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This series includes a list of entries covering works published in 2022.

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Submissions from 2022


Assessing COVID-19 Booster Hesitancy and Its Correlates: An Early Evidence from India, Geetanjali C. Achrekar, Kavita Batra, Yashashri Urankar, Ravi Batra, Naved Iqbal, Sabiha A. Choudhury, Deepti Hooda, Roohi Khan, Suraj Arora, Aditi Singh, Francesco Chirico, and Manoj Sharma

Adverse childhood experiences and sleep difficulties among young adult college students, Larisa D. Albers, Timothy J. Grigsby, Stephanie M. Benjamin, Christopher J. Rogers, Jennifer B. Unger, and Myriam Forster


Trends in Scientific Output on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Community Research: A Bibliometric Analysis of the Literature, David An and Kavita Batra


Evaluation of Continuous Power-Down Schemes, James Andro-Vasko and Wolfgang Bein


Literature Review of Omicron: A Grim Reality Amidst COVID-19, Suraj Arora, Vishakha Grover, Priyanka Saluja, Youssef Abdullah Algarni, Shahabe Abullais Saquib, Shaik Mohammed Asif, Kavita Batra, Mohammed Y. Alshahrani, Gotam Das, Rajni Jain, and Anchal Ohri

Xlogit: An Open-Source Python Package for Gpu-Accelerated Estimation of Mixed Logit Models, Cristian Arteaga, Jee Woong Park, Prithvi Bhat Beeramoole, and Alexander Paz

Management of Change Orders in Infrastructure Transportation Projects, Rayan H. Assaad, Muaz O. Ahmed, Islam H. El-Adaway, and Pramen P. Shrestha

Bradyrhizobium Altum SP. Nov., Bradyrhizobium Oropedii SP. Nov. And Bradyrhizobium Acaciae SP. Nov. From South Africa Show Locally Restricted and Pantropical Noda Phylogeographic Patterns, Juanita R. Avontuur, Marike Palmer, Chrizelle W. Beukes, Wai Y. Chan, Taponeswa Tasiya, Elritha van Zyl, Martin P.A. Coetzee, Tomasz Stepkowski, Stephanus N. Venter, and Emma T. Steenkamp

Off the Chain 1 & 2 Trailer, Vikki Baltimore-Dale and Calista Robbins


Beyond Functional Diversity: The Importance of Trophic Position to Understanding Functional Processes in Community Evolution, Roxanne M. W. Banker, Ashley A. Dineen, Melanie G. Sorman, Carrie L. Tyler, and Peter D. Roopnarine

“‘Old Age’s Lambent Peaks’: On Organic and Dialectical Paradigms of Lateness”, Anthony Barone


Flow Characteristics through Granular Soil Influenced by Saline Water Intrusion: A Laboratory Investigation, Sudip Basack, Ghritartha Goswami, Hadi Khabbaz, and M Karakouzian

Field Installation Effects of Stone Columns on Load Settlement Characteristics of Reinforced Soft Ground, Sudip Basack, Sanjay Nimbalkar, Moses Karakouzian, Sameer Bharadwaj, Zhenkun Xie, and Nathan Krause

Healthcare Utilization and Expenditures of the Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome in Nevada: A Cross-sectional Analysis (2016 - 2018), Kavita Batra, Patricia Cruz, Chad L. Cross, Neeraj Bhandari, Farooq Abdulla, Jennifer R. Pharr, and Mark P. Buttner


Assessing Psychological Impact of COVID-19 among Parents of Children Returning to K-12 Schools: A U.S. Based Cross-Sectional Survey, Kavita Batra, Jennifer R. Pharr, Emylia Terry, and Brian Labus


COVID-19 Booster Vaccination Hesitancy in the United States: A Multi-Theory-Model (MTM) Based National Assessment, Kavita Batra, Manoj Sharma, Chia-Liang Dai, and Jagdish Khubchandani

Boiling Frogs: Reconsidering the Impact of Deviance Targets, Severity, and Frequency in Teams, John E. Baur, Bret H. Bradley, and Robert L. Bonner

Chapter 2: An examination of female exceptionalism in early leisure placemaking activities, Amanda M. Belarmino

An Efficient Discretization for a Family of Time Relaxation Models, Jeffrey Belding, Monika Neda, and Rihui Lan


Social Determinants of Disease: HIV and COVID-19 Experiences, Raiza M. Beltran, Ian W. Holloway, Chenglin Hong, Ayako Miyashita, Luisita Cordero, Elizabeth Wu, Katherine Burris, and Paula M. Frew


