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Hotel Administration

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The development of a theory of innovation for hospitality innovation finds heightened importance due to the COVID-19 Pandemic that has unleashed a devastating and sustained disruption on global hospitality and tourism. The problem for research is that the industry lacks a taxonomy for research on innovation in hospitality. This study addresses the gap in understanding the nomological relationship between innovation constructs and the observable manifestations of innovation in the hospitality industry. This study used an emergent basic qualitative design of a phenomenon through data collected in three phases. Two large samples of literature and a series of focus groups comprised of a sample of senior executives from the hospitality industry formed the dataset. The researcher used interpretive content analysis to analyze data. The results support the inter and multidisciplinary nature of innovation. Prior hospitality research has centered almost exclusively within the domain, creating a significant gap with innovation's underlying interdisciplinary nature. The observed manifestations of innovation by the sample of senior executives yielded enormous insight into the nature of innovation in the hospitality industry and the urgent need for innovation in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic’s effect upon the industry.


Disruptive Innovation; Innovation; Nomology; Qualitative Study; Radical Innovation; Status Quo Bias


Education | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Other Education | Science and Mathematics Education | Social and Behavioral Sciences

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