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Hotel Administration

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Room service is the delivery of food and beverage products to a guest's sleeping room in a hotel. It is an important, distinguishing characteristic and a necessary service for first-class and luxury hotels. Very little academic research has been conducted on the operating procedures of room service. This was an exploratory study that aimed at identifying the key principles and practices of room service operations in first-class and luxury hotels. This study used a mixed-method approach. Using content analysis on operating audits for room service from a range of hospitality companies, expert panel review, field testing, and analysis of variance (MANOVA), this study resulted in a generic room service audit representing the key principles and practices currently in place in the first-class and luxury hotel segment. Key elements of the generic audit were then tested in a sample drawn from a population of hospitality professionals throughout the United States, resulting in what they determined to be the most important elements in room service from the abbreviated list of items that was presented to them.


Hospitality industry; Hotel management; Hotels; Lodging; Management; Management audit; Operational audit; Room service


Food and Beverage Management | Hospitality Administration and Management

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