Faculty research from the Teaching and Learning department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


Submissions from 2024


“Educational Facials”: A Healing Tool for the Beautiful Struggle, Kari Kokka and Michelle Cody

Submissions from 2022


Smartphones and Learning: An Extension of M-Learning or a Distinct Area of Inquiry, Kendall Hartley and Alberto Andújar


Smartphone Usage and Studying: Investigating Relationships between Type of Use and Self-Regulatory Skills, Kendall Hartley, Lisa Bendixen, Emily Shreve, and Dan Gianoutsos


Racism and Resilience: Counter-Narratives of Asian International College Students in the Age of COVID-19, Katrina Liu, Richard Miller, Sharolyn D. Pollard-Durodola, and Lei Ping


A Bibliometric Analysis of the Teacher Leadership Scholarship, Hui-Ling Wendy Pan, Peter Wiens, and Abigail Moyal

Submissions from 2021

White Christian Privilege: The Illusion of Religious Equality in America, Rosnidar Arshad and Christine E. Clark

Finding Synergy in Academe: An Interview With Dave L. Edyburn, Randall Boone and Kyle Higgins


Renewed Purposes for Social Studies Teacher Preparation: An Analysis of Teacher Self-Efficacy and Initial Teacher Education, Leona Calkins, Paul J. Yoder, and Peter Wiens

Measurement and Functional Invariance of Psychological Individuation Constructs Across Cultures: Initial Evidence From Taiwan and the United States, Ching-Chen Chen, Chia-Liang Dai, George B. Richardson, and Wei Wen Chen

Yoga as an Alternative Therapy for Weight Management in Child and Adolescent Obesity: A Systematic Review and Implications for Research, Chia Liang Dai, Manoj Sharma, Ching Chen Chen, Ezgi Yesilyurt, and Samantha Godbey


Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Behavior Among Asian Americans: A Thematic Analysis, Chia Liang Dai, Manoj Sharma, Taj Haider, and Hema Sunchu

Conceptualizing Curricular Reasoning: A Framework for Examining Mathematics Teachers’ Curricular Decisions, Shannon Dingman, Dawn Teuscher, Travis A. Olson, and Lisa A. Kasmer

A Mixed Methods Comparison of Elementary Preservice Teachers’ Conceptualization of Teaching Engineering, Rebekah Hammack and Tina Vo

“Like Where Are Those Teachers?”: A Critical Race Theory Analysis of Teachers of Color Who Have “Left” Teaching, Monica Hernandez-Johnson, Valerie Taylor, Ravijot Singh, Norma A. Marrun, Tara J. Planchowski, and Christine Clark

Do They Really Care? A Critical Race Theory Analysis of Culturally Relevant Caring for Black Male Students, Iesha Jackson and Julia C. Ransom

The Delphi Process: Involving Parents of Children With Disabilities in Participatory Consensus Building, Vita L. Jones, Randall Boone, Regina R. Brandon, Nicole Dobbins, and Kyle Higgins


Data of the Constructivist Practices in the Learning Environment Survey From Engineering Undergraduates: An Exploratory Factor Analysis, Chengcheng Li, Shaoan Zhang, Tiberio Garza, and Yingtao Jiang

Social Awareness and Ideology: Self-Assessment and Socio-Civic Knowledge Competence., Joseph A. Maderick, Steven Grubaugh, Greg Levitt, and Alan Deever

“Teachers Don’t Really Encourage it”: A Critical Race Theory Analysis of High School Students’ of Color Perceptions of the Teaching Profession, Norma A. Marrun, Tara J. Plachowski, De’Ana R. Mauldin, and Christine Clark

Academic writing glue: Connecting through transformative peer-to-peer mentorship, Diane Miller, Chyllis E. Scott, Kelly E. Tumy, and Charles Moore

Teacher Self-Disclosure in Adult ESL Curriculum, Alessandro Rosborough, Shaoan Zhang, and Steven G. McCafferty

The Anti-Sigma Factor Muca Is Required for Viability in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Melissa C. Schofield, Daniela Q. Rodriguez, Amanda A. Kidman, Erin K. Cassin, Lia A. Michaels, Elizabeth A. Campbell, Peter A. Jorth, and Boo Shan Tseng