Xrcc4 and mre11 Roles and Transcriptional Response to Repair of Talen-Induced Double-Strand Dna Breaks, Ronald Benjamin, Atoshi Banerjee, Xiaogang Wu, Corey Geurink, Lindsay Buczek, Danielle Eames, Sara G. Trimidal, Janice M. Pluth, and Martin R. Schiller


Exploratory Content Analysis of Direct-To-Consumer Pet Genomics: What Is Being Marketed and What Are Consumers Saying?, Nikki E. Bennett, Silvio Ernesto Mirabal Torres, and Peter B. Gray

The State of the Art in Voting Machine Technology: Just How Reliable Are They?, Hal Berghel and Hal Berghel

Bis(4-alkoxyphenyl) Viologen Bis(triflimide) Salts: Synthesis, Thermotropic Liquid-crystalline and Light-emitting Properties, Pradip K. Bhowmik Professor, Mohammed Kareem M. Al-Karawi, Shane T. Killarney, Erenz J. Dizon, Anthony Chang, Jongin Kim, Si Chen, Ronald Carlo G. Principe, Andy Ho, Haesook Han, Hari D. Mandal, Raymond G. Cortez, Bryan Gutierrez, Klarissa Mendez, Lewis Sharpnack, Deña M. Agra-Kooijman, Michael R. Fisch, and Satyendra Kumar

Dicationic Ionic Liquids Based on Bis(4-Oligoethyleneoxyphenyl) Viologen Bistriflimide Salts Exhibiting High Ionic Conductivities, Pradip K. Bhowmik Professor, Si Chen, Haesook Han, Khairul A. Ishakb, Thamil Selvi Velayutham, and Umama Bendaoud

Poly (Pyridinium Salt)s Based on 2,7-diamino-9,9'-Dioctylfluorene Moieties: Synthesis, Lyotropic Liquid-crystalline and Light-emitting Properties, Pradip K. Bhowmik, Tae S. Jo, Jung J. Koh, Bidyut Biswas, Ronald Carlo G. Principe, Haesook Han, András F. Wacha, and Matti Knaapila

Synthesis, Optical Spectroscopy and Laser Potential of 2,4,6-Triphenylpyrylium Chloride, Pradip K. Bhowmik, Ronald Carlo G. Principe, Si L. Chen, David King, Haesook Han, Ahamed Jubair, Vladimir Kartazaev, and Swapan Kumar Gayen


The Effect of Exercise Modality on Age-related Changes Observed During Running, Brianne Borgia, Janet S. Dufek, Kara N. Radzak, and Julia Freedman Silvernail

Advances in systems engineering : proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Systems Engineering, Leszek Borzemski, Henry Selvaraj, and Jerzy Świątek

State Transportation Agencies’ Current Practices in Providing Design Information for Design-Build Projects During Procurement, Elizabeth Brogan, Bandana Shrestha, Caroline M. Clevenger, and Pramen P. Shrestha


Restoring Wholeness to Psychiatry: Models of Understanding, Gregory Brown, Lisa Durette, Timothy Ebright, and Katie Cho

Therapists’ Observations in Reduction of Unpleasant Emotions Following Advanced Integrative Therapy Interventions, Gregory P. Brown, Kavita Batra, Suzie S. Hong, Robert Sottile, Raveena Bakhru, and Emily Dorin

School Counseling College-Going Culture: Counselors’ Influence on Students’ College-Going Decisions, Julia Bryan, Jungnam Kim, and Chang Liu


Evaluating Long-Term Outcomes of a High School-Based Impaired and Distracted Driving Prevention Program, Lindsay Buczek, Laura K. Gryder, Samantha Slinkard-Barnum, Kavita Batra, Cassandra Trummel, Allison G. McNickle, Douglas R. Fraser, Deborah A. Kuhls, and Paul J. Chestovich

The Interactive Effects of Education and Social Support on Blood Pressure in African Americans, DeAnnah R. Byrd, Yanping Jiang, Samuele Zilioli, Roland J. Thorpe, Peter A. Lichtenberg, and Keith E. Whitfield

The Behaviour of Real Interest Rates: New Evidence From a ‘Suprasecular’ Perspective, Giorgio Canarella, Luis A. Gil-Alana, Rangan Gupta, and Stephen M. Miller

Globalization, Long Memory, and Real Interest Rate Convergence: A Historical Perspective, Giorgio Canarella, Luis A. Gil-Alana, Rangan Gupta, and Stephen M. Miller

Firm Size, Corporate Debt, R&D Activity, and Agency Costs: Exploring Dynamic and Non-Linear Effects, Giorgio Canarella and Stephen Miller

