Faculty research from the Art Department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


Submissions from 2021

Book/Print Artists/Scholars of Color Collective: Closing Roundtable, Tia Blassingame, Ashley H. Doughty, Irene Chan, Devin Fitzgerald, Colette Fu, Kinohi Nishikawa, Radha Pandey, and Curtis Small

Art and Engagement in Early Postwar Japan., Aya L. McDonald


In Residence: Witnessing and Gentrification in Susan Silton’s Los Angeles, Susanna Newbury

Submissions from 2020

Backslide, Katherine Farley

Interview with Tiffany Lin, Tiffany Lin

An Interview with William Fox, Susanna Newbury

Delayed Star-Rays: Photography and Intimacy in Times of Distance, Susanna Newbury, Lauren Paljusaj, and Anne Savage

A Study on Remote Instruction of Studio Art and Design Pedagogy, Seo Sang-duck

Submissions from 2018

The Spatial Indeterminacy of Time: De[MONSTR]ative Architectures as Beginning Design Pedagogy, Alberto De Salvatierra, Samantha Solano, and Joshua Vermillion

Virtual Supervision of Student Teachers as a Catalyst for Educational Equity in Rural Areas, Katrina Liu, Richard Miller, Ellyn Dickmann, and Kristen Monday

Art Cognification in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Sang-Duck Seo

A Comparison Study of Self-Instructional Models, Sang-Duck Seo and Sooyun Im

Submissions from 2016


Managing Performing Arts Centers in a University Setting, Lawrence D Henley


A Humanoid Doing an Artistic Work - Graffiti on the Wall, Youngbum Jun, G. Jang, B. K. Cho, J. Trubatch, I. Kim, Sang-Duck Seo, and Paul Y. Oh

Foujita in London 1913-1916, Aya Louisa McDonald

Playtime, Susanna Newbury

Arbitrage Las Vegas: A Portrait of Urban Games, Maria Del C. Vera and Susanna Newbury

Submissions from 2015


Art, War and Truth: Nomonhan 1939, Aya L. Mcdonald


Things We Think With, Susanna Newbury

Light Works, Pasha Rafat

Ethical Decision: Designer’s Responsibility in Sustainable Design, Sang D. Seo

Art History I, Robert H. Tracy

Submissions from 2014

Rita Asfour Impressionist, Robert H. Tracy

Submissions from 2012

Art and War in Japan and its Empire: 1931-1960, Asato Ikeda, Aya L. McDonald, and Ming Tiampo