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IUD Choice in Transgender and Gender Diverse Individuals, Lauren Abern, Glen de Guzman, Jake Cook, Kristen Kiely, and Karla Maguire

Bioarchaeological Signatures of Health and Inequality at the Middle Bronze Age Rural Site Kaman-Kalehoyuk, Cheryl P. Anderson, Levent Atici, and Sachihire Omura

A 'Mass' Caused by Dust: Disseminated and Severe Coccidioidomycosis in an Immunocompetent Person, Elizabeth Au and Kush Modi

Is Core Temperature Influenced by Triathlon Wetsuit Models When Swimming in Warm Water?, Melissa J. Aure, Gabriela Guzman, Boram Lim, Cordero Roche, and John A. Mercer

The Influence Of Concussion History On Landing Biomechanics In Adolescent Athletes: A Pilot Investigation, Jason M. Avedesian and Janet S. Dufek

Outcomes of Interventional Endoscopy for Gallstone Complications in Early Pregnancy: 2815, Mohamed Azab, Kelli Kam, Annie S. Hong, and Michael L. Volk

Mo1048 Pool Day Gone Wrong. A Case of Caustic Injury Caused by Hydrochloric Acid in Pool Cleaner, Hamza Aziz, Annie Hong, Ranjit S. Makar, Daisy S. Lankarani, Muthena Maklad, and Gordon Ohning

Associations between Comorbid TDP-43, Lewy Body Pathology and Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Alzheimer's Disease, Ece Bayram, Guogen Shan, and Jeffrey L. Cummings

The Optimal Size of Ovarian Follicles at Oocyte Collection, Carrie E. Bedient, L. A. Kaye, Ankita Raman, Forest C. Garner, M. Aguirre, and B. S. Shapiro

Weight Loss Decreases Dyspnea on Exertion and Unpleasantness in Obese Adults, Vipa Bernhardt, Dharini M. Bhammar, Rubria Marines-Price, and Tony G. Babb

Impact Of Footwear On Running Mechanics In Older Individuals: A Pilot Study, Brianne Borgia, Kara N. Radzak, and Jula Freedman Silvernail

Similarities in Joint Stiffness Across Footwear Conditions in Older and Younger Runners, Brianne Borgia, Kara N. Radzak, and Julia Freedman Silvernail

Copy Neutral Changes Identified by Single - Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Microarray Analysis during Prenatal Diagnosis, Bobby K. Brar, Stephanie Gutierrez, Pooja Patil, Shelley Mueller, and Bing Huang

1028: Utility of the Cerebroplacental Ratio (CPR) in Marijuana Exposed Growth Restricted Fetuses, Bobby Brar, Pooja Patil, Rebecca Kolstad, James Alexander, Michael Gardner, and Nora Doyle

To Cut or Not to Cut - Clinical Efficacy of Endoscopic Sphinceterotomy in Recurrent Acute Pancreatitis From Functional Biliary Sphincter of Oddi Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 906, Saurabh Chandan MD, Babu P. Mohan MD, Harmeet Mashiana MD, Banreet Dhindsa MD, Annie Braseth MD, Harlan Sayles MS, Lokesh Jha MD, Shailender Singh MD, and Douglas G. Adler MD; FACG

National Analysis of Treatment Approaches, Margin Status, and Survival between Surgical Approaches in Hepatocellular Carcinoma at Academic Centers and Non-Academic Centers, Daniel Chang MD, MPH and Chad L. Cross

S79Rare Variant Analyses from Whole Genome Sequencing of 20 Chinese Schizophrenia Families, Jingchun Chen, Francisco Servin, Paul Kim, Kenny Do, Travis Mize, Jain-Shing Wu, Xia Wang, Mahtab Hamid, Kyler Smith, Marvi Moreno, Kendra Coleman, Emily Huang, Xiangning Chen, and Atoshi Banerjee

SA86 - Whole Genome Sequencing of Schizophrenia Families with Multiple Affected Individuals, Xiangning Chen, Jingchun Chen, Jain-Shin Wu, and Travis Mize

SU97 - Genetically Informed Subtyping of Schizophrenia, Xiangning Chen, Jain-Shin Wu, Travis Mize, and Jingchun Chen

