Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Psychology Department faculty.


Submissions from 2019

Fat Women’s Experiences in Therapy:“You Can’t See Beyond… Unless I Share It with You”, Liya M. Akoury, Kerri J. Schafer, and Cortney S. Warren

Comparing the Accuracy and Speed of Four Data-Checking Methods, Kimberly A. Barchard, Andrew J. Freeman, Elizabeth Ochoa, and Amber K. Stephens

The Registration Continuum in Clinical Science: A Guide Toward Transparent Practices, Stephen D. Benning, Rachel L. Bachrach, Edward A. Smith, Andrew J. Freeman, and Aidan G.C. Wright

Forms, Importance, and Ineffability of Factor Interactions to Define Personality Disorders, Stephen D. Benning and Edward A. Smith


International Consensus Statement on the Psychosocial and Policy-Related Approaches to Mental Health Awareness Programmes in Sport, Gavin Breslin, Andy Smith, Brad Donohue, Paul Donnelly, Stephen Shannon, Tandy Jane Haughey, Stewart A. Vella, Christian Swann, Stewart Cotterill, Tadhg Macintyre, Tim Rogers, and Gerard Leavey


Molecular Specialization of GABAergic Synapses on the Soma and Axon in Cortical and Hippocampal Circuit Function and Dysfunction, April Contreras, Dustin J. Hines, and Rochelle M. Hines

Is Emotion Dysregulation Associated With Suicidal Ideation in Post 9/11 Veterans?, Suzanne E. Decker PhD, Rani Hoff MPH; PhD, Steve Martino PhD, Carolyn M. Mazure PhD, Crystal L. Park PhD, Elizabeth Porter MBA, and Shane W. Kraus

The Role of Distinct Facets of Perfectionism and Sociocultural Idealization of Thinness on Disordered Eating Symptoms, Jessica Habashy and Kristen M. Culbert


Measuring the Frequency of Inner-Experience Characteristics by Self-Report: The Nevada Inner Experience Questionnaire, Christopher L. Heavey, Stefanie A. Moynihan, Vincent P. Brouwers, Leiszle Lapping-Carr, Alek E. Krumm, Jason M. Kelsey, Dio K. Turner II, and Russell T. Hurlburt

Improving School Attendance by Enhancing Communication Among Stakeholders: Establishment of the International Network for School Attendance (INSA), David Heyne, Carolyn Gentle-Genitty, Malin Gren Landell, Glenn Melvin, Brian Chu, Marie Galle-Tessonneau, Kristin Gärtner Askeland, Carolina Gonzalvez, Trude Havik, Jo Magne Ingul, Daniel Bach Johnsen, Gil Keppens, Martin Knollmann, Aaron R. Lyon, Naoki Maeda, Volker Reissner, Floor Sauter, Wendy K. Silverman, Mikael Thastum, Bruce J. Tonge, and Christopher A. Kearney

Neural Correlates of Perceptual Switching While Listening to Bistable Auditory Streaming Stimuli, Nathan C. Higgins, David Frank Little, Breanne D. Yerkes, Karli M. Nave, Abin Kuruvilla-Mathew, M. Elhilai, and Joel S. Snyder


Adminstration of Micronized Caffeine Using a Novel Oral Delivery Film Results in Rapid Absorption and Electroencephalogram Suppression, Rochelle M. Hines, Matthew Khumnark, Ben Macphail, and Dustine J. Hines

Family Contributions to Sport Performance and Their Utility in Predicting Appropriate Referrals to Mental Health Optimization Programmes, Julia E. Hussey, Brad Donohue, Kimberly A. Barchard, and Daniel N. Allen

Sleep Duration Differentially Affects Brain Activation in Response to Food Images in Adolescents with Overweight/Obesity Compared to Adolescents with Normal Weight, Chad D. Jensen, Kara M. Duraccio, Kimberly A. Barnett, Kaylie A. Carbine, Kimberly S. Stevens, Nathan M. Muncy, and C. Brock Kirwan

Attention during Visual Preference Tasks: Relation to Caregiving and Face Recognition, Joshua Juvrud, Jennifer L. Rennels, Andrea J. Kayl, Gustaf Gredebäck, and Agneta Herlitz

Which Dimensions of Human Sexuality Are Related to Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder (CSBD)? Study Using a Multidimensional Sexuality Questionnaire on a Sample of Polish Males, Ewelina Kowalewska, Shane W. Kraus, Michał Lew-Starowicz, Katarzyna Gustavsson, and Mateusz Gola


