Faculty research from the School of Life Sciences.


Submissions from 2023


Comparative Nutritional Assessment and Metabolomics of a WRKY Rice Mutant with Enhanced Germination Rates, Santiago Bataller, Anne J. Villacastin, Qingxi J. Shen, and Christine Bergman


Synecological Response of Spring Benthic Prokaryotes and Macroinvertebrates to Paleozoic Roof Pendant-Derived Calcium, Ariel D. Friel, Khaled Pordel, Zachary Meyers, Cale O. Seymour, Nicole J. Thomas, Fred M. Philips, Jeffrey R. Knott, Donald W. Sada, Laura Rademacher, Marty Frisbee, and Brian P. Hedlund

Submissions from 2022

Bradyrhizobium Altum SP. Nov., Bradyrhizobium Oropedii SP. Nov. And Bradyrhizobium Acaciae SP. Nov. From South Africa Show Locally Restricted and Pantropical Noda Phylogeographic Patterns, Juanita R. Avontuur, Marike Palmer, Chrizelle W. Beukes, Wai Y. Chan, Taponeswa Tasiya, Elritha van Zyl, Martin P.A. Coetzee, Tomasz Stepkowski, Stephanus N. Venter, and Emma T. Steenkamp

Brief assessment of Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) abundance in forest and non-forested habitats across an altitude gradient on Mauna Loa, Hawai‘i, Keena Curbelo, Donald K. Price, and Jonathan B. Koch

Integrating Earth–Life Systems: A Geogenomic Approach, Greer A. Dolby, Scott E.K. Bennett, Rebecca J. Dorsey, Maya F. Stokes, Brett R. Riddle, Andrés Lira-Noriega, Adrian Munguia-Vega, and Benjamin T. Wilder


Editorial: Ecology, Metabolism and Evolution of Archaea-Perspectives From Proceedings of the International Workshop on Geo-Omics of Archaea, Brian P. Hedlund, Chuanlun Zhang, Fengping Wang, Christian Rinke, and William F. Martin


Quantification of Organic Carbon Sequestered by Biogenic Iron Sulfide Minerals in Long-Term Anoxic Laboratory Incubations, Nader Nabeh, Cheyenne Brokaw, and Aude Picard

An Aniline-Substituted Bile Salt Analog Protects Both Mice and Hamsters From Multiple Clostridioides Difficile Strains, Jacqueline R. Phan, Dung M. Do, Minh Chau Truong, Connie Ngo, Julian H. Phan, Shiv K. Sharma, Angel Schilke, Chrisabelle C. Mefferd, Jacob V. Villarama, Dengxun Lai, Amber Consul, Brian P. Hedlund, Steven M. Firestine, and Ernesto Abel-Santos

Climbing Parrots Achieve Pitch Stability Using Forces and Free Moments Produced by Axial–Appendicular Couples, Lindsey L. Reader, David R. Carrier, Franz Goller, Michael R. Isaacs, Alexis Moore Crisp, Clinton J. Barnes, and David V. Lee

Clinical Characteristics and Implications of Bradycardia in COVID‐19 Patients Treated with Remdesivir: A Single‐Center Retrospective Cohort Study, Ariyon Schreiber, Justin S. Bauzon, Kavita Batra, Salman Mohammed, Kevin Lee, Nazanin Houshmand, Uyen Pham, Celica Cosme, Kim Inciong, Omar Al‑Taweel, Keaton Nasser, Jibran Rana, Chris Sossou, Ariel Go, Dalia Hawwass, Jimmy Diep, and Chowdhury H. Ahsan

Widespread Introgression Across a Phylogeny of 155 Drosophila Genomes, Anton Suvorov, Bernard Y. Kim, Jeremy Wang, Ellie E. Armstrong, David Peede, Emmanuel R.R. D'Agostino, Donald K. Price, Peter Waddell, Michael Lang, Virginie Courtier-Orgogozo, Jean R. David, Dmitri Petrov, Daniel R. Matute, Daniel R. Schrider, and Aaron A. Comeault

Submissions from 2021

Co-Variation among Vegetation Structural Layers in Forested Wetlands, Scott R. Abella, Karen S. Menard, Timothy A. Schetter, and Constance E. Hausman

Variation in Characteristics and Conservation Values of Plant Communities on Abandoned Agricultural Lands With and Without Fires, Scott R. Abella and Timothy A. Schetter

