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William F. Harrah College of Hospitality

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous people lost their lives, and a lot of industries were affected. The hospitality industry was especially affected due to social distancing, travel restrictions, and safety issues. During that time, not only did customers' expectations change but their recommendation of hotels to friends and colleagues also changed. The current study used five factors (i.e., cleanliness, location, room, service, and value) to discover which factors were affecting hotel recommendation before the COVID-19 pandemic and after the reopening. This study used secondary data (online surveys) from one of the well-known integrated resorts located in the western United States. Data was collected in June of 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, and in June of 2021, after one year from the reopening from the pandemic closure. The result indicates that before the COVID-19 pandemic, guests’ preferences were as follows: (1) value, (2) service, (3) cleanliness, (4) room, and (5) location. However, after the reopening from the COVID-19 pandemic, June 2021, guests ranked the important factors as (1) value, (2) service, (3) room, and (4) cleanliness. From the findings, hotel managers can compare which factors are affecting guests to recommend hotels to others before the COVID-19 pandemic and after the reopening. This will allow them to better understand guests and provide the services that guests are looking for.


Cleanliness; COVID-19; Location; Room; Service; Value


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Operational Research | Operations Research, Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering

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