Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Department of Educational & Clinical Studies Faculty.


Submissions from 2020

Translanguaging for Varying Discourse Functions in Sociodramatic Play: An Exploratory Multiple Case Study of Young Emergent Bilinguals, Alain Bengochea and Mileidis Gort

Exploring the Object-Sourced Transmodal Practices of an Emergent Bilingual Child in Sociodramatic Play, Alain Bengochea, Sabrina F. Sembiante, and Mileidis Gort

Exploring the Landscape of Published Mixed Methods Research in Special Education: A Systematic Review, Catherine Corr, Melinda R. Snodgrass, Hailey Love, Ian M. Scott, Jiye Kim, and Laurie Andrews

Exploring the Landscape of Published Mixed Methods Research in Special Education: A Systematic Review, Catherine Corr PhD, Melinda R. Snodgrass PhD, Hailey Love PhD, Ian M. Scott MA, Jiye Kim MA, and Laurie Andrews MEd

Be Open and See Where Your Path Leads: Dr. Judy Voress, Kyle Higgins PhD and Randall Boone PhD

Developing a Passion for Learning: An Interview With Dr. David Rose, Kyle Higgins and Randall Boone

A Promising Science and Literacy Instructional Model With Hispanic Fifth Grade Students, Julie K. Jackson, Margarita Huerta, and Tiberio Garza

Examining the Factor Structure of the Child Behavior Questionnaire-Very Short Form-Teacher Form in a Spanish-Speaking Mexican-American Sample, Yu Liu, Jacqueline R. Anderson, Allyson N. Weldon, Leina Zhu, Patrick Sajovec, Sharolyn Pollard-Duradola, Rongfang Zhang, Anita Sohn McCormick, and Jorge E. Gonzalez

Integrating Family Content in Teacher Preparation Programs Using Intentional Reflection and Planning, Maryssa Kucskar Mitsch, Jessica M. Branch, and Jenna M. Weglarz-Ward


Integrating Blended Learning in Middle School ELA Classrooms to Support Diverse Learners: Lessons Learned, Joseph John Morgan and Tacy G. Spies

Preparing Families of Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder for Formal School Settings, Pricella Morris, Jenna M. Weglarz-Ward, and Hailey R. Love

Student Interns and Their Field Supervisors’ Perceptions of a School Psychology Training Program to Support Emergent Bilinguals, Sharolyn D. Pollard-Duradola and Gloria Miller

"Want Me to Show You?": Emergent Bilingual Preschoolers' Multimodal Resourcing in Show-and-Tell Activity, Sabrina F. Sembiante and Alain Bengochea

How Professionals Collaborate to Support Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities in Child Care, Jenna M. Weglarz-Ward, Rosa Milagros Santos, and Loretta A. Hayslip

Transition-Related Social Support of High School Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Kristopher Hawk Yeager, Joseph John Morgan, Monica R. Brown, Kyle Higgins, and Iesha Jackson

Submissions from 2019

Social Competence of Bilingual and Monolingual Native English Speaking Preschoolers: A Comparison of Parent and Teacher Perspectives, Christine M. Baxter, Cori More, Tracy G. Spies, and Chyllis E. Scott

“Asking, Learning, Seeking Out”: An Exploration of Data Literacy for Teaching, Jori S. Beck, Joseph John Morgan, Nancy Brown, Heather Whitesides, and Derek R. Riddle

Understanding Provider Attitudes Regarding Father Involvement in Early Intervention, Sarah L. Curtiss PhD, Brent A. McBride PhD, Kelly Uchima BS, Dan J. Laxman PhD, Rosa M. Santos PhD, Jenna Weglarz-Ward PhD, and Justin Kern

An Online Inclusive Early Childhood Education Approach at a Southwestern University: A Follow-Up Graduate Programme, Jeff Gelfer, Neal Nghia Nguyen, and Conrad Oh-Young

A Phenomenological Investigation of Wellness Within Counselor Education Programs, Brett K. Gleason and Danica G. Hays

Writing in Science: Why, How, and for Whom? A Systematic Literature Review of 20 Years of Intervention Research (1996–2016), Margarita Huerta and Tiberio Garza

Language Minority Students in Community Colleges: An SEM Model Exploring Socio-Academic Variables Related to Persisitence Pertaining to Re-Enrollment, Margarita Huerta, Tiberio Garza, and Hugo A. Garcia

Parent Perspectives of Their Involvement in IEP Development for Children With Autism, Jennifer A. Kurth, Hailey Love, and Jody Pirtle

The Counseling Training Environment Scale: Initial Development and Validity of a Self-Report Measure to Assess the Counseling Training Environment, Jared M. Lau, Kok-Mun Ng, and David B. Vallett

