Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Department of Art Faculty.


Submissions from 2016


Managing performing arts centers in a university setting, Lawrence D Henley


A humanoid doing an artistic work - Graffiti on the wall, Youngbum Jun, G Jang, B K. Cho, J Trubatch, I Kim, Sang-Duck Seo, and P Y. Oh

Foujita in London 1913-1916, Aya Louisa McDonald

Playtime, Susanna Newbury

Arbitrage Las Vegas: A Portrait of Urban Games, Maria Del C. Vera and Susanna Newbury

Submissions from 2015


Art, War and Truth: Nomonhan 1939, Aya L. Mcdonald


Things We Think With, Susanna Newbury

Light Works, Pasha Rafat

Ethical Decision: Designer’s Responsibility in Sustainable Design, Sang D. Seo

Art History I, Robert H. Tracy