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Doctoral Project

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Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate


Brain Health

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Donnamarie Krause

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Jefferson Kinney

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The acute care setting has been a vastly growing practice area for the occupational therapy profession. Occupational therapists assist clients in the acute care setting with activities of daily living retraining and functional transfer training to increase independence. Each client demonstrates a different discharge course from the acute care setting and occupational therapists play a key role in assisting the clients the most appropriate rehabilitative setting. All professionals in the acute care setting work cohesively to provide clients with the best outcome.

The doctoral project explored the importance of interprofessional healthcare worker education about occupational therapy practices in the acute care setting. Healthcare workers were provided with an informational session reviewing the role of occupational therapy in the rehabilitation process for acute care patients with a cardiac related diagnosis. The use of professional feedback and surveys were utilized to gather healthcare workers’ insights on the benefits of the informational session and education. The implementation of this project was created to explore the educational knowledge of interprofessional healthcare workers on the role of occupational therapy in the acute care setting. Additionally, the implementation of the project was created to gain insight about the efficacy of educational advocacy for occupational therapy.


acute care; advocacy; cardiac; occupational therapy


Occupational Therapy

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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