Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Department of Geoscience Faculty.


Submissions from 2021

Arc Tempos, Tectonic Styles, and Sedimentation Patterns During Evolution of the North American Cordillera: Constraints From the Retroarc Detrital Zircon Archive, E. A. Balgord, W. A. Yonkee, M. L. Wells, A. Gentry, and A. K. Laskowski

"Missing Links" For the Long-Lived MacDonald and Arago Hotspots, South Pacific Ocean, L. Buff, M. G. Jackson, K. Konrad, J. G. Konter, M. Bizimis, A. Price, E. F. Rose-Koga, J. Blusztajn, A. A.P. Koppers, and Santiago Herrera

Interrelationships in the Gypsum-Syngenite-Gorgeyite System and Their Possible Formation on Mars, Christina García-Florentino, Leticia Gomez-Nubla, Jennifer Huidobro, Imanol Torre-Fdez, Patricia Ruíz-Galende, Julene Aramendia, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, Kepa Castro, Gorka Arana, and Juan M. Madariaga


Transcontinental Retroarc Sediment Routing Controlled by Subduction Geometry and Climate Change (Central and Southern Andes, Argentina), Eduardo Garzanti, Tomas Capaldi, Giovanni Vezzoli, Mara Limonta, and Numa Sosa

Reactive Transport Modeling of Aqueous Alteration in the Murray Formation, Gale Crater, Mars, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, Douglas W. Ming, Elizabeth B. Rampe, and Tanya S. Peretyazhko


Implications of an Improved Water Equation of State for Water-Rich Planets, Chenling Huang, David R. Rice, Zachary M. Grande, Dean Smith, John H. Boisvert, Oliver Tschauner, Ashkan Salamat, and Jason Steffen

Editorial, Simon M. Jowitt

Mantle Plumes and Their Role in Earth Processes, Anthony A.P. Koppers, Thorsten W. Becker, Matthew G. Jackson, Kevin Konrad, R. Dietman Muller, Barbara Romanowicz, Bernhard Steinberger, and Joanne M. Whittaker

The Pitfalls, Perils, and Promise of Hydrophilanthropy, David K. Kreamer


Climatic and Topographic Control of the Stable Isotope Values of Rivers on the South Island of New Zealand, Matthew S. Lachniet, Christopher M. Moy, Christina Riesselman, Haroon Stephen, and Andrew M. Lorrey

Evolution of Invisible Au in Arsenian Pyrite in Carlin-Type Au Deposits, Qing Lin Liang, Zhuojun Xie, Xie Yan Song, Richard Wirth, Yong Xia, and Jean Cline


Maximum Temperatures in Evolving Protoplanetary Discs and Composition of Planetary Building Blocks, Min Li, Shichun Huang, Zhaohuan Zhu, Michael I. Petaev, and Jason H. Steffen

Manganese Oxides in Martian Meteorites Northwest Africa (NWA) 7034 and 7533, Yang Liu, Woodward W. Fischer, Chi Ma, John R. Beckett, Oliver Tschauner, Yunbin Guan, Usha F. Lingappa, Samuel M. Webb, Vitali B. Prakapenka, Nina L. Lanza, and Carl B. Agee


Garnet Major and Trace Element Evidence of the Alteration and Mineralizing Processes Associated with Genesis of the Qiaomaishan Skarn Deposit, Xuancheng Ore District, Eastern China, Yue Li, Feng Yuan, Simon M. Jowitt, Xiangling Li, Yufeng Deng, Xiaohui Li, and Taofa Zhou


Molybdenite Re–Os, Titanite and Garnet U–Pb Dating of the Magushan Skarn Cu–Mo Deposit, Xuancheng District, Middle–Lower Yangtze River Metallogenic Belt, Yue Li, Feng Yuan, Simon M. Jowitt, Fangyue Wang, Xiangling Li, Yufeng Deng, Yunyue Wang, and Taofa Zhou