Strategies Employed by Community-Based Service Providers to Address HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Challenges: A Qualitative Study, Renato M. Liboro, Sean B. Rourke, Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco, Andrew Easton, Daniel Pugh, Claudia Medina, Allan Rae, Paul A. Shuper, and Lori E. Ross

Role of Puberty and Ovarian Hormones in the Genetic Diathesis of Eating Disorders in Females, Ruofan Ma, Megan E. Mikhail, Natasha Fowler, Kristen M. Culbert, and Kelly L. Klump

The Moderating Effect of Mate-Value on the Relationship between Preceived Sex Ratio and Mating Strategies, Murray G. Millar, R. Shane Westfall, and Mandy Walsh


Psychopathology and Hypersexuality among Veterans with and without Histories of Alcohol‐use Disorders, Jonathan Moisson, Marc N. Potenza, Steven D. Shirk, Rani A. Hoff, Crystal L. Park, and Shane W. Kraus


Identification of a Core Amino Acid Motif within the α Subunit of GABAARs that Promotes Inhibitory Synaptogenesis and Resilience to Seizures, Anna J. Nathanson, Yihui Zhang, Joshua L. Smalley, Thomas A. Ollerhead, Miguel A. Rodriguez Santos, Peter M. Andrews, Heike J. Wobst, Yvonne E. Moore, Nicholas J. Brandon, Rochelle M. Hines, Paul A. Davies, and Stephen J. Moss

The Role of Memory Strength and Task Orientation in Memory Conformity, Colleen M. Parks and Amy J. McAuley

Formulation of a Measurement Model for the Boldness Construct of Psychopathy, Christopher J. Patrick, Mark D. Kramer, Uma Vaidyanathan, Stephen D. Benning, Brian M. Hicks, and Scott O. Lilienfeld

Gender Typicality of Faces Affects Children’s Categorization and Judgments of Women More than of Men, Jennifer L. Rennels and Stephanie A. Verba

Divergences Among Three Higher-Order Self-Report Psychopathology Factors in Normal-Range Personality and Emotional Late Positive Potential Reactivity, Vincent Rozalski and Stephen D. Benning

It All Adds Up: Addressing the Roles of Cumulative Traumatic Experiences on Military Veterans, Arielle A. J. Scoglio, Steven D. Shirk, Carolyn Mazuree, Crystal L. Park, Beth E. Molnar, Rani A. Hoffe, and Shane W. Kraus

Associations between Self-Report and Physiological Measures of Emotional Reactions to Food among Women with Disordered Eating, Leah Suissa-Rocheleau, Stephen D. Benning, and Sarah E. Racine

“I Would Like Us to Share a Name so That We Can Be Recognized in Society.” Marital Surname Preferences in Same-Sex Relationships, Carrie R. Underwood and Rachael D. Robnett

Statistical Learning of Unfamiliar Sounds as Trajectories Through a Perceptual Similarity Space, Felix Hao Wang, Elizabeth A. Hutton, and Jason D. Zevin

Spotting Dalmatians: Children’s Ability to Discover Subordinate-Level Word Meanings Cross-Situationally, Felix Hao Wang and John C. Truswell

Successfully Learning Non-Adjacent Dependencies in a Continuous Artificial Language Stream, Felix Hao Wang, Jason Zevin, and Toben H. Mintz

Effects of Self-Esteem Threat on Physical Attractiveness Stereotypes, R. Shane Westfall, Murray Millar, and Mandy Walsh

Ethnicity, Eating Pathology, Drive for Muscularity, and Muscle Dysmorphia in College Men: A Descriptive Study, Emily K. White, Jan Mooney, and Cortney S. Warren


ACC Theta Improves Hippocampal Contextual Processing during Remote Recall, Ryan A. Wirt and James M. Hyman

Stimulus-based and Task-based Attention Modulate Auditory Stream Segregation Context Effects, Breanne D. Yerkes, David M. Weintraub, and Joel S. Snyder


Patterns of Treatment for Psychiatric Disorders Among Children and Adolesecents in Mississippi Medicaid, John Young, Sujith Ramachandran, Andrew J. Freeman, John P. Bentley, and Benjamin F. Banahan