On the Effect of Lowering Population’s Movement to Control the Spread of an Infectious Disease, Keoni Castellano and Rachidi B. Salako


Profit or Purpose: What Increases Medical Doctors’ Job Satisfaction?, Young Kyun Chang, Won-Yong Oh, and Sanghee Han

Pioglitazone Reduces the Incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease: From Genetics to Population-Based Validation, Feixiong Cheng, Jiansong Fang, Pengyue Zhang, Andrew A. Pieper, and Jeffrey L. Cummings


High Resistant Starch Rice: Variation in Starch Related SNPs, and Functional, and Sensory Properties, Ming Hsuan Chen, Karen Bett-Garber, Jeanne Lea, Anna McClung, and Christine Bergman


Lessons Learned during the Early Phases of a Modular Project: A Case Study of UNLV's Solar Decathlon 2020 Project, Jin Ouk Choi, Seungtaek Lee, and Eric Weber

Diversity and Inclusion in the Engineering-Construction Industry, Jin Ouk Choi, Jennifer S. Shane, and Ying Yi Chih

Phytoplankton Community Interactions and Cyanotoxin Mixtures in Three Recurring Surface Blooms Within One Lake, Victoria G. Christensen, Hayley T. Olds, Jack Norland, and Eakalak Khan


A Design Framework of Exploration, Segmentation, Navigation, and Instruction (ESNI) for the Lifecycle of Intelligent Mobile Agents as a Method for Mapping an Unknown Built Environment, Junchi Chu, Xueyun Tang, and Xiwei Shen

Disparities in Functional Recovery After Dysvascular Lower Limb Amputation are Associated with Employment Status and Self-Efficacy, Sheila M. Clemens, Kiarri N. Kershaw, Cody L. McDonald, Benjamin J. Darter, Zoran Bursac, Stephanie J. Garcia, Mark D. Rossi, and Szu-Ping Lee

Man Versus Machine: Complex Estimates and Auditor Reliance on Artificial Intelligence, Benjamin P. Commerford, Sean A. Dennis, Jennifer R. Joe, and Jenny W. Ulla

Multiplicity Results for Semilinear Heterogeneous Problems in Exterior Domains of R < Sup > 2 < /Sup > Involving Subcritical or Critical Nonlinearities à la Trudinger-Moser, David Costa and Hossein Tehrani


Prevalence and Predictors of Burnout Syndrome among Italian Psychologists following the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-sectional Study, Pietro Crescenzo, Francesco Chirico, Giuseppe Ferrari, Lukasz Szarpak, Gabriella Nucera, Raffaella Marciano, Livio Tarchi, Diego Denicolo, Assunta Maiorino, Kavita Batra, and Manoj Sharma


Race and Ethnic Group Dependent Space Radiation Cancer Risk Predictions, Francis A. Cucinotta and Premkumar B. Saganti

Disease Modification Is Not All — We Need Symptomatic Therapies for Alzheimer Disease, Jeffrey L. Cummings


Public Policy Should Foster Alzheimer’s Treatment Availability: Comment on the Draft US Medicare Decision to Limit Payment for Aducanumab (Aduhelm™) to Patients Participating in Clinical Trials, Jeffrey L. Cummings

Brief assessment of Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) abundance in forest and non-forested habitats across an altitude gradient on Mauna Loa, Hawai‘i, Keena Curbelo, Donald K. Price, and Jonathan B. Koch

On the Use of Stereodynamical Effects to Control Cold Chemical Reactions: The H + D < Inf > 2 < /Inf > ↔ D + Hd Case Study, Humberto Da Silva, B. K. Kendrick, and Balakrishnan Naduvalath

Hotel Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic: High-Touch Versus High-Tech, Dori Davari, Saeed Vayghan, Soo Cheong (Shawn) Jang, and Mehmet Erdem

Working for God: Religion and Occupational Crime and Deviance, Scott A. Desmond, Melissa Rorie, and Tracy Sohoni

Integrating Earth–Life Systems: A Geogenomic Approach, Greer A. Dolby, Scott E.K. Bennett, Rebecca J. Dorsey, Maya F. Stokes, Brett R. Riddle, Andrés Lira-Noriega, Adrian Munguia-Vega, and Benjamin T. Wilder


Co-Occurring Wyoming Pinus Species Exhibit Differing Climate-Growth Relationships, Laura A. Dye, Jessie K. Pearl, Laura Smith, Bethany L. Coulthard, Cori Butkiewicz, Zane Cooper, James Degrand, Jared Friedman, Inga K. Homfeld, Hilary Howard, Leroy Ironcloud, and Shannon Wray