Delayed Tree Mortality after Prescribed Fires in Mixed Oak Forests in Northwestern Ohio, Scott R. Abella, LaRae A. Sprow, and Timothy A. Schetter

Forest Community Structure and Composition Following Containment Treatments for the Fungal Pathogen Oak Wilt, Scott R. Abella, LaRae A. Sprow, Timothy W. Walters, and Timothy A. Schetter


Bacterial Cyclic Diguanylate Signaling Networks Sense Temperature, Henrik Almblad, Trevor E. Randall, Fanny Liu, Katherine Leblanc, Ryan A. Groves, Weerayuth Kittichotirat, Geoffrey L. Winsor, Nicolas Fournier, Emily Au, Julie Groizeleau, Jacquelyn D. Rich, Yuefei Lou, Elise Granton, Laura K. Jennings, Larissa A. Singletary, Tara M.L. Winstone, Nathan M. Good, Roger E. Bumgarner, Michael F. Hynes, Manu Singh, Maria Silvina Stietz, Fiona S.L. Brinkman, Ayush Kumar, Ann Karen Cornelia Brassinga, Matthew R. Parsek, Boo Shan Tseng, Ian A. Lewis, Bryan G. Yipp, Justin L. MacCallum, and Joe Jonathan Harrison

Postharvest Freezing Process Assessment of the Blueberry Structure in Three Acts: Bioimpedance, Color, and Granulometry Analysis, Hubert Arteaga, Eduardo Robleto-Martinez, Ana Carolina de Sousa Silva, Sergio Souto, Jacimaria Batista, and Ernane José Xavier Costa


Hawai‘i Forest Review: Synthesizing the Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation of a Model System, Kasey E. Barton, Andrea Westerband, Rebecca Ostertag, Elizabeth Stacy, Kawika Winter, Donald R. Drake, Lucas Berio Fortini, Creighton M. Litton, Susan Cordell, Paul Krushelnycky, Kapua Kawelo, Kealoha Feliciano, Gordon Bennett, and Tiffany Knight

Effects of Digital Learning Skill Training on the Academic Performance of Undergraduates in Science and Mathematics, Matthew L. Bernacki, Lucie Vosicka, Jennifer C. Utz, and Carryn Bellomo Warren

Community Composition Influences Ecosystem Resistance and Production More Than Species Richness or Intraspecific Diversity, Matthew A. Bowker, M. Cristina Rengifo-Faiffer, Anita J. Antoninka, Henry S. Grover, Kirsten K. Coe, Kirsten Fisher, Brent D. Mishler, Mel Oliver, and Lloyd R. Stark


Ancestral Polymorphisms Shape the Adaptive Radiation of Metrosideros across the Hawaiian Islands, Jae Young Choi, Xiaoguang Dai, Ornob Alam, Julie Z. Peng, Priyesh Rughani, Scott Hickey, Eoghan Harrington, Sissel Juul, Julien F. Ayroles, Michael D. Purugganan, and Elizabeth A. Stacy


Snapshot USA 2019: A Coordinated National Camera Trap Survey Of the United States, Michael V. Cove, Roland Kays, Helen Bontrager, Claire Bresnan, Monica Lasky, Taylor Frerichs, Renee Klann, Thomas E. Lee, Seth C. Crockett, Anthony P. Crupi, Katherine C.B. Weiss, Helen Rowe, Tiffany Sprague, Jan Schipper, Chelsey Tellez, Christopher A. Lepczyk, Jean E. Fantle-Lepczyk, Scott LaPoint, Jacque Williamson, M. Caitlin Fisher-Reid, Sean M. King, Alexandra J. Bebko, Petros Chrysafis, Alex J. Jensen, David S. Jachowski, Joshua Sands, Kelly Anne MacCombie, Daniel J. Herrera, Marius van der Merwe, and Travis W. Knowles

Natural Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure Alters Photosynthetic Biology and Improves Recovery From Desiccation in a Desert Moss, Jena T.B. Ekwealor, Theresa A. Clark, Oliver Dautermann, Alexander Russell, Sotodeh Ebrahimi, Lloyd R. Stark, Krishna K. Niyogi, and Brent D. Mishler


