstantial Sex Workers’ Lives, Michael G. Curtis, Carissa D'Aniello, Markie L.C. Twist, Barbara G. Brents, and Brandon Eddy

We Are Naked Waitresses Who Deliver Sex: A Phenomenological Study of Circumstantial Sex Workers’ Lives, Michael G. Curtis, Carissa D'Aniello, Markie L.C. Twist, Barbara G. Brents, and Brandon Eddy

Not Going to the Chapel? Intersex Youth and an Exploration of Marriage Desires and Expectations, Georgiann Davis and Jonathan Jimenez

The Paradox of Positionality: Avoiding, Embracing, or Resisiting Feminist Accountability, Georgiann Davis and Torisha Khonach

Forgotten Founders and Others Neglected Social Theorists, David Dickens, Christopher T. Conner, and Nicholas M. Baxter

Social Statistics for a Diverse Society, Chava Frankfort-Nachmias, Anna Leon-Guerrero, and Georgiann Davis

EXPOsing Men's Gender Role Attitudes as Porn Superfans, Crystal Jackson, Aleta Baldwin, Barbara G. Brents, and Paul J. Maginn

Racial Differences in Future Care Planning in Late Life, Eva Kahana, Boaz Kahana, Tirth Bhatta, Kaitlyn Barnes Langendoerfer, Jeong Eun Lee, and Nirmala Lekhak

Maternal Educational Attainment and Child Health in the United States, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, Richard G. Rogers, and Robert A. Hummer

Ecological Death Reform and Death System Change, Nick MacMurray and Robert Futrell

The Cost of Being a Girl: Working Teens and the Origins of the Gender Wage Gap, Ranita Ray

Navigating Space and Racial Microaggressions as an Undocumented Latinx Millennial, Cassaundra Rodriguez

"The Place of Asylums in Erving Goffman's Research Corpus", Dmitri Shalin

I Could Have Written My Autobiography Where I Figure as a Regime's Victim, a Successful Careerist, a Talent Not Completely Realized, and a Mediocrity that Fulfilled Its Potential to the Max, Dmitri N. Shalin

Russian Intelligentsia in the Age of Counterperestroika: Political Agendas, Rhetorical Strategies, Personal Choices, Dmitri N. Shalin

Toward a Pragmatist Sociology: John Dewey and the Legacy of C. Wright Mills, Dmitri N. Shalin

"You Can Publish This Interview After My Death" Interview with Igor Kon, Dmitri N. Shalin

Igor Kon: "... I Could Write My Biograghy in the Key of the Victim of the Regime, in the Key of a Successful Careerist, in the Key of Talent that has not Fully Flourished in this System, and Mediocrity that has Realized Itself to the Maximum", Dmitri Nikolaevich Shalin


The Influence of Legal Brothels on Illegal Sexual Service Purchasing Habits: The U.S. Context, Chris Wakefield and Barbara G. Brents

Submissions from 2018

Afterword: Hunger as Performance, Pallavi Banerjee and Ranita Ray

Gendered “Long Arm” of Parental Education? Life Course Influences on Later Life Functional Limitations in India, Tirth R. Bhatta PhD, Jeffrey M. Albert PhD, Jessica Kelley PhD, and Eva Kahana PhD

The Effects of “Natural” Disasters on Older Adults in South Asia: The Case of Intersectional Identities, Tirth Bhatta, Moushumi Roy, and Nirmala Lekhak

Urbanization & Population, Michael I. Borer and Tyler S. Schafer

What’s the Right Way to Legalize Prostitution?: An Exchange, Barbara Brents and Julie Bindel

Dennis Hof: Showman and Industry Modernizer, Barbara G. Brents

Whips, Chains, and Books on Campus: How Emergent Organizations With Core Stigma Gain Official Recognition, Erica H. Coslor, Brett Crawford, and Barbara G. Brents

Foreword, Georgiann Davis

Intersex People #WontBeErased, Either., Georgiann Davis


Sex and Gender Diversity is Growing Across the US, Georgiann Davis

Surgically Shaping Sex: A Gender Structure Analysis of the Violation of Intersex People’s Human Rights, Georgiann Davis and Maddie Jo Evans

Pediatric Participation In A Diverse Society: Accounting For Social Inequalities In Medical Decision Making, G Davis and R Ray

Response to Commentaries, Katherine Frank


In Praise of Doing Nothing, Simon Gottschalk

The Terminal Self: Everyday Life in Hypermodern Times., Simon Gottschalk

Obstetrics versus Gynecology: Which Category of Research Papers are More Highly Cited?, Abraham Ichinoe, Ian Ogurek, Kevin Choi, and David Howard


Porn Fans as Sex Tourists? Broadening Meanings of Sexual Consumption among Adult Entertainment Expo Attendees in Las Vegas, Nevada, Crystal A. Jackson, D. Sahl, and Barbara G. Brents


Wide Educational Disparities in Young Adult Cardiovascular Health, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, Robert A. Hummer, Benjamin W. Domingue, and Kathleen Mullan Harris


Marital Happiness, Marital Status, Health, and Longevity, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, Richard G. Rogers, Anna Zajacova, and Tim Wadsworth

Family, Peer, And School Influences On Children’s Developing Health Lifestyles, S Mollborn and E Lawrence

Residential Mobility Across Early Childhood And Children’s Kindergarten Readiness, S Mollborn, E Lawrence, and E D. Root

Residential Mobility Across Early Childhood and Children’s Kindergarten Readiness, Stefanie Mollborn, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, and Elisabeth Dowling Root

Review: Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, What Slaveholders Think: How Contemporary Perpetrators Rationalize What They Do, Robert E. Parker

Review: What Slaveholders Think: How Contemporary Perpetrators Rationalize What They Do, Robert E. Parker


Urbanism and Urbanization, Ranita Ray and Michael Ian Borer

Envisioning a Feminist Urban Ethnography: Structure, Culture, and New Directions in Poverty Studies, Ranita Ray and Korey Tillman

Adding Third-Sex Option On Birth Certificates is a Start, Barbara Risman and Georgiann Davis

Chapter 6 Chinese Maternity Tourists and Their "Anchor Babies"? Disdain and Racialized Conditional Acceptance of Non-Citizen Reproduction, Cassaundra Rodriguez

Chapter 6 Chinese Maternity Tourists and Their "Anchor Babies"? Disdain and Racialized Conditional Acceptance of Non-Citizen Reproduction, Cassaundra Rodriguez

Latino/a Citizen Children of Undocumented Parents Negotiating Illegality, Cassaundra Rodriguez


Communication, Democracy, and Intelligentsia, Dmitri N. Shalin


Russian Intelligentsia in the Age of Counterperestroika, Dmitri N. Shalin


Selected Correspondence with Igor Kon, Dmitri N. Shalin

Literacy Activity and Health Among Older Adults in the USA, Takashi Yamashita, Jennifer R. Keene, Sheniz A. Moonie, Jay J. Shen, Jennifer R. Pharr, and Ji Won Yoo


The Relationship between Education and Health: Reducing Disparities Through a Contextual Approach, Anna Zajacova and Elizabeth M. Lawrence