Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Political Science Department faculty.


Submissions from 2021

Signaling Woman and Leader: Navigating the Double Bind as a Foreign Policy Decisionmaker, Courtney Burns and Jeremy Bowling

Out-of-District Donors and Representation in the US House, Brandice Canes-Wrone and Kenneth M. Miller

A Harder and Longer Process? Dispelling Myths about Women in Judicial Primary Elections, Kate Eugenis

Armenia’s New Security Architecture: Russia as Geopolitical Bodyguard, Nerses Kopalyan

When Insecurity Breeds Security: Reflecting on Armenia’s Security Dilemma, Nerses Kopalyan

Why Is Armenia Terrible at Foreign Policy? The Failure of Multi-Vectorism and the Need for a New Doctrine, Nerses Kopalyan


The Role of International Factors in Electoral Volatility in Latin America: An Examination of Structural Adjustment, Michelle Kuenzi, Hafthor Erlingsson, and John P. Tuman

A Sum of Its Parts: Party Fit and Party Change in the U.S. House, Daniel J. Lee and Sean M. Goff

Introduction: Strategies for How Men Can Advance Gender Equity in Political Science, Daniel J. Mallinson and Rebecca D. Gill

Latinos in Nevada: A Political, Economic, and Social Profile, John P. Tuman, Tiffiany O. Howard, David F. Damore, and Nerses Kopalyan

Influencing Overseas Chinese by Tweets: Text-Images as the Key Tactic of Chinese Propaganda, Austin H.-E. Wang, Mei-chun Lee, Min-Hsuan Wu, and Puma Shen


Sacrifice for the Mandate of Heaven? Regression Discontinuity of Death Penalty Execution in Taiwan, Austin Horng En Wang, Yuan Ning Chu, Fang Yu Chen, and Ming Jui Yeh


The Non-Consensus 1992 Consensus, Austin Horng En Wang, Yao Yuan Yeh, Charles K.S. Wu, and Fang Yu Chen

Submissions from 2020

Rethinking the Undergraduate Political Science Major, Megan Becker, Jeremy Bowling, Elsa Dias, Donald Gooch, and John Ishiyama

Analyzing Support for #TweetforTaiwan, Fang-Yu Chen, Austin Wang, Charles K.S. Wu, and Yao-Yuan Yeh

The New Politics of Bluelining, David F. Damore and Karen Danielsen

The Bonds of Humanity: Cicero’s Legacies in European Social and Political Thought, ca. 1100–ca. 1550. By Cary J. Nederman. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2020. 240p. $79.95 cloth., David Fott

Black and Blue: How African Americans Judge the US Legal System, Rebecca D. Gill

The Cost of Coalition Compromise: The Electoral Effects of Holding Salient Portfolios, Zachary Greene, Nathan Henceroth, and Christian B. Jensen


Out-of-Control COVID-19 Pandemic Hampers the Nationalism, Aly Hiko and Austin Horng En Wang

Banks & the Black Community: What Can Major Commercial and Retail Banking Institutions Do to Better Support Black Entrepreneurs and Businesses in the U.S.?, Tiffiany Howard PhD, Naomi Smith, and Uju Nwaigwe

The Effects of Political Parties on Roll-Call Voting in Kenya’s Parliament, Christian B. Jensen, Michelle Kuenzi, and Daniel J. Lee

A Coward's Mother Does Not Weep: The Crisis of Masculinity in Armenian Society, Nerses Kopalyan

Changing the Paradigm in Armenia-Diaspora Relations: State-Centered Institutions and Transnational Governance, Nerses Kopalyan

Denying the Will of the Armenian People: Populism, Democratic Backsliding and Polarization, Nerses Kopalyan

Thick as Thieves: Bringing Armenia’s Robber Barons to Justice, Nerses Kopalyan

Understanding the Aliyev Regime’s Armenophobia, Nerses Kopalyan

Yearning for Sovereignty: The Burden of Independence, Nerses Kopalyan

Resolving the Constitutional Court’s Crisis of Legitimacy, Nerses Kopalyan and Lusine Sargsyan

Measuring ‘Closeness’ in 3-Candidate Elections: Methodology and an Application to Strategic Voting, Daniel Kselman, Emerison Niou, and Austin Horng-En Wang


Measuring ‘Closeness’ in 3-Candidate Elections: Methodology and an Application to Strategic Voting, Daniel Kselman, Emerson Niou, and Austin Horng-En Wang

