Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Psychology Department faculty.


Submissions from 2012

Assessing sexual dysfunctions in Hispanic clients, Marta Meana, Taylor L. Oliver, and Sarah C. Jones


Binge Eating Disorder Mediates Links between Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety and Caloric Intake in Obese Women, Roseann E. Peterson, Shawn J. Latendresse, Lindsay T. Bartholome, Cortney S. Warren, and Nancy C. Raymond

Energy Intake Patterns in Obese Women with Binge Eating Disorder, Nancy C. Raymond, Brooke Neumeyer, Cortney S. Warren, Susanne S. Lee, and Carol B. Peterson

Body Area Dissatisfaction in White, Black, and Latina Female College Students in the United States: An Examination of Racially Salient Appearance Areas and Ethnic Identity, Cortney S. Warren

The Relationships between Fat Talk, Body Dissatisfaction, and Drive for Thinness: Perceived Stress as a Moderator, Cortney S. Warren, Samuel Holland, Hilary Billings, and Alexa Parker

A Qualitative Analysis of Job Burnout in Eating Disorder Treatment Providers, Cortney S. Warren, Kerri J. Schafer, Mary Ellen Crowley, and Roberto Olivardia

Submissions from 2010

Mesolimbic Dopamine Reward System Hypersensitivity in Individuals With Psychopathic Traits, Joshua W. Buckholtz, Michael T. Treadway, Ronald L. Cowan, Neil D. Woodward, Stephen D. Benning, Rui Li, M. Sib Ansari, Ronald M. Baldwin, Ashley N. Schwartzman, Evan S. Shelby, Clarence E. Smith, David Cole, Robert M. Kessler, and David H. Zald

Affective Modulation of the Startle Eyeblink and Postauricular Reflexes in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Gabriel S. Dichter, Stephen D. Benning, Tia N. Holtzclaw, and James W. Bodfish

Examination of Psychiatric Symptoms in Student Athletes, Brad Donohue, Tracey Covassin, Kevin Lancer, Yani Dickens, Adria Hash, and Jeff Genet

Visual attention to erotic images in women reporting pain with intercourse, Amy D. Lykins, Marta Meana, and Jillian Minimi

Elucidating women’s (hetero)sexual desire: Definitional challenges and content expansion, Marta Meana

Sexual dysfunctions and deviations, F. Pukall, Marta Meana, and Yolanda Fernandez

Why did passion wane? A qualitative study of married women's attributions for declines in desire, Karen E. Sims and Marta Meana

The deal on testosterone responses to poker comptetition, Eric T. Steiner, Kimberly A. Barchard, Marta Meana, Freidun Hadi, and Peter B. Gray

Priorities in endometriosis research: A proposed focus on deep dyspareunia, Paolo Vercellini, Marta Meana, Lone Hummelshoj, Edgardo Somigliana, Paola Vigano, and Luigi Fedele

Media Internalization and Social Comparison as Predictors of Eating Pathology among Latino Adolescents: The Moderating Effect of Gender and Generational Status, Cortney S. Warren, Andrea Schoen, and Kerri J. Schafer

Submissions from 2009

Impact of Experienced Disgust on Information-Processing Biases in Contamination-Based OCD: An Analogue Study, Thomas Armstrong, Melissa Divack, Bieke David, Casey Simmons, Stephen D. Benning, and Bunmi O. Olatunji

The future of sex therapy: Specialization or marginalization?, Yitzchak M. Binik and Marta Meana

Painful intercourse: Dyspareunia and Vaginismus, Marta Meana

The relevance of dyspareunia, Marta Meana, Lorraine Benuto, and Robyn L. Donaldson

Negative Affect and Somatically Focused Anxiety in Young Women Reporting Pain With Intercourse, Marta Meana and Amy D. Lykins

Food Cravings Discriminate between Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa: Implications for “Success” Versus “Failure” in Dietary Restraint, Silvia Moreno, Cortney S. Warren, Sonia Rodriguez, Carmen Fernandez, and Antonio Cepeda-Benito

Psychological evaluation and measurement of dyspareunia, Caroline F. Pukall, Marta Meana, and Katherine S. Sutton