Thermo-Kinematic Modeling of Detachment-Dominated Extension, Northeastern Death Valley Area, USA: Implications for Mid-Crustal Thermal-Rheological Evolution, Brandon M. Lutz, Richard A. Ketcham, Gary J. Axen, Mengesha A. Beyene, Michael L. Wells, Jolante W. van Wijk, Daniel F. Stockli, and Jake I. Ross


Barriers To and Uncertainties In Understanding and Quantifying Global Critical Mineral and Element Supply, Brian A. McNulty and Simon M. Jowitt


Equation of State for Natural Almandine, Spessartine, Pyrope Garnet: Implications for Quartz-In-Garnet Elastic Geobarometry, Suzanne R. Mulligan, Elissaios Stavrou, Stella Chariton, Oliver Tschauner, Ashkan Salamat, Michael Wells, Alexander G. Smith, Thomas D. Hoisch, and Vitali Prakapenka

Uniform Oxygen Fugacity of Shergottite Mantle Sources and an Oxidized Martian Lithosphere, Robert W. Nicklas, James M.D. Day, Zoltan Vaci, Arya Udry, Yang Liu, and Kimberly T. Tait

Dissolution Rates of Allophane With Variable Fe Contents: Implications for Aqueous Alteration and the Preservation of X-Ray Amorphous Materials on Mars, S. J. Ralston, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, Oliver Tschauner, Elizabeth Rampe, Tanya S. Peretyazhko, Roy Christoffersen, Chris Defelice, and Hyejeong Lee


Nickel–Manganese Variability in Olivine and Al-In-Olivine Thermometry for Olivine-Phyric Shergottites, Sierra R. Ramsey, Geoffrey H. Howarth, Arya Udry, and Juliane Gross


A Multiproxy Database of Western North American Holocene Paleoclimate Records, Cody C. Routson, Darrell S. Kaufman, Nicholas P. Mckay, Michael P. Erb, Stéphanie H. Arcusa, Kendrick J. Brown, Matthew E. Kirby, Jeremiah P. Marsicek, R. Scott Anderson, Gonzalo Jiménez-Moreno, Jessica R. Rodysill, Matthew S. Lachniet, Sherilyn C. Fritz, Joseph R. Bennett, Michelle F. Goman, Sarah E. Metcalfe, Jennifer M. Galloway, Gerrit Schoups, David B. Wahl, Jesse L. Morris, Francisca Staines-Urías, Andria Dawson, Bryan N. Shuman, Daniel G. Gavin, Jeffrey S. Munroe, and Brian F. Cumming


Shallow Rupture Propagation of Pleistocene Earthquakes Along the Hurricane Fault, UT, Revealed by Hematite (U-Th)/He Thermochronometry and Textures, Madison P. Taylor, Alexis K. Ault, Margaret L. Odlum, and Dennis L. Newell

Stöfflerite, (Ca,Na)(Si,Al)O8 in the Hollandite Structure: A New High-Pressure Polymorph of Anorthite from Martian Meteorite NWA 856, Oliver Tschauner, Chi Ma, John G. Spray, Eran Greenberg, and Vitali B. Prakapenka


The Importance of the Study of Igneous Rocks and Compositions to Constrain the Martian Planetary Evolution, Arya Udry University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Justin Filiberto; Juliane Gross; Mariek Schmidt; Deanne Rogers; Libby Hausrath; Roger Wiens; and Nina Lanza

Calcium Isotope Cosmochemistry, Maria C. Valdes, Katherine R. Bermingham, Shichun Huang, and Justin I. Simon


Nickel Isotopic Evidence for Late-Stage Accretion of Mercury-Like Differentiated Planetary Embryos, Shui Jiong Wang, Wenzhong Wang, Jian Ming Zhu, Zhongqing Wu, Jingao Liu, Guilin Han, Fang Zhen Teng, Shichun Huang, Hongjie Wu, Yujian Wang, Guangliang Wu, and Weihan Li


Coupled Deep-Mantle Carbon-Water Cycle: Evidence From Lower-Mantle Diamonds, Wenzhong Wang, Oliver Tschauner, Shichun Huang, Zhongqing Wu, Yufei Meng, Hans Bechtel, and Ho Kwang Mao

