Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Department of Physics & Astronomy Faculty.


Submissions from 2020


Dust Condensation in Evolving Discs and the Composition of Planetary Building Blocks, Min Li, Shichun Huang, Michail I. Petaev, Zhaohuan Zhu, and Jason H. Steffen

No Pulsed Radio Emission During a Bursting Phase of a Galactic Magnetar, L. Lin, C. F. Zhang, P. Wang, H. Gao, X. Guan, J. L. Han, J. C. Jiang, P. Jiang, K. J. Lee, D. Li, Y. P. Men, C. C. Miao, J. R. Niu, C. Sun, B. J. Wang, Z. L. Wang, H. Xu, J. L. Xu, J. W. Xu, Y. H. Yang, Y. P. Yang, W. Yu, B. Zhang, B.-B. Zhang, D. J. Zhou, W. W. Zhu, A. J. Castro-Tirado, Z. G. Dai, M. Y. Ge, Y. D. Hu, and C. K. Li

Ultralow-Friction and Ultralow-Wear TiN-Ag Solid Solution Coating in Base Oil, Chang Liu, Xinlei Gu, Lina Yang, Xianqi Song, Mao Wen, Jia Wang, Quan Li, Kan Zhang, Weitao Zheng, and Changfeng Chen

Superconductivity in Compression-Shear Deformed Diamond, Chang Liu, Xianqi Song, Quan Li, Yanming Ma, and Changfeng Chen


Superconductivity in Compression-Shear Deformed Diamond, Chang Liu, Xianqi Song, Quan Li, Yanming Ma, and Changfeng Chen

Strain-Controlled Magnetic Ordering in 2D Carbon Metamaterials, Dan Liu, Eunja Kim, Philippe F. Weck, and David Tomanek

Prediction of LinCd Compounds With Unusual Stoichiometry and Valence States, Han Liu, Jianyun Wang, Quan Li, and Changfeng Chen

A Unified Picture of Galactic and Cosmological Fast Radio Bursts, Wenbin Li, Pawan Kumar, and Bing Zhang

Chemically Tuning Stability and Superconductivity of P–H Compounds, Xue Li, Yu Xie, Ying Sun, Peihao Huang, Hanyu Liu, Changfeng Chen, and Yanming Ma

A Comparative Study of Host Galaxy Properties Between Fast Radio Bursts and Stellar Transients, Ye Li and Bing Zhang

A Comparative Study of Long and Short GRBs. II. A Multiwavelength Method to Distinguish Type II (Massive Star) and Type I (Compact Star) GRBs, Ye Li, Bing Zhang, and Qiang Yuan

Cosmology-Insensitive Estimate of IGM Baryon Mass Fraction from Five Localized Fast Radio Bursts, Zhengxiang Li, H. Gao, Jun-Jie Wei, Y.-P Yang, Bing Zhang, and Z.-H. Zhu


Indentation-Strain Stiffening in Tungsten Nitrides: Mechanisms and Implications, Cheng Lu and Changfeng Chen


Structure-Strength Relations of distinct MoN Phases from First-Principles Calculations, Cheng Lu and Changfeng Chen

Elucidating Stress-Strain Relations of ZrB12 from First-Principles Studies, Cheng Lu, Weiguang Gong, Quan Li, and Changfeng Chen

Constraining the Long-lived Magnetar Remnants in Short Gamma-Ray Burst from Late-time Radio Observations, Liang-Duan Lui, He Gao, and Bing Zhang

Blazar-IceCube Neutrino Association Revisited, Jia-Wei Luo and Bing Zhang


On the FRB Luminosity Function – – II. Event Rate Density, Rui Luo, Yunpeng Men, Kejia Lee, Weiyang Wang, D. R. Lorimer, and Bing Zhang

Diverse Polarization Angle Swings From a Repeating Fast Radio Burst Source, R. Luo, B. J. Wang, Y. P. Men, C. F. Zhang, J. C. Jiang, H. Xu, W. Y. Wang, K. J. Lee, J. L. Han, Bing Zhang, R. N. Caballero, M. Z. Chen, X. L. Chen, H. Q. Gan, Y. J. Guo, L. F. Hao, Y. X. Huang, P. Jiang, H. Li, J. Li, Z. X. Li, J. T. Luo, J. Pan, X. Pei, L. Qian, J. H. Sun, M. Wang, N. Wang, Z. G. Wen, R. X. Xu, and Y. H. Xu