A Rare Case of a Disseminated Mycobacterium Avium Infection Secondary to Lobar Pneumonia in an Immunocompetent Patient, Jacqueline Choa, Heather Boakye, and Mutsumi Kioka

Safety and Efficacy of Bronchoscopy in Pregnancy, Jacqueline Choa, Banreet Dhindsa, Elizabeth Au, Chad Cross, and Rajany Dy

Comparison of Maximal Forces Produced During Different Chokehold Techniques, Andrew Craig-Jones, Damon McCune, Duncan French, Kyle Larimer, David Chuang, and John Mercer

Efficacy of Endoscopic Ultrasound Radiofrequency Ablation in the Treatment of Pancreatic Tumor: Is It Ready for Prime Time? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 7, Amaninder Dhaliwal MD, Banreet Dhindsa MD, Jacqueline Choa MD, Robin Jindal MBBS, Harlan Sayles MS, Harmeet Mashiana MD, Sindhura Kolli MD, Rajani Rangray MD, Ishfaq Bhat MD, Shailender Singh MD, and Douglas G. Adler MD; FACG

Choice of Sedation in Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography: Is Monitored Anesthesia Care Safer Than General Anethesia? Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 55, Amaninder Dhaliwal MD, Banreet Dhindsa MD, Jinendra Satiya MD, Harmeet Mashiana MD, Neil Bhogal MD, Rajani Rangray MD, Andrew Ofosu MD, Harlan Sayles MS, Ishfaq Bhat MD, Shailender Singh MD, and Douglas G. Adler MD; FACG

Efficacy and Safety of Tofacitinib in Moderate-Severe Ulcerative Colitis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis: 827, Banreet Dhindsa, Amaninder Dhaliwal, Harmeet Mashiana, Jacqueline Choa, Harlan Sayles, Gordon Ohning, Alexander Hewlett, Renee Young, and Derrick Eichele

Reversal of Anti-Drug Antibodies Against Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitors With Addition of Immunomodulators: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis: 858, Banreet Dhindsa, Harmeet Mashiana, Amaninder Dhaliwal, Amaan Shafi, Harlan Sayles, Gordon Ohning, Renee Young, Alexander Hewlett, and Derrick Eichele


Pediatric Ingestion of Multiple Button Batteries, Johnny Fong MD and Tony Zitek

Determining If A Bike-mounted Aerodynamic Sensor Can Detect Changes In Wheel Rolling Resistance During Cycling With Different Tire Pressures Outdoors, Tedd Girouard, Boram Lim, Cesar Nava, Chris Morton, and John Mercer

The Utility of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Software for the Spatial Analysis of Bone Microstructure, Timothy P. Gocha

Validity of the Adidas Smart Bra in Measuring Heart Rate during Exercise Transitions, Gabriela Guzman, Crystal Maxwell, and James W. Navalta

MR elastography based fibrosis correlates with clinical liver events in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: A multi-center study, Ma Ai Thanda Han, Jonathan Grotts, Rola Saouaf, Nabil Noureddin, Walid Ayoub, Andrea Scott, Mary Barbara, Matthew Tjahja, Toluwalase Okubote, Zied Kayali, Edward Mena, Naim Alkhouri, and Mazen Noureddin

THU-311-Liver Enzymes Cut Offs in Patients with Advanced Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Multi-Center Study, Ma Ai Thanda Han, Rola Saouaf, Nabil Noureddin, Jonathan Grotts, Vinay Sundaram, Andrea Scott, Mahsa Mansouri, Mary Barbara, Matthew Tjahja, Emmanuel Thomas, Zeid Kayali, Edward Mena, Naim Alkhouri, and Mazen Noureddin

2434. Proton Pump Inhibitor Use on Efficacy of Fecal Microbiota Transplant Administered by Trans-Oral Routes for Clostridioides Difficile Infection: A Systematic Review and Analysis, Annie S. Hong MD, Wen Yuan Yu DO, Jenny M. Hong, Mohamed Azab MD, Gordon V. Ohning MD; PhD, and Mahendran Jayaraj MD

