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Master of Arts in Sociology



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My paper examines the history of the Historic Westside (HWS) in Las Vegas, Nevada, and how community development decisions made by city officials have led to the marginalization of this area. Specifically, my paper examines the impact of discriminatory policies and practices on the HWS, including inadequate infrastructure, racist housing policies, and economic abandonment. In doing so, I draw on a range of sources, including archival materials, interviews, and secondary literature, to provide a comprehensive analysis of the social, economic, and political factors that have contributed to the marginalization of the HWS. My paper focuses on four key development events that have shaped the Historic Westside (HWS) in Las Vegas, Nevada. These events include the 1940s ordinance that enforced racial segregation, the 1960-80s urban renewal programs, the construction of the I-15 freeway, and the 2000s F Street Closure. My paper argues that these events, which were ostensibly aimed at improving the community, actually undermined the area's economic and cultural viability, leading to the displacement of residents and the loss of community cohesion. Overall, my paper contributes to a growing body of literature on the history of urban development and its impact on marginalized communities.

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Sociology;Social history;Race relations



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