Publications of the faculty of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Teaching and Learning Department.


Submissions from 2018

Interactive Narratives, Counterfactual Thinking and Personality in Video Games, Catherine A. Bacos, Michael P. McCreery, and Jeffrey R. Laferriere

Impact of Model‐based Science Curriculum and Instruction on Elementary Students' Explanations for the Hydrosphere, Ben Baumfalk, Davarati Bhattacharya, Tina Vo, Cory Forbes, Laura Zangori, and Christina Schwarz

Understanding Teacher Turnover in Two Charter Schools: Principal Dispositions and Practices, Dana L. Bickmore and Margaret Mary Sulentic Dowell

Toward a More Visual Literacy: Shifting the Paradigm with Digital Tools and Young Adult Literature, Steven T. Bickmore

Young Adult Literature and the Digital World: Textual Engagement Through Visual Literacy, Steven T. Bickmore

Historical Fiction and Its Critics: From Sir Walter Scott to Contemporary Young Adult Literature, Steven T. Bickmore

After Postmodernism: Working Woke in the Neoliberal Era, Edward D. Boucher and Christine Clark

“This ain't got nuttin' to do with my life”: Art and imitation in Romeo and Juliet, Fawn Canady and Chyllis E. Scott

"This ain't got nuttin' to do with my life": Art and imitation in Romeo and Juliet, Fawn Canady and Chyllis E. Scott


Spatial Thinking in Astronomy Education Research, Merryn Cole, Cheryl Cohen, Jennifer Wilhelm, and Rebecca Lindell

Evolutionary Theory as a Controversial Topic in Science Curriculum Around the Globe, Hasan Deniz and Lisa A. Borgerding

Evolution Education Around the Globe, Hasan Deniz and Lisa A. Borgerding

The Student Oral Language Observation Matrix (SOLOM): A psychometric study with preschoolers, Lindsay Dennis, Kathleen Krach, Michael P. McCreery, and S Navarro


The Student Oral Language Observation Matrix: A Psychometric Study With Preschoolers, Lindsay R. Dennis PhD; S. Kathleen Krach PhD, NCSP; Michael P. McCreery PhD; and Sarah Navarro BS

The Reading Pendulum: Phonics, Word Method, and Whole Language, Carly Gould and Chyllis E. Scott


"Color Does Not Equal Consciousness”: Educators of Color Learning to Enact a Sociopolitical Consciousness, Iesha Jackson and Michelle Knigh-Manuel

“Color does not Equal Consciousness”: Educators of Color Learning to Enact a Sociopolitical Consciousness, Iesha Jackson and Michelle Knight-Manuel

Investigating Computational Thinking Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Pre-Service Elementary Teachers, Erdogan Kaya, Ezgi Yesilyurt, Anna Danielle Newley, and Hasan Deniz

Sacrifices and scars, trials and triumphs, resilience and resolve: Reflections of refugee and immigrant experiences, Sophie M. Ladd and Amanda K. Melilli

Education and Indoctrination in the Social Sciences: Research-based Protocols for Best Practices of Teaching with Objectivity., Greg Levitt, Donald A. Deever, Steven J. Grubaugh, and Gabe Gonzales

Study Of The Upper Airway Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patient Using Fluid Structure Interaction, Yang Liu, Jennifer Mitchell, Yitung Chen, Woosoon Yim, Wenxiao Chu, and Robert C. Wang

The Power Of Ethnic Studies: Portraits Of First-generation Latina/o Students Carving Out Un Sitio And Claiming Una Lengua, N A. Marrun

My Mom Seems to have a Dicho for Everything!”: Family Engagement in the College Success of Latina/o Students, Norma Angelica Marrun

Whiteness as Property in Science Teacher Education, Felicia Moore Mensah and Iesha Jackson

Teaching K-8 Students Engineering Design Process through Zoombinis, Anna Newley, Erdogan Kaya, Hasan Deniz, and Ezgi Yesilyurt

One Size Does Not Fit All: A Critical Race Theory Perspective on College Rankings, David A. R. Richards, Janet T. Awokoya, Brian K. Bridges, and Christine Clark

