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Conference Proceedings

Adaptive Chebyshev Neural Control of a Multi-Input Aeroelastic System Despite Gust Load, Prince Ghorawat, Keum W. Lee, and Sahjendra N. Singh


Simulation of Snow Ablation Processes in the Upstream of Kunes River, Yili Valley, Xinjiang, LingPeng Guo, LanHai Li, Haroon Stephen, and Sajjad Ahmad


Macrophage mediated PCI enhanced gene-directed enzyme prodrug therapy, Henry Hirschberg, Kristian Berg, Young J. Kwon, and Steen Madsen

Toward a Predictive Model for Background Radiation: Predicting Gamma Exposure Rates in the Twin Peaks Volcanic Field, Utah, US., Racheal L. Johnsen, Pamela C. Burnley, and Russell Malchow

Nevada mathematics project: Evolution of a statewide professional development partnership, Teruni Lamberg, Peggy Lakey, Ed Keppelman, Travis Olson, and Jeffrey C. Shih

Direct and Indirect Mental Health Correlates of Interior Environmental Spatial Qualities, Attila Lawrence


Multi-criteria Decision Support for Investment Decisions: Examining the Interactive Effects of Risk Profile, Information Horizon, and Prospect Format, Clayton Arlen Looney and Andrew M. Hardin


Efficacy of combined photothermal therapy and chemotherapeutic drugs, Steen Madsen, En-Chung Shih, and Henry Hirschberg

Articulating with the Broader Economy: Chert Pressure Blade Technology in a Caracol Residential Group, Lucas R. Martindale Johnson, Maureen Carpenter, Arlen F. Chase, and Diane Z. Chase


What Determines Patient Experience? Exploring Patient, Clinical Staff, and Management Perspectives, Olena Mazureknko, Dina Zemke, Noelle Lefforge, Nir Menachemi, and Stowe Shoemaker

Effects of Imposed Foot Strike Before and After a Long Run on Joint Stiffness in Rearfoot Strike Runners, Daniel A. Melcher, Max R. Paquette, and Brian K. Schilling

A Land Ferry System to Alleviate Increasing Costs of Maintaining the I-80 Transportation Corridor: An Economic Assessment, Steve Merrill, Alexander Paz, Victor Molano, Pankaj Maheshwari, Pramen P. Shrestha, Rebecca Conover, and Haroon Stephen

Exploring 1:1 Tablet Technology Settings: A Case Study Of The First Year Of Implementation In Middle School Mathematics Classrooms, Travis A. Olson, Judith Olson, Melfried Olson, Stephanie Capen, Jeffrey C. Shih, Amy Beth Adkins, Lina Devaul, and Amanda Thomas

Investigations into Mathematics Teachers’ Propositional Logic Capabilities, Travis A. Olson and Melfried Olson

The Effects of MSM Supplementation on Knee Kinetics during Running, Muscle Strength, and Muscle Soreness following Eccentric Exercise-Induced Quadriceps Damage, Shelby A. Peel, Daniel A. Melcher, Brian K. Schilling, Richard J. Bloomer, and Max R. Paquette

The influence of transcranial direct current stimulation timing on motor skill acquisition in older adults, Brach J. Poston, Austuny K. Jackson, Zachary A. Riley, Ryan R. Walsh, Erica L. Heisler, and Jay L. Alberts


A novel method to create molecular mixtures at high pressures, Michael G. Pravica, Quinlan Smith, Daniel Sneed, Yonggang Wang, and Melanie White

Phase Equilibria and Compressibility of bastnaesite-(La) Abstract, Richard Lee Rowland II and Pamela C. Burnley


Paleontology and Paleoclimatology of the Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument and Adjacent Nevada State Parks Land, Stephen M. Rowland and Joshua W. Bonde

The history-of-life poster series of Austrian artist Fritz Zerritsch: a mid-twentieth century European example of paleontological iconography, Stephen M. Rowland and Jane P. Davidson

Age profile of terminal Pleistocene Columbian mammoths from the Tule Springs Fossil Beds of Southern Nevada, Stephen M. Rowland and Lauren E. Parry

Zeolite weathering in laboratory and natural settings, and implications for Mars, R. E. Schofield, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, and S. R. Gainey

What Would an Alien Eat? A Blended Learning Approach for Hands-On STEM Professional Development, PG Schrader, MaryKay Orgill, Heather Skaza, Eshani Gandhi, Erica Marti, Schetema Nealy, Kristoffer Carroll, Travis A. Olson, Daniel Gerrity, Mehmet Dulger, and Danielle Nobles

Ethical Decision: Designer’s Responsibility in Sustainable Design, Sang D. Seo

Conceptual Model of Customer-Company Interaction in Value Co-Creation, Lenna Shulga, James Busser, and Tony Henthorne

The Role of Commercial Friendship in Company versus Customer Initiation of Co-Creation for Tourism Brands, Lenna Shulga, James Busser, and Tony Henthorne

