Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Public Policy and Leadership faculty. This department was founded in 2016, and replaces the School of Environmental & Public Affairs.


Submissions from 2021

When Philanthropy Funds Government: An Exploration of Democratic Public Values, Nina Bodenhamer and Vanessa Fenley

Blue Metros, Red States: The Shifting Urban/Rural Divide in America’s Swing States, Karen Danielsen-Lang, David F. Damore, Robert E. Lang, William E. Brown, Molly E. Reynolds, and John J. Hudak

Management Things We Never Tell, Brian Elms

State-Level Influences on Community-Level Municipal Sustainable Energy Policies, Jayce L. Farmer


How State Interventions Affect Municipalities Taking the Lead in Sustainability, Jayce L. Farmer and Andres J.Rodriguez Lombeida

A Seat at the Table: Minority Representation and County Governing Boards, Al G. Gourrier, Leander D. Kellogg, E. Lee Bernick, and Katheryn Brekken

Keeping the Higher Education “Promise” in Nevada: Latina/o Legislators Policy Ways of Knowing, Magdalena Martinez


Donor-Led Community Engagement: A New Model for In-Kind and Philanthropic Giving?, Jessica K. A. Word and Connor Gahre

Submissions from 2017


Nonlinearities in Interregional Migration Behavior: Evidence from the United States, R Basile and J Lim


Interest-Based Bargaining: Changing Employer-Employee Relations at Youngstown State University, Patrick W. Carlton


RCT Testing Bystander Effectiveness to Reduce Violence, A L. Coker, H M. Bush, P G. Cook-Craig, S A. DeGue, E R. Clear, C J. Brancato, B S. Fisher, and E A. Recktenwald

Help, Hope, Home 2017 Plan Update, Patricia F. Cook-Craig, Jessica K. Word, Julia Anderson, Naomi Elliott, Kristin Nelson, and Yessica Palma

The State of Youth Homelessness in Southern Nevada, Patricia G. Cook-Craig, Jennifer A. Guthrie, William H. Sousa, Carlton D. Craig, Judy Tudor, Michael L. Bruner, Jessica K. Word, and Melissa Jacobowitz

Introduction: Regional Challenges and Policy Questions, Baylie Damtie, Boersma Emily, and Krystyna A. Stave

Confronting Urban Crisis and Opportunity in the 1990s: An Insiders’ View on How Fannie Mae’s Housing Research Helped Reset Policy and Remade Cities, Karen A. Danielsen and Robert E. Lang


School-Based Mental Health Services: Definitions and Models of Effective Practice, B Doll, B K. Nastasi, L Cornell, and S Y. Song

Connecting Theory With Practice: The Institutional Evolvement of U.S. Counties Functioning as Regional Service Providers, Jayce L. Farmer

Unexplored conditions of charter school principals: An examination of the issues and challenges for leaders, Marytza A. Gawlik and Dana L. Bickmore

Situating the Charter School Principalship, Marytza A. Gawlik and Dana L. Bickmore

Research Needs in the Lake Tana Basin Social-Ecological System, Goraw Goshu, Shimelis Aynalem, Baylie Damtie, and Krystyna A. Stave

County Governing Boards: Where are All the Women?, Leander D. Kellogg, Al Gourrier, K.C. Brecken, and Emil L. Bernick

Succession planning and management in nonprofit sector, Yeonsoo Kim


Peak Millennials, R E. Lang and K A. Danielsen

Comment on Peak Millennials: Three Reinforcing Cycles that Amplify the Rise and Fall of Urban Concentration by Millennials, Robert E. Lang and Karen A. Danielsen-Lang


Out-migration from the epicenters of the housing bubble burst during and in the aftermath of the Great Recession in the USA, J Lim

The problem with our students…is that their families don’t value education: Undocumented Latino males., Magdalena Martinez

The problem with our students…is that their families don’t value education: Undocumented Latino males., Magdalena Martinez

Changes in Community Perspectives on the Roles and Rules of Church Forests in Northern Ethiopia: Evidence from a Panel Survey of Four Ethiopian Orthodox Communities, Travis Reynolds, Krystyna A. Stave, Tizezew Shimekach, and Alemayehu Wassie


Do Political Similarities Facilitate Interlocal Collaboration?, Minsun Song, Hyung Jun Park, and Kyujin Jung

Introduction, Jessica E. Sowa and Jessica K. Word


Introduction, J E. Sowa and J K.A. Word

Social and Ecological System Dynamics: Characteristics, Trends, and Integration in the Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia, Krystyna A. Stave, Goraw Goshu, and Shimelis Aynalem

System Dynamics as a Framework for Understanding Human—Environment Dynamics, Krystyna A. Stave and Birgit Kopainsky

Participatory System Dynamics Mapping for Collaboration and Socioecological Integration in the Lake Tana Region, Krystyna A. Stave, Birgit Kopainsky, Mesfin Anteneh, Abebe Ameha Mengistu, Mesenbet Yibeltal Sebhat, Shimelis Aynalem, Berihun Tefera, Alemayehu Wassie, Chalachew Aragaw, Belachew Getenet, Biazenlegn S. Beyene, Azanew Abebe, Goraw Goshu, Aklilu Tilahun Tadesse, and Melak Mesfin Ayenew


The Impact of Education and R&D Investment on Regional Economic Growth, Youngjin Woo, Euijune Kim, and Jaewon Lim

The Nonprofit Human Management Resource Handbook: From Theory to Practice, Jessica K. Word


Conclusion: Toward a research agenda for nonprofit human resource management, J K.A. Word and J E. Sowa

Submissions from 2015


Using participatory system dynamics in environmental and sustainability dialogues, Paula Antunes, Krystyna A. Stave, Nuno Videira, and Rui Santos


"I need to check with corporate", Dana L. Bickmore


A Case Study of Middle Grades Leadership in a Conversion Charter School, Dana L. Bickmore and Margaret Mary Sulentic Dowel


“The Big Mo”: The Early Days of Housing Policy Debate, Karen A. Danielsen

Change of demographic and its impact on HR, Yeonsoo Kim

Holacracy : Myth or Truth?, Yeonsoo Kim

HR Trend and Forecast in US, Yeonsoo Kim

Learning Agility, Yeonsoo Kim

Maternity leave in United States, Yeonsoo Kim

Use of Career One Stop and Career Network in US, Yeonsoo Kim

Selecting and Retaining High Quality Teachers, Jerri Mausbach and James R. Crawford


Reflections on Peer Mentoring for Ongoing Professional Development in System Dynamics, George P. Richardson, Laura Black, M Deegan, N Ghaffarzadegan, D Greer, H Kim, L Luna-Reyes, R MacDonald, E Rich, Krystyna A. Stave, N Zimmerman, and D Andersen


System dynamics for environmental applications, Krystyna A. Stave


A System Dynamics Approach for Examining Mechanisms and Pathways of Food Supply Vulnerability, Krystyna A. Stave and Birgit Kopainsky


Guest Editor’s Introduction: The Promise of Charter Schools, Margaret Mary Sulentic Dowell and Dana Bickmore


The New Public Service? Empirical Research on Job Choice Motivation in the Nonprofit Sector, Jessica K. A. Word and Sung Min Park

Submissions from 2013

Talent Selection and Talent Identification, Yeonsoo Kim