The Onset of Puberty: Effects on the Psychophysiology of Defensive and Appetitive Motivation, Karina M. Quevedo, Stephen D. Benning, Megan R. Gunnar, and Ronald E. Dahl


What makes women tired? A community sample, Donna E. Stewart, Susan Abbey, Marta Meana, and Katherine M. Boydell

Misremembering pain: Memory biases for pain words in women reporting pain with intercourse, Lea Thaler and Marta Meana

Incorporating Multiculturalism into Undergraduate Psychology Courses: Three Simple Active Learning Exercises, Cortney S. Warren

An Evaluation of the Sociocultural Model of Eating Disorders in Mexican-American Women: Behavioral Acculturation and Attitudinal Marginalization as Moderators, Cortney S. Warren, Linda G. Castillo, and David H. Gleaves

Characteristics of Binge Eating in Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder, Cortney S. Warren, Nancy C. Raymond, Susanne S. Lee, Lindsay H. Bartholome, and Susan K. Raatz

Submissions from 2008

Culture, Gender, and Assessment of Fear of Fatness, Suman Ambwani, Cortney S. Warren, David H. Gleaves, Antonio Cepeda-Benito, and Mari Carmen Fernandez

Psychosexual characteristics of vestibulodynia couples: Partner solicitousness and hostility influence pain, Mylene Desrosiers, Sophie Bergeron, Marta Meana, Bianca Leclerc, Yitzchak M. Binik, and Samir Khalife

Sex Differences in Visual Attention to Erotic and Non-Erotic Stimuli, Amy D. Lykins, Marta Meana, and Gregory P. Strauss

Painful intercourse: Dyspareunia and vaginismus, Marta Meana

The Drama of Sex, Identity, and the "Queen", Marta Meana

Acculturation and Sexuality: Investigating Gender Differences in Erotic Plasticity, Marta Meana and Lorraine Benuto

Sexual dysfunction, Marta Meana, Yitzchak M. Binik, and Lea Thaler

Obesity surgery: Stories of altered lives, Marta Meana and Lindsey Ricciardi

Factors of the Psychopathic Personality Inventory: Criterion-Related Validity and Relationship to the BIS/BAS and Five-Factor Models of Personality, Scott R. Ross, Stephen D. Benning, Christopher J. Patrick, Angela Thompson, and Amanda Thurston

Substance Use in Ethnic Minority Youth, Marilyn J. Strada MA and Brad Donohue

The Influence of Awareness and Internalization of Western Appearance Ideals on Body Dissatisfaction in Euro-American and Hispanic Males, Cortney S. Warren

Treating Eating Disorders: An Examination of Treatment Providers’ Experiences, Cortney S. Warren, Mary Ellen Crowley, Roberto Olivardia, and Andrea Schoen

Submissions from 2007

Eating Disorder Prevention Research: A Meta-Analysis, Michelle Cororve Fingeret, Cortney S. Warren, Antonio Cepeda-Benito, and David H. Gleaves

Linking Antisocial Behavior, Substance Use, and Personality: An Integrative Quantitative Model of the Adult Externalizing Spectrum., Robert F. Krueger, Kristian E. Markon, Christopher J. Patrick, Stephen D. Benning, and Mark D. Kramer

Remembering the pain: Accuracy of pain recall in endometriosis, Sarah Nunnink and Marta Meana

Adaptation of the Food Craving Questionnaire-Trait for the Assessment of Chocolate Cravings: Validation across British and Spanish Women, Sonia Rodrigez, Cortney S. Warren, Silvia Moreno, Antonio Cepeda-Benito, David H. Gleaves, Maria del Carmen Fernandez, and Jaime Vila

Symptoms of Executive Dysfunction are Endemic to Secondary Psychopathy: An Examination in Criminal Offenders and Noninstitutionalized Young Adults, Scott R. Ross, Stephen D. Benning, and Zachary Adams

English and Spanish Versions of the Body Shape Questionnaire: Measurement Equivalence Across Ethnicity and Clinical Status, Cortney S. Warren, Antonio Cepeda-Benito, David H. Gleaves, Silvia Moreno, Sonia Rodriguez, Mari del Carmen Fernandez, Michelle Cororve Fingeret, and Crystal A. Pearson

