Faculty research from the Philosophy department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


Submissions from 2022

Copernic et Galilée en tant que lecteurs de Platon, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

The Cultural Legacy of Galileo and The Problematic Concept of Myth, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Submissions from 2021

Animals and the Meaning They Bring to Our Lives, Cheryl Abbate

On the Role of Knowers and Corresponding Epistemic Role Oughts, Cheryl Abbate

Re-defending Feline Liberty: a Response to Fischer, Cheryl Abbate

Why Ghosts Aren't So Spooky:The Ethics of Indirect “Relationship” Dissolution, Cheryl Abbate

Commentary on Horn: Cosmopolitan Dreaming, Abigail P. Aguilar

Deflationism as Alethic Fictionalism via a SPIF Account of Truth-Talk, Bradley Armour-Garb and James A. Woodbridge

Science, Method, and Argument in Galileo: Philosophical, Historical, and Historiographical Essays, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

A Galilean Fallacy of Equivocation, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Arguing About the Earth’s Motion, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Argumentation Schemes for Composition and Division Arguments: A Critique of Walton's Account, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Authenticity vs. Accuracy vs. Legitimacy: Pagano on the Vatican Documents, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Camerota’s Galileo Galilei e la cultura scientifica: Between Ptolemy and Copernicus?, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Charity, Logic, and Para-Clericalism: Agassi on Explaining Galileo’s Trial, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Critique of the Ship-Experiment Argument, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Crombie’s Galileo’s Natural Philosophy: Disputation vs. Demonstration vs. Argumentation, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Drake on Galileo: Science vs. Philosophy, Methodology vs. Metaphysics, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Explanation of the Law of Squares, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Feyerabend’s Against Method: Rationalism vs. Pseudo-irrationalism, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

From Religion vs. Science to Science vs. Religion: McMullin on the Church and Galileo, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Galileo’s Daughter: The Book, the Movie, the Facts, and the Issues, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Galileo’s Father: Method and Argument in Musicology, Physics, and Astronomy, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Galileo Under Fire and Under Patronage, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Koyré’s Études galiléennes: Critical Reasoning vs. A Priori Rationalism, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Legal Formalities and Improprieties: Mayer on the Inquisition Trying Galileo, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Painting vs. Sculpture in the Cigoli Letter, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Preface, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Prison and Torture as False but Well-Founded Myths, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Rejection of Space-Proportional Speed, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Shapere’s Galileo: Philosophy vs. History vs. Erudition, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Socrates, Galileo, and Marx as Critical Thinkers, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

The Berkeley Para-Clerical Approach, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

The Trials of Bruno and Galileo, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Wallace’s Galileo and His Sources: Suppositional vs. Hypothetical Reasoning, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Potential Centrifugal Effects of Majoritarian Features in Proportional Electoral Systems, Christian B. Jensen and Daniel J. Lee

The Algorithmic Turn in Conservation Biology: Characterizing Progress in Ethically-Driven Sciences, James Justus and Samantha Wakil

A New Conatus for the New World: Dewey’s Response to Perfectionist Conceptions of Democratic Education, Jasmin Özel, Dave Beisecker, and Joe Ervin

Conatus, the Will to Persist: An Introduction, Jasmin Özel and Nikos Psarros

Defending Representation Realism, William Ramsey

What Eliminative Materialism Isn’t, William M. Ramsey

Philosophy for Children in a Pandemic: Rethinking the "Community" of Inquiry, Amy Reed-Sandoval

Revisiting Relational Pandemic Ethics in Light of the COVID-19 Abortion Bans in the United States, Amy Reed-Sandoval

Travel for Abortion Is a Form of Migration, Amy Reed-Sandoval

Experimental Explications for Conceptual Engineering, Samantha Wakil

Submissions from 2020

On Moral Ignorance and Mistakes of Fact: a Response to Harman, C. E. Abbate

Animal Rights and the Duty to Harm, C.E. Abbate


Meat Eating and Moral Responsibility: Exploring the Moral Distinctions between Meat Eaters and Puppy Torturers, C.E. Abbate


Nonculpably Ignorant Meat Eaters & Epistemically Unjust Meat Producers, C.E. Abbate Dr.