Book Review: Growing the Research Base for Mathematical Modeling With Young Learners. Jennifer Suh, Megan Wickstrom, & Lyn English (Eds.) (2021) Exploring Mathematical Modeling With Young Learners, Micah Stohlmann

Two modes of game-based learning for middle school mathematics, Micah Stohlmann

Investigating the Alignment To Mathematical Modelling of Teacher-Created Mathematical Modelling Activities Available Online, Micah Stohlmann and Yichen Yang

Toward a Glocality of Teacher Education: Professional Development Abroad in the Chilean Contexta, Michaela P. Stone, Kenneth Varner, and Tina Vo

Using Simulations to Support Undergraduate Elementary Preservice Teachers’ Biological Understanding of Natural Selection, Nicole Juliana Thomas and Tina Vo

Developing and Empirically Grounding the Draw-An-Engineering-Teacher Test (DAETT), Tina Vo and Rebekah Hammack

“You Could Like Science and Not Be a Science Person”: Black Girls' Negotiation of Space and Identity in Science, Katherine Wade-Jaimes, Natalie S. King, and Renee Schwartz

Preservice Teacher Professional Commitment: A Conceptual Model and Literature Review, Guoxiang Wang, Michael Strong, Shaoan Zhang, and Katrina Liu

Examining the Relationship Between Instructional Practice and Social Studies Teacher Training: A Talis Study, Peter D. Wiens, Leona Calkins, Paul J. Yoder, and Andromeda Hightower

Antecedents of Faith Integration Self-Efficacy in PreK-12 Mennonite Schools in North America, Peter D. Wiens, Andromeda Hightower, Paul J. Yoder, and Annie Chou

Editors’ Notes, Peter Wiens and Shaoan Zhang

Understanding Traditional and Nontraditional Students’ Job Skill Preparation from a Career Capital Perspective, Xue Xing and Howard R.D. Gordon

Transition Strengths and Needs of High School Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Kristopher Hawk Yeager, Joseph John Morgan, Monica R. Brown, Kyle Higgins, and Iesha Jackson


Exploring Sources of Engineering Teaching Self-Efficacy for Pre-Service Elementary Teachers, Ezgi Yesilyurt, Hasan Deniz, and Erdogan Kaya

Constructivist or Christian: A Mixed-Methods Examination of Teacher Purposes and Practices at Mennonite Schools, Paul J. Yoder, Peter D. Wiens, and Annie Chou

Supporting Part-Time Students in Doctoral Programs: A Technology-Based Situated Learning Model, Shaoan Zhang, Mark Carroll, Chengcheng Li, and Emily Lin

Editors’ Notes: Reflections of the Outgoing Editors, Shaoan Zhang, Emily Lin, Le Ann Putney, Iesha Jackson, Katrina Liu, and Peter Wiens

Submissions from 2020

A Content Analysis of Coaching Novice Teachers, Michelle Arroyo

Empowering English Teachers to Contend with Gun Violence: A COVID-19 Conference Cancellation Story, Steven T. Bickmore, Gretchen Rumohr, Shelly Shaffer, and Katie Sluiter

Teachers, Allies, and Sacrifice: Blood Brother: Jonathan Daniels and his Sacrifice for Civil Rights, Steven T. Bickmore and Tammy Szafranski

Examining Pre-Service Teachers' Integration of Science and Literacy through Trade Books, Ian C. Binns, Amanda R. Casto, Drew Polly, and Steven T. Bickmore

A Design Process for Developing Agricultural Life Science‐Focused Model Eliciting Activities, Jonathan D. Bostic, Quintana M. Clark, Tina Vo, Levon T. Esters, and Neil A. Knoblach

Quantitative Measures of Mathematical Knowledge: Researching Instruments and Perspectives, Jonathan D. Bostic, Erin E. Krupa, and Jeffrey C. Shih

Examining Student Teacher Reflection Using Video-based Structured Reflection Procedures, Leona Calkins, Peter Wiens, Lois Paretti, and Linda Quinn

"Walking a Thin Line": Exploring the Tensions Between Composition Curriculum and Students' Lives as Digital Writers, Fawn Canady, Chyllis E. Scott, and Troy Hicks

