Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas College of Hospitality Faculty.


Submissions from 2019

Association Between Employee Department and Responsibile Gambling Program Perceptions, Brett Abarbanel, Heather M. Gray, Debi A. LaPlante, and Bo J. Bernhard

VGO, NFT, OMG! Commentary on Continued Developments in Skins Wagering, Brett Abarbanel and Joseph Macey

Tourism Experiences During a Convention: A Case Study from South Korea, Meghan Beardsley, Shinyong Jung, Hyelin Kim, and Yen-Soon Kim

A Critical Review of Research Regarding Peer-To-Peer Accommodations, Amanda Belarmino and Yoon Koh

The Effects of Leadership Satisfaction on Employee Engagement, Loyalty, and Retention in the Hospitality Industry, Laura Book, Anthony Gatling, and Jungsun Kim

Hydrolytic Rancidity and its Association with Phenolics in Rice Bran, Ming-Hsuan Chen, Christine J. Bergman, and Anna M. McClung

The Role of Reference Prices in the Lodging Industry: The Moderating Effect of an Individual’s Psychological State, Choongbeom Choi, Sungwoo Choi, and Anna S. Mattila

Acquisitions and Shareholders' Returns in Restaurant Firms: The Effects of Free Cash Flow, Growth Opportunities, and Franchising, Tarik Dogru, Murat Kizildag, Ozgur Ozdemir, and Aysa I. Erdogan


Why Do Employees Break Rules? Understanding Hospitality Employee Organizational Rule-Breaking, Ankita Ghosh and Cass Shum


Why Do Employees Break Rules? Understanding Organizational Rule-Breaking Behaviors in Hospitality, Ankita Ghosh and Cass Shum

Do I Book at Exactly the Right Time? Airfare Forecast Accuracy Across Three Price-Prediction Platforms, Tenghui Huang, Chih-Chien Chen PhD, and Zvi Schwartz

Sales Promotions for Preorder Products: The Role of Time-of-Release, Subhash Jha, George D. Deitz, Phillip Hart, and Marla B. Royne Stafford

The Effect of Fellow Customer on Complaining Behaviors: The Moderating Role of Gender, Sungjun Joe and Choongbeom Choi

Simultaneous Effects of Multiple Cues in Restaurant Reviews, Esther L. Kim and Sarah Tanford

Impact of Employees' Job, Organizational and Technology Fit on Engagement and Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Jungsun Sunny Kim and Anthony Gatling

The Influence of Self-Expansion on Pop-Star Fans’ Leisure Constraints, Commitment, Involvement and Future Intention, SoJung Lee, James A. Busser, and Eunkyoung Park

Thematic Framework of Social Media Research: State of the Art, Xi Yu Leung, Jie Sun, and Billy Bai

The Importance of Marketer-Generated Content to Peer-To-Peer Property Rental Platforms: Evidence from Airbnb, Sai Liang, Markus Schuckert, Rob Law, and Chih-Chien Chen

Impacts of Increased House Advantages on Reel Slots, Anthony F. Lucas

Free-Play Impact by Customer Segment, Anthony F. Lucas and Jasmine Nemati

From Customer-Related Social Stressors to Emotional Exhaustion: An Application of the Demands–Control Model, Zihui Ma, Hyun Jeong Kim, and Kang Hyun Shin

Kraus’ recreation and leisure in modern society, Daniel D. McLean and Amy R. Hurd

Enhancing Hospitality Experience with Service Robots: The Mediating Role of Rapport Building, Hailian Qiu, Minglong Li, Boyang Shu, and Billy Bai

A Paradigm Shift in Revenue Management? The New Landscape of Hotel Cancellation Policies, Arashi Riasi, Zvi Schwartz, and Chih-Chien Chen

The Impact of Coworker Support and Organizational Embeddedness on Turnover Intention Among Restaurant Employees, Timothy T. Self and Susan Gordon

Talent Management: A Delphi Study of Assessing and Developing Genz Hospitality Leaders, Timothy T. Self, Susan Gordon, and Phillip M. Jolly

