Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Civil and Environmental Engineering Department faculty.


Submissions from 2020


Recent Advancements in the Removal of Cyanotoxins from Water Using Conventional and Modified Adsorbents—A Contemporary Review, Tauqeer Abbas, George William Kajjumba, Meena Ejjada, Sayeda Ummeh Masrura, Erica J. Marti, Eakalak Khan, and Tammy L. Jones-Lepp

Virgin (Fe0) and microbially regenerated (Fe2+) iron turning waste for treating chlorinated pesticides in water, Tauqeer Abbas, Tanush Wadhawan, Asad Khan, John McEvoy, and Eakalak Khan

Effectiveness of Retrofitting Low Impact Development in Parking Lots to Reduce Flooding, Sayed Joinal Hossain Abedin and Haroon Stephen


Effect of Competent Caliche Layers on Measuring the Capacity of Axially Loaded Drilled Shafts Using the Osterberg Test, Rouzbeh Afsharhasani, Moses Karakouzian, and Visar Farhangi

Photodegradation of (E)- and (Z)-Endoxifen in Water by Ultraviolet Light: Efficiency, Kinetics, By-Products, and Toxicity Assessment, Marina Ariño Martin, Jayaraman Sivaguru, John McEvoy, Prinpida Sonthiphand, Andre Delorme, and Eakalak Khan

Building Design and Its Effect on Evacuation Efficiency and Casualty Levels During an Indoor Active Shooter Incidenta, Cristian Arteaga and JeeWoong Park

Injury Severity on Traffic Crashes: A Text Mining with an Interpretable Machine-Learning Approach, Cristian Arteaga, Alexander Paz, and Jee Woong Park


The Impact of Advanced Treatment Technologies on the Engery Use in Satellite Water Reuse Plants, Jonathan R. Bailey, Sajjad Ahmad, and Jacimaria Batista


The Equifax Hack Revisited and Repurposed, Hal Berghel

Seatbelt Laws and Seatbelt Use Among Front- and Rear-Seat Vehicle Occupants in Fatal Crashes in the United States, Kwaku F. Boakye and Shashi S. Nambisan

Water -Energy -Carbon Nexus Approach for Sustainable Large-Scale Drinking Water Treatment Operation, Saria Bukhary, Jacimara Batista, and Sajjad Ahmad


Design Aspects, Energy Consumption Evaluation, and Offset for Drinking Water Treatment Operation, Saria Bukhary, Jacimaria Batista, and Sajjad Ahmad

Optimizing Tank Design to Improve THM Removal with Spray Aeration, Alicia Qui Cheung, David Rouhani, and Erica J. Marti

Feasibility and Implications of the Modular Construction Approach for Rapid Post-Disaster Recovery, Jin Choi, Pedram Ghannad, and Yong-Cheol Lee

Feasibility and Implications of the Modular Construction Approach for Rapid Post-Disaster Recovery, Jin Choi, Pedram Ghannad, and Yong-Cheol Lee

Critical Success Factors and Enablers for Facility Design Standardization of Capital Projects, Jin Ouk Choi, Binit K. Shrestha, Young Hoon Kwak, and Jennifer S. Shane

Innovative Technologies and Management Approaches for Facility Design Standardization and Modularization of Capital Projects, Jin Ouk Choi, Binit K. Shrestha, Young Hoon Kwak, and Jennifer S. Shane

Freshwater Neurotoxins and Concerns for Human, Animal, and Ecosystem Health: A Review of Anatoxin-A and Saxitoxin, Victoria G. Christensen and Eakalak Khan

Time Dependent Strength and Stiffness of Shear Controlled Reinforced Concrete Beams under High Sustained Stresses, Russell Clark, Mohammed Shubali, Ali Elawadi, Sarah Orton, and Ying Tian

Abundance and Activity of Ammonia Oxidizing Archaea and Bacteria in Bulk Water and Biofilm in Water Supply Systems Practicing Chlorination and Chloramination: Full and Laboratory Scale Investigations, Roy Dhritikshama, John McEvoy, and Eakalak Khan

