Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Political Science Department faculty.


Submissions from 2019

2019 APSA Council and Officer Nominess, Janet Box-Steffensmeier, Kerstin Hamann, Leonard Wantchekon, Melissa Williams, Ben Ansell, Erik Bleich, Alexandra Filindra, Rebecca Gill, Soo Yeon Kim, David L. Leal, Suzanna Linn, and Melanye Price

Executive Turnovers in Sub-Saharan Africa, David F. Damore and Michele Kuenzi

Power Dynamics in Supreme Court Oral Arguments: The Relationship between Gender and Justice-to-Justice Interruptions, Adam Feldman and Rebecca D. Gill

Do Voters Prefer Women Judges? Deconstructing the Competitive Advantage in State Supreme Court Elections, Rebecca D. Gill and Kate Eugenis


The Neurocognitive Process of Digital Radicalization: A Theoretical Model and Analytical Framework, Tiffiany Howard, Brach Poston, and Stephen D. Benning

To Serve God And Mammon: Church-state Relations In The United States, Ted Jelen


The Divided Labor of Attack Advertising in Congressional Campaigns, Kenneth M. Miller

Trends in State-Level Opinions toward the Affordable Care Act, Julianna Pacheco and Elizabeth Maltby

A New Face to the Race Card? Campaigns, Racial Cues, and Candidate Credibility, Tasha S. Philpot and Kenneth M. Miller

Title IX: Help or Hindrance?, Valerie A. Sulfaro and Rebecca Gill

Foreign Direct Investment Flows to Mexican States: A Study of the Automobile Industry, 2004-2014, John P. Tuman and Hafthor Erlingsson


Do Social Movements Encourage Young People to Run for Office? Evidence from the 2014 Sunflower Movement in Taiwan, Austin Horng-En Wang

Submissions from 2018

Voting for Green? U.S. Support for Environmental Projects in the Multilateral Development Banks, Daniel Braaten, Maui Orozco, and Jonathan R. Strand

Voting for Green? U.S. Support for Environmental Projects in the Multilateral Development Banks, Daniel Braaten, Maui Orozco, and Jonathan R. Strand

A Swing State No More? Demographic and Political Change in the Silver State, David F. Damore and Rebecca D. Gill

Where are the Women? Legal Traditions and Descriptive Representation on the European Court of Justice, Rebecca D. Gill and Christian B. Jensen

Prospects for Third Party Electoral Success in a Polarized Era, Sean Goff and Daniel L. Lee

Explaining Expulsions of U.S. Diplomatic Personnel from Latin America, 1991–2016, Anthony Jordan and John P. Tuman

Invisible Adjudication in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Michael Kagan, Rebecca Gill, and Fatma Marouf

Preferences And Institutions: Constraints On European Union Foreign Aid Distribution, Y Kim and C Jensen


Education, Religious Trust, and Ethnicity: The Case of Senegal, Michele Kuenzi

Decentralization, Executive Selection, and Citizen Views on the Quality of Local Governance in African Countries, Michelle T. Kuenzi and Gina M. S. Lambright

Philosophy, Eros, and Conversation in the Socratic Turn, Mark J. Lutz

Review: Ariel Helfer's Socrates and Alcibiades, Mark J. Lutz

The Confrontation between Philosophy and the Gods of the City, Mark J. Lutz

Living the Theologico-Political Problem: Leo Strauss on the Common Ground of Philosophy and Theology, Mark J. Lutz

How the Link Between Social Capital and Migratory Duration Helps Us Understand Immigrant–Native Inequality, Natasha Altema McNeely, Elizabeth A. Maltby, and Rene R. Rocha

The Determinants of Strikes in the Mexican Automobile Industry, 1980-2012, John P. Tuman

Patience, Dynamic of Protest, and Democratic Consolidation, Austin Horng-En Wang

Patience, Dynamic of Protest, and Democratic Consolidation, Austin Horng-En Wang


Extreme Candidates as the Beneficent Spoiler? Range Effect in the Plurality Voting System, Austin Horng-En Wang and Fang-Yu Chen

Submissions from 2017


Nevada senate race: The reid machine's last stand, D F. Damore


External Voting Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Influence of Remittances, Globalization, and Partisan Control, H Erlingsson and J P. Tuman

