Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas College of Hospitality Faculty.


Submissions from 2020

Gambling Engagement Mechanisms in Twitch Live Streaming, Brett Abarbanel and Mark R. Johnson

Developing Minimal-Input Techniques for Invasive Plant Management: Perimeter Treatments Enlarge Native Grass Patches, Scott R. Abella, Lindsay P. Chiquoine, Jeremy M. Moss, Eric D. Lassance, and Charles D. Schelz

Organizational Motivations for Green Practices in Casual Restaurants, Seyhmus Baloglu, Carola Raab, and Kristin Malek

Online Reviews and Travel Magazine Awards: Their Influence on Willingness‑To‑Pay, Amanda Belarmino, Tevfik Demirciftci, and Liheng Zhang

Examining the Impact of Political Candidates on Hotel Revenue, Amanda Belarmino and Elizabeth A. Whalen

Rice: Prevention and Management of Type 2 Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease, Christine J. Bergman

Preferred Stock Issuance in the Restaurant Industry and Financial Distress, Hyun Kyung Chatfield, Robert E. Chatfield, Seyhmus Baloglu, and Percy Poon

Does Airbnb Have a Homogenous Impact? Examining Airbnb’s Effect on Hotels With Different Organizational Structures, Tarik Dogru, Lydia Hanks, Ozgur Ozdemir, Murat Kizildag, Apostolos Ampountolas, and Ilhan Demirer

Olympians on Twitter: A Linguistic Perspective of the Role of Authenticity, Clout, and Expertise in Social Media Advertising, Alexa K. Fox and Marla B. Royne Stafford

Part III: Nevada, Over 60 Years Regulation Gambling - A Jurisdictional Overview, Becky Harris and Husna Alikhan

Diving Deep: Mechanistic Insights into the Extreme Physiology of Antarctic Seals, Allyson G. Hindle

Effect of Guest Demographics on Perception of Hotel Room Price, Jinhua Hong, Toni Repetti, Mehmet Erdem, and Tony Henthorne

Effects of Social Influence and Perceived Enjoyment on Kiosk Acceptance: A Moderating Role of Gender, Sungjun Joe, Jungsun Kim, and Dina Marie V. Zemke

Psychological Diversity Climate, Organizational Embeddedness, and Turnover Intentions: A Conservation of Resources Perspective, Phillip M. Jolly and Timothy T. Self

Influence of Scarcity on Travel Decisions and Cognitive Dissonance, Eun Joo Kim, Choongbeom Choi, and Sarah Tanford

The Effect of Priming and Customer Reviews on Sustainable Travel Behaviors, Eun Joo Kim, Sarah Tanford, and Laura A. Book

Why Hotel Employees Care About Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Using Need Satisfaction Theory, Hyelin Lina Kim, Yinyoung Rhou, Esra Topcuoglu, and Yeong Gug Kim

Effects of CSR on Employee Retention Via Identification and Quality-of-Work-Life, Jungsun Sunny Kim, John Milliman, and Anrhony Lucas

Pushing the Limits of Increased Casino Advantage on Slots: An Examination of Performance Effects and Customer Reactions, Anthony F. Lucas and Katherine Spilde

Examining Expanded Differences in Slot Machine Pars: An Analysis of Revenue Impacts and Player Sensitivity to “Price”, Anthony F. Lucas and Katherine A. Spilde

Environmental Management and Performance of Hospitality Firms: Review and Research Agenda, Eunha Myung, Yen-Soon Kim, and Sheila Barrett

Corporate Social Responsibility and Idiosyncratic Risk in the Restaurant Industry: Does Brand Diversification Matter?, Ozgur Ozdemir, Ezgi Erkmen, and Minji Kim

How Hospitality Firm Executive Diversity Affects Firm Performance, Toni Repetti

Increasing Management Retention: The Mediating Role of Organizational Embeddedness on Coworker Support and Turnover Intention, Timothy T. Self, Susan Gordon, and Ankita Ghosh

Hospitality Employee and Customer Role in Value Co-Creation: Personal, Organizational and Collaborative Outcomes, Lenna V. Shulga and James A. Busser


The Recursive Relationship Between Abusive Supervision and Service Performance, Cass Shum


When Do Abusive Leaders Experience Guilt?, Cass Shum, Anthony Gatling, and Min-Hsuan Tu


Why Won’t She Break Rules to Promote Service? Effects of Gender, Gender Identification, and Honesty, Cass Shum, Ankita Gosh, and Jaimi Garlington

An Application of Bayesian Regression in Ergonomics, Ashok K. Singh and Rohan J. Dalpatadu

Priming Social Media and Framing Cause-Related Marketing to Promote Sustainable Hotel Choice, Sarah Tanford, Minji Kim, and Eun Joo Kim

Designing for Quality of Life, Muzaffer Uysal, Adiyukh Berbekova, and Hyelin Lina Kim

Well-Being Research in the Service Industries, Muzaffer Uysal, M. Joseph Sirgy, and Hyelin Lina Kim

The Evolution of Behavioral Loyalty and Customer Lifetime Value Over Time: Investigation from a Casino Loyalty Program, Michelle Yoo, Billy Bai, and Ashok Singh