Stomach Where the Sun Don't Shine: A Rare Case of Gastric Adenocarcinoma Metastasizing to the Colon 1892, Trevor Houston DO, Diego Lim MD; MPH, Nevene Andraws MD, and Prashanth Vennalaganti

A Novel Tool to Estimate Early Insulin Resistance and Prevent Metabolic Syndrome and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Retrospective Study in the Veteran Population: 2953, Trevor Houston, Ranjit Makar, Ashok Singh, and Joseph M. Fayad

Why Do We Deliver? A Closer Look at Indicated Deliveries Scheduled Less Than 39 Weeks [28T], David N. Jackson MD, Marsha Matsunaga Kirgan MD, Pooja Patil MD, Bobby Brar MD, Ashley Parr, and Anastasia Belilovets

Depression and Fitness Level in College Students Attending a Diverse University, Sharon Jalene, Jennifer Pharr, and Brach Poston

Recent Trends in Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Related Medical Professional Liability Claims in the United States of America, Mahendran Jayaraj, Ranjit Makar, Daisy S. Lankarani, Divya Parikh, and Gordon Ohning

The Role of Prophylactic Antibiotics in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients Undergoing Colonoscopy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis: 2819, Mahendran Jayaraj, Babu Mohan, Ranjit Makar, Rikita Ohri, Daisy S. Lankarani, and Gordon Ohning

EUS-Guided Gallbladder Drainage versus Endoscopic Trans-Papillary Gallbladder Drainage for High Risk Surgical Patients With Acute Cholecystitis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 883, Mahendran Jayaraj MD, Vivek Sandeep MD, Dhruv Singh MBBS, Joanna Law MD, Andrew Ross MD, Richard Kozarek MD; FACG, Shyan Irani MD, and Rajesh Krishnamoorthi MD

EUS-Guided Gastroenterostomy (GE) versus Surgical Gastroenterostomy for Patients With Malignant Gastric Outlet Obstruction: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 882, Mahendran Jayaraj MD, Dhruv P. Singh MBBS, Gopalakrishnan Ravikumar, Naveen Prasad MD, Sai Narala MD, and Rajesh Krishnamoorthi MD


Influence of Biomedical Risk Factors on Chronic Low Back Pain Among Women, Jennifer Kawi

Hip Mechanics during Gait in Sedentary Adults, Devin K. Kelly, Kristyne Wiegand, Janet S. Dufek, and Julia Freedman Silvernail

Comparison of Nutritional Content of Prescription vs Nonprescription Prenatal Vitamins [23F], Rachel E. Kelly, Abebe H. Muraga, and David Leighton Howard

Case of Spontaneous Chylous Ascites in Alcoholic Liver Disease and Sepsis, Shahrukh Hussain Khan and Mutsumi Kioka

Caleta El Cobre 022: An Unusual Nakhlite with Abundant Aqueous Alteration, Lisa Krämer Ruggiu, Jérôme Gattacceca, Bertrand Devouard, Arya Udry, Vinciane Debaille, Pierre Rochette, Jean-Pierre Lorand, Lydie Bonal, Pierre Beck, Violaine Sautter, M M. Meier, Matthieu Gounelle, Yves Marrocchi, C. Madden, and H. Busemann

Sa1469 ERCP with Overtube-Assisted Enteroscopy in Patients with Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Anatomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Rajesh Krishnamoorthi, Mahendran Jayaraj, Harshith Priyan, Nadav Sahar, Joanna K. Law, Michael C. Larsen, Shayan S. Irani, Richard A. Kozarek, and Andrew S. Ross

Efficacy and Safety of Endoscopis Ultrasound (EUS) Guided Gastroenterostomy (GE): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 875, Rajesh Krishnamoorthi MD, Mahendran Jayaraj MD, Gopalakrishnan Ravikumar, Naveen Prasad MD, Dhruv Singh MBBS, Joanna Law MD, Michael Larsen MD, Andrew Ross MD, Richard Kozarek MD; FACG, and Shyan Irani MD

Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Screening Prevalence and Mortality Rates in Nevada: A Population Health Analysis of Behavioral Risk, Parvesh Kumar, Chad Cross, Karen Callahan, and Sheniz Moonie

