Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Psychology Department faculty.


Submissions from 2016


Examination of Life Satisfaction, Child Maltreatment Potential and Substance Use in Mothers Referred for Treatment by Child Protective Services for Child Neglect and Substance Abuse: Implications for Intervention Planning, Christopher P Plant, Bradley Donohue, and J M. Holland


Concurrent sound segregation impairments in schizophrenia: The contribution of auditory-specific and general cognitive factors, Erin M Ramage, N Klimas, S J. Vogel, M Vertinski, B D. Yerkes, A Flores, G P. Sutton, E N. Ringdahl, Daniel Allen, and J S. Snyder


Asymmetries in infants' attention toward and categorization of male faces: The potential role of experience, Jennifer Rennels, A J. Kayl, J H. Langlois, R E. Davis, and M Orlewicz


“She Might be Afraid of Commitment”: Perceptions of Women Who Retain Their Surname After Marriage, Rachael Robnett, C R. Underwood, P A. Nelson, and K J. Anderson


Cues to perceiving tonal stability in music: The role of temporal structure, Matthew A Rosenthal and Erin Hannon


Negative symptoms in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia: A psychometric evaluation of the brief negative symptom scale across diagnostic categories, G P. Strauss, Mary Vertinski, S J. Vogel, E N. Ringdahl, and Daniel Allen


Children use object-level category knowledge to detect changes in complex auditory scenes, Christina M Vanden Bosch der Nederlanden, Joel Snyder, and E E. Hannon


Impact of Irritability and Impulsive Aggressive Behavior on Impairment and Social Functioning in Youth with Cyclothymic Disorder, A Van Meter, E Youngstrom, Andrew Freeman, N Feeny, J K. Youngstrom, and R L. Findling

Registered Replication Report: Strack, Martin, & Stepper (1988), E.-J. Wagenmakers, T. Beek, L. Dijkhoff, Q. F. Gronau, A. Acosta, R. B. Adams Jr., D. N. Albohn, E. S. Allard, Stephen D. Benning, E.-M. Blouin-Hudon, L. C. Bulnes, T. L. Caldwell, R. J. Calin-Jageman, C. A. Capaldi, N. S. Carfagnno, K. T. Chasten, A. Cleeremans, L. Connell, J. M. DeCicco, K. Dijkstra, A. H. Fischer, F. Foroni, U. Hess, K. J. Holmes, J. L.H. Jones, O. Klein, C. Koch, S. Korb, P. Lewinski, J. D. Liao, and S. Lund


Replicated Risk Nicotinic Cholinergic Receptor Genes for Nicotine Dependence, Lingjun Zuo, Rolando Garcia-Milian, Xiaoyun Guo, Chunlong Zhong, Yunlong Tan, Zhiren Wang, Jijun Wang, Xiaoping Wang, Longli Kang, Lu Lu, Xiangning Chen, Chiang-Shan R. Li, and Xingguang Luo


Long noncoding RNAs in psychiatric disorders, L Zuo, Y Tan, Z Wang, K S. Wang, X Zhang, Xiangning Chen, C SR Li, T Wang, and X Luo

piRNAs and their functions in the brain, L Zuo, Z Wang, Y Tan, Xiangning Chen, and X Luo

Submissions from 2014

Serious mental illness and substance use disorder comorbidity, Daniel N. Allen, B. Lee, S. Thaler, and Steven Paul Woods

Validity of the RIAS for assessing children with traumatic brain injury: Sensitivity to TBI and comparability to the WISC-III and WISC-IV, Daniel N. Allen, Paul C. Stolberg, Nicholas Shizuo Thaler, Griffin Pollock Sutton, and Joan Mayfield

Introduction, Daniel N. Allen and Steven Paul Woods

Neuropsychological aspects of substance use disorders: Evidence based perspectives, Daniel N. Allen and Steven Paul Woods

Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders: General considerations, D. N. Allen and G. Goldstein

Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders: Test measures and procedures, D. N. Allen and G. Goldstein

Parental satisfaction and child maltreatment. In A.C. Michalos, Kelsey Michael Bradshaw and B. Donohue

A review of quality assurance methods to assist professional record keeping: Implications for providers of interpersonal violence treatment, Kelsey Michael Bradshaw, B. Donohue, and C. Wilks

