Publications written by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas English department faculty.


Submissions from 2013


Love Among the Ruins, John Hay

Submissions from 2010

A Garden is a Frame Structure: Ecstatic Émigré V, Claudia A. Keelan

Ecstatic Émigré III, Claudia A. Keelan

Ecstatic Émigré IV, Claudia A. Keelan

British Historical Fiction before Scott, Anne H. Stevens

Submissions from 2009

Stretching Sexual Boundaries in Sherman Alexie’s ‘Indian Country, Patrice E.M. Hollrah

Ecstatic Émigré: A Column, Claudia A. Keelan

Ecstatic Émigré: A Concrete Memoir, Claudia A. Keelan

Virginia Woolf's Essays, Beth C. Rosenberg

Submissions from 2006

The Strength of Native Women in James Welch’s Winter in the Blood, Patrice E.M. Hollrah


The Footnote, in Theory, Anne H. Stevens and Jay Williams

Submissions from 2005

L’extraordinaire langage de Robert Pinsky, Timothy Erwin

First Impressions of A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff as an Author, Patrice E.M. Hollrah

English Monarchies, Anne H. Stevens

Submissions from 2000

Spectacle in the way of the world, Timothy Erwin and Leon Coburn

Submissions from 1998

Angelica Kauffmann, Henry Fuseli, and the birth of the sublime, Timothy Erwin

Submissions from 1995

Alexander Pope and the disappearance of the beautiful, Timothy Erwin

Submissions from 1994

The Extraordinary language of Robert Pinsky, Timothy Erwin


Romancing Visual Women: From Canon to Console, Roberta Sabbath

Submissions from 1993

Johnson and Lockean empiricism, Timothy Erwin

Submissions from 1992

Adam Smith's theory of rhetoric and the method of Hume's dialogues, Timothy Erwin

Submissions from 1989

Francis Bacon's Instauratio: Dominion of and over Humanity, Charles Whitney

Submissions from 1988

Johnson's life of savage and Lockean psychology, Timothy Erwin

Modern iconology and postmodern iconologies, Timothy Erwin

Submissions from 1983

The Life of savage, Voltaire, and a neglected letter, Timothy Erwin

Submissions from 1982


Bacon and the Pathos of Novelty, Charles Whitney