Ultra-Long Magma Residence Time Leading to a New Model for the Tungsten Mineralization in the Nanling Range (South China), Xiang Wang, Haiyang Xian, H. Henry Teng, and Minghua Ren

Melt Inclusions in Chassignite NWA 2737: A Link Between Processes Recorded in Martian Meteorites and Rocks at Gale Crater, Peiyu Wu, Esteban Gazel, Arya Udry, Jacob B. Setera, and Amanda Ostwald

Formation and Forward Propagation of the Indosinian Foreland Fold-Thrust Belt and Nanpanjiang Foreland Basin in SW China, Wen Xin Yang, Dan Ping Yan, Liang Qiu, Michael L. Wells, Jian Meng Dong, Tian Gao, Zhi Zhang, Hongxu Mu, Xinwen Wang, and Fangyue Wang

Fluid-Rock Interaction of the Early Cambrian Black Shale in the South China Block: Implications for Low-Temperature Mineralisation, Yonglei Zhang, Dan Ping Yan, Jian Feng Gao, Liang Qiu, Minghua Ren, Yue Zhang, Baifa Zhang, and Dongcan Xu

Submissions from 2020

Transverse Faults in Rifting: Timpahute Lineament, East-Central Nevada, Shaimaa A. Abdelhaleem, William K. Barba, Nathan G. Reed, Andrew J. Reid, and Wanda J. Taylor

Resources from Water-Rock Interactions for Future Human Exploration of Mars, Christopher T. Adcock University of Nevada, Las Vegas; E. M. Hausrath University of Nevada, Las Vegas; E. B. Rampe NASA Johnson Space Center; R. D. Panduro-Allanson University of Nevada, Las Vegas; and S. M. Steinberg

Management of Bai Hassan Unconfined Aquifer, Lesser Zab River Basin, Kurdistan Region, Iraq Using a Modeling Approach, Moutaz A. Al-Dabbas, David K. Kreamer, Ayad A. Al-Shammari, and Ali M. Jwad


Mildly Hydrophobic Biobased Mulch: A Sustainable Approach to Controlling Bare Soil Evaporation, Jesse Lee Barnes and Michael John Nicholl


Preservation of Latest Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) - Paleocene Frogs (Eorubeta nevadensis) of the Sheep Pass Formation of East-Central Nevada and Implications for Paleogeography of the Nevadaplano, Joshua W. Bonde, Peter A. Druschke, Richard P. Hilton, Amy C. Henrici, and Stephen M. Rowland


Neogene Retroarc Foreland Basin Evolution, Sediment Provenance, and Magmatism in Response to Flat Slab Subduction, Western Argentina, Tomas N. Capaldi, Brian K. Horton, N. Ryan McKenzie, Chelsea Mackaman-Lofland, Daniel F. Stockli, Gustavo Ortiz, and Patricia Alvarado

Quaternary Deformation at the Southeastern Margin of the Ordos Block, North China: Inferred From Structural Analysis of Basin-Bounding Faults, Hong Chen, Jianmin Hu, Gang Jin, Michael L. Wells, Xingke Yang, Honghui Wang, and Guodong Bao

The Limits of Freely-Available Tree-Ring Chronologies, Bethany L. Coulthard, Scott St. George, and David M. Meko

Snowpack Reconstruction in North America Using Tree-Rings, Bethany Lynn Coulthard, Kevin J. Anchukaitis, Gregory T. Pederson, Edward Cook, Jeremy Littell, and Dan J. Smith

Dynamics, Variability, and Change in Seasonal Precipitation Reconstructions for North America, Bethany Coulthard, David W. Stahle, Edward R. Cook, Dorian J. Burnette, Max C. A. Torbenson, Ian M. Howard, Daniel Griffin, Jose Villanueva Diaz, Benjamin I. Cook, Park Williams, Emma Watson, David J. Sauchyn, Neil Pederson, Connie A. Woodhouse, Gregory T. Pederson, David Meko, and Christopher J. Crawford