Toluene Induces Hormetic Response of Soil Alkaline Phosphatase and the Potential Enzyme Kinetic Mechanism, Diwu Fan, Yujing Jing, Yongli Zhu, Sajjad Ahmad, and Jiangang Han


Effect of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Tubes Filled with Recycled Materials and Concrete on Structural Capacity of Pile Foundations, Visar Farhangi and Moses Karakouzian


Effect of Micropiles on Clean Sand Liquefaction Risk Based on CPT and SPT, Visar Farhangi, Moses Karakouzian, and Marten Geertsema


Real-Time PM10 Emission Rates From Paved Roads by Measurement of Concentrations in the Vehicle's Wake Using On-Board Sensors Part 1. SCAMPER Method Characterization, Dennis R. Fitz, Kurt Bumiller, Charles Bufalino, and David E. James

Wastewater Discharge Quality Prediction Using Stratified Sampling and Wavelet De-Noising ANFIS Model, Zhao Fu, Jiao Cheng, Mei Yang, Jacimaria Batista, and Yingtao Jiang

Influence of Nanosilica on Physical Salt Attack Resistance of Portland Cement Mortar, Nader Ghafoori, Iani Batilov, and Meysam Najimi

Resistance to Sulfate Attack of Mortars Containing Colloidal Nanosilica and Silica Fume, Nader Ghafoori, Iani Batilov, and Meysam Najimi Ph.D.

Prioritizing Postdisaster Recovery of Transportation Infrastructure Systems Using Multiagent Reinforcement Learning, Pedram Ghannad, Yong-Cheol Lee Ph.D., and Jin Ouk Choi Ph.D.

Multiobjective Optimization of Postdisaster Reconstruction Processes for Ensuring Long-Term Socioeconomic Benefits, Pedram Ghannad, Yong-Cheol Lee, Carol J. Friedland, Jin Ouk Choi, and Eunhwa Yang

Performance Indicators for a Holistic Evaluation of Catalyst-Based Degradation—a Case Study of Selected Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs), Mingjing He, Zhonghao Wan, Daniel C.W. Tsang, Yuqing Sun, Eakalak Khan, Deyi Hou, and Nigel J.D. Graham

Accumulation of Trace Organic Compounds and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Plants Irrigated with Reclaimed Water, Abid Hussain, Dale Devitt, Eric Dickenson, Haroon Stephen, Sajjad Ahmad, and Daniel Gerrity

Parametric Study and Alkali-Silica Reactivity-Induced Expansion Model of ASTM C 1260, Mohammad S. Islam and Nader Ghafoori

Nonpoint Source versus Point Source Water Pollution, Eakalak Khan

Crane Operation Planning in Overlapping Areas Through Dynamic Supply Selection, Ali Khodabandelu, Jee Woong Park, and Cristian Arteaga

Vacuum Ultraviolet Irradiation for Mitigating Dissolved Organic Nitrogen and Formation of Haloacetonitriles, Pradabduang Kiattisaksiri, Eakalak Khan, Patiparn Punyapalakul, Charongpun Musikavong, Daniel C.W. Tsang, and Thunyalux Ratpukdi

Framework for Automated Generation of Constructible Steel Erection Sequences Using Structural Information of Static Indeterminacy Variation in BIM, Kyungki Kim, JeeWoong Park, and Chunhee Cho

Back Charges in Construction Contract: Case Study of Airport Project, Krishna P. Kisi, Rujan Kayastha, and Pramen P. Shrestha

Microplastics as Pollutants in Agricultural Soils, Manish Kumar, Xinni Xiong, Mingjing He, Daniel C. W. Tsang, Juhi Gupta, Eakalak Khan, Stuart Harrad, Deyi Hou, Yong Sik Ok, and Nanthi S. Bolan


Alternative Designs of Molten Salt Storage Shells for Use in Solar Energy Storage, Samaan G. Ladkany and Nathan Loyd

Latest Worldwide Developments in Molten Salt Technology and Applications, Samaan G. Ladkany and Nathan Loyd


Exploratory Analysis of Recent Trends in School Travel Mode Choices in the U.S., Abhay Lidbe, Xiaobing Li, Emmanuel Kofi Adanu, Shashi Nambisan, and Steven Jones