Talent Management Meta Review: A Validity Network Schema Approach, Lenna V. Shulga and James A. Busser


Prosocial Rule-Breaking to Help Coworker: Nature, Causes, and Effect on Service Performance, Cass Shum, Ankita Ghosh, and Anthony R. Gatling

Submissions from 2018

Bring on the Boffins, Brett L. Abarbanel


List of Contributors, Griffiths G. Atungulu, Jinsong Bao, Christine J. Bergman, Aurelien Briffaz, Lilia S. Collado, Karabi Datta, Swapan K. Datta, Subhrajyoti Ghosh, Yuqing He, Yu-Fong Huang, Xuehui Huang, Sachiko Iizuka, Bienvenido O. Juliano, J. Karcher, Taiji Kawakatsu, R. E. Kolb, Shang-Lien Lo, Zhan-Hui Lu, Christian Mestres, Z. Mohammad Shad, Gareth J. Norton, Masaki Okuda, Sammy Sadaka, Yafang Shao, Fumio Takaiwa, Chuan Tong, Arvin Paul P. Tuano, Dominique Valentin, Yunxia Wang, Dong Wang, and Xin Wei

Impact of Experience on Emotional Well-being and Loyalty, Seyhmus Baloglu, James Busser, and Lisa Cain

How E-WOM Motivations Vary by Hotel Review Website, Amanda Mapel Belarmino and Yoon Koh

9 Rice End-Use Quality Analysis, Christine J. Bergman

How We Complain: The Effect Of Personality On Consumer Complaint Channels, R Berry, S Tanford, R Montgomery, and A J. Green


Customer Reviews Are Not Always Informative: The Impact of Effortful Versus Heuristic Processing, Laura A. Book, Sarah Tanford, and Wen Chang

Meeting Planners’ Online Reviews Of Destination Hotels: A Twofold Content Analysis Approach, S Boo and J A. Busser

Tourists’ Hotel Event Experience And Satisfaction: An Integrative Approach, Soyoung Boo and James Busser

Gambling Vs. Gaming: A Commentary on the Role of Regulatory, Industry, and Community Stakeholders in the Loot Box Debate, Abarbanel Brett


Customer Disposition to Social Exchange in Co-innovation, James A. Busser, Lenna V. Shulga, and Hee Jung (Annette) Kang

The Effect of Hospitality Conference Messaging on Employee Job Responses, James A. Busser, Lenna V. Shulga, Hee Jung (Annette) Kang, and Denise Holly Ramirez Molintas

Involvement in Consumer-Generated Advertising: Effects of Organizational Transparency and Brand Authenticity on Loyalty and Trust, James A. Busser and Lenna V. Zhu


Examining Persistent Factors of Golf Management Students, Christopher Paul Cain, Lisa Nicole Cain, and Vicki J. Rosser


Heavy Alcohol Use, Job Satisfaction, and Job Escapism Drinking Among Foodservice Employees: A Comparative Analysis, Lisa Cain, Miranda Kitterlin-Lynch, Christopher Cain, and Jerome Agrusa


The Impact of Job Advertising on Hospitality Graduates’ Job Pursuit Intention, Wen Chang PhD and Sarah Tanford PhD


Reference Price and Its Asymmetric Effects on Price Evaluations: The Moderating Role of Gender, Choongbeom Choi, Sung Jun Joe, and Anna S. Mattila

The Effect Of Assortment Pricing On Choice And Satisfaction: The Moderating Role Of Consumer Characteristics, C Choi, A S. Mattila, and A Upneja


Education, Not Restriction, is Key to Reducing Harm from Offshore Gambling, Sally Gainsbury, Alex Blaszczynski, and Brett Abarbanel

Factors Influencing Internet Gamblers’ Use of Offshore Online Gambling Sites: Policy Implications, Sally M. Gainsbury, Brett Abarbanel, and Alex Blaszczynski

