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For anyone involved in the development of casinos or Integrated Resorts the process of planning a successful project can be rather cumbersome, arbitrary and lacking of business data to make sound financial decisions. This study will organize that process to reduce those difficulties and identify those Resources needed to provide optimal results for return on investment (ROI), total investment (TI) and overall size of the project (SF).

To determine the size of an Integrated Resort (IR) owners and developers tend to look at the building characteristics of competing or admired projects and then set their Resource parameters such as: 2000 hotel rooms, 3000 slot machines, 150 table games, a 4000 seat theater, 10 food outlets with 3500 seats, 5 bar outlets with 350 seats 5000 parking spaces etc. From this data they will then compute ROI, TI and SF.

While the selection of these Resources are normally based upon perceived market conditions by IR developers, operators and marketing executives, that current planning process does not employ an analysis of the best mix of Resources that produce the best values of ROI, TI and SF.

This study will provide an improved planning process for IR owners, developers and executives. This improved process will speed-up the planning process and deliver project concepts with highest financial metrics.


Casinos -- Planning; Integrated Resort; Rate of return; Resort development; Resource Allocation; Return on Investment; ROI


Business | Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Hospitality Administration and Management | Real Estate

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