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May 2016

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Donal Revell

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Claudia Keelan

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Emily Setina

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Sheila Bock

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My MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis on poetry has culminated in a poetry manuscript of 60 pages in length. Many of the poems in this manuscript are inspired by my experiences studying English poetry and literature in this program, with a particular emphasis on devotional and spiritual poetry and poetics. A third of my thesis poem, in fact, came out of my experiences fulfilling the “study abroad” requirement in my MFA. To fulfill that requirement, I embarked on a couple pilgrimage walks through rural parts of the United Kingdom. The longest walk was the one I took from Winchester to Canterbury in England, a distance of 125 miles, trod in the footsteps of Chaucer’s pilgrims from The Canterbury Tales. On a related note, I fulfilled my translation requirement by taking two classes in Old English, which resulted in a translation of the Old English poem Beowulf. Both the travel and translation experiences were ones that informed the poetry that I wrote for my thesis. Some of the other classes I took – on the mythological poetics of Charles Olson, the mystical poetry of Hilda Doolittle, and the ecological prose of Hendry David Thoreau – also came to inform the poems in my thesis.


ecology; England; pilgrimage; poetry; sacred; walking


Creative Writing | Religion

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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