Inventory of Complicated Spiritual Grief: Development and initial validation of a new measure, L. A. Burke, R. A. Neimeyer, J. S. Holland, S. Dennard, L. Oliver, and M. K. Shear

Using the ambiguous plaid stimuli to investigate the influence of immediate prior experience on perception, Olivia L. Carter, Joel S. Snyder, Sandy Fung, and Nava Rubin

Self-Objectification, Body Self-Consciousness during Sexual Activities and Sexual Satisfaction in College Women. Body Image, Kim Claudat and Cortney S. Warren

Parent perfectionism and psychopathology symptoms and child perfectionism, Lisa Caitlin Cook and Christopher A. Kearney

The effects of puberty and circulating testosterone on risk for disordered eating in adolescent males, Kristen M. Culbert, S. Alexandra Burt, C. L. Sisk, Joel Thomas Nigg, and Kelly L. Klump

How mood and task complexity affect children’s recognition of others’ emotions, Andrew J. Cummings and Jennifer L. Rennels


Residential treatment for combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder: Identifying trajectories of change and predictors of treatment response, Joseph M. Currier, Jason M. Holland, and Kent D. Drescher

Involvement in abusive violence among Vietnam veterans: Direct and indirect associations with substance use problems and suicidality, Joseph M. Currier, Jason M. Holland, Hannah W. Jones, and Susan Sheu

A controlled evaluation of family behavior therapy in concurrent child neglect and drug abuse, Brad Donohue, Nathan H. Azrin, Kelsey Michael Bradshaw, Vincent B. van Hasselt, Chad L. Cross, Jessica Urgelles, and Daniel N. Allen

Examination of illicit drug use frequency using multiple drug assessment methods in mothers referred to treatment by child protective services, Brad C. Donohue, Jason M. Holland, Karen Lopez, Jessica Urgelles, and Daniel N. Allen

Developmental aspects and neurobiological correlates of verbal working and associative memory, G. Goldstein, Daniel N. Allen, Nicholas Shizuo Thaler, J. F. Luther, K. Panchalingam, and J. W. Pettegrew

Change deafness and object encoding with recognizable and unrecognizable sounds, Melissa K. Gregg, Vanessa C. Irsik, and Joel S. Snyder

Evaluation of a truancy diversion program at nine at-risk middle schools, Courtney Marie Haight, Gillian V. Chapman, Marisa Charlene Hendron, Rachel Marie Loftis, and Christopher A. Kearney

Development, Erin E. Hannon

The effect of early environmental manipulation on locomotor sensitivity and methamphetamine conditioned place preference reward, E. Hensleigh and Laurel M. Pritchard

Sadness, anxiety, and experiences with emotional support among Veteran and non-Veteran patients and their families at the end of life, Jason M. Holland, Joseph M. Currier, Abbie M. Kirkendall, Jennifer Reid Keene, and Nora A. Luna

Validation of the Integration of Stressful Life Experiences Scale – Short Form in a bereaved sample, Jason M. Holland, Joseph M. Currier, and Robert A. Neimeyer

Meaning made of stress among Veterans transitioning to college: Examining unique associations with suicide risk and life threatening behavior, Jason M. Holland PhD; Jesse Malott MA, MDiv; and Joseph M. Currier PhD

Psychosocial predictors of salivary cortisol among older adults with depression, Jason M. Holland PhD, Johanna Rengifo, Joseph M. Currier PhD, Ruth O'Hara, Keith Sudheimer, and Dolores Gallagher-Thompson

The unique impact of late-life bereavement and prolonged grief on diurnal cortisol, Jason M. Holland PhD, Vincent Rozalski, Kara L. Thompson, Roanne Joy Tiongson, Alan F. Schatzberg, Ruth O'Hara, and Dolores Gallagher-Thompson

Bereavement-related regret trajectories among widowed older adults, Jason M. Holland PhD, Kara L. Thompson, Vincent Rozalski, and Wendy G. Lichtenthal

Grounding the science of inner experience in the apprehension of phenomena: A review of Consciousness and the Self: New Essays, Russell T. Hurlburt and Susan A.J. Stuart