Submissions from 2018

Cross-Cultural Validation of the 5-Factor Structure of Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia, Anthony O. Ahmed, Brian Kirkpatrick, Silvana Galderisi, Armida Mucci, Alessandro Rossi, Alessandro Bertolino, Paola Rocca, Mario Maj, Stefan Kaiser, Martin Bischof, Matthias N. Hartmann-Riemer, Matthias Kirschner, Karoline Schneider, Maria Paz Garcia-Portilla, Anna Mane, Miguel Bernardo, Emilio Fernandez-Egea, Cui Jiefeng, Yao Jing, Tan Shuping, James M. Gold, Daniel N. Allen, and Gregory P. Strauss

Eating Disorder Quality Of Life Scale (edqls) In Ethnically Diverse College Women: An Exploratory Factor Analysis, L M. Akoury, V Rozalski, K A. Barchard, and C S. Warren

Psychopathy in the Medical Emergency Department, Stephen D. Benning PhD, Stephany M. Molina MA, Emily A. Dowgwillo MS, Chistopher J. Patrick PhD, Karen F. Miller MPA, and Alan B. Storrow MD

The Postauricular Relfex Measures Positive Emotion, Not (Angry) Approach, Stephen Benning and Stephany Molina

Pristine Inner Experience While Silent Reading: It's Not Silent Speaking of the Text, Vincent P. Brouwers, Christopher L. Heavey, Leiszle R. Lapping-Carr, Stefanie Moynihan, Jason M. Kelsey, and Russell Hurlburt

Perinatal Testosterone Contributes To Mid-to-post Pubertal Sex Differences In Risk For Binge Eating In Male And Female Rats, K M. Culbert, E B. Sinclair, B A. Hildebrandt, K L. Klump, and C L. Sisk

Sex Steroid Hormones and Differential Risk for Eating Pathology: A Review of Genetic and Phenotypic Effects Across Development, Kristen M. Culbert, Cheryl L. Sisk, and Kelly L. Klump

On Investigating Self-talk: A Descriptive Experience Sampling Study Of Inner Experience During Golf Performance, Y L. Dickens, J V. Raalte, and R T. Hurlburt

Contribution of Illicit/Non-Prescribed Marijuana and Hard-Drug Use to Child-Abuse and Neglect Potential while Considering Social Desirability, Brad C. Donohue, Christopher P. Plant, Graig M. Chow, Kimberly N. Schubert, Kelsey Michael Bradshaw, Jessica Urgelles Cappellano, and Daniel N. Allen


Controlled Evaluation of an Optimization Approach to Mental Health and Sport Performance, Brad Donohue, Yulia Gavrilova, Marina Galante, Elena Gavrilova, Travis Loughran, Jesse Scott, Graig Chow, Christopher P. Plant, and Daniel N. Allen


Investigating Multiple Streams of Consciousness: Using Descriptive Experience Sampling to Explore Internally and Externally Directed Streams of Thought, Charles Fernyhough, Ben Alderson-Day, Russel T. Hurlburt, and Simone Kühn

Functional Profiles of School Refusal Behavior and their Relationship with Depression, Anxiety, and Stress, Carolina Gonzálvez, Christopher A. Kearney, Carlos E. Jiménez-Ayala, Ricardo Sanmartín, María Vicent, Cándido J. Inglés, and José M. García-Fernández

The Developmental Origins Of The Perception And Production Of Musical Rhythm, Erin Hannon, Jessica E. Nave-Blodgett, and Karli M. Nave


Developmental Seizures and Mortality Result from Reducing GABAA Receptor α2-subunit Interaction with Collybistin, Rochelle M. Hines, Hans Michael Maric, Dustin J. Hines, Amit Modgil, Patrizia Panzanelli, Yasuko Nakamura, Anna J. Nathanson, Alan Cross, Tarek Deeb, Nicholas J. Brandon, Paul Davies, Jean-Marc Fritschy, Hermann Schindelin, and Stephen J. Moss

Gerald “Jerry” Goldstein (1931–2017), Arthur M. Horton, Daniel Allen, and Antonio E. Puente

On Investigating Inner Experience: Contrasting Moore & Schwitzgebel and Brouwers Et Al, Russell T. Hurlburt


Convergent Roles of De Novo Mutations and Common Variants in Schizophrenia in Tissue-specific and Spatiotemporal Co-expression Network, Peilin Jia, Xiangning Chen, Ayman H. Fanous, and Zhongming Zhao


Inflammation as a Central Mechanism in Alzheimer's Disease, Jefferson W. Kinney, Shane M. Bemiller, Andrew S. Murtishaw, Amanda M. Leisgang, Arnold M. Salazar, and Bruce T. Lamb