The what, when, and how of preservice teachers and literacy across the disciplines: A systematic literature review of nearly 50 years of research, Chyllis E. Scott, Diane M. Miller, Erin K. Washburn, and Erin M. McTigue

A Vision for Future Work to Focus on the “M” in Integrated STEM, Micah Stohlmann

Building safe community spaces for immigrant families, one library at a time, Max Vazquez, Denise Davila, and Silvia Nogueron-Liu

Expanding Circle: The Case of Nigerien EFL Teachers’ English, Training and Career Satisfaction, Peter D. Wiens, Elena Andrei, Bila Anassour, and April Smith


How Middle Level Science Teachers Visualize and Translate Motion, Scale, and Geometric Space of the Earth-Moon-Sun System with Their Students, Jennifer Wilhelm, Merryn Cole, Cheryl Cohen, and Rebecca Lindell

Family Influences on Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy of Chinese Secondary Vocational Students, Xue Xing and Jay W. Rojewski

Submissions from 2017


Elementary teachers’ perceptions about the effective features of explicit-reflective nature of science instruction, E Adibelli Sahin and H Deniz

Comments from the editors, Angela T. Barlow and Travis A. Olson

AMTE Standards for Mathematics Teacher Preparation, Nadine Bezuk, Jennifer Bay-Williams, Douglas H. Clements, W Gary Martin, Julia Aguirre, Timothy Boerst, Elizabeth A. Burroughs, Ed Dickey, Elizabeth Hughes, DeAnn Huinker, Rochelle Gutierrez, Karen Karp, Jim Lewis, Travis A. Olson, Randolph Philipp, Nicole Rigelmann, Marilyn E. Strutchens, Dorothy Y. White, and Christine D. Thomas

The charter principal: Nuanced descriptions of leadership, Dana L. Bickmore and Marytza A. Gawlik

10 Young Adult Literature Web Resources You Should Know., Steven T. Bickmore

21,467,385 Attendees at the Jan 21, 2017 Women’s March Across the USA!! (An Alternate Fact) Don’t They Need Something to Read? Strong Women in YA Literature (and children’s)., Steven T. Bickmore

A Diverse Reading List for Betsy DeVos, Steven T. Bickmore

An Overview of the Work of Ellen Wittlinger and an Interview to Boot., Steven T. Bickmore

Bick's Picks for 2017, Steven T. Bickmore

Bound by Ice: A True North Pole Survival Story by Sandra Neil Wallace and Rich Wallace, Steven T. Bickmore

Catching up and Looking Forward., Steven T. Bickmore

Come See the Toe Tag Monologues at #NCTE17!, Steven T. Bickmore

Dr. Bickmore's Free Choice Categories for His YA Literature Course Fall 2017, Steven T. Bickmore

Exploring History and Social Action with YA Literature, Steven T. Bickmore

My First Undergraduate YA Literature Class in Five Years: What did the Pre-Service Teachers Like?, Steven T. Bickmore

Remembering #ALAN17: Moments that stay and keep us thinking about YA throughout the Year, Steven T. Bickmore

Representation of Diversity in the first 20 Years of the National Book Award, Steven T. Bickmore

Rereading the past and excavating the foundation: Cormier, Hamilton, Zindel, and Myers, Steven T. Bickmore

Revisiting Dr. Bickmore's YA Wednesday Weekend Picks, Steven T. Bickmore

Second Reaction: More Dominant than the First: The Power of Memory in Brown Girl Dreaming., Steven T. Bickmore

Shocked and Sad. That is my emotional state today 10.2.2017, Steven T. Bickmore

Spring Break: Musing, Ramblings, and Updates, Steven T. Bickmore

The Joy of Reading Jo Knowles, Steven T. Bickmore

Unconventional YA Love Stories. A List of Romantic Reads to Finish off the Week., Steven T. Bickmore

Using the Printz Award to Reread and Rethink, Steven T. Bickmore

Visiting the Annual Convention of the Mississippi Council of the Social Studies, Steven T. Bickmore

What my Friends and Colleagues are Reading this Summer., Steven T. Bickmore

Who Wants to Spend the Day with Laurie Halse Anderson and Ashley Hope Perez?, Steven T. Bickmore

YA Summit Coming To Las Vegas. Come be #VegasStrong and YA Critical, Steven T. Bickmore