School absenteeism during childhood, Christopher A. Kearney and R. Diliberto

School Refusal Behavior, Christopher A. Kearney and R. Diliberto

A Response to Intervention model to promote school attendance and decrease school absenteeism, Christopher A. Kearney and Patricia A. Graczyk

Problematic School Absenteeism, Christopher A. Kearney and Emma H. Ross

Treating school refusal behavior, Christopher A. Kearney and M. Spear

Timing and tempo: Exploring the complex association between pubertal development and depression in African American and European American girls, Kate Keenan, Kristen M. Culbert, Kevin J. Grimm, Alison E. Hipwell, and Stephanie D. Stepp

The A-Z of Death and Dying: Social, Medical, and Cultural Aspects, Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

Forced exercise before or after induction of 6-OHDA-mediated nigrostriatal insult does not mitigate behavioral asymmetry in a hemiparkinsonian rat model, Merrill Russen Landers, Jefferson Kinney, and Frank van Breukelen

Incorporando un plan de vida saludable en la terapia familiar conductual: Ejemplificando un caso clínico de una mujer con historial de violencia doméstica, negligencia infantil, abuso de drogas y obesidad (Incorporating a healthy living curriculum within family behavior therapy: A clinical case example in a woman with a history of domestic violence, child neglect, drug abuse, and obesity), Holly Beth Lapota, Brad C. Donohue, Cortney S. Warren Ph.D., Daniel N. Allen, Arianna Gonzales-Bueno, and Arévalo Humberto Emilio Aguilera

Perception Matters for Clinical Perfectionism and Social Anxiety. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, Cheri A. Levinson, Thomas L. Rodebaugh, Erik A. Shumaker, Andrew R. Menatti, Justin W. Weeks, Emily K. White, Richard G. Heimberg, Cortney S. Warren, Carlos Blanco, Franklin Schneier, and Michael R. Liebowitz


Community-Level Interventions for Reconciling Conflicting Religious and Sexual Domains in Identity Incongruity, Renato M. Liboro

Brief therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms in maltreated youth in a shelter care facility, Lisa M. Linning and Christopher A. Kearney

Translation and Validation of a Spanish Version of the Sociocultural Attitudes Towards Appearance Questionnaire‐4 (SATAQ‐4), Enrique Llorente, David H. Gleaves, Cortney S. Warren, Lourdes Perez-de-Eulate, and Liya Rakhkovskaya

Event segmentation during first-person continuous events, Joseph P. Magliano, Gabriel A. Radvansky, J. Christopher Forsythe, and David E. Copeland

Differences in the emergent coding properties of cortical and striatal ensembles, Liya Ma, James M. Hyman, Adrian J. Lindsay, Anthony G. Phillips, and Jeremy K. Seamans

Tracking progress towards a goal in corticostriatal ensembles, Liya Ma, James M. Hyman, Anthony G. Phillips, and Jeremy K. Seamans

Sexual desire, Marta Meana PhD and Alessandra Lanti

Hidden disorder/hidden desire: Presentations of low sexual desire in men, Marta Meana PhD and Eric T. Steiner PhD

Sex therapy in transition: Are we there yet?, Marta Meana PhD and Eric T. Steiner PhD

Affect, motivation, working memory, and mathematics, Alex Michael Moore, Nathan Oehme Rudig, and Mark H. Ashcraft

Advanced paternal age at birth: Phenotypic and etiologic associations with eating pathology in offspring, S. E. Racine, Kristen M. Culbert, S. Alexandra Burt, and Kelly L. Klump

Cognition, Gabriel A. Radvansky and Mark H. Ashcraft

Children’s classification and lexicalization of attractiveness, sex, and race concepts: Differential displays of these concepts and relatedness to bias and flexibility, Jennifer L. Rennels and J. H. Langlois

Children's attractiveness, gender, and race biases: A comparison of their strength and generality, Jennifer L. Rennels and Judith H. Langlois

Factor structure of the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Battery for Children: A supplemental report, Sylvia An Ross, Daniel N. Allen, and Gerald Goldstein


The Success of Gay–Straight Alliances in Waterloo Region, Ontario: A Confluence of Political and Social Factors, Alex St. John, Robb Travers, Lauren Munro, Renato M. Liboro, Margaret Schneider, and Carrie L. Greig