Non-B DNA-Forming Motifs Promote Mfd-Dependent Stationary-Phase Mutagenesis in Bacillus Subtilis, Tatiana Ermi, Carmen Vallin, Ana Gabriela Regalado García, Moises Bravo, Ismaray Fernandez Cordero, Holly Anne Martin, Mario Pedraza-Reyes, and Eduardo Robleto

Identification and Functional Characterization of Metabolites for Bone Mass in Peri- and Postmenopausal Chinese Women, Rui Gong, Hong Mei Xiao, Yin Hua Zhang, Qi Zhao, Kuan Jui Su, Xu Lin, Cheng Lin Mo, Qiang Zhang, Ya Ting Du, Feng Ye Lyu, Yuan Cheng Chen, Cheng Peng, Hui Min Liu, Shi Di Hu, Dao Yan Pan, Zhi Chen, Zhang Fang Li, Rou Zhou, Xia Fang Wang, Jun Min Lu, Zeng Xin Ao, Yu Qian Song, Chan Yan Weng, Qing Tian, Martin R. Schiller, Christopher J. Papasian, Marco Brotto, Hui Shen, Jie Shen, and Hong-Wen Deng

Hypoxia Ameliorates Brain Hyperoxia and NAD+ Deficiency in a Murine Model of Leigh Syndrome, Robert M.H. Grange, Rohit Sharma, Hardik Shah, Bryn Reinstadler, Olga Goldberger, Marissa K. Cooper, Akito Nakagawa, Yusuke Miyazaki, Allyson G. Hindle, Annabelle J. Batten, Gregory R. Wojtkiewicz, Grigorij Schleifer, Aranya Bagchi, Eizo Marutani, Rajeev Malhotra, Donald B. Bloch, Fumito Ichinose, Vamsi K. Mootha, and Warren M. Zapol

Insight Into the Function and Evolution of the Wood–Ljungdahl Pathway in Actinobacteria, Jian Yu Jiao, Li Fu, Zheng Shuang Hua, Lan Liu, Nimaichand Salam, Peng Fei Liu, Ai Ping Lv, Geng Wu, Wen Dong Xian, Qiyun Zhu, En Min Zhou, Bao Zhu Fang, Aharon Oren, Brian P. Hedlund, Hong Chen Jiang, Rob Knight, Lei Cheng, and Wen Jun Li

Visualizing Life in the Deep: A Creative Pipeline for Data-Driven Animations to Facilitate Marine Mammal Research, Outreach, and Conservation, Jessica Kendall-Bar, Nicolas Kendall-Bar, Angus G. Forbes, Gitte McDonald, Paul J. Ponganis, Cassondra Williams, Markus Horning, Allyson Hindle, Holger Klinck, Roxanne S. Beltran, Ari S. Friedlaender, David Wiley, Daniel P. Costa, and Terrie M. Williams

Liver Proteome Response to Torpor in a Basoendothermic Mammal, Tenrec Ecaudatus, Provides Insights Into the Evolution of Homeothermy, Jane I. Khudyakov, Michael D. Treat, Mikayla C. Shanafelt, Jared S. Deyarmin, Benjamin A. Neely, and Frank van Breukelen

Liver Proteome Responses to Hibernation and Body Temperature Variability in a Basoendothermic Mammal, J. Khudyakov, Michael Treat, M. Shanafelt, J. Deyarmin, and F. Van Breukelen


Highly Contiguous Assemblies of 101 Drosophilid Genomes, Bernard Y. Kim, Jeremy R. Wang, Danny E. Miller, Olga Barmina, Emily Delaney, Ammon Thompson, Aaron A. Comeault, David Peede, Emmanuel R.R. D’agostino, Julianne Pelaez, Jessica M. Aguilar, Diler Haji, Teruyuki Matsunaga, Ellie E. Armstrong, Molly Zych, Yoshitaka Ogawa, Marina Stamenković-Radak, Mihailo Jelić, Marija Savić Veselinović, Marija Tanasković, Pavle Erić, Jian Jun Gao, Takehiro K. Katoh, Masanori J. Toda, Hideaki Watabe, Masayoshi Watada, Jeremy S. Davis, Leonie C. Moyle, Giulia Manoli, Enrico Bertolini, Vladimír Košťál, R. Scott Hawley, Aya Takahashi, Corbin D. Jones, Donald K. Price, Noah Whiteman, Artyom Kopp, Daniel R. Matute, and Dmitri A. Petrov

