The UNLV Department of Brain Health will advance research, education, and practice to benefit brain health and the care and treatment of people with brain disorders across the life span. Our faculty specialize in several areas that range from basic and clinical research in neurodegenerative disease, neuropsychology, and occupational therapy.


Submissions from 2022

Pioglitazone Reduces the Incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease: From Genetics to Population-Based Validation, Feixiong Cheng, Jiansong Fang, Pengyue Zhang, Andrew A. Pieper, and Jeffrey L. Cummings

Disease Modification Is Not All — We Need Symptomatic Therapies for Alzheimer Disease, Jeffrey L. Cummings


Public Policy Should Foster Alzheimer’s Treatment Availability: Comment on the Draft US Medicare Decision to Limit Payment for Aducanumab (Aduhelm™) to Patients Participating in Clinical Trials, Jeffrey L. Cummings


Artificial Intelligence Framework Identifies Candidate Targets for Drug Repurposing in Alzheimer’s Disease, Jiansong Fang, Pengyue Zhang, Quan Wang, Chien Wei Chiang, Yadi Zhou, Yuan Hou, Jielin Xu, Rui Chen, Bin Zhang, Stephen J. Lewis, James B. Leverenz, Andrew A. Pieper, Bingshan Li, Lang Li, Jeffrey Cummings, and Feixiong Cheng

The Probabilistic Model of Alzheimer Disease: The Amyloid Hypothesis Revised, Giovanni B. Frisoni, Daniele Altomare, Dietmar Rudolf Thal, Federica Ribaldi, Rik van der Kant, Rik Ossenkoppele, Kaj Blennow, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Cornelia van Duijn, Peter M. Nilsson, Pierre Yves Dietrich, Philip Scheltens, and Bruno Dubois

Clinical Text Classification of Alzheimer’s Drugs’ Mechanism of Action, Mina Esmail Zadeh Nojoo Kambar, Pouyan Nahed, Jorge F. Cacho, Garam Lee, Jeffrey L. Cummings, and Kazem Taghva

Dual Task Performance Is Associated with Amyloidosis in Cognitively Healthy Adults, Jason K. Longhurst, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Samantha E. John, Brach Poston, J. V. Rider, A. M. Salazar, V. R. Mishra, A. Ritter, J. Z. Caldwell, J. B. Miller, Jefferson W. Kinney, and Merrill R. Landers

Submissions from 2021


The Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Development Landscape, Pieter Van Bokhoven, Arno de Wilde, Lisa Vermunt, Prisca S. Leferink, Sasja Heetveld, Jeffrey Cummings, Philip Scheltens, and Everard G.B. Vijverberg

Multimodal Single-Cell/ Nucleus Rna-Sequencing Data Analysis Uncovers Molecular Networks Between Disease-Associated Microglia and Astrocytes With Implications for Drug Repurposing in Alzheimer’s Disease, Feixiong Cheng, Jielin Xu, Pengyue Zhang, Yadi Zhou, Andrew A. Pieper, Jeffrey L. Cummings, and James B. Leverenz

Development and Assessment of a Brief Screening Tool for Psychosis in Dementia, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Alireza Atri, Zahinoor Ismail, Brad C. Dickerson, Clive Ballard, George T. Grossberg, Bradley McEvoy, and Erin Foff

Brain Health Executives: A Transdisciplinary Workforce Innovation—A Commentary, Harris A. Eyre, Michael Berk, Erin Smith, Jeffrey Cummings, and Mark Heinemeyer

Icare Ad-Us: Design of a Prospective, Single-Arm, Multicenter, Noninterventional Real-World Study of Aducanumab in the United States, James E. Galvin, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Mihaela Levitchi Benea, Carl de Moor, Alireza Atri, Verna R. Porter, Sarah C. McEwen, and Ivana Rubino

The Roles of Executive Functioning, Simple Attention, and Medial Temporal Lobes in Early Learning, Late Learning, and Delayed Recall, Samantha E. John, Aaron Ritter, Christina Wong, and Colleen M. Parks


Intepirdine as Adjunctive Therapy to Donepezil for Mild-To-Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Phase 3 Clinical Trial (Mindset), Frederick M. Lang, Yi Mo, Marwan Sabbagh, Paul Solomon, Merce Boada, Roy W. Jones, Giovanni B. Frisoni, Timo Grimmer, Bruno Dubois, Mark Harnett, Sarah R. Friedhoff, Shari Coslett, and Jeffrey L. Cummings


Rasagiline Effects on Glucose Metabolism, Cognition, and Tau in Alzheimer’s Dementia, Dawn C. Matthews, Aaron Ritter, Ronald G. Thomas, Randolph D. Andrews, Ana S. Lukic, Carolyn Revta, Jefferson W. Kinney, Babak Tousi, James B. Leverenz, Howard Fillit, Kate Zhong, Howard H. Feldman, and Jeffrey Cummings

Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease in Black Populations: A Scoping Review, Stacey Moeller and Samantha E. John

Toward Robust Assessments of Student Knowledge of Occupation, Pollie Price, Andrea Bilics, Sheama Krishnagiri, Barb Hooper, Stephen D. Taff, and Wendy Wood


Affective Computing for Late-Life Mood and Cognitive Disorders, Erin Smith, Eric A. Storch, Ipsit Vahia, Stephen T.C. Wong, Helen Lavretsky, Jeffrey L. Cummings, and Harris A. Eyre

Submissions from 2020

Assignment Artifacts and What They Reveal About How Occupation Is Addressed in U.S. Occupational Therapy Curricula, Barb Hooper, Sheama Krishnagiri, Pollie Price, Steven D. Taff, and Andrea Bilics

Submissions from 2019

A National Survey of Learning Activities and Instructional Strategies Used to Teach Occupation: Implications for Signature Pedagogies, Sheama Krishnagiri, Barb Hooper, Pollie Price, Steven D. Taff, and Andrea Bilics

Submissions from 2017

A Way of Seeing: How Occupation Is Portrayed to Students When Taught as a Concept Beyond Its Use in Therapy, Pollie Price, Barb Hooper, Sheama Krishnagiri, Steven D. Taff, and Andrea Bilics