Algae Cultivation for Long-Term Food and Oxygen Production on Mars, L. M. Cycil University of Nevada, Las Vegas; E. M. Hausrath University of Nevada, Las Vegas; J. Raymond University of Nevada, Las Vegas; D. Remias University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria; D. W. Ming; Christopher Adcock; and P. Marcos

Ore Classification of Pseudobreccia Ore in the 144 Zone Gold Deposit: A Chemical Replacement Model, Bare Mountain Range, Nevada, Bill T. Fischer and Jean S. Cline

Iodine Records from the Ediacaran Doushantuo Cap Carbonates of the Yangtze Block, South China, Ruliang He, Ganqing Jiang, Wanyi Li, and Zunli Lu

HIMU Geochemical Signature Originating From the Transition Zone, Shichun Huang, Oliver Tschauner, Shuying Yang, Munir Humayun, Wenjun Liu, Stephanie N. Gilbert Corder, Hans A. Bechtel, and Jon Tischler

Middle Triassic Arc Magmatism in the Southern Lhasa Terrane: Geochronology, Petrogenesis and Tectonic Setting, Yong Huang, Minghua Ren, Simon M. Jowitt, Guangming Li, Jianggang Fu, Zhi Zhang, Xinghai Lang, Hong Liu, and Li Zhang


3D Numerical Simulation-Based Targeting of Skarn Type Mineralization within the Xuancheng-Magushan Orefield, Middle-Lower Yangtze Metallogenic Belt, China, Xunyu Hu, Xiaohui Li, Feng Yuan, Simon M. Jowitt, Alison Ord, Rui Ye, Yue Li, Wenqiang Dai, and Xiangling Li

Editorial, Simon Jowitt

Editorial, Simon Jowitt

Editorial, Simon Jowitt

Editorial, Simon Jowitt

COVID-19 and the Global Mining Industry, Simon M. Jowitt


Future Availability of Non-renewable Metal Resources and the Influence of Environmental, Social, and Governance Conflicts on Metal Production, Simon Jowitt, Gavin M. Mudd, and John F.H. Thompson

Redefining the Tonto Group of Grand Canyon and Recalibrating the Cambrian Time Scale, K. E. Karlstrom, M. T. Mohr, M. D. Schmitz, F. A. Sundberg, S. M. Rowland, R. Blakey, J. R. Foster, L. J. Crossey, C. M. Dehler, and J. W. Hagadorn

The Future of Groundwater Science and Research, David K. Kreamer, David M. Ball, Viviana Re, Craig T. Simmons, Thomas Bothwell, Hanneke J.M. Verweij, Abhijit Mukherjee, and Magali F. Moreau


Great Basin Paleoclimate and Aridity Linked to Artic Warming and Tropical Pacific Sea Surface Temperature, Matthew S. Lachniet, Yemane Asmerom, Victor Polyak, and Rhawn Denniston

Reviewing the Material and Metal Security of Low-Carbon Energy Transitions, Jordy Lee, Morgan Brazilian, Benjamin Sovacool, Kristen Hund, Simon M. Jowitt, T. P. Nguyen, Andre Manberger, Marianne Kah, Suzanne Greene, Clara Galeazzi, Kwame Awuah-Offei, Michael Moats, John Tilton, and Steve Kukoda

Convolutional Neural Network and Transfer Learning Based Mineral Prospectivity Modeling for Geochemical Exploration of Au Mineralization Within the Guandian–Zhangbaling area, Anhui Province, China, He Li, Xiaohui Li, Feng Huan, Simon M. Kowitt, Mingming Zhang, Jie Zhou, Taofa Zhou, Xiangling Li, Can Ge, and Bangcai Wu

Geochronology, Petrogenesis and Metallogenic Implications of Mineralizarion-Related Intrusive Rocks in the Xuancheng Ore District, Eastern China, Yue Li, Feng Yuan, Simon M. Jowitt, Yufeng Deng, Xunyu Hu, Guangxian Liu, Xiaohui Li, and Taofa Zhou