Demographic Context, Mass Deportation, and Latino Linked Fate, Elizabeth Maltby, Rene R. Rocha, Bradford Jones, and David L. Vannette

Compelled Voters and Accountability in Australia, Rafael Oganesyan and Christian Jensen

Armenia Combats the Coronavirus: State Capacity and the Diaspora, Shant Shekherdimian and Nerses Kopalyan

Blue Metros, Red States: The Fight for the Suburbs, Ruy Teixeira, David F. Damore, Karen A. Danielsen, and Robert E. Lang


The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Labor Market Conditions in Nevada: A Preliminary Assessment, John P. Tuman

The Impact of the COVID‐19 Pandemic on Labor Market Conditions in Nevada: A Preliminary Assessment, John P. Tuman

The Determinants of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment Flows in Mexican States, 2004-2014, John P. Tuman and Hafthor Erlingsson

The Determinants of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment Flows to Mexican States, 2004-2014, John P. Tuman and Hafthor Erlingsson

Efficiency Over Generosity? Evidence of Electoral Accountability from Typhoon Dayoff in Taiwan, Austin Wang

The DPP in Opposition, Austin H.-E. Wang

Mobilizing Sophisticated Donors: What Candidate Facebook Posts Do Attract Intra- and Inter-district Donations?, Austin Horng-En Wang, Fei-Pei Lai, Fushun Hsu, and Peter Shaojui Wang

Submissions from 2019

2019 APSA Council and Officer Nominess, Janet Box-Steffensmeier, Kerstin Hamann, Leonard Wantchekon, Melissa Williams, Ben Ansell, Erik Bleich, Alexandra Filindra, Rebecca Gill, Soo Yeon Kim, David L. Leal, Suzanna Linn, and Melanye Price

"Senator Spineless" and the Campaign Against Demography, David F. Damore

Executive Turnovers in Sub-Saharan Africa, David F. Damore and Michele Kuenzi

Power Dynamics in Supreme Court Oral Arguments: The Relationship between Gender and Justice-to-Justice Interruptions, Adam Feldman and Rebecca D. Gill

John Dewey's Alternative Liberalism, David Fott

Do Voters Prefer Women Judges? Deconstructing the Competitive Advantage in State Supreme Court Elections, Rebecca D. Gill and Kate Eugenis

Crowdfunding, Cryptocurrency, and Capital: Alternative Sources of Business Capital for Black Entrepreneurs, Tiffiany Howard

Transparency Teaching in the Virtual Classroom: Assessing the Opportunities and Challenges of Integrating Transparency Teaching Methods with Online Learning, Tiffiany O. Howard, Mary-Ann Winkelmes, and Marya Shegog


The Neurocognitive Process of Digital Radicalization: A Theoretical Model and Analytical Framework, Tiffiany Howard, Brach Poston, and Stephen D. Benning

Black Health and Black Wealth: Understanding the Intricate Linkages between Income, Health, and Wealth for African Americans, Tiffiany Howard, Marya Shegog, DeaJiane McNair, and Mikale Lowery

To Serve God And Mammon: Church-state Relations In The United States, Ted Jelen

Review of CFR College and University Educators Workshop, Nerses Kopalyan and Jeremy Bowling

A Visual Analytics Framework for Spatiotemporal Trade Network Analysis, Steven Landis


The Divided Labor of Attack Advertising in Congressional Campaigns, Kenneth M. Miller

Trends in State-Level Opinions toward the Affordable Care Act, Julianna Pacheco and Elizabeth Maltby

A New Face to the Race Card? Campaigns, Racial Cues, and Candidate Credibility, Tasha S. Philpot and Kenneth M. Miller

Title IX: Help or Hindrance?, Valerie A. Sulfaro and Rebecca Gill

Religious Regulation in Iran, Mehran Tamadonfar and Roman B. Lewis

Foreign Direct Investment Flows to Mexican States: A Study of the Automobile Industry, 2004-2014, John P. Tuman and Hafthor Erlingsson


Do Social Movements Encourage Young People to Run for Office? Evidence from the 2014 Sunflower Movement in Taiwan, Austin Horng-En Wang

The Myth of Polarization Among Taiwanese Voters: The Missing Middle, Austin Horng-En Wang