Cuba’s Historical Tryst with Economic Development and Future Pathways, Babu George, Tony Henthorne, and Maximiliano Korstanje

Cross-Cultural Competence as a Basis of the Competitive Advantage of the United States in Medical Tourism, Babu George and Tony L. Henthorne


Determinants of Student Satisfaction with Using Instructional Technology: The Role of Active Learning, Alison J. Green PhD, Sarah Tanford PhD, and Alice Swift

The Power of Practicum: The Next Step for Study Abroad, Tony L. Henthorne and Thomas R. Panko

Cross-cultural Consumer Complaining Behavior in Service Industries: A Three-nation Study across the African Diaspora, Tony L. Henthorne, Alvin J. Williams, and Babu P. George

Examining Effects Of Internal Branding On Hospitality Student Interns’ Brand-supportive Behaviors: The Role Of Value Congruence, Yaou Hu, Zihui Ma, and Hyun J. Kim

Building Loyalty through Reward Programs: The Influence of Perceptions of Fairness and Brand Attachment, Eunmin Hwang, Seyhmus Baloglu, and Sarah Tanford

Last-minute Hotel-booking Behavior: The Impact of Time on Decision-making, Yisak Jang, Chih-Chien Chen, and Libin Miao


A Comparison of Planners' Site-Selection Intentions Towards a Sustainability Reward Program, Location, and Overall Costs, Shinyong Jung, Sarah Tanford, Yen-Soon Kim, and Carola Raab

Internationalization as a Determinant of Systematic Risk: The Role of Restaurant Type, SoYeon Jung, Michael Dalbor, and Seoki Lee


Impact of Service Climate and Psychological Capital on Employee Engagement: The Role of Organizational Hierarchy, Hee Jung (Annette) Kang and James A. Busser

Service Climate: How Does It Affect Turnover Intention?, H J. Kang, J Busser, and H M. Choi

Are You Willing to Pay More for Branded Amenities in Hotels?, Eun Joo Kim and Tony Henthorne

Seniors: Quality of Life and Travel and Tourism, Hyelin Kim, Joseph M. Sirgy, and Muzzo Uysal

The Impact Of Using A Virtual Employee Engagement Platform (veep) On Employee Engagement And Intention To Stay, J Kim and A Gatling

The impact of using a virtual employee engagement platform (VEEP) on employee engagement and intention to stay, Jungsun Kim and Anthony R. Gatling

Effects of CSR, Responsible Gambling, and Negative Social Impacts on Perceived Benefits and Quality of Life in Gaming Communities, Jungsun (Sunny) Kim and Choong-Ki Lee

Improving Airline Bankruptcy Prediction, Carla Kroeze, Dina M. Zemke, and Carola Raab

Integrated Casino Resort Development in South Korea: Perspectives from the Government Representatives and Industry Professionals, DongHwa Lee, Yen-Soon Kim, Eunha Myung, and Hyun K. Chatfield

Pop Star Fan Tourists: An Application of Self-expansion Theory, SoJung Lee, Billy Bai, and James A. Busser


The Upper Echelon Effect on Restaurant Franchising: The Moderating Role of Internationalization, Won Seok Lee, Choongbeom Choi, and Joonhoo Moon

Examining the effects of lottery-style promotions in casinos, Anthony F. Lucas


Examining the Effects of Lottery-style Promotions in Casinos, Anthony F. Lucas

Casino Management, Anthony F. Lucas, Jim Kilby, and Jungsun Kim


How Slot Machines Work -- and Why You Should Think Twice before Playing Them, Anthony Frederick Lucas


A Deeper Look into the Relationship between House Advantage and Reel Slot Performance, Anthony F. Lucas and Katherine Spilde


How Changes in the House Advantages of Reel Slots Affect Game Performance, Anthony F. Lucas and Katherine Spilde

Efficacy Of An Exercise Intervention Among Children With Comorbid Asthma And Obesity, J A. Lucas, S Moonie, M B. Hogan, and W N. Evans