Using a Collaborative Model in Supervision With International Counseling Students, Jared Lau, Yi-Wen Su, Ching-Chen Chen, and Chia-Liang Dai

Using a Collaborative Model in Supervision with International Counseling Students, Jared Lau, Yi-Wen Su, Ching-Chen Chen, and Chia-Liang Dai

Definition, Context, Quality: Current Issues in Research Examining High-Quality Inclusive Education, Hailey R. Love PhD and Eva Horn PhD

Teaching Observational Data Collection to Early Childhood Preservice Educators, Hailey R. Love, Eva Horn, and Zhe An

Exploring Multimodal Representations of Words in a Fourth-Grade English Language Arts Teacher Guide to Support Emergent Bilinguals’ Vocabulary Instruction, Irina Malova, Alain Bengochea, Susan R. Massey, and Mary A. Avalos

Evaluating School Connectedness of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Robbie Jordon Marsh, Kyle Higgins, Joseph Morgan, Therese M. Cumming, Monica Brown, and Michael McCreery

The Meta-Analysis Review: A Valuable Resource for Special Educators, Conrad Oh-Young Ph.D.; John Filler Ph.D.; and Jennifer Buchter Ph.D., M.S.W, LSW


School Readiness Profiles and Growth in Academic Achievement, Qianqian Pan, Kim T. Trang, Hailey R. Love, and Jonathan Templin

Research-Based Practices for Emergent Bilinguals with Moderate Intellectual Disability: A Review of Literature, Christopher J. Rivera, Joshua Baker, Mona Nasir-Tucktuck, Heike Rüdenauer, and Nicole Atwell

Delivering Performance Feedback to Teachers Using Technology-Based Observation and Coaching Tools, Wendy J. Rodgers PhD, Michael J. Kennedy PhD, Victoria J. VanUitert MT, and Anna Moriah Myers MT

Social Skills and Bullying Prevention Programs, Samuel Y. Song, Michelle Zochowski, Wynn Tashman, Stephanie Houle, and Beth Doll

Content teacher ideologies and perspectives on multilingual learners, Kara Mitchell Viesca, Tracy Gray, Jessica Masterson, Kelly E. Demers, Barbara Dray, Diep Nguyen, Karen Terrell, Michelle Guzman Torres, and Sharolyn Pollard-Durodola

What Early Intervention Looks Like in Child Care Settings: Stories From Providers, Jenna M. Weglarz-Ward, Rosa Milagros Santos, and Loretta A. Hayslip

Enhancing Self-Determination Skills for Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Katelyn J. Zirkus and Joseph J. Morgan

Submissions from 2018

Compressibility And Thermoelectric Behavior Of Ticosb Half-heusler Compound At High Pressures, J L. Baker, R S. Kumar, C Park, N Velisavljevic, and A Cornelius


Teaching Emergent Literacy Skills to Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder, Joshua N. Baker PhD; Christopher Rivera PhD; Stephanie Devine MEd; and Lee Mason PhD, BCBA-D

The Mediating Role of Exclusionary School Organizations in Pre-service Teachers’ Constructions of Inclusion, Margaret R. Beneke, Thomas M. Skrtic, Chunlan Guan, Sorcha Hyland, Zhe Gigi An, Turkey Alzahrani, Hatice Uyanik, Jennifer M. Amilivia, and Hailey R. Love


Visual Supports to Promote Science Discourse for Middle and High School Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders, Juliet Hart Burnett, Rebecca Trillo, and Cori M. More

Lesson of Emotions in the Family: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in the Relation between Filial Piety and Life Satisfaction among Taiwanese College Students, Wei-Wen Chen, Jin Jin Yan, and Ching-Chen Chen

Promoting Employee Handbook Comprehension for Postsecondary Students with Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders, Stephanie M. Devine, Joshua N. Baker, K. Ryan Wennerlind, and Mona Nasir-Tucktuck

Bilingual language interventions for young dual language learners with disabilities, Lillian Duran and Sharolyn Pollard-Durodola

Native Mexican Parents’ Beliefs About Children’s Literacy and Language Development: A Mixed-Methods Study, Jorge E. Gonzalez, Alain Bengochea, Laura Justice, Gloria Yeomans-Maldonado, and Anita McCormick

Parent Empowerment: Listening to Their Voices, Yun-Ju Hsiao, Kyle Higgins, and Lindsay Diamond

Parent Empowerment: Respecting Their Voices, Yun-Ju Hsiao, Kyle Higgins, and Lindsay Diamond

Science Teacher Attitudes Towards English Learners, Margarita Huerta, Tiberio Garza, Julie K. Jackson, and Manognya Murukutla

Language Minority Students In Community Colleges: An Sem Model Exploring Socio-academic Variables Related To Persistence Pertaining To Re-enrollment, M Huerta, T Garza, and H A. García