Submissions from 2018

Voting for Green? U.S. Support for Environmental Projects in the Multilateral Development Banks, Daniel Braaten, Maui Orozco, and Jonathan R. Strand

Voting for Green? U.S. Support for Environmental Projects in the Multilateral Development Banks, Daniel Braaten, Maui Orozco, and Jonathan R. Strand

A Swing State No More? Demographic and Political Change in the Silver State, David F. Damore and Rebecca D. Gill

Where are the Women? Legal Traditions and Descriptive Representation on the European Court of Justice, Rebecca D. Gill and Christian B. Jensen

Prospects for Third Party Electoral Success in a Polarized Era, Sean Goff and Daniel L. Lee

Afro-Latinos and the Black-Hispanic Identity: Evaluating the Potential for Group Conflict and Cohesion, Tiffiany O. Howard

Immigration as a Social Determinant of Health: Proceedings of a Workshop, Tiffiany O. Howard; National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; and Numerous Authors, See Full List Below

Explaining Expulsions of U.S. Diplomatic Personnel from Latin America, 1991–2016, Anthony Jordan and John P. Tuman

Invisible Adjudication in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Michael Kagan, Rebecca Gill, and Fatma Marouf

Preferences And Institutions: Constraints On European Union Foreign Aid Distribution, Y Kim and C Jensen


Education, Religious Trust, and Ethnicity: The Case of Senegal, Michele Kuenzi

Decentralization, Executive Selection, and Citizen Views on the Quality of Local Governance in African Countries, Michelle T. Kuenzi and Gina M. S. Lambright

Philosophy, Eros, and Conversation in the Socratic Turn, Mark J. Lutz

Review: Ariel Helfer's Socrates and Alcibiades, Mark J. Lutz

The Confrontation between Philosophy and the Gods of the City, Mark J. Lutz

Living the Theologico-Political Problem: Leo Strauss on the Common Ground of Philosophy and Theology, Mark J. Lutz

Living the Theologico-Political Problem: Leo Strauss on the Common Ground of the Bible and Greek Philosophy, Mark J. Lutz

How the Link Between Social Capital and Migratory Duration Helps Us Understand Immigrant–Native Inequality, Natasha Altema McNeely, Elizabeth A. Maltby, and Rene R. Rocha

The Determinants of Strikes in the Mexican Automobile Industry, 1980-2012, John P. Tuman

Patience, Dynamic of Protest, and Democratic Consolidation, Austin Horng-En Wang

Patience, Dynamic of Protest, and Democratic Consolidation, Austin Horng-En Wang


Extreme Candidates as the Beneficent Spoiler? Range Effect in the Plurality Voting System, Austin Horng-En Wang and Fang-Yu Chen

Submissions from 2017


Nevada senate race: The reid machine's last stand, D F. Damore


External Voting Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Influence of Remittances, Globalization, and Partisan Control, H Erlingsson and J P. Tuman

Do Judicial Performance Evaluations Influence Retention Election Results?, Rebecca D. Gill

The Impact of Maleness on Judicial Decision Making: Masculinity, Chivalry, and Immigration Appeals, Rebecca D. Gill, Michael Kagan, and Fatma Marouf

Ruling Divided: Disagreement, Issue Salience, and Portfolio Allocation, Zachary Greene and Christian B. Jensen

Culture Wars in Latin America: Religion and Attitudes Toward Homosexuality and Abortion in Four Countries., Ted G. Jelen, Danielle Roth-Johnson, and John P. Tuman


Predicting ambiguity: Costs, benefits, and party competition, C B. Jensen and D J. Lee

Does Crime Pay Enough? Diamond Prices, Lootability and Ethnic War, Christian B. Jensen, Michele Kuenzi, and Moritz Rissmann

The Economic Determinants of Electoral Volatility in Africa, Michele T. Kuenzi, John P. Tuman, Moritz P. Rissmann, and Gina MS Lambright


Elite-level issue dynamics: Assessing perspectives on party issue change, D J. Lee and R A. Schutte

A Visual Analytics Framework for Identifying Topic Drivers in Media Events, Yafeng Lu, Hong Wang, Steven Landis, and Ross Maciejewski

The Political Origins of Racial Inequality, Elizabeth A. Maltby

The Role of Public Opinion: Does It Influence the Timing of ACA Decisions?, Julianna Pacheco and Elizabeth A. Maltby