Do NHTSA Vehicle Safety Rating Affect Side Impact Crash Outcomes?, Abhay Lidbe, Praveena Penmetsa, Teng Wang, Emmanuel Kofi Adanu, and Shashi Nambisan

Spatial Analysis of the Gender Wage Gap in Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Construction Occupations in the United States, Saba Nkkihah Manesh, Jin Ouk Choi, Binit Kumar Shrestha, Jaewon Lim, and Pramen P. Shrestha

Sustainable Use of Biochar for Resource Recovery and Pharmaceutical Removal from Human Urine: A Critical Review, Sayeda Ummeh Masrura, Pavani Dissanayake, Yuqing Sun, Yong Sik Ok, Daniel C. W. Tsang, and Eakalak Khan

Determination of the Optimal Location for Constructing Solar Photovoltaic Farms Based on Multi-Criteria Decision System and Dempster–Shafer Theory, Marzieh Mokarram, Mohammad J. Mokarram, Mohammad R. Khosravi, Ali Saber, and Akbar Rahideh

Determination of Artificial Recharge Location Using Analytic Hierarchy Process and Dempster–Shafer Theory, Marzieh Mokarram, Ali Saber, Parisa Mohammadizadeh, and Ali Abdolali

Alkali-Activated Natural Pozzolan/Slag Binders: Limitations and Remediation, Meysam Najimi, Nader Ghafoori, and Mohammadreza Sharbaf


Water on Mars—A Literature Review, Mohammad Nazari-Sharabian, Mohammad Aghababei, Moses Karakouzian, and Mehrdad Karami


Relationship between Sunspot Numbers and Mean Annual Precipitation: Application of Cross-Wavelet Transform—A Case Study, Mohammad Nazari-Sharabian and Moses Karakouzian


Sacrificial Piles as Scour Countermeasures in River Bridges A Numerical Study using FLOW-3D, Mohammad Nazari-Sharabian, Aliasghar Nazari-Sharabian, Moses Karakouzian, and Mehrdad Karami

Sensitivity Analysis of the DEM Resolution and Effective Parameters of Runoff Yield in the SWAT Model: A Case Study, Mohammad Nazari-Sharabian, Masoud Taheriyoun, and Moses Karakouzian


Drought Frequency Analysis Based on the Development of a Two-Variate Standardized Index (Rainfall-Runoff), Gholamreza Nikravesh, Mohammad Aghababaei, Mohammad Nazari-Sharabian, and Moses Karakouzian

Developing a Simulation Model for Lifting A Modular House, Jee Woong Park, Ali Khodabandelu, Jin Ouk Choi, and Mahsa Sanei

Impact of Urbanization on Runoff and Infiltration in Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed, Usha Poudel, Sajjad Ahmad, and Haroon Stephen

Investigation of Transient Sea Level Rise Impacts on Water Quality of Unconfined Shallow Coastal Aquifer, Ali Ranjbar, Claudia Cherubini, and Ali Saber

Inhibitory Effect of Phenol on Wastewater Ammonification, Chaiwat Rongsayamanont, Piyamart Khongkhaem, Ekawan Luepromchai, and Eakalak Khan

Effects of Lake Water Level Fluctuation Due to Drought and Extreme Winter Precipitation on Mixing and Water Quality of an Alpine Lake, Case Study: Lake Arrowhead, California, Ali Saber, David E. James, and Imad A. Hannoun

Analysis of the Effects of Retrofitting Low Impact Developments on Urban Runoff and Pollutant Load, Rubab Saher, Moazzam Ali Rind, Haroon Stephen, Sajjad Ahmad, and Umed Ali Rind

Analysis of Changes in Runoff Due to Land Cover Change, Rubab Saher, Tahir Ali Shaikh, Sajjad Ahmad, and Haroon Stephen

Effect of Building Shade on Evapotranspiration in Las Vegas Valley, Rubab Saher, Harron Stephen, and Sajjad Ahmad


Multi-Level-Phase Deep Learning Using Divide-and-Conquer for Scaffolding Safety, Sayan Sakhakarmi and Jee Woong Park

Prototype Development of a Tactile Sensing System for Improved Worker Safety Perception, Sayan Sakhakarmi, JeeWoong Park Ph.D., and Chunhee Cho Ph.D.


