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Franchise Model Schools: Rethinking Educational Practices and Structures, Miguel Gonzales and Maria Roberts


The Microvariation of the Spanish Perfect in Three Varieties, Paz González, Margarita Jara Yupanqui, and Carmen Kleinherenbrink

Assessing Mastery Learning Nursing and Pharmacy Students' Preferences for e-Book and Print Books: A Case Study, Xan Goodman and Suzanne Fayle

Nevada’s Campaigns for Woman Suffrage, Joanne Goodwin

A Nanoscale Investigation of Carlin-Type Gold Deposits: An Atom-Scale Elemental and Isotopic Perspective, Philippe Gopon, James O. Douglas, Maria A. Auger, Lars Hansen, Jon Wade, Jean S. Cline, Laurence J. Robb, and Michael P. Moody

A Pilot Survey of a Self-Efficacy Tool for Career and Technical Education Administrators, Howard R. D. Gordon, David M. Yost, Michelle Conrad, Larae Watkins, and Kemaly Parr

Analysis of Subject Matter Topics Presented at Career and Technical Education Research and Professional Development Conferences: 2009-2016, Howard Gordon, Sara Shaw, and Xue Xing

Relations Among Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs, Engagement, and Work Satisfaction: A Social Cognitive View, Helena Granziera and Harsha N. Perera


Drug-Induced Autoimmune Hepatitis From Hydralazine Leading to Acute Liver Failure and Liver Transplantation, Jasleen Grewal, Angela Doan, Annie S. Hong, Arpit Amin, Jason V. Scapa, Ramy Hanna, Francisco Durazo, and Beshoy Yanny

Efficacy and Safety of Brexpiprazole for the Treatment of Agitation in Alzheimer's Dementia: Two 12-Week, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trials, George T. Grossberg, Eva Kohegyi, Victor Mergel, Mette Krog Josiassen, Didier Meulien, Mary Hobart, Mary Slomkowski, Ross A. Baker, Robert D. McQuade, and Jeffrey L. Cummings

A Qualitative Study of Ethnographic Variables Affecting Exchange of Knowledge among Online Help Seekers and Elite Digital Natives with Recommendations for Getting the Best Technology Assistance Possible, Steven Grubaugh, Donald Allen Deever, Gabe Gonzalez, and Greg Levitt

Directional Detection of Neutrons and Photons Using Elpasolites: Computational Study, A. Guckes, Alex Barzilov, and P. Guss

Numerical Analysis for the Cahn-Hilliard-Hele-Shaw System with Variable Mobility and Logarithmic Flory-Huggins Potential, Yayu Guo, Hongen Jia, Jichun Li, and Ming Li

Limited Attention and Portfolio Choice: The Impact of Attention Allocation on Mutual Fund Performance, Swasti Gupta-Mukherjee and Ankur Pareek

The Social Buyer: A Framework for the Dynamic Role of Social Media in Organizational Buying, Brandon M. Gustafson, Nadia Pomirleanu, Babu John Mariadoss, and Jean L. Johnson

The Role of Distinct Facets of Perfectionism and Sociocultural Idealization of Thinness on Disordered Eating Symptoms, Jessica Habashy and Kristen M. Culbert

Evaluation of the Blood Lead Screening Component of the Southern Nevada Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, Amanda Haboush-Deloye PhD, Erika Marquez PhD, Melissa Marshall MPH, and Shawn L. Gerstenberger


Nitric Oxide Is Involved in Heavy Ion-Induced Non-Targeted Effects in Human Fibroblasts, Megumi Hada, Premkumar B. Saganti, and Francis A. Cucinotta

Generalizations of the Arithmetic Case of Blackwell's Renewal Theorem, Petros Hadjicosta

The Effects of a Public Indicator of Accounting Aggressiveness on Managers' Financial Reporting Decisions, Erin L. Hamilton, Rina M. Hirsch, Jason T. Rasso, and Uday S. Murthy


Resolving Intravoxel White Matter Structures in the Human Brain Using Regularized Regression and Clustering, Andrea Hart, Brianna Smith, Sean Smith, Elijah Sales, Jacqueline Hernandez-Camargo, Yarlin Mayor Garcia, Felix Zhan, Lori Griswold, Brian Dunkelberger, Michael R. Schwob, Sharang Chaudhry, Justin Zhan, Laxmi Gewali, and Paul Oh

