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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Teaching and Learning

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Christine Clark

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Iesha Jackson

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Teacher professional development in the United States has significant gaps in practical training. In the state of Nevada, research has shown discrepancies between the retention of skills from training sessions and the ability to transfer learned methods into daily classroom practices. Previous studies have investigated teacher professional development and understanding its influence on student learning. Furthermore, the limits in framework design for contemporary approaches to professional development in online mediums has created inconsistencies in measuring outcomes. Finally, current research has resulted in mixed reviews concerning training in nontraditional online courses offered through graduate courses in various organizations. This research explored teacher learning conditions in online graduate-level courses through a qualitative multiple case study and deconstructs current learning experiences of teachers currently or previously enrolled within online graduate-level courses. The experiences of teachers in online graduate courses were captured through a six-step culture domain analysis process using an ethnographic perspective.


Graduate online courses; Multicultural education teacher professional development; Online teacher professional development; Sociocultural teacher professional development; Teacher professional development


Teacher Education and Professional Development

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