Neuropsychological assessment of Asian American children and adolescents, Nicholas Shizuo Thaler, Daniel N. Allen, and J. G. Scott

Social cognition and functional capacity in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, Nicholas Shizuo Thaler, Griffin Pollock Sutton, and Daniel N. Allen


Tapping to a slow tempo in the presence of simple and complex musical meters reveals experience-specific biases for processing music, Sangeeta Ullal-Gupta, Erin E. Hannon, and Joel S. Snyder

Assessing substance related disorders in Asian Americans, Sally J. Vogel and Daniel N. Allen

Lies we tell ourselves : the psychology of self-deception, Cortney S. Warren

Effects of attention and awareness of preceding context tones on auditory streaming, David Michael Weintraub, Brian A. Metzger, and Joel S. Snyder

Psychometric Properties of the Body Checking Questionnaire in College Women, Emily K. White, Kim Claudat, Sarah C. Jones, Kimberly A. Barchard, and Cortney S. Warren

The Influence of Social Anxiety on the Body Checking Behaviors of Female College Students, Emily K. White and Cortney S. Warren

Examining the structural validity of health motivation scale in physical activity, X. Xu, Michelle Millar, and D. Mellor

Submissions from 2013

Heterogeneity in Content and Psychopathies: Comment on Marcus et al., Stephen D. Benning

Impulsivity and Response Modulation Deficits in Psychopathy: Evidence From the Ern and n1., Allan J. Heritage and Stephen D. Benning

Social Appearance Anxiety, Perfectionism, and Fear of Negative Evaluation: Distinct or Shared Risk Factors for Social Anxiety and Eating Disorders?, Cheri A. Levinson, Thomas L. Rodebaugh, Emily K. White, Andrew R. Menatti, Justin W. Weeks, Juliette M. Lacovino, and Cortney S. Warren

A Spanish Version of the Sociocultural Attitudes towards Appearance Questionnaire-3 (SATAQ-3): Translation and Psychometric Evaluation, Enrique Llorente, Cortney S. Warren, Lourdes Perez de Eulate, and David H. Gleaves

Assessing Eating Disorders in Hispanic Clients, Marisol Perez and Cortney S. Warren


Score Reliability and Factor Similarity of the Sociocultural Attitudes towards Appearance Questionnaire-3 (SATAQ-3) Among Four Ethnic Groups, Cortney S. Warren, David H. Gleaves, and Liya M. Rakhkovskaya

Weight-Related Concerns Related To Drug Use for Women in Substance Abuse Treatment: Prevalence and Relationships with Eating Pathology, Cortney S. Warren, Anne R. Lindsay, Emily K. White, Kim Claudat, and Sara C. Velasquez

The Relationships among Acculturation, Acculturative Stress, Endorsement of Western Media, Social Comparison, and Body Image in Hispanic Male College Students, Cortney S. Warren and Ricardo M. Rios

Demographic and Work-Related Correlates of Job Burnout in Professional Eating Disorder Treatment Provider, Cortney S. Warren, Kerri J. Schafer, Mary Ellen J. Crowley, and Roberto Olivardia

Treatment Providers with a Personal History of Eating Pathology: A Qualitative Examination of Common Experiences, Cortney S. Warren, Kerri J. Schafer, Mary Ellen Crowley, and Roberto Olivardia

Eating Disorders, Cortney S. Warren, Emily C. White, Kim Claudat, and Holly B. LaPota

Submissions from 2012


Harmonic analysis of ferroresonance in single-phase transformers, Xiangning Chen, John-Paul Caputo, and Yahia Baghzouz

The Relationships between Body Surveillance, Body Shame, and Contextual Body Concern during Sexual Activities in Ethnically Diverse Female College Students, Kim Claudat, Cortney S. Warren, and Robert T. Durette

The Role of Fearless Dominance in Psychopathy: Confusions, Controversies, and Clarifications., Scott O. Lilienfeld, Christopher J. Patrick, Stephen D. Benning, Joanna Berg, Martin Sellbom, and John F. Edens

A Gender-Specific Approach to Improving Substance Abuse Treatment for Women: The Healthy Steps to Freedom (HSF) Program, Anne R. Lindsay, Cortney S. Warren, Sara C. Velasquez, and Minggen Lu

Sexual dysfunction in women, Marta Meana