Estrogen Moderates Genetic Influences on Binge Eating During Puberty: Disruption of Normative Processes?, Kelly L. Klump, Natasha Fowler, Laura Mayhall, Cheryl L. Sisk, Kristen M. Culbert, and Alexandra S. Burt


Justify Your Alpha, Daniel Lakens, Frederico G. Adolfi, Casper J. Albers, Farid Anvari, Matthew A. J. Apps, Shlomo E. Argamon, Thom Baguley, Raymond B. Becker, Stephen D. Benning, Daniel E. Bradford, Erin M. Buchanan, Aaron R. Caldwell, Ben Van Calster, Rickard Carlsson, Sau-Chin Chen, and Bryan Chung

Sexism, Campbell Leaper and Rachael D. Robnett


Racial Minority Immigrant Acculturation: Examining Filipino Settlement Experiences in Canada Utilizing a Community-Focused Acculturation Framework, Renato M. Liboro


Barriers to Addressing HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND): Community-Based Service Provider Perspectives, Renato M. Liboro, Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco, Sean B. Rourke, Andrew Easton, Claudia Medina, Daniel Pugh, Allan Rae, Lori E. Ross, and Paul A. Shuper


TSPO Regulation in Reactive Gliotic Diseases, Adam M. McNeela, Charles Bernick, Rochelle M. Hines, and Dustin J. Hines


The Influence of Mate Value on Women's Desire for Long and Short-term Mates: Implicit Responses, Murray Millar, R. Shane Westfall, and Aileen Lovitt

Factor Structure of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children—Fourth Edition Spanish in a Clinical Sample, Alicia Nuñez, Davor N. Zink, Kimberly A. Barchard, Liza E. San Miguel, and Daniel N. Allen


We Provided Psychological First Aid After the Las Vegas Shooting – Here’s What We Learned., Michelle Paul, Heather Dahl, John A. Nixon, and Noelle Lefforge

Relationship between General and Sport-Related Drinking Motives and Athlete Alcohol Use and Problems, Michelle Pitts, Graig M. Chow, and Brad Donohue

Effort Expenditure for Rewards Task Modified for Food: A Novel Behavioral Measure of Willingness to Work for Food, Sarah E. Racine PhD, Sarah A. Horvath MS, Sarah L. Brassard BA, and Stephen D. Benning

Implicit and Explicit Motivational Responses to High- and Low-calorie Food in Women with Disordered Eating, Sarah Racine, Léah Suissa-Rocheleau, and Stephen Benning


Research Mentoring and Scientist Identity: Insights from Undergraduates and their Mentors, Rachael D. Robnett, Paul A. Nelson, Eileen L. Zurbriggen, Faye J. Crosby, and Martin M. Chemers


Common Ribs of Inhibitory Synaptic Dysfunction in the Umbrella of Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Rachel Ali Rodriguez, Christina Joya, and Rochelle M. Hines


Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Among Male Adjudicated Adolescents: Psychosocial Concerns, Coping Responses, Diagnoses, and Functions, Jenna R. Silverman, Emma H. Ross, and Christopher A. Kearney

The Latent Structure of Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia, Gregory P. Strauss PhD, Alicia Nuñez MPH, Anthony O. Ahmed PhD, Kimberly A. Barchard, Eric Granholm PhD, Brian Kirkpatrick MD, James M. Gold PhD, and Daniel N. Allen

The Mediational Roles Of Gratitude And Perceived Support In Explaining The Relationship Between Mindfulness And Mood, R Swickert, E Bailey, J Hittner, A Spector, B Benson-Townsend, and N C. Silver

Change Detection in Complex Auditory Scenes is Predicted by Auditory Memory, Pitch Perception, and Years of Musical Training, Christina M. Vanden Bosch der Nederlanden, Che'Renee Zaragoza, Angie Rubio-Garcia, Evan Clarkson, and Joel S. Snyder

Sex Differences in Responses to Emotional and Sexual Infidelity in Dating Relationships, Mandy Walsh, Murray Millar, and R. Shane Westfall


The Influence of Physical Attractiveness on Belief in a Just World, R. Shane Westfall, Murray G. Millar, and Aileen Lovitt

Submissions from 2017


Neural Correlates of Speech Segregation Based on Formant Frequencies of Adjacent Vowels, C Alain, J S. Arsenault, L Garami, G M. Bidelman, and J S. Snyder