How To Build a Better Robot . . . For Quick-Service Restaurants, Dina Marie V. Zemke, Jason Tang, Carola Raab, and Jungsun Kim

Submissions from 2019

Association Between Employee Department and Responsibile Gambling Program Perceptions, Brett Abarbanel, Heather M. Gray, Debi A. LaPlante, and Bo J. Bernhard

VGO, NFT, OMG! Commentary on Continued Developments in Skins Wagering, Brett Abarbanel and Joseph Macey

Exploring Gamers' Perceptions of Esports Betting Advertising, Brett Abarbanel and Dylan Phung

A Comparison of Green and Non-Green Advertising in the Hotel Industry, Seyhmus Baloglu, Esra Topcuoglu, and Safak Sahin

Tourism Experiences During a Convention: A Case Study from South Korea, Meghan Beardsley, Shinyong Jung, Hyelin Kim, and Yen-Soon Kim

A Critical Review of Research Regarding Peer-To-Peer Accommodations, Amanda Belarmino and Yoon Koh

The Impact of Resort Fees on Perceived Fairness and Destination Brand Image: An Exploratory Study, Amanda Belarmino, Carola Raab, and Tevfik Demirciftci

Examining the Impact of Political Candidates on Hotel Revenue, Amanda Belarmino and Elizabeth A. Whalen

The Effects of Leadership Satisfaction on Employee Engagement, Loyalty, and Retention in the Hospitality Industry, Laura Book, Anthony Gatling, and Jungsun Kim

Role of Commercial Friendship, Initiation and Co-Creation Types, James A. Busser and Lenna V. Shulga

Exploring Strategies to Improve Gender Equity in a Masculinized Field of Study, Christopher Cain, Lisa Cain, and Nancy Lough

Hospitality Career Retention: The Role of Contextual Factors and Thriving at Work, Wen Chang and James A. Busser

A Rice Mutant with a Giant Embryo has Increased Levels of Lipophilic Antioxidants, E Vitamers, and Gamma-Oryzanol Fraction, Ming‐Hsuan Chen, Christine J. Bergman, Casey C. Grimm, and Anna M. McClung

Hydrolytic Rancidity and its Association with Phenolics in Rice Bran, Ming-Hsuan Chen, Christine J. Bergman, and Anna M. McClung

The Role of Reference Prices in the Lodging Industry: The Moderating Effect of an Individual’s Psychological State, Choongbeom Choi, Sungwoo Choi, and Anna S. Mattila

Pride, Guilt, and Self-Regulation in Cause-Related Marketing Advertisements, Joshua T. Coleman, Marla B. Royne (Stafford), and Kathrynn R. Pounders

Acquisitions and Shareholders' Returns in Restaurant Firms: The Effects of Free Cash Flow, Growth Opportunities, and Franchising, Tarik Dogru, Murat Kizildag, Ozgur Ozdemir, and Aysa I. Erdogan

Who Makes Acquisitions? An Empirical Investigation of Restaurant Firms, Tarik Dogru, Ozgur Ozdemir, Murat Kizildag, and Aysa Ipek Erdogan

Leveraging Guest-Room Technology: A Tale of Two Guest Profiles, Mehmet Erdem, Hilmi A. Atadil, and Pelin Nasoz


Leadership and Behavioral Integrity in the Restaurant Industry: the Moderating Roles of Gender, Anthony Gatling, Denise H. Ramirez Molintas, Timothy T. Self, and Cass Shum

Ch’ulel Mendoza, Un Spa Diferente: Estudio de Caso sobre el Desarrollo de un Nuevo Producto en la Industria del Bienestar, Babu George, Gina Marano, and Tony Henthorne


Why Do Employees Break Rules? Understanding Hospitality Employee Organizational Rule-Breaking, Ankita Ghosh and Cass Shum


Why Do Employees Break Rules? Understanding Organizational Rule-Breaking Behaviors in Hospitality, Ankita Ghosh and Cass Shum

Crime at Sea: A Review of Crimes Onboard Cruise Ships, Tony Henthorne and Thomas R. Panko

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technology in the Hospitality Industry: Current Applications and Future Trends, Tony Henthorne and Li Yang

Do I Book at Exactly the Right Time? Airfare Forecast Accuracy Across Three Price-Prediction Platforms, Tenghui Huang, Chih-Chien Chen PhD, and Zvi Schwartz

Haptic Information Processing and Need for Touch in Product Evaluation, Subhash Jha, M. S. Balaji, Marla B. Royne Stafford, and Nancy Spears

Sales Promotions for Preorder Products: The Role of Time-of-Release, Subhash Jha, George D. Deitz, Phillip Hart, and Marla B. Royne Stafford

The Effect of Fellow Customer on Complaining Behaviors: The Moderating Role of Gender, Sungjun Joe and Choongbeom Choi

Internationalization and Accounting-Based Risk in the Restaurant Industry, SoYeon Jung, Toni Repetti, Hyun Kyung (Grace) Chatfield, Michael Dalbor, and Robert Chatfield

Seeking Reward or Avoiding Risk from Restaurant Reviews: Does Distance Matter?, Esther L. Kim and Sarah Tanford