Submissions from 2006

A Detailed Analysis of Binges in Obese Women with Binge Eating Disorder: Comparisons Using Multiple Methods of Data Collection, Lindsay T. Bartholome, Nancy C. Raymond, Susanne S. Lee, Carol B. Peterson, and Cortney S. Warren

Effects of Picture Content and Intensity on Affective Physiological Response, Edward Bernat, Christopher J. Patrick, Stephen D. Benning, and Auke Tellegen

Parental Satisfaction in Child Abuse and Neglect: A Review of Standardized Measures, Alisha Carpenter and Brad Donohue

Psychometric Support for Contemporaneous and Retrospective Youth and Parent Reports of Adolescent Marijuana Use Frequency in an Adolescent Outpatient Treatment Population, Brad Donohue, Heather H. Hill, Nathan H. Azrin, Chad Cross, and Marilyn J. Strada

Effects of Brief Yoga Exercises and Motivational Preparatory Interventions in Distance Runners: Results of a Controlled Trial, Brad Donohue, A. Miller, M. Beisecker, D. Houser, R. Valdez, S. Tiller, and T. Taymar

Detection of differential viewing patterns to erotic and non-erotic stimuli using eye-tracking methodology, Amy D. Lykins, Marta Meana, and Gretchen Kambe

Gender differences in the content of cognitive distraction during sex, Marta Meana and Sarah E. Nunnink

Sexual functioning in a non-clinical sample of partnered lesbians, Marta Meana, Remi Spicer Rakipi, Gerald Weeks, and Amy D. Lykins

Construct Validity of the Psychopathic Personality Inventory Two-Factor Model With Offenders., Christopher J. Patrick, John F. Edens, Norman G. Poythress, Scott O. Lilienfeld, and Stephen D. Benning

Examination of Ethnicity in Controlled Treatment Outcome Studies Involving Adolescent Substance Abusers: A Comprehensive Literature Review, Marilyn J. Strada, Brad Donohue, and Noelle L. Lefforge

Submissions from 2005

Estimating Facets of Psychopathy From Normal Personality Traits: A Step Toward Community Epidemiological Investigations, Stephen D. Benning, Christopher J. Patrick, Daniel M. Blonigen, Brian M. Hicks, and William G. Iacono

Psychopathy, Startle Blink Modulation, and Electrodermal Reactivity in Twin Men, Stephen D. Benning, Christopher J. Patrick, and William G. Iacono

Convergent and Discriminant Validity of Psychopathy Factors Assessed Via Self-Report: A Comparison of Three Instruments, Stephen D. Benning, Christopher J. Patrick, Randall T. Salekin, and Anne-Marie R. Leistico

Treatment of Co-occurring Child Maltreatment and Substance Abuse, Brad Donohue, Valerie Romero, and Heather H. Hill

Teasing apart the pain from the sex: Is the pendulum swinging too far?, Marta Meana

Ethnicity as a Protective Factor Against Internalization of a Thin Ideal and body Dissatisfaction, Cortney S. Warren, David H. Gleaves, Antonio Cepeda-Benito, Maria del Carmen Fernandez, and Sonia Rodriguez-Ruiz

Inspiring or Dispiriting? The Effect of diet commercials on snack food consumption in high school and college‐aged women, Cortney S. Warren, Jaine Strauss, Juliette L. Taska, and Stephen J. Sullivan

Submissions from 2004

The Process and Consequences of Reporting Child Maltreatment: A Brief Overview for Professionals in the Mental Health Field, Krisann M. Alvarez, Brad Donohue, Maureen C. Kenny, Nicole Cavanagh, and Valerie Romero

Emotional Modulation of the Post‐Auricular Reflex, Stephen D. Benning, Christopher J. Patrick, and Alan R. Lang

Psychometric Evaluation of Self- and Collateral Timeline Follow-Back Reports of Drug and Alcohol Use in a Sample of Drug-Abusing and Conduct-Disordered Adolescents and Their Parents, Brad Donohue, Nathan H. Azrin, Marilyn J. Strada, Silver N. Clayton, Gordon Teichner, and Heather Murphy

The Continuity/Discontinuity Models of Eating Disorders: A Review of the Literature and Implications for Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention, David H. Gleaves, Joshua D. Brown, and Cortney S. Warren