Seasonal Precipitation and Soil Moisture Relationships Across Forests and Woodlands in the Southwestern United States, C. R. Koehn, M. D. Petrie, J. B. Bradford, M. E. Litvak, and S. Strachan

Response of Nodulation, Nitrogen Fixation to Salt Stress in a Desert Legume Alhagi Sparsifolia, Meimei Li, Matthew D. Petrie, Akash Tariq, and Fanjiang Zeng


Deciphering Symbiotic Interactions of “Candidatus Aenigmarchaeota” with Inferred Horizontal Gene Transfers and Co-occurrence Networks, Yu-Xian Li, Yang-Zhi Rao, Yan-Ling Qi, Yan-Ni Qu, Ya-Ting Chen, Jian-Yu Jiao, Wen-Sheng Shu, Hongchen Jiang, Brian P. Hedlund, Zheng-Shuang Hua, and Wen-Jun Li

Genomic Insights of “Candidatus Nitrosocaldaceae” Based on Nine New Metagenome-Assembled Genomes, Including “Candidatus Nitrosothermus” Gen Nov. and Two New Species of “Candidatus Nitrosocaldus”, Zhen-Hao Luo, Manik Prabhu Narsing Rao, Hao Chen, Zheng-Shuang Hua, Qi Li, Brian P. Hedlund, Zhou-Yan Dong, Bing-Bing Liu, Shu-Xian Guo, Wen-Sheng Shu, and Wen-Jun Li


Mfd Affects Global Transcription and the Physiology of Stressed Bacillus subtilis Cells, Holly Anne Martin, Anitha Sundararajan, Tatiana S. Ermi, Robert Heron, Jason Gonzales, Kaiden Lee, Diana Anguiano-Mendez, Faye Schilkey, Mario Pedraza-Reyes, and Eduardo A. Robleto


Sulfide Catabolism Ameliorates Hypoxic Brain Injury, Eizo Marutani, Masanobu Morita, Shuichi Hirai, Shinichi Kai, Robert M.H. Grange, Yusuke Miyazaki, Fumiaki Nagashima, Lisa Traeger, Aurora Magliocca, Tomoaki Ida, Tetsuro Matsunaga, Daniel R. Flicker, Benjamin Corman, Naohiro Mori, Yumiko Yamazaki, Annabelle Batten, Rebecca Li, Tomohiro Tanaka, Takamitsu Ikeda, Akito Nakagawa, Dmitriy N. Atochin, Hideshi Ihara, Benjamin A. Olenchock, Xinggui Shen, Motohiro Nishida, Kenjiro Hanaoka, Christopher G. Kevil, Ming Xian, Donald B. Bloch, Takaaki Akaike, and Allyson G. Hindle


A Screen for Sleep and Starvation Resistance Identifies a Wake-Promoting Role for the Auxiliary Channel UNC79, Kazuma Murakami, Justin Palermo, Bethany A. Stanhope, Allen G. Gibbs, and Alex C. Keene


Localization of Native Mms13 to the Magnetosome Chain of Magnetospirillum magneticum AMB-1 Using Immunogold Electron Microscopy, Immunofluorescence Microscopy and Biochemical Analysis, Zachery Oestreicher, Carmen Valverde-Tercedor, Eric Mumper, Lumarie Pérez-Guzmán, Nadia N. Casillas-Ituarte, Concepcion Jimenez-Lopez, Dennis A. Bazylinski, Steven K. Lower, and Brian H. Lower


A Whole-Genome Scan for Association With Invasion Success in the Fruit Fly Drosophila Suzukii Using Contrasts of Allele Frequencies Corrected for Population Structure, Laure Olazcuaga, Anne Loiseau, Hugues Parrinello, Mathilde Paris, Antoine Fraimout, Christelle Guedot, Lauren M. Diepenbrock, Marc Kenis, Jinping Zhang, Xiao Chen, Nicolas Borowiec, Benoit Facon, Heidrun Vogt, Donald K. Price, Heiko Vogel, Benjamin Prud'Homme, Arnaud Estoup, and Mathieu Gautier

Pressure Effects on Sulfur‐Oxidizing Activity of Thiobacillus thioparus, Jorge R. Osman, Hervé Cardon, Gilles Montagnac, Aude Picard, and Isabelle Daniel