Young Adult Literature and the 2017 CEE Summer Conference, Steven T. Bickmore

Discussing the Young Adult Literature of Simon Elkeles, Steven T. Bickmore

Introducing Aaron Levy and His Novel, Blood Don't Lie., Steven T. Bickmore

Introducing Maddy Lederman, author of Edna in the Desert, Steven T. Bickmore

Exploring Music Connections and Opportunities in Brendan Kiely’s The Last True Love Story, Steven T. Bickmore and Isaac L. Bickmore

Understanding of the Role of Leningrad in World War II through M. T. Anderson’s Symphony for the City of the Dead, Steven T. Bickmore and Paul E. Binford

Las Vegas Strong. Find the helpers. On Tuesday Morning I Found Kathryn Erskine Once Again., Steven T. Bickmore and Kathryn Erskine

We are Mostly Immigrants: Thanks Bryan Ripley Crandall, Steven T. Bickmore and Bryan Ripley Crandall

Crossing Selma's Bridge: Integrating Visual Discovery Strategy and Young Adult Literature to Promote Dialogue and Understanding, Steven T. Bickmore, Gretchen Rumohr-Voskuil, and Paul E. Binford

Where Are the People of Color?: Representation of Cultural Diversity in the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature and Advocating for Diverse Books in a Non-Post Racial Society, Steven T. Bickmore, Yunying Xu, and Myra Infante-Sheridan


Evolution acceptance and epistemological beliefs of college biology students, L A. Borgerding, H Deniz, and E S. Anderson

Attentive reading and research in the Arne Nixon Center, Denise Davila and Patricia Enciso

Convenient Books for Inconvenient Truths About Earth's Ecosystem and Human Activities, Denise Davila, Sophie M. Ladd, Amanda K. Melilli, Yunying Xu, and Julie Carbaugh

Robo-Books: A “Secret Sauce” for STEM Education, Denise Davila, Sophie M. Ladd, and Xu Yunying

The Latinx Family: Learning y La Literatura at the Library, Denise Dávila, Max Vasquez-Dominguez, and Silvia Noguerón

“That sh*t’s rude!”: Religion, Picture Books, and Social Narratives in Middle School, Denise Davila and Allison Volz

The influence of an authentic engineering design experience on elementary teachers’ nature of engineering views, Hasan Deniz, Ezgi Yesilyurt, Erdogan Kaya, and Mohamed Trabia

Reivew: 2017 NCTE Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction, Cyndi Georgis, Mary Ann Cappiello, Denise Davila, Jeanne Gilliam Fain, Jennifer M. Graff, Marianne Richardson, and Scott Riley


School Integration Matters: Research-based Strategies to Advance Equity, Iesha Jackson

EEGRC poster: Improving pre-service elementary teachers' nature of engineering views with the use of EV3 robotics, E Kaya, A D. Newley, H Deniz, and E Yesilyurt


Cultural-linguistic test adaptations: Guidelines for selection, alteration, use, and review, S K. Krach, M P. McCreery, and J Guerard


Diagnostic Utility of the Social Skills Improvement System Performance Screening Guide, S K. Krach, M P. McCreery, Y Wang, H Mohammadiamin, and C K. Cirks


Positive Behavioral Supports: Empirically Supported Use of Behavioral Logs, S K. Krach, M P. McCreery, R Wilcox, and S D. Focaracci


Psychosocial Factors Impacting STEM Career Selection, Richard Lamb, Leonard Annetta, David Vallett, Jonah Firestone, Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, Heather Walker, Nicole Deviller, and Douglas Hoston

Research-based Resources to Achieve Excellence in Teaching History., Greg J. Levitt, Steven J. Grubaugh, Allen Donald Deever, and Gabe Gonzales


Creating a dialogic space for prospective teacher critical reflection and transformative learning, K Liu

Review: The Work and Lives of Teachers: A Global Perspective, Katrina Liu

The impact of an integrated STEM after-school program on elementary students' beliefs about the role of the teacher., Cathrine Maiorca and Micah S. Stohlmann


How the Human is the Catalyst: Personality, Aggressive Fantasy, and Proactive-Reactive Aggression Among Users of Social Media, Michael McCreery and S Kathleen-Krach