Exploring the Effects of Magnetar Bursts in Pulsar Wind Nebulae, J. Martin, D. F. Torres, and Bing Zhang

Evolution of α Centauri B’s Protoplanetary Disc, Rebecca G. Martin, Jack J. Lissauer, and Billy Quarles


Asteroid Belt Survival through Stellar Evolution: Dependence on the Stellar Mass, Rebecca G. Martin, Mario Livio, Jeremy L. Smallwood, and Cheng Chen

A Fast-growing Tilt Instability of Detached Circumplanetary Disks, Rebecca G. Martin, Zhaohuan Zhu, and Philip J. Armitage

An Obscured, Seyfert 2–like State of the Stellar-mass Black Hole GRS 1915+105 Caused by Failed Disk Winds, J. M. Miller, A. Zoghbi, J. Raymond, M. Balakrishnan, L. Brenneman, E. Cackett, P. Draghis, A. C. Fabian, E. Gallo, J. Kaastra, T. Kallman, E. Kammoun, S. E. Motta, and Daniel Proga


Mass Determinations of the Three Mini-Neptunes Transiting TOI-125, Louise D. Nielsen, D. Gandolfi, D. J. Armstrong, J. S. Jenkins, M. Fridlund, N. C. Santos, F. Dai, V. Adibekyan, R. Luque, Jason H. Steffen, M. Esposito, F. Meru, S. Sabotta, E. Bolmont, D. Kossakowski, J. F. Otegi, F. Murgas, M. Stalport, F. Rodler, M. R. Diaz, N. T. Kurtovic, G. Ricker, R. Vanderspek, D. W. Latham, S. Seager, J. N. Winn, J. M. Jenkins, R. Allart, J. M. Almenara, D. Barrado, and S. C.C. Barros

Crystal and Electronic Structures of A2NaIO6Periodate Double Perovskites (A = Sr, Ca, Ba): Candidate Wasteforms for I-129 Immobilization, Sarah E. O'Sullivan, Eduardo Montoya, Shi Kuan Sun, Jonathan George, Cameron Kirk, Malin C. Dixon Wilkins, Philippe F. Weck, Eunja Kim, Kevin S. Knight, and Neil C. Hyatt


The Breakup of a Helium Cluster After Removing Attractive Interaction Among a Significant Number of Atoms in the Cluster, Tao Pang


Xenon Iron Oxides Predicted as Potential Xe Hosts in Earth’s Lower Mantle, Feng Peng, Xianqi Song, Chang Liu, Quan Li, Maosheng Miao, Changfeng Chen, and Yanming Ma


Resolving the FU Orionis System with ALMA: Interacting Twin Disks?, Sebastian Perez, Antonio Hales, Hauyu Baobab Liu, Zhaohuan Zhu, Simon Casassus, Jonathan Williams, Alice Zurlo, Nicolas Cuello, Lucas Cieza, and David Principe

Mapping Gas Flows in AGNs by Reverberation, Bradley M. Peterson, Gisella De Rosa, Gerard A. Kriss, Aaron J. Barth, Misty C. Bentz, Edward M. Cackett, Maryam Dehghanian, Gary J. Ferland, Michael R. Goad, Keith Horne, Erin A. Kara, Kirk T. Korista, Hermine Landt, Daniel Proga, Tommaso L. Treu, Tim Waters, and Peter Williams

Disk Winds in Cataclysmic Variables and X-ray Binaries, Daniel Proga, S. Dyda, and T. Waters


High Dielectric Ternary Oxides from Crystal Structure Prediction and High-Throughput Screening, Jingyu Qu, David Zagaceta, WeiWei Zhang, and Qiang Zhu

Continuous Temporal Ion Detection Combined With Time-Gated Imaging: Normalization Over a Large Dynamic Range, Yuval Shagam, William B. Cairncross, Tanya S. Roussy, Yan Zhou, Kia Boon Ng, Daniel N. Gresh, Tanner Grogan, Jun Ye, and Eric A. Cornell