Late Quaternary Climate Variability and Change from Aotearoa New Zealand Speleothems: Progress in Age Modelling, Oxygen Isotope Master Record Construction and Proxy-Model Comparisons, Andrew M. Lorrey, Paul W. Williams, John-Mark Woolley, Nicolas C. Faushereau, Adam Hartland, Helen Bostock, Shaun Eaves, Matthew S. Lachniet, James A. Renwick, and Vidya Varma

Saponite Dissolution Experiments and Implications for Mars, N. C. Luu University of Nevada, Las Vegas; E. M. Hausrath University of Nevada, Las Vegas; A. M. Sanchez University of Nevada, Las Vegas; S. Gainey University of Nevada, Las Vegas; E. Rampe; T. Peretyazhko; O. Tschauner; Christopher Adcock; and A. Picard

Warkite, Ca2Sc6Al6O20, A New Mineral in Carbonaceous Chondrites and a Key-Stone Phase in Ultrarefractory Inclusions from the Solar Nebula, Chi Ma, Alexander A. Krot, John R. Beckett, Kazuhide Nagashima, Oliver Tschauner, George R. Rossman, Steven B. Simon, and Addi Bischof

Warkite, Ca2Sc6Al6O20, a New Mineral in Carbonaceous Chondrites and a Key-Stone Phase in Ultrarefractory Inclusions From the Solar Nebula, Chi Ma, Alexander N. Krot, John R. Beckett, Kazuhide Nagashima, Oliver Tschauner, George R. Rossman, Steven B. Simon, and Addi Bischoff


Andean Mountain Building and Foreland Basin Evolution During Thin- and Thick-Skinned Neogene Deformation (32-33 degrees S), Chelsea Mackaman-Lofland University of Texas at Austin, Brian K. Horton University of Texas at Austin, Facundo Fuentes YPF, Kurt N. Constenius University of Arizona, Richard A. Ketcham, Tomas N. Capaldi, Daniel F. Stockli, Jean-Baptiste Ammirati, Patricia Alvarado, and Paola Orozco


Radiological Identification of Near‐Surface Mineralogical Deposits Using Low‐Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Peter G. Martin, Dean T. Connor, Natalia Estrada, Adel El-Turke, David Megson-Smith, Chris P. Jones, David K. Kreamer, and Thomas B. Scott

Three Hundred Years of Snowpack Variability in Southwestern British Columbia Reconstructed From Tree‐Rings, Bryan J. Mood, Bethany Coulthard, and Dan J. Smith

Mining in Papua New Guinea: A Complex Story of Trends, Impacts and Governance, Gavin M. Mudd, Charles Roche, Stephen A. Northey, Simon M. Jowitt, and Gama Gamato

Flow Topology in the Confluence of an Open Channel with Lateral Drainage Pipe, Mohammad Nazari-Sharabian, Moses Karakouzian, and Donald Hayes

Thallium Isotope Ratios in Shales from South China and Northwestern Canada Suggest Widespread O2 Accumulation in Marine Bottom Waters was an Uncommon Occurrence During the Ediacaran Period, Chadlin M. Ostrander, Jeremy D. Owens, Sune G. Nielsen, Timothy W. Lyons, Yunchao Shu, Xinming Chen, Erik A. Sperling, Ganqing Jiang, David T. Johnston, Swapan K. Sahoo, and Ariel D. Anbar

Highly Siderophile Elements in Shergottite Sulfides and the Sulfur Content of the Martian Mantle, Marine Paquet, James M.D. Day, Arya Udry, Ruan Hattingh, Ben Kumler, Rachel R. Rahib, Kimberly T. Tait, and Clive R. Neal

Constraining Ancient Magmatic Evolution on Mars Using Crystal Chemistry of Detrital Igneous Minerals in the Sedimentary Bradbury Group, Gale Crater, Mars, V. Payré, K. L. Siebach, R. Dasgupta, Arya Udry, E. B. Rampe, and S. M. Morrison