Which Bundles of Corporate Governance Provisions Lead to High Firm Performance among Restaurant Firms?, Melih Madanoglu, Murat Kizildag, and Ozgur Ozdemir

Economic Policy Uncertainty and Hotel Operating Performance, Melih Madanoglu and Ozgur Ozdemir


Evaluating Event Effectiveness across Alternate Platforms, Kristin Malek, Sarah Tanford, and Seyhmus Baloglu

Millennial Perceptions of Wine Packaging: A Focus on Alternative Options, Gina Marano and Tony L. Henthorne

The Role of FDA Enforcement in Misleading Product Labeling Claims in Hospitality, Gina Marano and Tony L. Henthorne


The Effect of Workplace Spirituality on Hospitality Employee Engagement, Intention to Stay, and Service Delivery, John Milliman, Anthony Gatling, and Jungsun (Sunny) Kim

Connection or Competence: Emotional Labor and Service Quality’s Impact on Satisfaction and Loyalty, Andrew Moreo, Robert Woods, Gail Simmons, and Christine Bergman

The Effect of Availability Heuristics in Online Consumer Reviews, Nadia Hanin Nazlan, Sarah Tanford, and Rhonda Montgomery

The Influence Of Scarcity Cues And Price Bundling On Menu Item Selection, N H. Nazlan, S Tanford, C Raab, and C CB Choi


Creating Stategic Relationships with Online Travel Agents to Drive Hotel Room Revenue: An OTA Perspective, Carola Raab, Orie Berezan, Natasa Christodoulidou, Lan Jiang, and Stowe Shoemaker


Creating Strategic Relationships with Online Travel Agents to Drive Hotel Room Revenue: An OTA Perspective, Carola Raab, Orie Berezan, Natasa Christodoulidou, Lan Jiang, and Stowe Shoemaker

I don't need to know accounting, I am going to be a hotel manager. Right?, Tony Repetti

A Proposition-based Theorizing Approach to Hotel Cancellation Practices Research, Arash Riasi, Zvi Schwartz, and Chih-Chien Chen


Factors Affecting Willingness to Participate in Consumer Generated Advertisement, Lenna V. Shulga, James A. Busser, and Billy Bai


A Model of Hospitality Leadership Competency for Frontline and Director-level Managers: Which Competencies are Matter More?, Cass Shum, Anthony Gatling, and Stowe Shoemaker


A Model of Hospitality Leadership Competency for Frontline and Director-level Managers: Which Competencies Matter More?, Cass Shum, Anthony Gatling, and Stowe Shoemaker

Perceived Impacts of Medical Tourism Development on Community Wellbeing, Courtney Suess, Seyhmus Baloglu, and James A. Busser


Dress for Success: The Effect of Exhibitors’ Dress Conformity and Self-construal on Attendees’ Approach Behavior, Jie Sun, Choongbeom Choi, and Billy Bai


The Differences Between ACF Professional Chefs and Chef Educators: Concern for Task Versus Concern for People, Daniel Swift EdD, Kristen Malek PhD, and Alice Swift PhD

How Pricing Strategies Influence Willingness-to-pay: Anchoring and Framing Effects, Sarah Tanford, Choongbeom Choi, and Sung Jun Joe

The Influence of Pricing Strategies on Willingness to Pay for Accommodations: Anchoring, Framing, and Metric Compatibility, Sarah Tanford, Choongbeom Choi, and Sung Jun Joe


Risk Versus Reward: When Will Travelers Go the Distance?, Sarah Tanford and Esther L. Kim


Breaking the Cycle: The Effects of Role Model Performance and Ideal Leadership Self-Concepts on Abusive Supervision Spillover, Min-Hsuan Tu, Joyce E. Bono, Cass Shum, and Liva LaMontagne


Breaking the Cycle: The Effects of Role Model Performance and Ideal Leadership Self-concepts on Abusive Supervision Spillover., Min-Hsuan Tu, Joyce E. Bono, Cass Shum, and Liva LaMontagne