Multiferroic Decorated Fe2O3 Monolayer Predicted from First Principles, Jing Shang, Chun Li, Xiao Tang, Aijun Du, Ting Liao, Yuantong Gu, Yandong Ma, Liangzhi Kou, and Changfeng Chen

Formation of the Polar Debris Disc Around 99 Herculis, Jeremy L. Smallwood, Alessia Franchini, Cheng Chen, Eric Becerril, Stephen H. Lubow, Chao-Chin Yang, and Rebecca G. Martin

Room-Temperature Superconductivity in a Carbonaceous Sulfur Hydride, Elliot Snider, Nathan Dasenbrock-Gammon, Raymond McBride, Matthew Debessai, Hiranya Vindana, Kevin Vencatasamy, Keith V. Lawler, Ashkan Salamat, and Ranga P. Dias

Tuning Magnetism of Metal Porphyrazine Molecules by a Ferroelectric In2Se3 Monolayer, Xiao Tang, Jing Shang, Yandong Ma, Yuantong Gu, Changfeng Chen, and Liangzhi Kou

A Thousand Days After the Merger: Continued X-Ray Emission From gw170817, E. Troja, H. van Eerten, Bing Zhang, G. Ryan, L. Piro, R. Ricci, B. O'Connor, M. H. Wieringa, S. B. Cenko, and T. Sakamoto

A Redshifted Inner Disk Atmosphere and Transient Absorbers in the Ultracompact Neutron Star X-Ray Binary 4U 1916–053, Nicolas Trueba, J. M. Miller, A. C. Fabian, J. Kaastra, T. Kallman, A. Lohfink, D. Proga, J. Raymond, C. Reynolds, M. Reynolds, and A. Zoghbi

Near-Infrared Imaging of a Spiral in the CQ Tau Disk, Taichi Uyama, Takayuki Muto, Dimitri Mawet, Valentin Christiaens, Jun Hashimoto, Tomoyuki Kudo, Masayuki Kuzuhara, Garreth Ruane, Charles Beichman, Olivier Absil, Eiji Akityama, Jaehan Bae, Michael Bottom, Elodie Choquet, Thayne Currie, Ruobing Dong, Katherine B. Follette, Misato Fukagawa, Greta Guidi, Elsa Huby, Jungmi Kwon, Satoshi Mayama, Tiffany Meshkat, Maddalena Reggiani, Luca Ricci, Eugene Serabyn, Motohide Tamura, Leonardo Testi, Nicole Wallack, Jonathan Williams, and Zhaohuan Zhu

New Carbon Allotropes Derived from Nanotubesviaa Three-Fold Distortion Mechanism, Jian-Tao Wang and Changfeng Chen

Body Centered Cubic Carbon bc14: An All- sp3 Bonded Full-Fledged Pentadiamond, Jian Tao Wang, Changfeng Chen, and Hiroshi Mizuseki

Stringent Search for Precursor Emission in Short GRBs from Fermi/GBM Data and Physical Implications, Jie-Shuang Wang, Zong-Kai Peng, Jin-Hang Zou, Bin-Bin Zhang, and Bing Zhang


Fast Radio Bursts as Strong Waves Interacting with the Ambient Medium, Min-Hao Wang, Shun-Ke Ai, Zheng-Xiang Li, Nan Xing, He Gao, and Bing Zhang

On the Magnetoionic Environments of Fast Radio Bursts, Wei-Yang Wang, Bing Zhang, Xuelei Chen, and Renxin Xu

Is GRB 110715A the Progenitor of FRB 171209?, Xiang-Gao Wang, Long Li, Yuan-Pei Yang, Jia-Wei Luo, Bing Zhang, Da-Bin Lin, En-Wei Liang, and Song-Mei Qin


Pressure-stabilized Divalent Ozonide CaO3 and Its Impact on Earth’s Oxygen Cycles, Yanchao Wang, Meiling Xu, Liuxiang Yang, Bingmin Yan, Qin Qin, Xuecheng Shao, Yunwei Zhang, Dajian Huang, Xiaohuan Lin, Jian Lv, Dongzhou Zhang, Huiyang Gou, Ho-kwang Mao, Changfeng Chen, and Yanming Ma

Thermodynamic Properties of Metaschoepite Predicted From Density Functional Perturbation Theory, Philippe F. Weck, Carlos F. Jové-Colón, and Eunja Kim