Investigating the Effect of Managing Scenarios of Flow Reduction and Increasing Irrigation Water Demand on Water Resources Allocation Using System Dynamics (Case Study: Zonouz Dam, Iran), Mohammad Taghi Sattari, Rasoul Mirabbasi, Hossein Dolati, Fatemeh Shaker Sureh, and Sajjad Ahmad

Trend and Abrupt Change Analysis in Water Quality of Urmia Lake in Comparison with Changes in Lake Water Level, Mohammad Taghi Sattari, Rasoul Mirabbasi, Salar Jarhan, Fatemeh Shaker Sureh, and Sajjad Ahmad

Impact of Land Cover Change on Surface Runoff in the Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed, Binita Shrestha, Sajjad Ahmad, and Haroon Stephen

How Design Standardization CSFs Can Impact Project Performance of Capital Projects, Binit K. Shrestha, Jin Ouk Choi, Young Hoon Kwak, and Jennifer S. Shane

Employment and Wage Distribution Investigation in the Construction Industry by Gender, Binit K. Shrestha, Jin Ouk Choi, Pramen P. Shrestha, Jaewon Lim, and Saba Nikkhah Manesh

Framework Development of Performance-Based Striping Maintenance Contracts, Kishor Shrestha and Pramen P. Shrestha

Design-Build Project Performance: Comparison between Commercial Building and Health Care Building Projects, Pramen Shrestha and Medya Fathi

Lessons Learned in Design-Build and Construction-Manager-at-Risk Water and Wastewater Project, Pramen P. Shrestha and Jacimara Batista

Investigation of Legal Issues in Construction-Manager-at-Risk Projects: Case Study of Airport Projects, Pramen P. Shrestha, Brandon Davis, and Ghada M. Gad

Identification of Geotechnical-Related Problems Impacting Cost, Schedule, and Claims on Bridge Construction Projects, Pramen P. Shrestha and Krishna P. Neupane

Tailored Design of Graphitic Biochar for High-Efficiency and Chemical-Free Microwave-Assisted Removal of Refractory Organic Contaminants, Yuqing Sun, Iris K.M. Yu, Daniel C.W. Tsang, Jiajun Fan, James H. Clark, Gang Luo, Shicheng Zhang, Eakalak Khan, and Nigel J.D. Graham

Effects of Vertical Ground Motion on Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Flat-Plate Buildings, Ying Tian, Xiang Liu, and Sara George

Customised Fabrication of Nitrogen-Doped Biochar for Environmental and Energy Applications, Zhonghao Wan, Yuqing Sun, Daniel C. W. Tsang, Eakalak Khan, Alex C. K. Yip, Yun Hau Ng, Jörg Rinklebe, and Yong Sik Ok

Sustainable Impact of Tartaric Acid as Electron Shuttle on Hierarchical Iron-Incorporated Biochar, Zhongtao Wan, Yuqing Sun, Daniel C.W. Tsang, Eakalak Khan, Shou-Heng Liu, and Xinde Cao

The Roles of Suspended Solids in Persulfate/Fe2+ Treatment of Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater: Synergistic Interplay of Inherent Wastewater Components, Di Yang, Yuquing Sun, Daniel C. W. Tsang, Deyi Hou, Eakalak Khan, Daniel S. Alessi, Yaoyu Zhao, Jianyu Gong, and Linling Wang

Recent Advances in Photodegradation of Antibiotic Residues in Water, Xiuru Yang, Zhi Chen, Wan Zhao, Chunxi Liu, Xiaoxiao Qian, Ming Zhang, Guoying Wei, Eakalak Khan, Yun Hau Ng, and Yong Sik Ok

Simultaneous Manganese Adsorption and Biotransformation by Streptomyces Violarus Strain SBP1 Cell-Immobilized Biochar, Atcharaporn Youngwilai, Pinit Kidkhunthod, Nichada Jearanaikoon, Jitrin Chaiprapa, Nontipa Supanchaiyamat, Andrew J. Hunt, Yuvarat Ngernyen, Thunyalux Ratpukdi, Eakalak Khan, and Sumana Siripattanakul-Ratpukdi


