Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Political Science Department faculty.


Submissions from 2016


Why Two Parties? Ambition, Policy, and the Presidency, John H. Aldrich and Daniel J. Lee


Constraining a Shadowy Future: Enacting APAs in Parliamentary Systems, Jeeyang Baum, Christian B. Jensen, and Robert McGrath


Another Tool in the Party Toolbox? Tracing the Strategic Expansion of Committee Size in the U.S. House, 1947-2010, Michael C. Brady and Daniel J. Lee


Rights, Reflection, and Reciprocity: Implications of the Same-Sex Marriage Debate for Tolerance and the Political Process, P A. Djupe, A R. Lewis, and Ted Jelen

Review: Choosing States Supreme Court Justices, Rebecca D. Gill

Review: Immigration Judges and US Asylum Policy, Rebecca D. Gill

Review: Judicial Reputation, Rebecca D. Gill

Review: The Burden's of Proof, Rebecca D. Gill


The Religion Clauses in the 21st Century: The Supreme Court Loosens its Grip, Rebecca D. Gill and Ted G. Jelen


The Ideal Judge: How Implicit Bias Shapes Assessment of State Judges, Rebecca D. Gill and Rafael Oganesyan

Sex, Power, and Politics: Exploring the Femme Fatale’s Mastery of the Political throughout History, Tiffiany O. Howard and Nerses Kopalyan

Gun Ownership: Who Owns Guns and Whoe Does Not, Ted G. Jelen


Confrontation and Competition: The Electoral Benefits of Regionalist Parties’ Positions in Parliamentary Democracies, Christian B. Jensen and Nathan Henceroth

Global Economic Governance and the Development Practices of the Multilateral Development Banks, Susan Park and Jonathan R. Strand


Representation in International Organizations, David P. Rapkin, Jonathan R. Strand, and Michael W. Trevathan


Representation and governance in international organizations, D P. Rapkin, Jonathan Strand, and M W. Trevathan


Did Recent Voice Reforms Improve Good Governance within the World Bank?, Jonathan R. Strand and Kenneth J. Retzl

Submissions from 2015


Swing State Politics in the Silver State, David F. Damore and Rebecca D. Gill


Courts and Court Politics, Rebecca D. Gill


Church-State Relations, Rebecca D. Gill and Jonathan D. Bradley

Gender Role Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Abortion: A Cross-National Exploration, Ted G. Jelen

Submissions from 2009


Explaining the Decision to Withdraw from a U.S. Presidential Nomination Campaign, David F. Damore, Thomas Hansford, and A. Barghothi

Religion and American Public Opinion: Social Issues, Ted G. Jelen

Submissions from 2007

Sweet Land of Liberty: The Gay Marriage Amendment in Nevada, David F. Damore, Ted G. Jelen, and Michael W. Bowers

Life Issues: Abortion, Stem Cell Research, and the Case of Terry Schiavo, Ted G. Jelen

Submissions from 2002


Candidate Strategy and the Decision to Go Negative, David F. Damore

Abortion and Public Opinion, Ted G. Jelen

Collectors, Ted G. Jelen

Political Culture, Political Structure, and Political Conflict: The Persistence of Church-State Conflict in the United States, Ted G. Jelen

Walter Dean Burnham, Ted G. Jelen


Gender, Employment Status, and Abortion: A Longitudinal Analysis, Ted G. Jelen, David F. Damore, and Thomas Lamatsch

Conclusion: the political roles of religion, Ted G. Jelen and Clyde Wilcox

Religion: The One, the Few, and the Many, Ted G. Jelen and Clyde Wilcox

The Political Roles of Religion, Ted G. Jelen and Clyde Wilcox

Public Attitudes on Church and State Coexistence or Conflict?, Ted G. Jelen, Clyde Wilcox, and Rachel Goldberg

Submissions from 2001

Catholicism, Ted G. Jelen

Notes for a Theory of Clergy as Political Leaders, Ted G. Jelen