Snow Algae Preferentially Grow on Fe-containing Minerals and Contribute to the Formation of Fe Phases, Charity M. Phillips-Lander, Zoe Harrold, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, Antonio Lanzirotti, Matthew Newville, Christopher T. Adcock, James A. Raymond, Shichun Huang, Oliver Tschauner, and Arlaine Sanchez

Impacts of Water-Rock Interactions on Smectites, Chlorites, and Mixed-Layer Clay Minerals and Implications for Interpreting Past Aqueous Conditions in Jezero Crater, Mars, A. W. Provow University of Nevada, Las Vegas; E. M. Hausrath University of Nevada, Las Vegas; T. S. Peretyazhko NASA Johnson Space Center; and Christopher Adcock University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The Timing of Brittle Deformation: An Example From the Cenozoic Faults in the Youjiang Fold‐Thrust Belt in Southwestern China, Liang Qiu, Dan-Ping Yan, Wen-Xing Yang, Wentao Cao, Minghua Ren, Tian Gao, Jianmeng Dong, and Fang-Yue Wang


Critical Knowledge Gaps in the Martian Geological Record: A Rationale for Regional-Scale in Situ Exploration by Rotorcraft Mid-Air Deployment, William Rapin Sorbonne Université, A. Fraeman California Institute of Technology, B. L. Ehlmann California Institute of Technology, A. Mittelholz University of British Columbia, B. Langlais, R. Lillis, V. Sautter, D. Baratoux, V. Payré, Arya Udry, B. Horgan, J. Flahaut, G. Dromart, C. Quantin-Nataf, N. Mangold, S. Maurice, J. T. Keane, and J. Bapst

Heterogeneous Extension Along the Northern Boundary of the Central Basin and Range Sub-Province: The Kane Springs Wash Fault, Southern Nevada, Andrew J. Reid, Wanda Taylor, and Nathan G. Reed


Thermal Analysis, Compressibility, and Decomposition of Synthetic Bastnäsite-(La) to Lanthanum Oxyfluoride, Richard L. Rowland, Barbara Lavina, Kathleen E. Vander Kadeen, Lisa R. Danielson, and Pamela C. Burnely

Early Adaptation to Eolian Sand Dunes by Basal Amniotes Is Documented in Two Pennsylvanian Grand Canyon Trackways, Stephen M. Rowland, Mario V. Caputo, and Zachary A. Jensen

Caleta el Cobre 022 Martian Meteorite: Increasing Nakhlite Diversity, L. Krämer Ruggiu, J. Gattacceca, B. Devouard, Arya Udry, V. Debaille, P. Rochette, J. P. Lorand, L. Bonal, P. Beck, V. Sautter, H. Busemann, M. M. M. Meier, C. Maden, G. Hublet, and R. Martinez

A Lake Sediment Stable Isotope Record of Late-Middle to Late Holocene Hydroclimate Variability in the Western Guatemala Highlands, Nathan D. Stansell, Bryon A. Steinman, Matthew S. Lachniet, Jacob Feller, William Harvey, Alejandro Fernandez, Christopher J. Shea, Brittany Price, Jason Coenen, Maxwell Boes, and Stephen Perdziola

Lake Sediment Stable Isotope Record of Middle to late Holocene Hydroclimate Variability in the Western Guatemala Highlands, Nathan D. Stansell, Byron A. Steinman, Matthew S. Lachniet, Jacob Feller, William Harvey, Alejandro Fernandez, Christopher J. Shea, Brittany Price, Jason Coenen, Maxwell Boes, and Stephen Perdziola

The Atud Gabbro–Diorite Complex: Glimpse of the Cryogenian Mixing, Assimilation, Storage and Homogenization Zone Beneath the Eastern Desert of Egypt, Robert J. Stern, Kamal Ali, Paul D. Asimow, Mokhles K. Azer, Matthew I. Leybourne, Heba S. Mubarak, Minghua Ren, Rolf L. Romer, and Martin J. Whitehouse