Diversity of Root Nodule-Associated Bacteria of Diverse Legumes Along an Elevation Gradient in the Kunlun Mountains, China, Jinfeng Pang, Marike Palmer, Henry J. Sun, Cale O. Seymour, Ling Zhang, Brian P. Hedlund, and Fanjiang Zeng

Interactions Between Iron Sulfide Minerals and Organic Carbon: Implications for Biosignature Preservation and Detection, Aude Picard, Amy Gartman, and Peter R. Girguis


The Aboveground and Belowground Growth Characteristics of Juvenile Conifers in the Southwestern United States, N. L. Pirtel, R. M. Hubbard, J. B. Bradford, T. E. Kolb, M. E. Litvak, Scott Abella, S. L. Porter, and Matthew Petrie


Comparative Genomics Reveals Thermal Adaptation and a High Metabolic Diversity in “Candidatus Bathyarchaeia”, Yan-Ling Qi, Paul N. Evans, Yu-Xian Li, Yang-Zhi Rao, Yan-Ni Qu, Sha Tan, Jian-Yu Jiao, Ya-Ting Chen, Brian P. Hedlund, Wen-Sheng Shu, Zheng-Shuang Hua, and Wen Jun Li

Biotic and Abiotic Treatments as a Bet-Hedging Approach to Restoring Plant Communities and Soil Functions, Audrey J. Rader, Lindsay P. Chiquoine, James F. Weigand, Judy L. Perkins, Seth M. Munson, and Scott R. Abella

A Biographical Account of John Paul Richard Thomas, The Man Who Leaves No Stone Unturned, Javier A. Rodríguez-Robles, Manuel Leal, Juan D. Daza, Alexandra Herrera-Martínez, and Oscar E. Ospina

Diet Analysis of Hawai'i Island's Blackburnia hawaiiensis (Coleoptera: Carabidae) using Stable Isotopes and High-Throughput Sequencing, K. Roy, C. P. Ewing, and Donald K. Price

The Essential but Enigmatic Regulatory Role of HERVH in Pluripotency, Corinne E. Sexton, Richard L. Tillett, and Mira V. Han

VirB, a Key Transcriptional Regulator of Virulence Plasmid Genes in Shigella Flexneri, Forms DNA-Binding Site-Dependent Foci in the Bacterial Cytoplasm, Jillian N. Socea, Grant R. Bowman, and Helen J. Wing


Characterization of CRISPR Spacer and Protospacer Sequences in Paenibacillus larvae and Its Bacteriophages, Casey Stamereilers, Simon Wong, and Philippos K. Tsourkas

Transcriptional Coupling and Repair of 8-OxoG Activate a RecA-Dependent Checkpoint That Controls the Onset of Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis, Valeria P. Suárez, Lissett E. Martínez, Hilda C. Leyva-Sánchez, Luz I. Valenzuela-García, Reyna Lara-Martínez, Luis F. Jiménez-García, Norma Ramírez-Ramírez, Armando Obregon-Herrera, Mayra Cuéllar-Cruz, Eduardo A. Robleto, and Mario Pedraza-Reyes

Examination of Host-Taxon, Environment, and Distance Effects on Leaf Fungal Endophytes in the Dominant Woody Genus, Metrosideros, on Oʻahu, Gary L. Sur, Geoffrey Zahn, and Elizabeth A. Stacy

Release the Iron: Does the Infection of Magnetotactic Bacteria by Phages Play a Role in Making Iron Available in Aquatic Environments?, Igor Taveira, Dennis A. Bazylinski, and Fernanda Abreu


Genomics, Exometabolomics, and Metabolic Probing Reveal Conserved Proteolytic Metabolism of Thermoflexus hugenholtzii and Three Candidate Species From China and Japan, Scott C. Thomas, Devon Payne, Kevin O. Tamadonfar, Cale O. Seymour, Jian Yu Jiao, Senthil K. Murugapiran, Dengxun Lai, Rebecca Lau, Benjamin P. Bowen, Leslie P. Silva, Katherine B. Louie, Marcel Huntemann, Alicia Clum, Alex Spunde, Manoj Pillay, Krishnaveni Palaniappan, Neha Varghese, Natalia Mikhailova, I. Min Chen, Dimitrios Stamatis, T. B.K. Reddy, Ronan O’Malley, Chris Daum, Nicole Shapiro, Natalia Ivanova, Nikos C. Kyrpides, Tanja Woyke, Emiley Eloe-Fadrosh, Trinity L. Hamilton, Paul Dijkstra, and Brian P. Hedlund


