Research of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction Department faculty.


Submissions from 2023


Spatiotemporal Variability in Total Dissolved Solids and Total Suspended Solids along the Colorado River, Godson Ebenezer Adjovu, Haroon Stephen, and Sajjad Ahmad


Evaluating The Potential of Geopolymer Concrete as A Sustainable Alternative for Thin White-Topping Pavement, Sathvik S. Chandra, Pshtiwan Shakor, Sarwar Mohmmad, Bankole O. Awuzie, Atul K. Singh, Abishek Rauniyar, and M Karakouzian

Submissions from 2022

Xlogit: An Open-Source Python Package for Gpu-Accelerated Estimation of Mixed Logit Models, Cristian Arteaga, Jee Woong Park, Prithvi Bhat Beeramoole, and Alexander Paz

Management of Change Orders in Infrastructure Transportation Projects, Rayan H. Assaad, Muaz O. Ahmed, Islam H. El-Adaway, and Pramen P. Shrestha


Flow Characteristics through Granular Soil Influenced by Saline Water Intrusion: A Laboratory Investigation, Sudip Basack, Ghritartha Goswami, Hadi Khabbaz, and M Karakouzian

Field Installation Effects of Stone Columns on Load Settlement Characteristics of Reinforced Soft Ground, Sudip Basack, Sanjay Nimbalkar, Moses Karakouzian, Sameer Bharadwaj, Zhenkun Xie, and Nathan Krause

State Transportation Agencies’ Current Practices in Providing Design Information for Design-Build Projects During Procurement, Elizabeth Brogan, Bandana Shrestha, Caroline M. Clevenger, and Pramen P. Shrestha


Lessons Learned during the Early Phases of a Modular Project: A Case Study of UNLV's Solar Decathlon 2020 Project, Jin Ouk Choi, Seungtaek Lee, and Eric Weber

Diversity and Inclusion in the Engineering-Construction Industry, Jin Ouk Choi, Jennifer S. Shane, and Ying Yi Chih

Phytoplankton Community Interactions and Cyanotoxin Mixtures in Three Recurring Surface Blooms Within One Lake, Victoria G. Christensen, Hayley T. Olds, Jack Norland, and Eakalak Khan


Long-Term Wildfire Reconstruction: In Need of Focused and Dedicated Pre-Planning Efforts, William S. Harris, Jin Ouk Choi, Jaewon Lim, and Yong-Cheol Lee

Energy Dissipation Capacity of Cementitious Nanocomposite Reinforced by Hybrid Carbon Nanotubes, Robabeh Jazaei, Moses Karakouzian, Brendan O'Toole, Jaeyun Moon, and Samad Gharehdaghi


Evaluating the Behaviour of Centrally Perforated Unreinforced Masonry Walls: Applications of Numerical Analysis, Machine Learning, and Stochastic Methods, Mohsen Khaleghi, Javid Salimi, Visar Farhangi, Mohammad Javad Moradi, and Moses Karakouzian


Applications of Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) in Enhancing Facility Operation and Management, Ali Khodabandelu and Jee Woong Park


Analysis of a Long Volumetric Module Lift Using Single and Multiple Cranes, Ali Khodabandelu, Jee Woong Park, Jin Ouk Choi, and Mahsa Sanei


An Agent-Based Framework for Investigating Safety-Productivity Tradeoff of Construction Laborers Considering Risk-taking Behavioral Heterogeneity, Ali Khodabandelu, Jee Woong Park, and Seyedmohsen Kheyrandish


Cutting-edge Technologies to Achieve a Higher Level of Modular Construction – Literature Review, Seungtaek Lee, Jin Ouk Choi, and Seung Song


Steel Module-to-Concrete Core Connection Methods in High Rise Modular Buildings: A Critical Review, Bishal Poudel, Seungtaek Lee, and Jin Ouk Choi

Reactivity Characterization of sio2-Coated Nano Zero-Valent Iron for Iodoacetamide Degradation: The Effects of sio2 Thickness, and the Roles of Dehalogenation, Hydrolysis and Adsorption, Chatkrita Ratanaphain, Duangkamon Viboonratanasri, Panida Prompinit, Sita Krajangpan, Eakalak Khan, and Patiparn Punyapalakul

Improved Intrusion Accident Management Using Haptic Signals in Roadway Work Zone, Sayan Sakhakarmi and Jee Woong Park

Cost, Change Order, and Schedule Performance of Highway Projects, Bandana Shrestha, Pramen P. Shrestha, Ruiko Maharjan, and Douglas Gransberg

Framework to Implement Performance-Based Contracting for Chip-Seal Road Maintenance, Kishor Shrestha and Pramen P. Shrestha


The Current State and Future Directions of Industrial Robotic Arms in Modular Construction, Seung Ho Song, Jin Ouk Choi, and Seungtaek Lee

Stoichiometric Carbocatalysis via Epoxide-Like C−S−O Configuration on Sulfur-Doped Biochar for Environmental Remediation, Zhonghao Wan, Zibo Xu, Yuqing Sun, Qiaozhi Zhang, Deyi Hou, Bin Gao, Eakalak Khan, Nigel J.D. Graham, and Daniel C.W. Tsang

Vinasse-Based Biochar Magnetic Composites: Adsorptive Removal of Tetracycline in Aqueous Solutions, Yujia Xiang, Yuzhou Zhou, Bin Yao, Yuqing Sun, Eakalak Khan, Wei Li, Guihua Zeng, Jian Yang, and Yaoyu Zhou