Do Judicial Performance Evaluations Influence Retention Election Results?, Rebecca D. Gill

The Impact of Maleness on Judicial Decision Making: Masculinity, Chivalry, and Immigration Appeals, Rebecca D. Gill, Michael Kagan, and Fatma Marouf

Ruling Divided: Disagreement, Issue Salience, and Portfolio Allocation, Zachary Greene and Christian B. Jensen

Culture Wars in Latin America: Religion and Attitudes Toward Homosexuality and Abortion in Four Countries., Ted G. Jelen, Danielle Roth-Johnson, and John P. Tuman


Predicting ambiguity: Costs, benefits, and party competition, C B. Jensen and D J. Lee

Does Crime Pay Enough? Diamond Prices, Lootability and Ethnic War, Christian B. Jensen, Michele Kuenzi, and Moritz Rissmann

The Economic Determinants of Electoral Volatility in Africa, Michele T. Kuenzi, John P. Tuman, Moritz P. Rissmann, and Gina MS Lambright


Elite-level issue dynamics: Assessing perspectives on party issue change, D J. Lee and R A. Schutte

A Visual Analytics Framework for Identifying Topic Drivers in Media Events, Yafeng Lu, Hong Wang, Steven Landis, and Ross Maciejewski

The Political Origins of Racial Inequality, Elizabeth A. Maltby

The Role of Public Opinion: Does It Influence the Timing of ACA Decisions?, Julianna Pacheco and Elizabeth A. Maltby

Trends in State Level Opinions toward the Affordable Care Act, Julianna Pacheco and Elizabeth A. Maltby

Food Price Volatilities and Civilian Victimization in Africa, Babak Rezaeedaryakenari, Steven T. Landis, and Cameron G. Thies


The political economy of Chinese foreign direct investment in developing areas, J P. Tuman and M Shirali


Foreign Policy Alignment With The War On Terror: The Case Of Japan’S Foreign Aid Program, J P. Tuman, J R. Strand, and M Shirali

Submissions from 2016


Why Two Parties? Ambition, Policy, and the Presidency, John H. Aldrich and Daniel J. Lee


Constraining a Shadowy Future: Enacting APAs in Parliamentary Systems, Jeeyang Baum, Christian B. Jensen, and Robert McGrath


Another Tool in the Party Toolbox? Tracing the Strategic Expansion of Committee Size in the U.S. House, 1947-2010, Michael C. Brady and Daniel J. Lee


Rights, Reflection, and Reciprocity: Implications of the Same-Sex Marriage Debate for Tolerance and the Political Process, P A. Djupe, A R. Lewis, and Ted Jelen

Review: Choosing States Supreme Court Justices, Rebecca D. Gill

Review: Immigration Judges and US Asylum Policy, Rebecca D. Gill

Review: Judicial Reputation, Rebecca D. Gill

Review: The Burden's of Proof, Rebecca D. Gill


The Religion Clauses in the 21st Century: The Supreme Court Loosens its Grip, Rebecca D. Gill and Ted G. Jelen


The Ideal Judge: How Implicit Bias Shapes Assessment of State Judges, Rebecca D. Gill and Rafael Oganesyan

Gun Ownership: Who Owns Guns and Whoe Does Not, Ted G. Jelen


Confrontation and Competition: The Electoral Benefits of Regionalist Parties’ Positions in Parliamentary Democracies, Christian B. Jensen and Nathan Henceroth

Global Economic Governance and the Development Practices of the Multilateral Development Banks, Susan Park and Jonathan R. Strand


Representation in International Organizations, David P. Rapkin, Jonathan R. Strand, and Michael W. Trevathan


Representation and governance in international organizations, D P. Rapkin, Jonathan Strand, and M W. Trevathan


Did Recent Voice Reforms Improve Good Governance within the World Bank?, Jonathan R. Strand and Kenneth J. Retzl

Submissions from 2015


Swing State Politics in the Silver State, David F. Damore and Rebecca D. Gill


Courts and Court Politics, Rebecca D. Gill


Church-State Relations, Rebecca D. Gill and Jonathan D. Bradley

Gender Role Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Abortion: A Cross-National Exploration, Ted G. Jelen