Complete Genome Sequences of Cluster A6 and Cluster G1 Mycobacterium Smegmatis Phages Hoot and Jolene, Jon Thompson, Asli Özdemir, Arsen M. Topchyan, Maxwell Torosian, Victoria Z. Thymianos, Angelica Eagle, Juliana McCormick, Leon Kyle G. Boyles, Azucena A. Benito, Kurt Regner, Christy Strong, and Philippos K. Tsourkas


Complete Genome Sequence of Strain SS-5, a Magnetotactic Gammaproteobacterium Isolated From the Salton Sea, a Shallow, Saline, Endorheic Rift Lake Located on the San Andreas Fault in California, Denis Trubitsyn, Caroline L. Monteil, Corey Geurink, Viviana Morillo Lopez, Luiz Gonzaga Paula De Almeida, Ana Tereza Ribeiro De Vasconcelos, Fernanda Abreu, Dennis A. Bazylinski, and Christopher T. Lefevre


From Cell Death to Regeneration: Rebuilding After Injury, Kelly Tseng, Dylan Guerin, and Cindy Kha


Dynamic Differential Evolution Schemes of WRKY Transcription Factors in Domesticated and Wild Rice, Anne J. Villacastin, Keeley S. Adams, Rin Boonjue, Paul J. Rushton, Mira Han, and Jeffery Q. Shen

Amphibian Resistance to Chytridiomycosis Increases Following Low-Virulence Chytrid Fungal Infection or Drug-Mediated Clearance, Anthony W. Waddle, Rebeca Rivera, Hannah Rice, Emma C. Keenan, Ghazal Rezeai, Joshua E. Levy, Yesenia S. Vasquez, Marlai Sai, Jessica Hill, Alexandra Zmuda, Yorick Lambreghts, and Jef R. Jaeger


Single-Cell Rna Sequencing Deconvolutes the in Vivo Heterogeneity of Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Zun Wang, Xiaohua Li, Junxiao Yang, Yun Gong, Huixi Zhang, Xiang Qiu, Ying Liu, Cui Zhou, Yu Chen, Jonathan Greenbaum, Liang Cheng, Yihe Hu, Jie Xie, Xucheng Yang, Yusheng Li, and Martin R. Schiller

Field Physiology: Studying Organismal Function in the Natural Environment, Cassondra L. Williams and Allyson G. Hindle


Severe COVID-19 in Alzheimer’s Disease: APOE4’s Fault Again?, Nian Xiong, Martin R. Schiller, Jingwen Li, Xiaowu Chen, and Zhicheng Lin


Dual Activities of ACC Synthase: Novel Clues Regarding the Molecular Evolution of Acs Genes, Chang Xu, Bowei Hao, Gongling Sun, Yuanyuan Mei, Lifang Sun, Yunmei Sun, Yibo Wang, Yongyan Zhang, Wei Zhang, Mengyuan Zhang, Yue Zhang, Dan Wang, Zihe Rao, Xin Li, Jeffery Shen, and Ning Ning Wang

Submissions from 2020

Cover-Biomass Relationships of an Invasive Annual Grass, Bromus Rubens, in the Mojave Desert, Scott R. Abella


Resilience and Alternative Stable States After Desert Wildfires, Scott R. Abella, Dominic M. Gentilcore, and Lindsay P. Chiquoine

Unusually High‐Quality Soil Seed Banks in a Midwestern U.S. Oak Savanna Region: Variation With Land Use History, Habitat Restoration, and Soil Properties, Scott R. Abella, Jenella L. Hodel, and Timothy A. Schetter

Changes in Trees, Groundlayer Diversity, and Deer-Preferred Plants Across 18 Years in Oak (Quercus, Fagaceae) Forests of Northwestern Ohio, Scott R. Abella, Karen S. Menard, Timothy A. Schetter, and Timothy D. Gallaher

Rapid and Transient Changes During 20 Years of Restoration Management in Savanna-Woodland-Prairie Habitats Threatened by Woody Plant Encroachment, Scott R. Abella, Karen S. Menard, Timothy A. Schetter, and LaRae A. Sprow