The Epistemology of Meat-Eating, C.E. Abbate

Valuing Animals as They Are—Whether They Feel it or Not, C.E. Abbate

Animal Rights and the Duty to Harm: When to be a Harm Causing Deontologist, Cheryl Abbate

It's Not Just a Personal Preference: Racialized Discrimination in the Tinder Context, Cheryl C.E. Abbate

How to Help when it Hurts: ACT Individually (and in Groups), Cheryl E. Abbate

Meat Eating and Moral Responsibility: Exploring the Moral Distinctions between Meat Eaters and Puppy Torturers, Cheryl E. Abbate

Regions of Force: Peirce, Frege, Carroll, and Bilateral Proof Trees, Dave Beisecker

The Effect of Organizational Virtues on IT Security Policy Compliance, Shuktika Chatterjee, Sutirtha Chatterjee, and Dora Chatterjee

Bicycle Infrastructure in Las Vegas: A 'Thought Experiment’, Shane Epting and David Beisecker


Commentary on: Mark Weinstein’s “Warranting Evidence in Diverse Evidentiary Settings”, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Facts and Fictions, Insights and Oversights in Galileo’s Early Biographies (Essay Review of Stefano Gattei’s On the Life of Galileo), Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Vincenzo Galilei’s Musicology and Galileo’s Science: Methodological Comparison and Contrast, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Kant, God and Metaphysics: The Secret Thorn, David Forman

Can We Learn About Real Social Worlds From Fictional Ones, Todd Jones

Is It All Because of a Story?, Todd Jones

Defending Representation Realism, William Ramsey

Latin American and Latinx Philosophy: A Collaborative Introduction, Amy Reed-Sandoval

Maternity and Migration, Amy Reed-Sandoval

Replies to My Interlocutors, Amy Reed-Sandoval

Settler State Borders and the Question of Indigenous Immigrant Identity, Amy Reed-Sandoval

Settler‐State Borders and the Question of Indigenous Immigrant Identity, Amy Reed-Sandoval

Socially Undocumented: Identity and Immigration Justice, Amy Reed-Sandoval

Who Doesn’t Love a Taco? “Taste the Nation” & the Problem With Neoliberal Immigrant Rights Activism, Amy Reed-Sandoval and Ivan Sandoval-Cervantes

Submissions from 2019


A Defense of Free-Roaming Cats from a Hedonist Account of Feline Well-being, C. E. Abbate

Veganism, (Almost) Harm-Free Animal Flesh, and Nonmaleficence: Navigating Dietary Ethics in an Unjust World, C.E. Abbate


Don’t Demean “Invasives”: Conservation and Wrongful Species Discrimination, C. E. Abbate and Bob Fischer

Denial Has Its Consequences: Peirce's Bilateral Semantics, Dave Beisecker

Logic Beyond the Looking Glass, David Beisecker

On Peter Olen's Wilfrid Sellars and the Foundations of Normativity, David Beisecker

Copernicus Banned: The Entangled Matter of the Anti-Copernican Decree of 1616, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

On Trial for Reason: Science, Religion, and Culture in the Galileo Affair, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Review of Alberto A. Martínez’s Burned Alive: Bruno, Galileo and the Inquisition, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Samuelson on the Fallacy of Composition in Economics: A Woodsian Critique, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Le Procès de Galilée: Faits et Enjeux, à l’Epoque et Aujourd’Hui, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

The Routledge Guidebook to Galileo's Dialogue, Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Two-Sided Trees for Sentential Logic, Predicate Logic and Sentential Modal Logic, Jesse Fitts and David Beisecker

The Paradox of Fact from Fiction: What Fiction Can and Can’t Teach Us About the Real World, Todd Jones

Will Students Gain Knowledge of the World by Reading Fiction?, Todd Jones

Intuitions as Evidence Facilitators, William Ramsey

Disability and the Decolonial Turn: Perspectives from the Americas, Amy Reed-Sandoval and Roberto Sirvent

Rewriting Contemporary Political Philosophy with Plato and Aristotle: An Essay on Eudaimonic Politics, Paul Schollmeier