Common Features in Compulsive Sexual Behavior, Substance Use Disorders, Personality, Temperament and Attachment—a Narrative Review, Yaniv Efrati, Shane W. Kraus, and Gal Kaplan

Text Classification Using Neural Network Language Model (NNLM) and BERT: An Empirical Comparison, Armin Esmaeilzadeh and Kazem Taghva


Artificial Intelligence Framework Identifies Candidate Targets for Drug Repurposing in Alzheimer’s Disease, Jiansong Fang, Pengyue Zhang, Quan Wang, Chien Wei Chiang, Yadi Zhou, Yuan Hou, Jielin Xu, Rui Chen, Bin Zhang, Stephen J. Lewis, James B. Leverenz, Andrew A. Pieper, Bingshan Li, Lang Li, Jeffrey Cummings, and Feixiong Cheng

Does Covid-19 Increase the Risk of Developing Cystic Lung Disease?, Christina Fanous, Max Nguyen, Omar Sanyurah, Wilbur Ji, Kavita Batra, and Rajany V. Dy

Does Debt Management Matter for REIT Returns?, Zhilan Feng, Stephen M. Miller, and Dogan Tirtiroglu

Caveats to Governing With Empathy, Vanessa M. Fenley

Copernic et Galilée en tant que lecteurs de Platon, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

The Cultural Legacy of Galileo and The Problematic Concept of Myth, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Recommendations for Advancing Research With Sexual and Gender Minority Older Adults, Jason D. Flatt, Ethan C. Cicero, Krystal R. Kittle, and Mark Brennan-Ing


Perceived Discrimination, Coping Styles, and Internalizing Symptoms Among a Community Sample of Hispanic and Somali Adolescents, Myriam Forster, Timothy Grigsby, Christopher Rogers, Jennifer Unger, Stephanie Alvarado, Bethany Rainisch, and Eunice Areba

The Probabilistic Model of Alzheimer Disease: The Amyloid Hypothesis Revised, Giovanni B. Frisoni, Daniele Altomare, Dietmar Rudolf Thal, Federica Ribaldi, Rik van der Kant, Rik Ossenkoppele, Kaj Blennow, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Cornelia van Duijn, Peter M. Nilsson, Pierre Yves Dietrich, Philip Scheltens, and Bruno Dubois

Governing Early Learning among the American States, Megan Griffard, James Sadler, Michael Little, and Lora Cohen-Vogel

Generating Correction Candidates for OCR Errors Using BERT Language Model and FastText SubWord Embeddings, Mahdi Hajiali, Jorge Fonseca Cacho, and Kazem Taghva

Pricing Research in Hospitality and Tourism and Marketing Literature: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda, Wenjia Han and Billy Bai

Indirect Customer-To-Customer Interactions and Experiential Value: Examining Solo and Social Diners, Wenjia Han, Wen Jiang, Jason Tang, Carola Raab, and Anjala Krishen

Modulating Thermal Transport in a Porous Carbon Honeycomb Using Cutting and Deformation Techniques, Yang Han, Chaoxiang Zhao, Hao Bai, Yanjun Li, Jiayue Yang, Yi-Tung Chen, Guo Hong, David Lacroix, and Mykola Isaiev


Monetized Competitive Peer-to-Peer Skill-Based Game Play–An Introduction, Becky Harris, Bill Coley, Peter Gan, and Anh-Vu Nguyen


Long-Term Wildfire Reconstruction: In Need of Focused and Dedicated Pre-Planning Efforts, William S. Harris, Jin Ouk Choi, Jaewon Lim, and Yong-Cheol Lee


Smartphones and Learning: An Extension of M-Learning or a Distinct Area of Inquiry, Kendall Hartley and Alberto Andújar


Smartphone Usage and Studying: Investigating Relationships between Type of Use and Self-Regulatory Skills, Kendall Hartley, Lisa Bendixen, Emily Shreve, and Dan Gianoutsos


Gestational Exposure to Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers and Social Skills and Problem Behaviors in Adolescents: The Home Study, Kim Hartley, Melinda C. MacDougall, Brandon Terrizzi, Yingying Xu, Kim M. Cecil, Aimin Chen, Joseph M. Braun, Bruce P. Lanphear, Nicholas C. Newman, Ann M. Vuong, Andreas Sjödin, and Kimberly Yolton

Going Beyond Rote Auditory Learning: Neural Patterns of Generalized Auditory Learning, Shannon L.M. Heald, Stephen C. Van Hedger, John Veillette, Katherine Reis, Joel S. Snyder, and Howard C. Nusbaum