Criterion-Related Validity of the Three-Factor Model of Psychopathy: Personality, Behavior, and Adaptive Functioning, Jason R. Hall, Stephen D. Benning, and Christopher J. Patrick


Chronic pain: The extra burden on Canadian women, Marta Meana, Robert Cho, and Marie DesMeules


Chronic pain: The extra burden on Canadian women, Marta Meana, Robert Cho, and Marie DesMeules

The motivations for and outcomes of employee referrals, Rachel S. Shinnar, Cheri A. Young, and Marta Meana

When women hurt in mind and body: Managing depression and physical symptoms, Donna E. Stewart, Marta Meana, Kathleen T. Brady, and Vivien K. Burt

Assessing Child Neglect: A Review of Standardized Measures, Stephanie A. Stowman and Brad Donohue

Submissions from 2003

Why Are Professionals Failing to Initiate Mandated Reports of Child Maltreatment, and Are There Any Empirically Based Training Programs to Assist Professionals in the Reporting Process?, Krisann M. Alvarez, Maureen C. Kenny, Brad Donohue, and Kimberly M. Carpin

Factor Structure of the Psychopathic Personality Inventory: Validity and Implications for Clinical Assessment., S. D. Benning, C. J. Patrick, B. M. Hicks, D. M. Blonigen, and R. F. Krueger

Painful genital sexual activity, Sophie Bergeron, Marta Meana, Yitzchak M. Binik, and Samir Khalife

A Systematic Approach to Conducting Educational Literature Searches, Karen A. Kemtes, Kelli Smith, Brad Donohue, Krisann M. Alvarez, Kimberly M. Carpin, and Jennifer Sinchak

The complexity of integration and the clarity of collective consciousness: The development of a model for research training in the sexual pain disorders, Marta Meana, Sophie Bergeron, and Yitzchak M. Binik

The Development and Controlled Evaluation of Athletic Mental Preparation Strategies in High School Distance Runners, Abby Miller

Submissions from 2002

A review of psychosocial outcomes of surgery for morbid obesity, Lindsey E. Bocchieri, Marta Meana, and Barry L. Fisher

Perceived psychosocial outcomes of gastric bypass surgery: A qualitative study, Lindsey E. Bocchieri, Marta Meana, and Barry L. Fisher

Adolescents and Their Parents:: A Critical Review of Measures to Assess Their Satisfaction with One Another, Leah A. DeCato, Brad Donohue, Nathan H. Azrin, Gordon A. Teichner, and Tom Crum


Physician-related determinants of cervical cancer screening among Caribbean women in Toronto, Ilene Hyman, Punam Mony Singh, Marta Meana, Usha George, Lilian M. Wells, and Donna E. Stewart

Submissions from 2001

A Controlled Evaluation and Description of Individual-Cognitive Problem Solving and Family-Behavior Therapies in Dually-Diagnosed Conduct-Disordered and Substance-Dependent Youth, Nathan H. Azrin, Brad Donohue, Gordon A. Teichner, Thomas Crum, Jennifer Howell, and Leah A. DeCato

A randomized comparison of group cognitive-behavioral therapy, surface electromyographic biofeedback, and vestibulectomy in the treatment of dyspareunia resulting from vulvar vestibulitis, Sophie Bergeron, Yitzchak M. Binik, Samir Khalife, Kelly Pagidas, Howard I. Glazer, Marta Meana, and Rhonda Amsel

The Development and Initial Evaluation of Two Promising Mental Preparatory Methods in a Sample of Female Cross Country Runners, Brad Donohue, R. Barnhart, T. Covassin, K. Carpin, and E. Korb

The role of the physician in mammography referral for older Caribbean women in Toronto, Ilene Hyman, Mony Singh, Farah Ahmad, Latoya Austin, Marta Meana, Usha George, Lilian M. Wells, and Donna E. Stewart

Influences on breast cancer screening behaviors in Tamil immigrant women 50 years old and over, Marta Meana, Terry Bunston, Usha George, Lilian M. Wells, and Walter Rosser

Older immigrant Tamil women and their doctors: Attitudes toward breast cancer screening, Marta Meana, Terry Bunston, Usha George, Lilian M. Wells, and Walter Rosser