Simultaneous Effects of Multiple Cues in Restaurant Reviews, Esther L. Kim and Sarah Tanford

Family Versus Couples: How Travel Goal Influences Evaluations of Bundled Travel Packages, Eun Joo Kim, Sarah Tanford, and Choongbeom Choi

Impact of Employees' Job, Organizational and Technology Fit on Engagement and Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Jungsun Sunny Kim and Anthony Gatling

Blockchain: A Paradigm Shift in Business Practices, Murat Kizildag, Tarik Dogru, Tingting Christina Zhang, Makarand Amrish Mody, Mehmet Altin, Ahmet Bulent Ozturk, and Ozgur Ozdemir

Good Fences Make Good Revenue: An Examination of Revenue Management Practices at Peer-To-Peer Accommodations, Yoon Koh, Amanda Belarmino, and Min Gyung Kim

The Influence of Self-Expansion on Pop-Star Fans’ Leisure Constraints, Commitment, Involvement and Future Intention, SoJung Lee, James A. Busser, and Eunkyoung Park

A Fad or the Future? Examining the Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Advertising in the Hotel Industry, Xi Y. Leung, Jiaying Lyu, and Billy Bai

Thematic Framework of Social Media Research: State of the Art, Xi Yu Leung, Jie Sun, and Billy Bai

The Importance of Marketer-Generated Content to Peer-To-Peer Property Rental Platforms: Evidence from Airbnb, Sai Liang, Markus Schuckert, Rob Law, and Chih-Chien Chen

Impacts of Increased House Advantages on Reel Slots, Anthony F. Lucas

Free-Play Impact by Customer Segment, Anthony F. Lucas and Jasmine Nemati

Co-Creating good times, Zihui Ma, Hyelin Kim, and Muzaffer Uysal

From Customer-Related Social Stressors to Emotional Exhaustion: An Application of the Demands–Control Model, Zihui Ma, Hyun Jeong Kim, and Kang Hyun Shin

Kraus’ recreation and leisure in modern society, Daniel D. McLean and Amy R. Hurd

The Effect of Brand Diversification on IPO Returns: An Examination of Restaurant IPOs, Ozgur Ozdemir, Ezgi Erkmen, and Tevfik Demirciftci

Enhancing Hospitality Experience with Service Robots: The Mediating Role of Rapport Building, Hailian Qiu, Minglong Li, Boyang Shu, and Billy Bai

A Paradigm Shift in Revenue Management? The New Landscape of Hotel Cancellation Policies, Arashi Riasi, Zvi Schwartz, and Chih-Chien Chen

The Resident Participation in Endogenous Rural Tourism Projects: A Case Study of Kumbalangi in Kerala, India, Kisang Ryu, Pazhayaparampil Abraham Roy, and Hye Kim

The Influence of Green Message Types on Advertising Effectiveness for Luxury and Budget Hotel Segments, Safak Sahin and Seyhmus Baloglu

The Impact of Coworker Support and Organizational Embeddedness on Turnover Intention Among Restaurant Employees, Timothy T. Self and Susan Gordon

Talent Management: A Delphi Study of Assessing and Developing Genz Hospitality Leaders, Timothy T. Self, Susan Gordon, and Phillip M. Jolly

Customer Acceptance of Four Types of Hospitality Value Propositions, Lenna V. Shulga and James A. Busser

Talent Management Meta Review: A Validity Network Schema Approach, Lenna V. Shulga and James A. Busser

All People are Created Equal? Racial Discrimination and Its Impact on Hospitality Career Satisfaction, Cass Shum, Anthony Gatling, and Jaimi Garlington


Prosocial Rule-Breaking to Help Coworker: Nature, Causes, and Effect on Service Performance, Cass Shum, Ankita Ghosh, and Anthony R. Gatling

Perceived Fairness of Revenue Management Practices in Casual and Fine-Dining Restaurants, Jason Tang, Toni Repetti, and Carola Raab

To Share or to Access? Travelers’ Choice on the Types of Accommodation-Sharing Services, Karen Xie, Linchi Kwok, Chih-Chien Chen, and Jiang Wu

To Share or to Access? Travelers’ Choice on the Types of Accommodation-Sharing Services, Karen Xie, Linchi Kwok, Chih-Chien Chen, and Jiang Wu

Submissions from 2018

Bring on the Boffins, Brett L. Abarbanel

Impact of Experience on Emotional Well-being and Loyalty, Seyhmus Baloglu, James Busser, and Lisa Cain

How E-WOM Motivations Vary by Hotel Review Website, Amanda Mapel Belarmino and Yoon Koh

9 Rice End-Use Quality Analysis, Christine J. Bergman

How We Complain: The Effect Of Personality On Consumer Complaint Channels, R Berry, S Tanford, R Montgomery, and A J. Green


Customer Reviews Are Not Always Informative: The Impact of Effortful Versus Heuristic Processing, Laura A. Book, Sarah Tanford, and Wen Chang

Meeting Planners’ Online Reviews Of Destination Hotels: A Twofold Content Analysis Approach, S Boo and J A. Busser