Examining the Effects of a Professional Development Initiative on English Learning and Economically Disadvantaged Adolescents’ Scores on a High-Stakes Science Test, Julie K. Jackson, Margarita Huerta, Tiberio Garza, and Rose Narvaez


A Multi-method Investigation of Literacy and Language Practices in Mexican Early Childhood Programs, Laura M. Justice, Gloria Yeomans-Maldonado, Jorge Gonzalez, Alain Bengochea, and Anita McCormick

International Students in Community Colleges: On-Campus Services Used and Its Affect on Sense of Belonging, Jared Lau, Tiberio Garza, and Hugo Garcia

Legal and Ethical Considerations Regarding the Integration of Assistive and Educational Technology for Students with Disabilities: Perspectives from the United States of America, Joseph John Morgan, Kristopher H. Yeager, Sarah J. Murphy, and Tracy Griffin Spies

A Comparison of Peer Network and Peer Video Modeling to Increase Positive Verbal Social Interactions in Young Children With Disabilities, Conrad Oh-Young, John Filler, Maryssa Kucskar, Jennifer Buchter, Kathleen O'Hara, and Jeffrey Gelfer

Promoting Choice Making for Students with Disabilities, Shannon Lynn Sparks, Dolores Williamson, Kyle Higgins, and Tom Pierce

“But That’s Not How I Write”: Writing, Teaching Writing, and English Learners, Tracy G. Spies, Ed Nagelhout, Cristina L. Reding, and Cristina Reding


Introduction to the Special Issue: Successful Inclusion for Students With Disabilities Who Are Learning English, Tracy Griffin Spies PhD and Gregory A. Cheatham PhD

Inviting Dad to the Dance: The Importance of Father-Child Interactions in Early Childhood, Jenna M. Weglarz-Ward, Rosa A. Santos, Daniel J. Laxman, Brent A. McBride, and Sarah L. Curtiss


Parent and Professional Perceptions of Inclusion in Childcare: A Literature Review, Jenna M. Weglarz-Ward and Rosa Milagros Santos


Factors That Support and Hinder Including Infants with Disabilities in Child Care, Jenna W. Weglarz-Ward, Rosa Milagros Santos, and Jennifer Timmer

Counseling Individuals with Addictive Behaviors, Sibyl West, Brittany Pollard, and Christopher T. Wood

The Dimensionality of Oral Language in Kindergarten Spanish–English Dual Language Learners, Gloria Yeomans-Maldonado, Alain Bengochea, and Carol Mesa

Submissions from 2017

Improving Preservice Teacher Vocabulary Instruction: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Kat D. Alves, Michael J. Kennedy, Ryan O. Kellems, Jade Wexler, Wendy J. Rodgers, John Elwood Romig, and Katherine N. Peeples


Giant Pressure-Induced Enhancement of Seebeck Coefficient and Thermoelectric Efficiency in SnTe, Jason Baker, Ravhi Kumar, Changyong Park, Curtis Kenney Benson, Andrew Cornelius, and Nenad Velisavljevic


Holocene Warming in Western Continental Eurasia Driven by Glacial Retreat and Greenhouse Forcing, Jonathan L. Baker, Matthew S. Lachniet, Olga Chervyatsova, Yemane Asmerom, and Victor J. Polyak


Examining Conditions for Empathy in Counseling: An Exploratory Model, Hannah B. Bayne and Danica G. Hays

Print knowledge in Yucatec Maya–Spanish bilingual children: an initial inquiry, Alain Bengochea, Laura M. Justice, and Maria J. Hijlkema


An Emergent Bilingual Child's Multimodal Choices in Sociodramatic Play, Alain Bengochea, Sabrina F. Sembiante, and Mileidis Gort


Education Technology and Distance Supervision in Counselor Education, Robert Carlisle, Danica G. Hays, Shana Pribesh, and Christopher T. Wood


Education Technology and Distance Supervision in Counselor Education, Robert Carlisle, Danica G. Hays, Shana Pribesh, and Christopher T. Wood

Is the Incremental Theory of Intelligence a Key to Students’ Motivational Engagement? The Moderating Effects of Self-enhancement and Self-criticism., Wei-Wen Chen, Ching-Chen Chen, Chia-Liang Dai, Nok Man U, and Lin Cheng


The Relationship Between Counselors’ Multicultural Counseling Competence and Poverty Beliefs, Madeline Clark, Jeff Moe, and Danica G. Hays

School connectedness for students with disabilities: From theory to evidence-based practice, Therese Cumming, Robbie Marsh, and Kyle Higgins

Cultivating Global Citizens for the Global Good, Hugo Garcia, Katie Yeaton, Jessica Soria, and Margarita Huerta