RNA Sequencing Identifies Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-Gamma Upregulation as an Immunomodulator in a 'Two-Hit' Mouse Model of Trauma Followed by Acute Lung Injury, A. Bagchi, F. Nagashima, A. Hindle, and F. Ichinose

Ancestral Absence of Electron Transport Chains in Patescibacteria and DPANN, Jacob P. Beam, Eric D. Becraft, Julia M. Brown, Frederik Schulz, Jessica K. Jarett, Oliver Bezuidt, Nicole J. Poulton, Kayla Clark, Peter F. Dunfield, Nikolai V. Ravin, John R. Spear, Brian P. Hedlund, Konstantinos A. Kormas, Stefan M. Sievert, Mostafa S. Elshahed, Hazel A. Barton, Matthew B. Stott, Jonathan A. Eisen, Duane P. Moser, Tullis C. Onstott, Tanja Woyke, and Ramunas Stepanauskas

Rana onca (Relict Leopard Frog). Diet and Mortality, Audrey Bennett, Rebeca Rivera, Raymond Saumure, Thomas O'Toole, Jef R. Jaeger, and Paul R. Bean

Can a Brief, Digital Skill Training Intervention Help Undergraduates "Learn to Learn" and Improve Their STEM Achievement?, Matthew L. Bernacki, Lucie Vosicka, and Jennifer C. Utz

Strategies of Desiccation Tolerance Vary Across Life Phases in the Moss Syntrichia Caninervis, Kirsten K. Coe, Joshua L. Greenwood, Mandy L. Slate, Theresa A. Clark, John C. Brinda, Kirsten M. Fisher, Brent D. Mishler, Matthew A. Bowker, Melvin J. Oliver, Sotodeh Ebrahimi, and Lloyd R. Stark

Genetic and Environmental Indicators of Climate Change Vulnerability for Desert Bighorn Sheep, Tyler G. Creech, Clinton W. Epps, John D. Wehausen, Rachel S. Crowhurst, Jef R. Jaeger, Kathleen Longshore, Brandon Holton, William B. Sloan, and Ryan J. Monello


Insight on Thermal Stability of Magnetite Magnetosomes: Implications for the Fossil Record and Biotechnology, Jefferson Cypriano, Mounib Bahri, Kassioge Dembele, Walid Baaziz, Pedro Leao, Dennis A. Bazylinski, Fernanda Abreu, Ovidiu Ersen, Marcos Farina, and Jacques Werckmann

Post Burn Restoration Response of Encelia virginensis within a Small Wash System in the Mojave Desert, Dale A. Devitt, Fred Landau, Scott R. Abella, Matt D. Petrie, Ann M. McLuckie, and John O. Kellam

Selecting and Maintaining Trees for Urban Desert Landscapes: A Mojave Desert Water Conservation Perspective, Dale A. Devitt and Robert L. Morris


Assessing the Potential for Greater Solar Development in West Texas, USA, Dale D. Devitt, M. H. Young, and J. P. Pierre


Artificial Nightlight Alters the Predator–Prey Dynamics of an Apex Carnivore, Mark A. Ditmer, David C. Stoner, Clinton D. Francis, Jesse R. Barber, James D. Forster, David M. Choate, Kirsten E. Ironside, Kathleen M. Longshore, Kent R. Hersey, Randy T. Larsen, Brock R. McMillan, Daniel D. Olson, Alyson M. Andreasen, Jon P. Beckmann, P. Brandon Holton, Terry A. Messmer, and Neil H. Carter

Fly Roller: Development of an Instrument to Exercise Fruit Flies, Reiner Dizon, Angel Solis, Ameera Essaqi, Michael Isaacs, Austin McKenna, Allen Gibbs, David Lee, and Sarah L. Harris


Mob Family Proteins: Regulatory Partners in Hippo and Hippo-Like Intracellular Signaling Pathways, Juan Carlos Duhart and Laurel A. Raftery


Microbiome Shifts Associated with the Introduction of Wild Atlantic Horseshoe Crabs (Limulus polyphemus) into a Touch-Tank Exhibit, Ariel D. Friel, Sean A. Neiswenter, Cale O. Seymour, Lauren Rose Bali, Ginger McNamara, Fabian Leija, Jack Jewell, and Brian P. Hedlund