The Incremental Cost of Incompatible Living Donor Kidney Transplantation: A National Cohort Analysis, D Axelrod, K L. Lentine, M A. Schnitzler, X Luo, H Xiao, B J. Orandi, A Massie, J Garonzik Wang, M D. Stegall, S C. Jordan, J Oberholzer, T B. Dunn, L E. Ratner, S Kapur, R P. Pelletier, J P. Roberts, M L. Melcher, P Singh, D L. Sudan, M P. Posner, J M. El Amm, R Shapiro, M Cooper, G S. Lipkowitz, M A. Rees, C L. Marsh, B R. Sankari, D A. Gerber, P W. Nelson, J Wellen, A Bozorgzadeh, and Osama


New Section: Methods in Emotion Research, K A. Barchard

Dealing with Negative Emotions, Kimberly A. Barchard

Getting a Good Night's Sleep, Kimberly A. Barchard

Homework on Holiday, Kimberly A. Barchard


Computer Scoring of Emotional Awareness in a Nonclinical Population of Young Adults, Kimberly A. Barchard and Caleb J. Picker

Data Checking, Kimberly A. Barchard, Amber Stephens, and Ochoa Elizabeth


Reduced positive emotion and underarousal are uniquely associated with subclinical depression symptoms: Evidence from psychophysiology, self-report, and symptom clusters, S D. Benning and B Ait Oumeziane


The multidimensional personality Questionnaire's inconsistency scales identify invalid profiles through internal statistics and external correlates, S D. Benning and A J. Freeman


The hippocampus is particularly important for building associations across stimulus domains, A A. Borders, M Aly, C M. Parks, and A P. Yonelinas


Expanding the developmental boundaries of etiologic effects: The role of adrenarche in genetic influences on disordered eating in males, K M. Culbert, S A. Burt, and K L. Klump


Latent Class Symptom Profiles of Selective Mutism: Identification and Linkage to Temperamental and Social Constructs, Rachele Diliberto and Christopher A. Kearney


Family Assisted Contingency Management within the Context of Evidence-Supported Treatment for Child Neglect and Drug Abuse, B Donohue, C P. Plant, T A. Loughran, and A Torres


A Collaborative Approach to Infant Research: Promoting Reproducibility, Best Practices, and Theory-Building, M C. Frank, E Bergelson, C Bergmann, A Cristia, C Floccia, J Gervain, J K. Hamlin, E E. Hannon, M Kline, C Levelt, C Lew Williams, T Nazzi, R D. Panneton, H Rabagliati, M Soderstrom, J Sullivan, S Waxman, and D Yurovsky


Mental Health and Sport Performance Programming in Athletes Who Present Without Pathology: A Case Examination Supporting Optimization, Y Gavrilova, B Donohue, and M Galante

School Refusal Assessment Scale–Revised Chilean Version: Factorial Invariance and Latent Means Differences Across Gender and Age, Carolina Gonzálvez, Christopher A. Kearney, Nelly Lagos-San Martín, Ricardo Sanmartín, María Vicent, Cándido J. Inglés, and José M. García-Fernández


Effects of capacity limits, memory loss, and sound type in change deafness, M K. Gregg, V C. Irsik, and J S. Snyder


Babies know bad dancing when they see it: Older but not younger infants discriminate between synchronous and asynchronous audiovisual musical displays, E E. Hannon, A Schachner, and J E. Nave Blodgett


Contingency management adapted for African-American adolescents with obesity enhances youth weight loss with caregiver participation: A multiple baseline pilot study, K B. Hartlieb, S Naar, D M. Ledgerwood, T N. Templin, D A. Ellis, B Donohue, and P B. Cunningham


Mixed Emotions: Toward a Phenomenology of Blended and Multiple Feelings, C L. Heavey, N L. Lefforge, L Lapping Carr, and R T. Hurlburt


Examining the Cross-National Measurement Invariance of the Extended Satisfaction with Life Scale in the United States and Hungary, James B. Hittner, Rhonda Swickert, N. Clayton Silver, Krisztina Hevesi, and Zsuzsanna Kovi


Can inner experience be apprehended in high fidelity? Examining brain activation and experience from multiple perspectives, R T. Hurlburt, B Alderson Day, C Fernyhough, and S Kuhn


Response: Commentary: Can inner experience be apprehended in high fidelity? Examining brain activation and experience from multiple perspectives, R T. Hurlburt, B Alderson Day, C Fernyhough, and S Kuhn


A Novel Neural Prediction Error Found in Anterior Cingulate Cortex Ensembles, J M. Hyman, C B. Holroyd, and J K. Seamans


“I Don’t Need Help”: Gender Differences in how Gender Stereotypes Predict Help-Seeking, J Juvrud and J L. Rennels