US Immigration Policy and Its Impact on Immigrants: Reassembling the Stories of Deported Mothers and Their Transnational Children Through the Healing Spirit of Coatlicue and Coyolxauhqui, Sandra L. Candel and Norma A. Marrun

Teacher-Student Conferences for Improving Adult ELL Students’ Confidence to Write, Annie Chou and Peter D. Wiens

The Relationship between Spatial Ability and the Conservation of Matter in Middle School, Merryn Cole, Jennifer Wilhelm, Briana Marie-McKnight Vaught, Corinne Fish, and Hailey Fish

CTE Leadership Self-Efficacy Scale (CLSE), Michelle Conrad, Kemaly Parr, Larae Watkins, David Yost, and Howard Gordon

Physical Activity Interventions Targeting Perceived Body Image Among Adolescent Girls, Chia-Liang Dai, Manoj Sharma, Ching-Chen Chen, and Haley Lockley

Why New Career & Technical Education Teachers Leave, Why New Ones Stay and How Principals Affect Attrition and Retention Rates, Donald A. Deever, Steven Grubaugh, Greg Levitt, and Gabe Gonzales

Arguing to Learn and Learning to Argue with Elements of Nature of Science, Hasan Deniz, Lisa Borgerding, and Elif Adibelli-Sahin

Toward Defning Nature of Engineering in the Next Generation Science Standards Era, Hasan Deniz, Ezgi Yesilyurt, Steven J. Newman, and Erdogan Kaya

Corona Chronicles: Necessary Narratives in Uncertain Times, Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner, Steven T. Bickmore, and Danica G. Hays

Thinking and Acting Across Ponds: Glocalized* Intersections of Trepidation, Neoliberalism, and Possibilities for 21st Century Teacher Education, Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner, Renee P. Desmarchelier, David Gerlach, Peter Wiens, P.G. Schrader, Barry Down, Lindsay Stewart, Michaela Stone, Nigel Bagnall, and Mareen Lüke

(Dis)Ruptive Glocality Through Teacher Exchange: Realizing Pedagogical Love in the Chilean Context, Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner, Michaela P. Stone, and Marco M. Viñuela

Axes of Support: Explicit to Implicit and Practical to Epistemic, Sarah J. Fick, Anna Maria Arias, Tina Vo, Carrie-Anne Sherwood, Amanda Benedict-Chambers, and Abraham S. Lo

Demonstration Shows: High School Students Performing Science Outreach, Corinne A. Fish and Merryn Cole

Supporting Primary Students’ Developing Modeling Competence for Water Systems, Cary T. Frobes, Kim Lange-Schubert, Florian Böschl, and Tina Vo

Grundüberlegungen zu Einer Kritischen Fremdsprachenlehrer* Innenbildung, David Gerlach and Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner

Servant-Leadership during the COVID-19 Crisis: Implications for CTE, Howard R.D. Gordon and Xue Xing

Research-based Online Diversity Teaching Resources for Flipped Learning and Assessment in the Social Science Classrooms, Steven Grubaugh, Gregg Levitt, Allen Deever, Joseph Maderick, and Gabe Gonzales


Development of the Smartphone and Learning Inventory: Measuring Self-Regulated Use, Kendall Hartley, Lisa D. Bendixen, Lori Olafson, Dan Gianoutsos, and Emily Shreve


The Smartphone in Self-regulated Learning and Student Success: Clarifying Relationships and Testing an Intervention, Kendall Hartley, Lisa Bendixen, Dan Gianoutsos, and Emily Shreve

Building Engineering Awareness: Problem Based Learning Approach for STEM Integration, Kendall Hartley and Abeera P. Rehmat


Career and Technical Education Experiences Relationship to Technology Attitudes, Self-regulation and Grit, Kendall Hartley and Xue Xing

Formal Mentorship and Instructional Practices: A Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) Study of US Teachers, Andromeda Hightower, Peter Wiens, and Steven Guzman

‘It’s This One Teacher … I Just Don’t Like Him’: The Role of Gender in Establishing Culturally Relevant Caring Relationships, Iesha Jackson