Evaluating Variations in Uranium, Thorium and Potassium Content in the Pierre Shale using National Uranium Resource Evaluation Aerial Gamma-Ray Survey Data, Jeremiah Smith, Pamela C. Burnley, Daniel Haber, and Russell Malchow

Examining Structural Relationships Among Casino’s Corporate Social Responsibility, Customer Trust, and Behavioral Intention, Hakjun Song, Pai Chai, Jungsun Kim, Choong-Ki Lee, and Kyung Hee

Dissolution of nontronite in brines and implications for habitable environments on Mars, M. H. Steiner, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, and M. E. Elwood Madden

A Case Study of Teachers' Development of Well-Structured Mathematical Modeling Activities, Micah S. Stohlmann, Cathrine Maiorca, and Charlie Allen


After the Solar Decathlon: Creating a New Design-Build Program, Eric Weber


18F-NaF PET/CT-Directed Dose Escalation in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Spine Oligometastases from Prostate Cancer, L. Wu, S. A. Kwee, M. Li, X. Peng, L. Xie, Z. Lin, H. Wang, and Yu Kuang

Documenting Design Processes through Video and Creative Marketing, Shai Yeshayahu, Joshua Vermillion, and Jonathon Anderson


Connecting Dots, Shai Yeshayahu and Phillip W. Zawarus


The Ecology of Play, Shai Yeshayahu and Phillip W. Zawarus

Letters to the Editor


Response, Julia Freedman Silvernail, Katherine Boyer, Eric Rohr, Gret-Peter BRÜGGEMANN, and Joseph Hamill


International Korean Adoption: A Fifty-year History of Policy and Practice (Korean edition), Kathleen Ja Sook Bergquist


Lincoln mediated : the president and the press through nineteenth-century media, Gregory A. Borchard and David W. Bulla


Classroom Assessment Techniques for Librarians, Melissa Bowles-Terry and Cassandra Kvenild

An Illustrated Guide to Personal Health, Thomas Emerick, Robert H. Woods, and Madi Schmidt


Systemic Sex Therapy, Nancy Gambescia, Gerald R. Weeks, and Katherine M. Hertlein

9/11 Fiction, Empathy, and Otherness, Tim Gauthier


Handbook of scales in tourism and hospitality research, Dogan Gursoy, Muzaffer Uysal, Ercan Sirakaya-Turk, Yuksel Ekinci, and Seyhmus Baloglu


Affective Dimensions in Chemistry Education, Murat Kahveci and MaryKay Orgill


Bodies and Lives in Ancient America: Health before Columbus, Debra L. Martin and Anna J. Osterholtz


Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society, Daniel D. McLean and Amy R. Hurd


Putting Essential Understanding of Ratios and Proportions into Practice in Grades 6-8, Travis A. Olson, Melfried Olson, and Hannah Slovin


Accelerating language skills and content knowledge via shared book reading, Sharolyn D. Pollard-Durodola, Jorge Gonzalez, Deborah Simmons, and Leslie Simmons


Teacher education yearbook. XXIV, Establishing a Sense of Place for All Learners in 21st Century Classrooms and Schools, LeAnn G. Putney and Nancy Gallavan


Boardwalk Playground: The Making, Unmaking, & Remaking of Atlantic City, David G. Schwartz


Exact Statistical Inference for Categorical Data, Guogen Shan


Literary Theory and Criticism: An Introduction, Anne H. Stevens


Emotions, Technology, and Learning (Emotions and Technology), Sharon Y. Tettegah and Michael P. McCreery

Art History I, Robert H. Tracy


A Clinician’s Guide to Systemic Sex Therapy, Gerald R. Weeks, Nancy Gambescia, and Katherine M. Hertlein



Ultrasonic irradiation to enhance chemotherapy, Henry Hirschberg, Jonathan Gonzales, Rohit Kumar Nair, and Steen J. Madsen

Program Note for Students of Haydn VIII, Jonathan R. Lee

Report on the 2015 Meeting of the American Handel Society, Jonathan R. Lee


Light Works, Pasha Rafat


Perceptions of Disorder: Results from Two Las Vegas Tourist Locations, Jonathan M. Birds and William Sousa


Full Day Kindergarten in Nevada: A Health Impact Assessment, K Callahan, S Clark, L Coker, C Coughenour, M Gakh, and Jennifer R. Pharr


Best Practices for Cataloging Streaming Media Using RDA and MARC21, Jeannette Ho, Erminia Chao, Rebecca Culbertson, Jennifer Eustis, Cyrus Ford Zarganj, Annie Glerum, Ngoc-My Guidarelli, Mary Huismann, Stacie Traill, and Donna Viscuglia


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CSEC Fast Facts 2014, Margaret A. Kennedy

Customer engagement technology study 2015, Jungsun Kim


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Implementation of the Nevada Academic Standards in Mathematics and Language Arts: Key Issues, Edward M. Nussbaum


Body Worn Cameras on Police: Results from a National Survey of Public Attitudes, William H. Sousa, Terance D. Miethe, and Mari Sakiyama

Educational Funding practices in Nevada and the U.S., Micah S. Stohlmann