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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Peter Stubberud

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Continuous time Sigma Delta Modulators (CT ΣΔMs) are a type of analog to digital converter (ADC) that are used in mixed signal systems to convert analog signals into digital signals. ADCs typically require antialiasing filter; however antialiasing filters are inherent in CT ΣΔMs, and therefore they require less circuitry and less power than other ADC architectures that require separate antialiasing filters. As a result, CT ΣΔM ADC architectures are preferred in many mixed signal electronic applications.

Because of the mixed signal nature of CT ΣΔMs, they can be difficult to simulate. In this thesis, various methods for simulating single-bit and multi-bit CT ΣΔMs are developed and these simulations include the bilinear transform or trapezoidal integration, impulse invariance transform, midpoint integration, Simpson’s rule, delta transform or Euler’s forward integration rule and Simulink modeling. These methods are compared with respect to speed which is given by the total simulation time, accuracy which is given by the signal to noise ratio (SNR) value and the simplicity of the simulation method. The CT ΣΔMs have been extended from first order up to fifth order with one, two and three bit quantizers. Also, the frequency domain analysis is done for all the orders of CT ΣΔMs.

The results show that the numerical integration methods are more accurate and faster than Simulink. However, CT ΣΔM simulations using Simulink are simpler because of the availability of the required blocks in Simulink. The overall comparison shows that the numerical integration methods can perform better than Simulink models. The frequency domain analysis proves the correctness of the use of numerical integration methods for CT ΣΔM simulations.


Noise Transfer Function; Numerical Integration; Sigma Delta Modulator; Signal Transfer Function; Simulink



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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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