Breast and Prostate Cancer Screening Disparities and Mortality Rates in Nevada as Compared to California and the United States, Parvesh Kumar, Chad Cross, and Sheniz Moonie

Medical Management of Gastric Mucormycosis in an Immunocompetent Patient 2746, Daisy Lankarani MD, Ranjit Makar MD, Hamza Aziz MD, Muthena Maklad MD, Mahendran Jayaraj MD, and Gordon Ohning MD; PhD

An Aggressive Case of Recurrent Esophageal Stricture in a Patient with Acute Esophageal Necrosis, Daisy S. Lankarani, Ranjit Makar, Hamza Aziz, Muthena Maklad, and Joseph M. Fayad

Su54 - A Pilot Methylated Dna Immunoprecipitation Sequencing: Hypermethylation of the Death-Associated Protein 3 (Dap3) and Mir2110 in Fibromyalgia Associated with Child Abuse History Among African American Females, Hyunhwa Lee, Annette Mullis, Sijung Yun, Katrina Isla, Jonica Estrada, Nada Lukkahatai, Leorey Saligan, and Brian Walitt

Using Commingled and Fragmentary Remains to Reconstruct Social Interaction and Social Change, Andrea Lopen, Anna J. Osterholtz, Julianne Paige, Debra L. Martin, and Kathryn Baustian

Handgrip Fatigue and Forearm Girth in Intermediate Sport Rock Climbers, Grace MacDonald, Jacob W. Manning, Szu-Ping Lee, Charli Aguilar, Nathaniel G. Bodell, Jack Young, Brian Schilling, and James W. Navalta

Pazopanib-Associated Secondary Spontaneous Pneumothorax: Natural Disease Progression or Drug Safety Concern?, Hafiz Mahboob, Arthur Oliver Romero, and Jacqueline Choa

An Unusual Case of Persistent Globus Due to Granular Cell Tumor of the Distal Esophagus 1841, Ranjit Makar, Muthena Maklad, Hamza Aziz, Daisy S. Lankarani, and Joseph M. Fayad

"Knock Out" Pancreas: An Unusual Case of Isolated Pancreatic Duct Laceration in a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Ranjit Makar MD, Muthena Maklad MD, Hamza Aziz MD, Daisy S. Lankarani MD, Mohamad I. Mubder MD, Shahid Wahid MD, Gordon Ohning MD; PhD, and Bipin Saud MD

Duodenocolic Fistula Presenting as Feculent Emesis: An Unfortunate Case of Aggressive Colon Adenocarcinoma in a Young Patient 1569, Ranjit Makar MD, Muthena Maklad MD, Hamza Aziz MD, Daisy S. Lankarani MD, Bipin Saud MD, Mahendran Jayaraj MD, Shahid Wahid MD, and Gordon Ohning MD; PhD

Acute Extensive Jejunal Ulceration Following Single Balloon Enteroscopy, Muthena Maklad, Ranjit Makar, Daisy S. Lankarani, Hamza Aziz, and Joseph M. Fayad

Stride Frequency Manipulation: Physiological And Perceptual Responses During Backward Running With Body Weight Support, Kneji Masumoto, Daniel Denton, Andrew Craig-Jones, and John Mercer

Evaluation Of Shoulder Muscle Activity Patterns While Swimming In Triathlon Wetsuits, John Mercer, Boram Lim, Cordero Roche, and Andy Do

Comparisons of Running Mechanics Between Injured and Non-injured Cross-country Runners, Julien Mihy, Kristyne Weigand, and Julia Freedman Silvernail

Endoscopic Ultrasound vs. Endoscopic Trans-Papillary vs. Percutaneous Gallbladder Drainage in High-Risk Acute Cholecystitis Patients: A Systematic Review and Indirect Comparative Meta-Analysis 905, Babu P. Mohan MD, Shahab R. Khan MBBS, Sushrut Trakroo MD, Saurabh Chandan MD, Suresh Ponnada MD; MPH, Mahendran Jayaraj MD, Ravishankar Asokkumar MRCP, and Douglas G. Adler MD; FACG

