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Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences

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Introduction: Investigations of lipid metabolism commonly utilize an oral fat tolerance test (OFTT) to elicit a dramatic increase in serum triglycerides (TG). Although this is common practice there does not currently exist an agreed upon formula for an OFTT. Nor has there been in investigation as to the reliability among commonly used OFTT. Furthermore, the effects of sex and activity level are mixed among the literature. The purpose of this investigation is to discover an ideal OFTT for research and clinical purposes, evaluate the effects of activity and sex on TG metabolism, and to test each OFTT concentration for reliability.

Methods: A sample of 30 healthy college-aged adults consumed three different OFTT, with a seven-day washout. The population consisted of 8 active males, 9 active females, 7 sedentary males, and 6 sedentary females. The OFTT consisted of fat concentrations approximating 50g, 100g, and 150g. An additional OFTT of one of the aforementioned concentrations was administered to determine reliability.

Results: Plasma TG was lower among the 50g load compared (1h = 134±20, 2h = 140±15, 3h = 130±15, 4h = 125±20 mg/dL) compared to the 100g (1h = 170±20, 2h = 180±25, 3h = 170±25, 4h = 160±20 mg/dL) and 150g loads (1h = 175±20, 2h = 200±25, 3h = 180±30, 4h = 175±20 mg/dL) (F=1.508, p=0.033). Females showed greater attenuation of TG among than did males within the 100g load from the 2-3-hour time point Females 3h = 152±71, Males 3h = 186±106)(F=3.115, p=0.049). The 100g load has the greatest reliability outcome, with an ICC of 0.924 (p<0.001).

Conclusion: The proposed 100g OFTT load is ideal for lipid testing and has shown to be valid and reliable. Persons maintaining an active lifestyle metabolize TG more efficiently than their sedentary counterparts. No difference of TG metabolism is present between sex.


Lipid metabolism; Metabolism; OFTT; Oral fat tolerance test; Reliability



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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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