Intermixing at the InxSy/Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 Heterojunction and Its Impact on the Chemical and Electronic Interface Structure, Dirk Hauschild, Michelle Mezher, Thomas Schnabel, Stefanie Spiering, Willi Kogler, James Carter, Monika Blum, Wanli Yang, Erik Ahlswede, Clemens Heske, and Lothar Weinhardt

Closing the Gap: Fostering Successful Research‐Practice Partnerships in Counselor Education, Danica G. Hays, Todd Bolin, and Ching-Chen Chen


Measuring the Frequency of Inner-Experience Characteristics by Self-Report: The Nevada Inner Experience Questionnaire, Christopher L. Heavey, Stefanie A. Moynihan, Vincent P. Brouwers, Leiszle Lapping-Carr, Alek E. Krumm, Jason M. Kelsey, Dio K. Turner II, and Russell T. Hurlburt

Molybdenum Disulfide Catalytic Coatings via Atomic Layer Deposition for Solar Hydrogen Production from Copper Gallium Diselenide Photocathodes, Thomas R. Hellstern, David W. Palm, James Carter, Alex D. DeAngelis, Kimberly Horsley, Lothar Weinhardt, Wanli Yang, Monika Blum, Nicolas Gaillard, Clemens Heske, and Thomas F. Jaramillo

Intersectional Criminologies for the Contemporary Moment: Crucial Questions of Power, Praxis and Technologies of Control, Kathryn Henne and Emily I. Troshynski

Crime at Sea: A Review of Crimes Onboard Cruise Ships, Tony Henthorne and Thomas R. Panko

Differences in Cardiovascular Risk Factors in College Students: Midwest Versus Southwest, Kristen N. Herlosky and Dieu-My T. Tran

Triage, Trauma, and Today's Mass Violence Events, John L. Hick, Jessie Nelson, John Fildes, Deborah Kuhls, Alexander Eastman, and David Dries

Neural Correlates of Perceptual Switching While Listening to Bistable Auditory Streaming Stimuli, Nathan C. Higgins, David Frank Little, Breanne D. Yerkes, Karli M. Nave, Abin Kuruvilla-Mathew, M. Elhilai, and Joel S. Snyder

Cardiopulmonary Profile of Individuals with Intellectual Disability, Thessa Hilgenkamp, Anne J. M. Boonman, Elizabeth C. Schroeder, Maria T. E. Hopman, and Bo Fernhall

Altered Central Hemodynamics in Individuals with Down Syndrome, Thessa Irena Maria Hilgenkamp, Elizabeth Cornellia Schroeder, Sang Ouk Wee, Georgios Grigoriadis, Alexander Jacob Rosenberg, Tracy Baynard, and Bo Fernhall

Adding Meaning to Physical Fitness Test Results in Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, Thessa Hilgenkamp and Alyt Oppewal

Regional Integration, Multinational Enterprise Strategy and the Impact of Country‐level Risk: The Case of the EMU, Jenny Hillemann, Alain Verbeke, and Won-Yong Oh


Adminstration of Micronized Caffeine Using a Novel Oral Delivery Film Results in Rapid Absorption and Electroencephalogram Suppression, Rochelle M. Hines, Matthew Khumnark, Ben Macphail, and Dustine J. Hines

Discovery of Cryptotephra at Middle–Upper Paleolithic Sites Arma Veirana and Riparo Bombrini, Italy: A New Link for Broader Geographic Correlations, Jayde N. Hirniak, Eugene I. Smith, Racheal Johnsen, Minghua Ren, Jamie Hodgkins, Caley Orr, Fabio Negrino, Julien Riel‐Salvatore, Shelby Fitch, Christopher J. Miller, Andrea Zerboni, Guido S. Mariani, Jacob A. Harris, Claudine Gravel‐Miguel, David Strait, Marco Peresani, Stefano Benazzi, and Curtis W. Marean

Moral Hazards in Cyber Vulnerability Markets, Alex Hoffman and Hal Berghel


Factors Related to Intra-Tendinous Morphology of Achilles Tendon in Runners, Kai-Yu Ho, Ari Baquet, Yu-Jen Chang, Lung-Chan Chien, Michelle Harty, Gregory Bashford, and Kornelia Kulig