Editorial: Ecology, Metabolism and Evolution of Archaea-Perspectives From Proceedings of the International Workshop on Geo-Omics of Archaea, Brian P. Hedlund, Chuanlun Zhang, Fengping Wang, Christian Rinke, and William F. Martin

Coordinated Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Pharmaceutical Care Telehealth for People With Parkinson Disease in Rural Communities: An Exploratory, 8-Week Cohort Study for Feasibility, Safety, and Signal of Efficacy, Mary Jo Cooley Hidecker, Merrill R. Landers, Annalisa Piccorelli, Erin Bush, and Reshmi Singh


Brain and Spinal Cord Adaptations Associated With Patellofemoral Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Kai-Yu Ho, Jing Nong Liang, Savanna Budge, Austin Madriaga, Kara Meske, and Derrick Nguyenton

Relationships Between Frontal Metabolites and Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers in Cognitively Normal Older Adults, Antoine Hone-Blanchet, Anastasia Bohsali, Lisa C. Krishnamurthy, Salman Shahid, Qixiang Lin, Liping Zhao, David Loring, Felicia Goldstein, Samantha E. John, Candace C. Fleischer, Allan Levey, James Lah, Deqiang Qiu, and Bruce Crosson

Triflic Anhydride (Tf < inf > 2 < /inf > O)-Activated Transformations of Amides, Sulfoxides and Phosphorus Oxides via Nucleophilic Trapping, Hai Huang and Jun Y. Kang

Discontinuous Galerkin Discretizations and Analysis for the Cohen–Monk Pml Model, Yunqing Huang, Jichun Li, Chanjie Li, and Kai Qu

When Does Competitive Psychological Climate Hurt Mentoring? The Moderating Roles of Mentors’ Job Insecurity and Trait Competitiveness, Changya Hu and Sheng Wang


A Framework for Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Speleothem Paleoclimatology, Tyler E. Huth, Benjamin H. Passey, Julia E. Cole, Matthew S. Lachniet, David McGee, Rhawn F. Denniston, Sarah Truebe, and Naomi E. Levin

Heat- And Light-Soaking Behavior of Rbf-Treated CU(In,GA)se2 Solar Cells With Two Different Buffer Layers, Mohsen Jahandardoost, Marco Nardone, Theresa Magorian Friedlmeier, Curtis Walkons, and Shubhra Bansal

Energy Dissipation Capacity of Cementitious Nanocomposite Reinforced by Hybrid Carbon Nanotubes, Robabeh Jazaei, Moses Karakouzian, Brendan O'Toole, Jaeyun Moon, and Samad Gharehdaghi


Nevada Workforce Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Study 2022, Jan Jones Blackhurst and Becky Harris

Creating a Minority Stress Index to Examine Mental Health Impacts of Discrimination Among Transgender and Gender Nonbinary Adults, Axenya Kachen, Jennifer R. Pharr, Lung-Chang Chien, and Jason D. Flatt

Locus of Control, Self-Efficacy, and Student Performance in an Introductory Economics Course, Ahmad A. Kader

Clinical Text Classification of Alzheimer’s Drugs’ Mechanism of Action, Mina Esmail Zadeh Nojoo Kambar, Pouyan Nahed, Jorge F. Cacho, Garam Lee, Jeffrey L. Cummings, and Kazem Taghva

A Roadmap for Multi-Omics Data Integration Using Deep Learning, Mingon Kang, Euiseong Ko, and Tesfaye B. Mersha


Assessing the Compliance of Dental Clinicians towards Regulatory Infection Control Guidelines Using a Newly Developed Survey Tool: A Pilot Cross-Sectional Study in India, Pragati Kaurani, Kavita Batra, Himangini Rathore Hooja, N. Gopi Chander, Anamitra Bhowmick, Suraj Arora, Suheel Manzoor Baba, Shafait Ullah Khateeb, Anshad M. Abdulla, Vishakha Grover, and Priyanka Saluja

Effect of Ambient Temperature Variation on Pressure Drop during Condensation in Long Inclined Tubes, Kaipo Kekaula and Yi-Tung Chen

Effects of Footwear on the Gait Kinematics of Women With Unilateral Transtibial Amputation: An Observational Case Series, Jenny A. Kent, Kristin J. Carnahan, Rebecca L. Stine, Andrew H. Hansen, Elizabeth Russell Esposito, and Matthew J. Major


The Impact of High-Intensity Interval Training on Vascular Function in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Mousa Khalafi, Mohammad Hossein Sakhaei, Fatemeh Kazeminasab, Michael E. Symonds, and Sara K. Rosenkranz