The Utility of Inflammatory Markers to Predict Adverse Outcome in Acute Pancreatitis: A Retrospective Study in a Tertiary Care Academic Center: 60, Mohamad Mubder, Banreet Dhindsa, Danny Nguyen, Syed Mohsin Saghir, Chad Cross, Ranjit Makar, and Gordon Ohning

Spontaneous Resolution of Biliary Obstruction in Patients With Acute Gallstone Pancreatitis and Acute Cholangitis: A Retrospective Study in a Single Medical Center, Mohamad I. Mubder MD, Annie Hong MD, Banreet Dhindsa MD, Syed Saghir MD, Ranjit Makar MD, Chad Cross PhD, and Gordon Ohning MD; PhD

A False Positive MT-DNA Stool Test—What Is Next? 294, Mohamad I. Mubder MD, Harmeet Mashiana MD, Amaninder Dhaliwal, Chad Cross PhD, Banreet Dhindsa MD, Saurabh Chandan, Mahendran Jayaraj MD, and Gordon Ohning MD; PhD

Validity And Reliability Of Heart Rate Devices Compared Second-by-second Versus Minute-by-minute, James W. Navalta, Gabriela Guzman, Crystal Maxwell, and Jeffrey Montes

Phylogeography and taxonomic revision of Nelson's Pocket Mouse (Chaetodipus nelsoni), Sean A. Neiswenter, David J. Hafner, Jessica E. Light, Gabriella D. Cepeda, Kathleen C. Kinzer, and Brett R. Riddle

Melt Inclusion Analyses to Constrain Parental Magma Compositions of the Nakhlite Meteorites, Amanda M. Ostwald, Arya Udry, and Juliane Gross

The Influence Of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation On Skill Acquisition In A Complex Motor Task, Milan Pantovic, Austin Pomerantz, Sierra Kreamer-Hope, Lidio L. Albuquerque, Matt C. Pettit, Michael Zurowski, Mark A. Guadagnoli, Zachary A. Riley, and Brach Poston

Covariance Among Zygomatic Bone Shape, Eye Orbit Shape, and the Zygomaticotem-Poral Space, Alesha Pettit and Brian Villmoare

Running For Two: A Case Study On Running Throughout Pregnancy, Kara Radzak, Jessica Tom, and Brianne Borgia

Formation and Emplacement of Martian Poikilitic Shergottites, Rachel R. Rahib, Arya Udry, Geoffrey H. Howarth, Juliane Gross, Marine Paquet, Logan M. Combs, Dara L. Laczniak, and Jonathan M. Day

Validity In Step Counting Of Wearable Devices During Uphill Trail Running, Robert W. Salatto, James W. Navalta, Jeffrey Montes, Nathaniel G. Bodell, Jacob W. Manning, and Mark DeBeliso

A Case of Rectal Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue (MALT) Lymphoma Presenting as Telangiectasia: A Case Report 1650, Amaan Shafi MD, Hamza Aziz MD, Muthena Maklad MD, and Gordon Ohning MD; PhD

Diagnosis of Terminal Ileum Carcinoid Tumor Despite Prior Screening Colonoscopies—Making the Case for Routine Terminal Ileoscopy During Colon Cancer Surveillance: A Case Report, Amaan Shafi MD, Daisy S. Lankarani MD, Banreet Dhindsa MD, and Gordon Ohning MD; PhD

Joint Stiffness During Walking in Sedentary Young Adults, J Freedman Silvernail, B. Borgia, and K. Wiegand

Annual Variation Among Tree Pollen in Las Vegas From 2015-2018, Asma Tahir, Tanviben Patel Ph.D., Joseph Jean, Mark P. Buttner Ph.D., Dennis Bazylinski Ph.D., and Joram S. Seggev M.D.