Using a Mobile Application to Assess Knee Valgus in Healthy and Post-Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Participants, Kai-Yu Ho, Brenda Benson Deaver, Tyrel Nelson, and Catherine Turner


Patellar Tendon Morphology in Trans-tibial Amputees Utilizing a Prosthesis with a Patellar-tendon- Bearing Feature, Kai-Yu Ho, Michelle Harty, Jessica Kellogg, Kelly Teter, Szu-Ping Lee, Yu-Jen Chang, and Gregory Bashford

Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition Disease in the Achilles Tendon, Kai-Yu Ho and Jing Nong Liang

Asymmetric Crying Facies Syndrome, Kai-Yu Ho PT, PhD and Jing Nong Liang PT, PhD

Digital Behavior Intervention Plans: Effects on General Education Teacher Fidelity of Implementation, Christopher Holcomb, Joshua N. Baker, and Cori Moore

Concomitant Utilization of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Meningococcal Vaccine (MenACWY) Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men in Los Angeles County, California, Ian W. Holloway, Diane Tan, Robert A. Bednarczyk, Vincent L. Fenimore, Laura Randall, Chelsea S. Lutz, and Paula M. Frew

Confronting Incivility in the Online Classroom, Karyn Holt, Kay Swartzwelder, Paul Clements, and Gary Childs

The Self of the Mormon Sex Therapist: Strategies for Sex Therapists-in-Training, Derek Holyoak and Katherine Hertlein

Autoimmune Hepatitis A Case Report and Literature Review, Annie S. Hong, Muuz Desta, Jenny M. Hong, Gordon V. Ohning, Michael H. Pillinger, Amit Saxena, and Dodji Modjinou

Proton Pump Inhibitor in Upper Gastrointestinal Fecal Microbiota Transplant: A Systematic Review and Analysis, Annie S. Hong, Wen Yuan Yu, Jenny M. Hong, Chad L. Cross, Mohamed Azab, Gordon Ohning, and Mahendran Jayaraj

A Sustainable Solution for Removal of Glutaraldehyde in Saline Water with Visible Light Photocatalysis, Soklida Hong, Thunyalux Ratpukdi, Bunleu Sungthong, Jayaraman Sivaguru, and Eakalak Khan


Reliability of Colour and Hardness Clinical Examinations in Detecting Dentine Caries Severity: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis., Larry Hon, Ahmed Mohamed, and Edward Lynch


Design and Preliminary Testing of Demand-Responsive Transverse Rumble Strips, Md Shakhawat Hossen, Christopher Kappes, Mohamed Trabia, Brendan Morris, JeeWoong Park, and Alexander Paz

Crowdfunding, Cryptocurrency, and Capital: Alternative Sources of Business Capital for Black Entrepreneurs, Tiffiany Howard


The Neurocognitive Process of Digital Radicalization: A Theoretical Model and Analytical Framework, Tiffiany Howard, Brach Poston, and Stephen D. Benning

Black Health and Black Wealth: Understanding the Intricate Linkages between Income, Health, and Wealth for African Americans, Tiffiany Howard, Marya Shegog, DeaJiane McNair, and Mikale Lowery

Laborious Ben Jonson, Steven Hrdlicka

A Schizophrenia Associated CMYA5 Allele Displays Differential Binding with Desmin, Anting Hsiung, Francisco J. Naya, Xiangning Chen, and Rita Shiang

Multiple Periodic Solutions for Suspension Bridge Systems, Chen Huang, Gao Jia, and Zhonghai Ding

New Strategies for Activation of Phosphonates/Phosphates to Forge Functional Phosphorus Compounds, Hai Huang and Jon Yong Kang

Do I Book at Exactly the Right Time? Airfare Forecast Accuracy Across Three Price-Prediction Platforms, Tenghui Huang, Chih-Chien Chen PhD, and Zvi Schwartz

Development and Analysis of Both Finite Element and Fourth-Order in Space Finite Difference Methods for an Equivalent Berenger's PML Model, Yunqing Huang, Min Chen, and Jichun Li