Effect of Corner Shape on Hydraulic Performance of One-Cycle Rectangular Labyrinth Weirs, Omed S.Q. Yousif and Moses Karakouzian

Evaluating Biochar and its Modifications for the Removal of Ammonium, Nitrate, and Phosphate in Water, Ming Zhang, Ge Song, Danielle I. Gelardi, Longbin Huang, Eakalak Khan, Ondrej Masek, Sanjai J. Parikh, and Yong-Sik Ok

Evaluating Biochar and Its Modifications for the Removal of Ammonium, Nitrate, and Phosphate in Water, Ming Zhang, Ge Song, Danielle L. Gelardi, Longbin Huang, Eakalak Khan, Ondřej Mašek, Sanjai J. Parikh, and Yong Sik Ok

Cyclic Behavior of Double-Skin Composite Walls with Flat and Corrugated Faceplates, Qiuhong Zhao, Yikang Li, and Ying Tian

Cyclic Behavior of Corrugated Double-Skin Composite Walls with Different Aspect Ratios, Qiuhong Zhao, Yikang Li, Ying Tian, and Zhongxian Li

Submissions from 2019

Iron Turning Waste Media for Treating Endosulfan and Heptachlor Contaminated Water, Tauqeer Abbas, Tanush Wadhawan, Asad Khan, John McEvoy, and Eakalak Khan


GIS Framework for Spatiotemporal Mapping of Urban Flooding, Sayed Joinal Hossain Abedin and Haroon Stephen

Relating Urbanization and Irrigation Water Demand in Gujranwala District of Pakistan, Abhusan Achhami, Sajjad Ahmad, and Haroon Stephen

Evaluating the Sustainability of Indirect Potable Reuse and Direct Potable Reuse: A Southern Nevada Case Study, Sajjad Ahmad, Cory Dow, Krystyna Stave, and Daniel Gerrity


A Dynamic Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment for Norovirus in Potable Reuse System, Erfaneh Amoueyan, Sajjad Ahmad, Joseph N.S. Eisenberg, and Daniel Gerrity

Equivalency of Indirect and Direct Potable Reuse Paradigms Based on a Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment Framework, Erfaneh Amoueyan, Yongsheng He, Hongjie Wu, Chuanwei Zhu, Shichun Huang, and Jian Huang

Phage Shock Protein and Gene Responses of Escherichia Coli Exposed to Carbon Nanotubes, Tu Thi Anh Le, Pumis Thuptimdang, John M. McEvoy, and Eakalak Khan


Identification of Critical Source Areas (CSAs) and Evaluation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) in Controlling Eutrophication in the Dez River Basin, Hadi Babaei, Mohammad Nazari-Sharabian, Moses Karakouzian, and Sajjad Ahmad

N-Nitrosodimethylamine (Ndma) Formation and Mitigation in Potable Reuse Treatment Trains Employing Ozone and Biofiltration, Fernando Bacaro, Eric Dickenson, Rebecca A. Trenholm, and Daniel Gerrity

Urban Heat Island Intensity Mapping of Las Vegas Using Landsat Thermal Infrared Data, Adam Black, Sajjad Ahmad, and Haroon Stephen


An Analysis of Energy Consumption and the Use of Renewables for a Small Drinking Water Treatment Plant, Saria Bukhary, Jacimara Batista, and Sajjad Ahmad

Using Solar and Wind Energy for Water Treatment in the Southwest, Saria Bukhary, Jacimaria Batista, and Sajjad Ahmad

Emergency response: Effect of human detection resolution on risks during indoor mass shooting events, Chunhee Cho, Jee Woong Park, and Sayan Sakhakarmi

A New UAV-based Module Lifting and Transporting Method: Advantages and Challenges, Jin Choi and Dong Bin Kim

Calibrating CII RT283s Modularization Critical Success Factor Accomplishments, Jin Choi, James T. O’Connor, Young Hoon Kwak, and Rajarshi Ghimire

Modularization Business Case Analysis Model for Industrial Projects Journal of Management in Engineering, Jin O. Choi, James T. Oconnor, Young H. Kwak, and Binit K. Shrestha