It's This One TeacherI Just Dont Like Him: The Role of Gender in Establishing Culturally Relevant Caring Relationships, Iesha Jackson

Editors’ Notes, Iesha Jackson and LeAnn G. Putney

Measuring Computational Thinking Teaching Efficacy Beliefs of Preservice Elementary Teachers, Erdogan Kaya, Anna Newley, Ezgi Yesilyurt, and Hasan Deniz

Validation in Mathematics Education: An Introduction to Quantitative Measures of Mathematical Knowledge: Researching Instruments and Perspectives, Erin E. Krupa, Jonathan Bostic, and Jeffrey Shih

Acclimation by Design: Using 4C/ID to Scaffold Digital Learning Environments, Sam Leif, Danielle Head, Michael Mccreery, Joseph Fiorentini, and Le Quanda L. Cole

Editors' Notes, Emily Lin, LeAnn Putney, Shaoan Zhang, Iesha Jackson, Katrina Liu, and Peter Wiens

Editors’ Notes, Katrina Liu and Emily Lin

Critical Reflection for Transformative Learning: Understanding ePortfolios in Teacher Education, Yan Liu

The Classroom Is a Mirror: Learning Spaces as a Reflection of Instructional Design, Stephanie Loomis and Buffy Hamilton

Queering Family Difference to Dispel the Myth of the “Normal” Creating Classroom and School Communities that Affirm All Students and their Families, Norma A. Marrun, Christine Clark, and Omi McCadney

My Mom Seems to have a Dicho for Everything!”: Family Engagement in the College Success of Latina/o Students, Norma Angelica Marrun

Can Computers Teach Social Skills to Children? Examining the Efficacy of “The Social Express” in an African-American Sample, Michael McCreery, S. Kathleen Krach, Kanessa Miller Doss, and Dasha M. Highsmith

Time to Acclimate: Examining the Influence of Cognitive Ability on Situating to a Video Game, Michael P. Mccreery, Danielle Head, Joseph P. Fiorentini, Sam Leif, S. Kathleen Krach, Le Quanda L. Cole, Catherine A. Bacos, and Jeffrey Laferriere

Using the Technology Acceptance Model to Analyze K–12 Students’ Behavioral Intention to Use Augmented Reality in Learning, Lei Ping and Yan Liu

Analyzing K-5th Grade Integrated Stem Curriculum Implemented Since 2010, Micah Stohlmann

Escape Room Math: Luna's Lines, Micah Stohlmann

Integrated STEM Education Through Game-Based Learning, Micah Stohlmann

STEM Integration for High School Mathematics Teachers, Micah Stohlmann

New Directions for Technology Integration in K-12 Mathematics, Micah Stohlmann and Alfred Acquah

Game-Based Learning: Robotics and Escape Rooms, Micah Stohlmann and Young R. Kim

Assessing Teacher Pedagogical Knowledge: The Video Assessment of Teacher Knowledge (VATK), Peter D. Wiens, Jori S. Beck, and Christina J. Lunsmann

Preservice Teachers’ Skills to Identify Effective Teaching Interactions: Does It Relate to Their Ability to Implement Them?, Peter D. Wiens, Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch, Anne Henry Cash, and Francisca Romo Escudero

Mediating Effects of School Engagement between High School on-Time Completion and Career and Technical Education, Xue Xing and Howard R.D. Gordon

Understanding Postsecondary Education Enrollment of First-Generation Students From a Social Cognitive Perspective, Xue Xing and Jay W. Rojewski

Toward an Integrated Framework of Curriculum and Support for College and Career Readiness, Xue Xing and Maximum A. Sirabian


Doctoral Program Design Based on Technology-Based Situated Learning and Mentoring: A Comparison of Part-Time and Full-Time Doctoral Students, Shaoan Zhang, Chengcheng Li, Mark Carroll, and P. G. Schrader


Doctoral Program Design Based on Technology-Based Situated Learning and Mentoring: A Comparison of Part-Time and Full-Time Doctoral Students, Shaoan Zhang, Chengcheng Li, Mark Carroll, and P. G. Schrader

Editors’ Notes, Shaoan Zhang and Peter Wiens