Continuous Mixed Finite Element for the Second Order Elliptic Equation with a Low Order Term, Yunqing Huang, Jichun Li, and Shangyou Zhang

Writing in Science: Why, How, and for Whom? A Systematic Literature Review of 20 Years of Intervention Research (1996–2016), Margarita Huerta and Tiberio Garza

Language Minority Students in Community Colleges: An SEM Model Exploring Socio-Academic Variables Related to Persisitence Pertaining to Re-Enrollment, Margarita Huerta, Tiberio Garza, and Hugo A. Garcia

When is Enough, Enough? Investigating Product Reviews and Information Overload from a Consumer Empowerment Perspective, Han-fen Hu and Anjala S. Krishen


Differential MicroRNA Expression of miR-21 and miR-155 with Oral Cancer Extracellular Vesicles in Response to Melationin, Matthew Hunsaker, Greta Barba, Karl Kingsley, and Katherine M. Howard

The Process of Long-Term Suicide Bereavement: Responsibility, Familial Support, and Meaning Making, Quintin A. Hunt, Tod A. Young, and Katherine M. Hertlein

A University-Based Transdisciplinary Approach to Mental Health Workforce Shortages, Sara M. Hunt, Ramona W. Denby, Katherine M. Hertlein, Noelle Lefforge, and Michelle G. Paul

Family Contributions to Sport Performance and Their Utility in Predicting Appropriate Referrals to Mental Health Optimization Programmes, Julia E. Hussey, Brad Donohue, Kimberly A. Barchard, and Daniel N. Allen


Nonideal MHD Simulation of HL Tau Disk: Formation of Rings, Xiao Hu, Zhaohuan Zhu, Satoshi Okuzumi, Xue-Ning Bai, Lile Wang, Kengo Tomida, and James M. Stone


Numerical Simulation Based Targeting of the Magushan Skarn Cu-Mo Deposit, Middle-Lower Yangtze Metallogenic Belt, China, Xunyu Hu, Xiaohui Li, Feng Yuan, Alison Ord, Simon M. Jowitt, Yue Li, Wenqiang Dai, Rui Ye, and Taofa Zhou

Numerical Modeling of Ore-Forming Processes Within the Chating CU-Au Porphyry-Type Deposit, China: Implications for the Longevity of Hydrothermal Systems and Potential Uses in Mineral Exploration, Xunyu Hu, Xiaohui Li, Feng Yuan, Alison Ord, Simon M. Jowitt, Yue Li, Wenqiang Dai, and Taofa Zhou

Ten-Year Trends of Utilization of Palliative Care Services and Life-Sustaining Treatments and Hospital Costs Associated With Patients With Terminally Ill Lung Cancer in the United States From 2005 to 2014, Jinwook Hwang MD, PhD; Jay Shen PhD; Sun Jung Kim PhD; Sung-Youn Chun PhD; Mutsumi Kioka MD; Faizan Sheraz MD; Pearl Kim PhDc, MHA; David Byun DO; and Ji Won Yoo MD


High-Performance Polyvinyl Chloride Gel Artificial Muscle Actuator with Graphene Oxide and Plasticizer, Taeseon Hwang, Zachary Frank, Justin Neubauer, and Kwang Jin Kim

The State of Marketing Analytics in Research and Practice, Dawn Iacobucci, Maria Petrescu, Anjala Krishen, and Michael Bendixen

Keeping Up Appearances: Spatial Spillovers and Housing Renovations, Nicholas B. Irwin

More Bang for the Buck: Autonomy Support Increases Muscular Efficiency, Takehiro Iwatsuki, Hui-ting Shih, Reza Abdollahipour, and Gabriele Wulf

Cerebellar Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Enhances Motor Learning in a Complex Overhand Throwing Task, Austuny K. Jackson; Lidio Lima de Albuquerque; Milan Pantovic; Katherine M. Fischer; Mark A. Guadagnoli; Zachary A, Riley; and Brach Poston

EXPOsing Men's Gender Role Attitudes as Porn Superfans, Crystal Jackson, Aleta Baldwin, Barbara G. Brents, and Paul J. Maginn


Toughness, Tenacity and Maximum Initial Strength of Rubber Modified Asphalt Binders, Kazem Jadidi, Mehdi Khalili, Moses Karakouzian, and Serji Amirkhanian