Glimpses of Oceanic Lithosphere of the Challenger Deep Forearc Segment in the Southernmost Marianas: The 143°E Transect, 5800–4200 m, Robert J. Stern, Yas Ohara, Minghua Ren, Matt Leybourne, and Brent Bowers

Quantifying the Base Flow of the Colorado River: Its Importance in Sustaining Perennial Flow in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, Riley K. Swanson, Abraham E. Springer, David K. Kreamer, Benjamin W. Tobin, and Denielle M. Perry

Quantifying the Base Flow of the Colorado River: Its Importance in Sustaining Perennial Flow in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah (USA), Riley K. Swanson, Abraham E. Springer, David K. Kreamer, Benjamin W. Tobin, and Denielle M. Perry

Riesite, a New High Pressure Polymorph of TiO2 from the Ries Impact Structure, Tschauner, Chi Ma, Antonio Lanzirotti, and Matthew G. Newville

Empirical Constrains on Volume Changes in Pressure-Induced Solid State Transformations, Oliver Tschauner

High‐Pressure Carbonaceous Phases as Minerals, Oliver Tschauner


Structure Analysis of Natural Wangdaodeite—linbo3-Type fetio3, Oliver Tschauner, Chi Ma, Matthew G. Newville, and Antonio Lanzirotti

Transient Shallow-Ocean Oxidation Associated with the Late Ediacaran Nama Skeletal Fauna: Evidence from Iodine Contents of the Lower Nama Group, Southern Namibia, Collen-Issia Uahengo, Xiaoying Shi, Ganqing Jiang, and Absai Vatuva


What Martian Meteorites Reveal About the Interior and Surface of Mars, Arya Udry, G. H. Howarth, C. D.K. Herd, J. M.D. Day, T. J. Lapen, and J. Filiberto

Hydrous Olivine Alteration on Mars and Earth, Zoltan Vaci, Carl B. Agee, Christopher D.K. Herd, Erin Walton, Oliver Tschauner, Karen Ziegler, Vitali B. Prakapenka, Eran Greenberg, and Sylvia Monique-Thomas


Arc‐Type Magmatism Due to Continental‐Edge Plowing Through Ancient Subduction‐Enriched Mantle, Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen, Wim Spakman, Hugo de Boorder, Michiel van Dongen, Simon M. Jowitt, and Paul R.D. Mason

Reply to Bada: Acidity and Fluid Composition on the Tagish Lake Parent Body, Lee F. White, Kimberly T. Tait, Brian Langelier, Elizabeth A. Lymer, Ana Cernok, Tanya V. Kizovskia, Chi Ma, Oliver Tschauner, and Richard I. Nicklin


Evidence for Sodium-Rich Alkaline Water in the Tagish Lake Parent Body and Implications for Amino Acid Synthesis and Racemization, Lee F. White, Kimberly T. Tait, Brian Langelier, Elizabeth A. Lymer, Ana Černok, Tanya V. Kizovski, Chi Ma, Oliver Tschauner, and Richard I. Nicklin


Initiation of a Stable Convective Hydroclimatic Regime in Central America Circa 9000 Years BP, Amos Winter, Davide Zanchettin, Matthew Lachniet, Rolf Vieten, Francesco S. R. Pausata, Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, Hai Cheng, R. Lawrence Edwards, Thomas Miller, Sara Rubinetti, Angelo Rubino, and Carla Taricco

Phase Equilibria and Geochronology of Triassic Blueschists in the Bikou Terrane and Mesozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Northwestern Margin of the Yangtze Block (SW China), Chenguang Xu, Michael L. Wells, Dan-Ping Yan, Liang Qiu, Yu Zhou, and Yixi Zhang

Formation of Lunar Highlands Anorthosites, Xiaoqing Xu, Hejiu Hui, Wei Chen, Shichun Huang, Clive R. Neal, and Xisheng Xu

Submissions from 2019

Modeling Gamma Radiation Exposure Rates Using Geologic and Remote Sensing Data to Locate Radiogenic Anomalies, Christopher T. Adcock, Daniel A. Haber, Pamela C. Burnley, Russell L. Malchow, and Elisabeth M. Hausrath