Change in Emergency Department Volume Following the Las Vegas October Shooting, D. S. Thompson, T. Marshall, L. R. Bali, I. Chung, and David Slattery

Abstract P051: College Students’ Perception and Beliefs Regarding Cardiovascular Risk Factors: A Mixed-Methods Study, Dieu-My T. Tran, Catherine Dingley, and Rogelio Arenas

Abstract P051: College Students’ Perception and Beliefs Regarding Cardiovascular Risk Factors: A Mixed-Methods Study, Dieu-My T. Tran, Catherine Dingley, and Rogelio Arenas

Stomach Cancer - Physical and Functional Tests, Roberto Carlos Vieira Jr., Geovane Tolazzi, Haracelli Christina Barbosa Alvez Leite da Costa, Aiton Silva Machado, Felipe dos Santos Boa Sorte, Andrea Claudia Alves, James W. Navalta, and Fabricio A. Voltarelli

High-Protein Diet in Combination with Resistance Training Improves Performance without Changing Blood Parameters in Rats, Fabricio A. Voltarelli, Paula C. Almeida, Thiago Lima, Eudes Thiago P. Avila, Geovane J. Tolazzi, and James W. Navalta

Investigating the History of Aubrites Using X-Ray Computed Tomography and Bulk Partition Coefficients, Zoe E. Wilbur, Arya Udry, Francis M. McCubbin, Kathleen E. Vander Kaaden, Ryan A. Ziegler, Karen Ziegler, and Christopher DeFelice

Hadza Hunter-Gatherers Exhibit Gender Differences in Space Use and Spatial Cognition Consistent with the Ecology of Male and Female Targeted Foods, Brian M. Wood, Jacob A. Harris, Layne Vashro, Katherine M. Sayre, David A. Raichlen, Herman Pontzer, Amelia Sancilio, Colette J. Berbesque, Alyssa N. Crittenden, Audax Z.P. Mabulla, James H. Jones, and Elizabeth Cashdan

Do Machine Learning Techniques Improve Prediction of Bone Mineral Density? a Comparative Analysis of Genomic Data From 5,103 Individuals With 1,103 Snps in MR.Os Study, Qing Wu, Bibek Bhattarai, and Fatma Nasoz

Do Machine Learning Techniques Improve Prediction of Bone Mineral Density? A Comparative Analysis of Genomic Data from 5,103 Individuals with 1,103 SNPs in Mr.OS Study, Qing Wu, Bibek Bhattarai, and Fatma Nasoz

Prediction of Bone Mineral Density by Using Various Genetic Profiling: A Comparative Analysis in Independent Samples, Xiangxue Xiao, Qing Wu, and Xiaogang Wu

Derivation and External Validation of the Lower Limit of Normal Values' Predictive Ability for Future Fracture in African-American Women, Yingke Xu and Qing Wu

Different Trends in Bone Mineral Density and Osteoporosis among Adults with Type 2 Diabetes, Living in the United States, 2005-2006 through 2013-2014, Yingke Xu and Qing Wu

Different Trends in Bone Mineral Density and Osteoporosis among Adults with Type 2 Diabetes, Living in the United States, 2005-2006 through 2013-2014, Yingke Xu and Qing Wu

Sub-Region Based Radiomics Analysis for Survival Prediction in Esophageal Tumors Treated by Radiotherapy, P. Yang, L. Xu, Z. Cao, Y. Jiang, Y. Xue, C. Luo, Shixiu Wu, Yu Kuang, and Tianye Niu

Comparison of Inflammatory Responses Between Hetastarch and Lactated Ringer's Solution Treatment, Liyuan Zhang, Charles Caldwell, Jazmin Lopez, Julia Soulakova, and Barbara St. Pierre Schneider


Association Between Employee Department and Responsibile Gambling Program Perceptions, Brett Abarbanel, Heather M. Gray, Debi A. LaPlante, and Bo J. Bernhard

VGO, NFT, OMG! Commentary on Continued Developments in Skins Wagering, Brett Abarbanel and Joseph Macey

Exploring Gamers' Perceptions of Esports Betting Advertising, Brett Abarbanel and Dylan Phung

Iron Turning Waste Media for Treating Endosulfan and Heptachlor Contaminated Water, Tauqeer Abbas, Tanush Wadhawan, Asad Khan, John McEvoy, and Eakalak Khan


A Defense of Free-Roaming Cats from a Hedonist Account of Feline Well-being, C. E. Abbate


Don’t Demean “Invasives”: Conservation and Wrongful Species Discrimination, C. E. Abbate and Bob Fischer