A Study of Millimeter Variability in FUor Objects, John Wendeborn, Catherine C. Espaillat, Enrique Macias, Orsolya Fehér, A. Kóspál, Lee Hartmann, Zhaohuan Zhu, Michael M. Dunham, and Marina Kounkel

Space Telescope and Optical Reverberation Mapping Project. XII. Broad-line Region Modeling of NGC 5548, P. R. Williams, A. Pancoast, T. Treu, B. J. Brewer, B. M. Peterson, A. J. Barth, M. A. Malkan, G. De Rosa, Keith Horne, G. A. Kriss, N. Arav, M. C. Bentz, E. M. Cackett, E. Dalla Bontà, M. Dehghanian, C. Done, G. J. Ferland, C. J. Grier, J. Kaastra, E. Kara, C. S. Kochanek, S. Mathur, M. Mehdipour, R. W. Pogge, D. Proga, M. Vestergaard, T. Waters, S. M. Adams, M. D. Anderson, P. Arévalo, and T. G. Beatty


ALMA 0.88 mm Survey of Disks around Planetary-Mass Companions, Ya-Lin Wu, Brendan P. Bowler, Patrick D. Sheehan, Sean M. Andrews, Gregory J. Herczeg, Adam L. Kraus, Luca Ricci, David J. Wilner, and Zhaohuan Zhu

A Serendipitous Discovery of GeV Gamma-Ray Emission from Supernova 2004dj in a Survey of Nearby Star-forming Galaxies with Fermi-LAT, Shao-Qiang Xi, Ruo-Yu Liu, Xiang-Yu Wang, Rui-Zhi Yang, Qiang Yuan, and Bing Zhang

Nonuniversal Interstellar Density Spectra Probed by Pulsars, Siyao Xu and Bing Zhang


Probing the Intergalactic Turbulence with Fast Radio Bursts, Siyao Xu and Bing Zhang

GRB 200415A: A Short Gamma-Ray Burst from a Magnetar Giant Flare?, Jun Yang, Vikas Chand, Bin-Bin Zhang, Yu-Han Yang, Jin-Hang Zou, Yi-Si Yang, Xiao-Hong Zhao, Lang Shao, Shao-Lin Xiong, Qi Luo, Xiao-Bo Li, Shuo Xiao, Cheng-Kui Li, Cong-Zhan Liu, Jagdish C. Joshi, Vidushi Sharma, Manoneeta Chakraborty, Ye Li, and Bing Zhang

Tunable Contacts in Graphene/InSe van der Waals Heterostructures, Xuhui Yang, Baisheng Sa, Peng Lin, Chao Xu, Qiang Zhu, Hongbing Zhan, and Zhimei Sun

Physical Implications of the Subthreshold GRB GBM-190816 and Its Associated Subthreshold Gravitational-wave Event, Yi-Si Yang, Shu-Qing Zhong, Bin-Bin Zhang, Shichao Wu, Bing Zhang, Yu-Han Yang, Zhoujian Cao, He Gao, Jin-Hang Zou, Jie-Shuang Wang, Hou-Jun Lü, Ji-Rong Cang, and Zi-Gao Dai

Are Persistent Emission Luminosity and Rotation Measure of Fast Radio Burst Related?, Yuan-Pei Yang, Qiao-Chu Li, and Bing Zhang


PyXtal_FF: A Python Library for Automated Force Field Generation, Howard Yanxon, David Zagaceta, Binh Tang, David S. Matteson, and Qiang Zhu

Neural Network Potential from Bispectrum Components: A Case Study on Crystalline Silicon, Howard Yanxon, David Zagaceta, Brandon C. Wood, and Qiang Zhu


Testing the Hypothesis of Compact-binary-coalescence Origin of Fast Radio Bursts Using a Multimessenger Approach, Sarah York, Rea Lavi, Yehudit Judy Dori, and MaryKay Orgill

Publisher’s Note: “Spectral Neural Network Potentials for Binary Alloys” [J. Appl. Phys 128, 045113 (2020)], David Zagaceta, Howard Yanxon, and Qiang Zhu

Spectral Neural Network Potentials for Binary Alloys, David Zagaceta, Howard Yanxon, and Qiang Zhu