An Undergraduate Inclusive Teacher Preparation Programme in Early Childhood Education: An Online Delivery Approach, Jeffrey I. Gelfer and Neal Nguyen

Exploring Cognitively Accessible Academic Lessons for Students with Intellectual Disabilities Using the iPad, Jamie Linn Gunderson, Kyle Higgins, Joseph J. Morgan, Richard Tandy, and Monica R. Brown

Parenting under fire: Serving families of those who serve and protect., Kimberly A. Hile, Jenna M. Weglarz-Ward, Robyn R. DiPetro-Wells, Rosa M. Santos, and Michaelene M. Ostrosky


Parental Stress, Family Quality of Life, and Family-teacher Partnerships: Families of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Yun-Ju Hsiao, Kyle Higgins, Tom Pierce, Peggy J. Schaefer Whitby, and Richard D. Tandy


Introducing the Content Acquisition Podcast Professional Development Process: Supporting Vocabulary Instruction for Inclusive Middle School Science Teachers, Michael J. Kennedy, Wendy J. Rodgers, John Elwood Romig, Hannah Morris Mathews, and Katherine N. Peeples

Universal Design for Learning: Supporting College Inclusion for Students With Intellectual Disabilities, Matthew L. Love MEd, Joshua N. Baker PhD, and Stephanie Devine


Using E-Books to Acquire Foundational Academic Vocabulary, Matthew L. Love, Tracy G. Spies, and Joseph J. Morgan


The Effects of Sex and Race on Academic Alienation among Iranian Students, Hojjat Mahmoudi, Monica R. Brown, Javad Amani Saribagloo, and Zahra Jalilzadeh-Mohammadi


Provision of Mental Health Services to Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Robbie J. Marsh, Joseph J. Morgan, Kyle Higgins, Allison Lark, and Jack Thomas Watts


Analysis of Restraint and Seclusion Legislation and Policy Across States: Adherence to Recommended Principles, Teri A. Marx and Joshua N. Baker

Father Involvement in Early Intervention: Exploring the Gap Between Service Providers’ Perceptions and Practices, Brent A. McBride, Sarah L. Curtiss, Kelly Uchima, Daniel J. Laxman, Rosa M. Santos, Jenna M. Weglarz-Ward, Wm. Justin Dyer, Laurie M. Jeans, and Justin Kern


Parent Book Talk to Accelerate Spanish Content Vocabulary Knowledge, Sharolyn D. Pollard-Durodola, Jorge E. Gonzalez, Teresa Satterfield, Jose R. Benki, Juana Vaquero, and Camille Ungco

The Effects of Content Enriched Shared Book Reading vs. Vocabulary-Only Discussions on the Vocabulary Outcomes of Preschool Dual Language Learners., Sharolyn D. Pollard-Durodola, Jorge Gonzalez, Laura Saenz, Nora Resendez, Oi-man Kwok, Leina Zhu, and Heather Davis


The Effects of Developing English Language and Literacy on Spanish Reading Comprehension, Tracy G. Spies, Rafael Lara-Alecio, Fuhui Tong, Beverly J. Irby, Tiberio Garza, and Margarita Huerta


Maternal Inferential Input and Children’s Language Skills, Virginia L. Tompkins, Alain Bengochea, Susanna Nicol, and Laura M. Justice

A call for, and beginner's guide to, measurement invariance testing in evolutionary psychology, Shanshan Wang, Ching-Chen Chen, Chia-Liang Dai, and George Richardson

Consultation Corner (August 2017), Jenna M. Weglarz-Ward

Consultation Corner (December 2017), Jenna M. Weglarz-Ward

Consultation Corner (November 2017), Jenna M. Weglarz-Ward

Consultation Corner (October 2017), Jenna M. Weglarz-Ward

Consultation Corner (September 2017), Jenna M. Weglarz-Ward

Submissions from 2016


High-Pressure Seebeck Coefficients and Thermoelectric Behaviors of Bi and PbTe Measured Using a Paris-Edinburgh Cell, Jason Baker, Ravhi Kumar, C. Park, C. Kenney-Benson, Andrew Cornelius, and N. Velisavljevic


Latino Maternal Literacy Beliefs and Practices Mediating Socioeconomic Status and Maternal Education Effects in Predicting Child Receptive Vocabulary, Jorge E. Gonzalez, Sandra Acosta, Heather Davis, Sharolyn Pollard-Durodola, Laura Saenz, Denise Soares, Nora Resendez, and Leina Zhu


Graduate Students as Academic Writers: Writing Anxiety, Self-Efficacy, and Emotional Intelligence, Margarita Huerta, Patricia Goodson, Mina Beigi, and Dominique Chlup


Science Inquiry and Writing for Ells: A Gateway for Building Understanding and Academic Language, Margarita Huerta and Tracy G. Spies