Geochemistry of Metamorphic Rocks and Mineralization in the Golgohar Iron Ore Deposit (No. 1), Sirjan, SE Iran: Implications for Paleotechtonic Setting and Ore Genesis, Afsane Jafari, Mohammad Hassan Karimpour, Seyed Ahmad Mazaheri, Azadeh Malekzadeh Shafaroudi, and Minghua Ren


Estimated Cardiorespiratory Fitness Is Associated With Reported Depression in College Students, Sharon Jalene, Jennifer Pharr, Guogen Shan, and Brach Poston


Stereodynamical Control of a Quantum Scattering Resonance in Cold Molecular Collisions, Pablo G. Jambrina, James F.E. Croft, Hua Guo, Mark Brouard, Balakrishnan Naduvalath, and F. Javier Aoiz

Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education Using the Margin of Error Statistic to Examine the Effects of Aggregating Student Evaluations of Teaching, David James, Gregory Schraw, and Fred Kuch


Self-Efficacy and Quality of Classroom Interactions of EFP Teachers in Niger, Bong Gee Jang, Hyonsuk Cho, and Peter Wiens


Hot Snare vs. Cold Snare Polypectomy for Endoscopic Removal of 4-10mm Colorectal Polyps during Colonoscopy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Studies, Mahendran Jayaraj

Effect of Pronase on Visibility Scores During Upper Endoscopy: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Mahendran Jayaraj, Banreet Dhindsa, Babu Mohan, and Gordon Ohning


Safety and Efficacy of Combined Antegrade and Retrograde Endoscopic Dilation for Complete Esophageal Obstruction: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Mahendran Jayaraj, Babu P. Mohan, Harneet Mashiana, Rajesh Krishnamoorthi, and Douglas G. Adler

Sleep Duration Differentially Affects Brain Activation in Response to Food Images in Adolescents with Overweight/Obesity Compared to Adolescents with Normal Weight, Chad D. Jensen, Kara M. Duraccio, Kimberly A. Barnett, Kaylie A. Carbine, Kimberly S. Stevens, Nathan M. Muncy, and C. Brock Kirwan

Haptic Information Processing and Need for Touch in Product Evaluation, Subhash Jha, M. S. Balaji, Marla B. Royne Stafford, and Nancy Spears

Sales Promotions for Preorder Products: The Role of Time-of-Release, Subhash Jha, George D. Deitz, Phillip Hart, and Marla B. Royne Stafford

The Effect of Fellow Customer on Complaining Behaviors: The Moderating Role of Gender, Sungjun Joe and Choongbeom Choi

Subjective Memory Complaints in White and African American Participants, Samantha E. John, Sarah E. Evans, John Hanfelt, David W. Loring, and Felicia C. Goldstein

Preparation and Molecular Structure of Lanthanum–FcCOO−–DTBbpy Complexes, Natalie Johns, Samudee Mariappan-Balasekaran, Anthony Chang, Pradip K. Bhowmik, and Frederic Poineau

Parents’ Perceptions of Smartphone Use and Parenting Practices, David J. Johnson and Katherine M. Hertlein

Business Entity Organization Forms for the Entrepreneur: An Educational Insight, Donald Jones

The Paradox of Fact from Fiction: What Fiction Can and Can’t Teach Us About the Real World, Todd Jones

Will Students Gain Knowledge of the World by Reading Fiction?, Todd Jones


Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline and Light-Emitting Properties of Poly(pyridinium) Salts Containing Various Diamine Connectors and Hydrophilic Macrocounterions, Tae Soo Jo, Haesook Han, Pradip K. Bhowmik, Benoît Heinrich, and Bertrand Donnio

Internationalization and Accounting-Based Risk in the Restaurant Industry, SoYeon Jung, Toni Repetti, Hyun Kyung (Grace) Chatfield, Michael Dalbor, and Robert Chatfield

Entrapped-Cells-Based Anaerobic Forward Osmosis Membrane Bioreactor Treating Medium-Strength Domestic Wastewater: Fouling Characterization and Performance Evaluation, Chaipon Juntawang, Chaiwat Rongsayamanont, and Eakalak Khan