Complete Genome Sequence of Strain BW-2, a Magnetotactic Gammaproteobacterium in the Family , Isolated from a Brackish Spring in Death Valley, California, Corey Geurink, Christopher T. Lefevre, Caroline L. Monteil, Viviana Morillo-Lopez, Fernanda Abreu, Dennis A. Bazylinski, and Denis Trubitsyn

Comparing Adaptive Radiations Across Space, Time, and Taxa, Rosemary G. Gillespie, Gordon M. Bennett, Luc De Meester, Jeffrey L. Feder, Robert C. Fleischer, Luke J. Harmon, Andrew P. Hendry, Matthew L. Knope, James Mallet, Christopher Martin, Christine E. Parent, Austin H. Patton, Karin S. Pfennig, Daniel Rubinoff, Dolph Schluter, Ole Seehausen, Kerry L. Shaw, Elizabeth Stacy, Martin Stervander, James T. Stroud, Catherine Wagner, and Guinevere O.U. Wogan

Hydrogeology of Desert Springs in the Panamint Range, California, USA: Geologic Controls on the Geochemical Kinetics, Flowpaths and Mean Residence Times of Springs, Carolyn L. Gleason, Marty D. Frisbee, Laura K. Rademacher, Donald W. Sada, Zachary P. Meyers, Jeffrey P. Knott, and Brian P. Hedlund

Baseline Climate Grid Resolution and Climate Time Step Impacts on Desert Vegetation Habitat Models, Ross J. Guida and Scott R. Abella

Live Imaging of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Mesoderm Cells of Gastrulating Drosophila Embryos, Lingkun Gu and Mo Weng

Live Imaging of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Mesoderm Cells of Gastrulating Drosophila Embryos, Lingkun Gu and Mo Weng

Bacterial Adaptation in Structured Environments: Lessons from Darwin's Finches, Joe J. Harrison, Matthew R. Parsek, and Boo Shan Tseng

The Gut Microbiome and Its Potential Role in Paradoxical Anaerobism in Pupfishes of the Mojave Desert, Brian Hedlund


Identifying Pleiotropic SNPs Associated With Femoral Neck and Heel Bone Mineral Density, Pei He, Xinag-He Ming, Xiao Zhang, Xu Lin, Qiang Zhang, Ri-Li Jiang, Martin R. Schiller, Fei-Yan Deng, and Hong-Wen Deng

Diving Deep: Understanding the Genetic Components of Hypoxia Tolerance in Marine Mammals, Allyson G. Hindle

Genomic Diversity of Bacteriophages Infecting Microbacterium Spp, Deborah Jacobs-Sera, Lawrence A. Abad, Richard M. Alvey, Kirk R. Anders, Haley G. Aull, Suparna S. Bhalla, Lawrence S. Blumer, David W. Bollivar, J. Alfred Bonilla, Kristen A. Butela, Roy J. Coomans, Steven G. Cresawn, Tom D'Elia, Arturo Diaz, Ashley M. Divens, Nicholas P. Edgington, Gregory D. Frederick, Maria D. Gainey, Rebecca A. Garlena, Kenneth W. Grant, Susan M.R. Gurney, Heather L. Hendrickson, Lee E. Hughes, Margaret A. Kenna, Karen K. Klyczek, Hari Kotturi, Travis Mavrich, Angela L. McKinney, Evan C. Merkhofer, Jordan Moberg Parker, and Sally D. Molloy


Microbial Dark Matter Coming to Light: Challenges and Opportunities, Jian Yu Jiao, Lan Liu, Zheng Shuang Hua, Bao Zhu Fang, En Min Zhou, Nimaichand Salam, Brian P. Hedlund, and Wen Jun Li


Impact of Terrestrial Input on Deep-Sea Benthic Archaeal Community Structure in South China Sea Sediments, Dengxun Lai, Brian P. Hedlund, Wei Xie, Jingjing Liu, Tommy J. Phelps, Chuanlun Zhang, and Peng Wang

Role of Mfd and GreA in Bacillus subtilis Base Excision Repair-Dependent Stationary-Phase Mutagenesis, Hilda C. Levya-Sanchez, Norberto Villegas-Negrete, Karen Abundiz-Yanez, Ronald E. Yasbin, Eduardo A. Robleto, and Mario Pedraza-Reyes

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