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Summer 2011

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Professional Paper

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Master of Hospitality Administration


Hotel Administration

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Clark Kincaid, Chair

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A business plan was created for a diner and nightclub located in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, and the concept was found to be unique to the Des Moines area. The downtown community is home to sixty-six American-cuisine eateries, is under continued development, and looking to house more restaurant and entertainment establishments. Des Moines has a five-county metropolitan area with a population of 562,000 and Des Moines alone is home to 200,000 people. The downtown community is growing, and with the projected employment outlook to rise 11%, downtown’s 77,000 employees will also increase. These findings suggest that there is a market in downtown Des Moines for a restaurant and live music establishment. With proper business planning, restaurant development, web design, and a strong knowledge and understanding of hospitality law, a restaurateur can succeed in the downtown Des Moines area.


Business planning; Diners (Restaurants); Iowa – Des Moines; Nightclubs; Restaurant management


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Food and Beverage Management