A Quantitative Assessment of Communicating Extra-Terrestrial Intelligent Civilization in the Galaxy and the Case of FRB-Like Signals, Bing Zhang

Erratum: "Charged Compact Binary Coalescence Signal and Electromagnetic Counterpart of Plunging BH-NS Mergers", Bing Zhang


Fast Radio Bursts from Interacting Binary Neutron Star Systems, Bing Zhang

Synchrotron Radiation in γ-Ray Bursts Prompt Emission, Bing Zhang

The Physical Mechanisms of Fast Radio Bursts, Bing Zhang

Unexpected Emission Pattern Adds to the Enigma of Fast Radio Bursts, Bing Zhang

On the Energy and Redshift Distributions of Fast Radio Bursts, Rachel C. Zhang, Bing Zhang, Ye Li, and Duncan R. Lorimer


The Effects of Disc Self-Gravity and Radiative Cooling on the Formation of Gaps and Spirals by Young Planets, Shangjia Zhang and Zhaohuan Zhu

Second-Scale Coherence Measured at the Quantum Projection Noise Limit with Hundreds of Molecular Ions, Yan Zhou, Yuval Shagam, William B. Cairncross, Kia B. Ng, Tanya S. Roussy, Tanner Grogan, Kevin Boyce, Antonio Vigil, Madeline Pettine, Tanya Zelevinsky, Jun Ye, and Eric A. Cornell

Kilonova Emission from Black Hole–Neutron Star Mergers. I. Viewing-angle-dependent Lightcurves, Jin-Ping Zhu, Yuan-Pei Yang, Liang-Duan Liu, Yan Huang, Bing Zhang, Zhuo Li, Yun-Wei Yu, and He Gao

A Revisited Mechanism of the Graphite-to-Diamond Transition at High Temperature, Sheng-cai Zhu, Xiao-zhi Yan, Jin Liu, Artem R. Oganov, and Qiang Zhu


A Fast Radio Burst Discovered in FAST Drift Scan Survey, Weiwei Zhu, Di Li, Rui Luo, Chenchen Miao, Bing Zhang, Laura Spitler, Duncan Lorimer, Michael Kramer, David Champion, Youling Yue, Andrew Cameron, Marilyn Cruces, Ran Duan, Yi Feng, Jun Han, George Hobbs, Chenhui Niu, Jiarui Niu, Zhichen Pan, Lei Qian, Dai Shi, Ningyu Tang, Pei Wang, Hongfeng Wang, Mao Yuan, Lei Zhang, Xinxin Zhang, Shuyun Cao, Li Feng, Hengqian Gan, and Long Gao


Global 3D Radiation Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations for FU Ori's Accretion Disc and Observational Signatures of Magnetic Fields, Zhaohuan Zhu, Yan-Fei Jiang, and James M. Stone

Streaming Instability With Multiple Dust Species – I. Favourable Conditions for the Linear Growth, Zhaohuan Zhu and Chao-Chin Yang

Submissions from 2019

Bright Gamma-Ray Flares Observed in GRB 131108A, A. Ajello, M. Arimoto, K. Asano, M. Axelsson, L. Baldini, G. Barbiellini, D. Bastieri, R. Bellazzini, A. Berretta, E. Bissaldi, R. D. Blandford, R. Bonino, E. Bottacini, J. Bregeon, P. Bruel, R. Buehler, S. Buson, R. A. Cameron, R. Caputo, P. A. Caraveo, E. Cavazzuti, S. Chen, G. Chiaro INAF-Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale e Fisica Cosmica Milano, S. Ciprini, D. Costantin, S. Cutini, F. D'Ammando, P. de la Torre Luque, F. de Palma, N. Di Lalla, and L. Di Venere Università e del Politecnico di Bari


An Ideal Testbed for Planet-Disk Interaction: Two Giant Protoplanets in Resonance Shaping the PDS 70 Protoplanetary Disk, Jaehan Bae, Zhaohuan Zhu, Clément Baruteau, Myriam Benisty, Cornelis P. Dullemong, Stefano Facchini, Andrea Isella, Miriam Keppler, Laura M. Pérez, and Richard Teague

Uncovering Multiple Metal–Metal Bonding in a Tetranuclear Fluoride Rhenium Cluster or the Curious Case of {[Ni(H2O)6](NH4)4}[Re4F18]·4H2O, Samundeeswari Mariappan Balasekaran, Keith Lawler, Adelheid Hagenbach, Andrea Abram, Ulrich Abram, Alfred Sattelberger, and Frederic Poineau

Relationship Between Teaching Assistants' Perceptions of Student Learning Challenges and Their Use of External Representations when Teaching Acid-Base Titrations in Introductory Chemistry Laboratory Courses, Nicole Baldwin and MaryKay Orgill


Dust Traps in the Protoplanetary Disk MWC 758: Two Vortices Produced by Two Giant Planets?, Clement Baruteau, Marcelo Barraza, Sebastian Perez, Simon Casassus, Ruobing Dong, Wladimir Lyra, Sebastian Marino, Valentin Christiaens, Zhaohuan Zhu, Andres Carmona, Florian Debras, and Felipe Alarcon

Biochemistry Instructors' Use of Intentions for Student Learning to Evaluate and Select External Representations of Protein Translation, Thomas J. Bussey and MaryKay Orgill


The Radial Distribution of Dust Particles in the HL Tau Disk from ALMA and VLA Observations, Carlos Carrasco-Gonzalez, Anibal Sierra, Mario Flock, Zhaohuan Zhu, Thomas Henning, Claire Chandler, Roberto Galvan-Madrid, Enrique Macias, Guillem Anglada, Hendrik Linz, Mayra Osorio, Luis F. Rodriguez, Leonardo Testi, Jose M. Torrelles, Laura Perez, and Yao Liu

Orbital Dynamics of Circumbinary Planets, Cheng Chen, Alessia Franchini, Stephen H. Lubow, and Rebecca G. Martin


Late Delivery of Nitrogen to the Earth, Cheng Chen, Jeremy L. Smallwood, Rebecca G. Martin, and Mario Livio


Giant Planet Effects on Terrestrial Planet Formation and System Architecture, Anna C. Childs, Elisa Quintana, Thomas Barclay, and Jason H. Steffen


Photoionization Calculations of the Radiation Force Due to Spectral Lines in AGNs, Randall C. Dannen, Daniel Proga, Timothy R. Kallman, and Tim Waters


First-principles Study of High-Pressure Phase Stability and Superconductivity of Bi4I4, Shiyu Deng, Xianqi Song, Quan Li, Yu Xie, Changfeng Chen, and Yanming Ma

Micromechanism Study on Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Silicene Regulated by Oxygen, Li-Peng Ding, Peng Shao, Lin-Tai Yang, Wei Guo Sun, Fang-Hui Zhang, and Cheng Lu

First-Principles Studies of a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas at the Interface of Polar/Polar LaALO3/KNbO3 Superlattices, Le Fang, Chen Chen, Yali Yang, Tao Hu, Guodong Zhao, Qiang Zhu, and Wei Ren


Circumbinary Disk Inner Radius as a Diagnostic for Disk–Binary Misalignment, Alessia Franchini, Stephen H. Lubow, and Rebecca G. Martin


Type I Outbursts in Low-eccentricity Be/X-Ray Binaries, Alessia Franchini and Rebecca G. Martin


Misaligned Accretion Disc Formation via Kozai-Lidov Oscillations, Alessia Franchini, Rebecca G. Martin, and Stephen H. Lubow

Multiplanet Disc Interactions in Binary Systems, Alessia Franchini, Rebecca G. Martin, and Stephen H. Lubow

Circumplanetary Disk Dynamics in the Isothermal and Adiabatic Limits, Jeffrey Fung, Zhaohuan Zhu, and Eugene Chang


Propagation of a Short GRB Jet in the Ejecta: Jet Launching Delay Time, Jet Structure, and GW170817/GRB 170817A, Jin-Jun Geng, Bing Zhang, Anders Kölligan, Rolf Kuiper, and Yong-Feng Huang


A Global View of the Inner Accretion and Ejection Flow Around Super Massive Black Holes, Margherita Giustini and Daniel Proga

Unravelling the Structure and Strength of the Highest Boride of Tungsten WB4.2, Weiguang Gong, Chang Liu, Xianqi Song, Quan Li, Yanming Ma, and Changfeng Chen


On Neutralization of Charged Black Holes, Yi Gong, Zhoujian Cao, He Gao, and Bing Zhang